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50 is not old BloggingAre you thinking about starting a blog? Have you ever wondered what you would even need to do to get started. Take it from me, it is not that hard. I am not particularly computer friendly, so if I can do it, so can you. 50 is not old blogHere is what I did, not that it is necessarily the best way. I chose a name; that may sound easy, but it’s not. I used Go Daddy to buy my domain, which was fairly cheap. However, I had to try a few thousand names before I finally decided on one. I am already questioning my choice. What happens when I turn sixty? I guess then fifty will REALLY not be old. Lol!!!   I decided to use WordPress for my blog, but there a lot of bloggers who use blogspot. Then a host for you blog is needed. I have no idea what any of that means, I just know my sister had a friend that does hosting, so she was my choice. After all that you would think it could only get easier. You would be oh so wrong!!!  Now comes the fun of setting up the actual blog. Pick a theme, add plugins and widgets. All I wanted to do was take a few pictures and post them.50 is not old blog1So, here is my picture. Haha  I saw a picture of an outfit, very similar to this, on Pinterest. I decided to shop my closet and see if I could recreate it. This longer gray cardigan is from Old Navy. Here is a similar. I bought it sometime last year. I was in a gray phase for a couple of months. The red top is just a long sleeve v-neck tee shirt from Cato’s. The real star of this outfit is the scarf. I bought this one at Target. Here is a nice one. Target has the best selection for scarf’s.50 is not old blog 2I carried my brown Dooney & Bourke bag and put on my OTK boots from Tommy Hilfiger. I liked the brown bag and boots since it went with the brown in the scarf.50 is not old blog 3Notice how the red top bring out the thin red stripe in the scarf. And I also wore red lip stain, big shock I know.  Lol50 is not old blog 4I decided to keep my jewelry simple. So, I wore some silver earrings and left off a necklace . I wanted the scarf to be the center of attention. 50 is not old blog 5The only advice I can give any of you want-to-be bloggers is: BE YOURSELF!!! Find your own voice, and let that come across to your readers. They will either like you or not, but either way it will be you, not someone else.

The winner of my 4 month giveaway of a pink quartz necklace from BaubleBar is: Joanne!!!  You will be receiving an email from me shortly. Congratulations!

This is also something I WANT and NEED:  I have added a subscription button to the blog, right under the recent posts tab. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to sign up. You will then be notified by email when a new post is made.

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  1. I have blogged off and on for about 15 years. Have been a slacker since joining facebook.(so much more interaction there)

  2. Love this outfit! You have great style.

  3. Great tips on starting a blog! I’m thinking of it but did not have a clue. Been trying to shop my closet since I need to get a grip on spending-that’s why I love your posts. I actually own similar if not the same items right down to the DB bag. Thanks for the inspiration and giggles for the day!

  4. I am so glad you started this blog! Your down to earth personality really comes through and your style is so doable. There are so many people re-pinning my pins of your style photos from my “Fashion Over Forty” board that I honestly can’t keep count! That’s a HUGE compliment to you Tania – keep it coming!!! Oh, and a big shout out to Joanne for the win! Congratulations Joanne!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!

  5. Gray has been all the rage this past fall and into the winter months, so you chose well when you purchased the gray sweater. The scarf will serve you well as it has some great colors in it. xo

  6. Being a little on the cold natured side, I love scarves & sweaters. And a little red never hurt anybody! Ha! Pretty outfit. Dang! I gotta get my boots out more often! Love your look again today.????

  7. Cute outfit! You have a very good sense of color…you combine things I wouldn’t have thought of and they look fab.

  8. Great outfit! I am wearing red today because it is cold and grey. I love red. Thanks for the tip on scarves. Talbots has gorgeous scarves that drape well and if you get them on sale they are a steal! Keep shopping your closet. Pinterest is great for sparking some ideas.

  9. Laurie Hall says:

    What kind of lip stain do you wear? My coloring is similar to yours.

    1. Laurie, I use Maybelline and Cover Girl. I have used more expensive ones, but these stay on the best.

  10. Melanie W. says:

    Very cute outfit!!! I don’t know that I would have thought to pair gray with browns but it all comes together great so I’ll be doing some shopping in my closet as well! 🙂

  11. Love the scarf! Very Burberry inspired.

  12. I am so thankful for your blog. There are so many blogs out there but none seemed for me. Too young, too wannabe, too pretentious. But you are perfect for my time of life. And your outfits are a blueprint for how I want to dress. Honestly I now look at my clothes before I put them on and wonder “Would Tania wear this?”

    1. I may have to get a t-shirt with that printed, WTWT Hahaha Hahahaha I’m still laughing, I crack myself up!

  13. This outfit is so “me”!! Uh oh, I popped over to the Target website to check out the scarf and found at least 5 I want (NEED lol). I really like how your red shirt brings out the red in the scarf. Side question… you have acrylic nails? They are so pretty and I’m thinking of getting mine done.

    1. They are my real nails, Amy. But I have the gel put on top of them because they are so soft. That helps to keep them from breaking.

  14. Really cute outfit. Thanks for the tips for starting a blog!