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50 Is Not OldBoy you can sure see the copper highlights in my hair today. This is what I wore to church on Sunday. We had a wonderful lesson, but I can’t help and wonder if the message was meant for me. I don’t think my preacher was preaching to me, I wonder if the Lord was using him to preach to me. Part of the lesson was on narcassim. It is hard to have a blog about fashion without centering on ones self. Is it wrong to blog? 50 Is Not Old 1I am in a wine or berry mode now. I went and finally got a new manicure on Saturday and ended up getting the same wine color as before. Romeo and Joliet, or #17 on the color dial at my nail salon, just speaks to me. It was the same with this silky turtleneck. I was trying to find a shirt to wear with my gray skirt, and this shirt was just yelling, “pick me, pick me”! Haha I bought this last year at Old Navy in this color, and light and dark gray.
50 Is Not Old PremierI was trying to get a good picture of this necklace. It is from Premier Designs, and it hematite plated.  You get a good look at the faux fur vest in this pic as well.50 Is Not Old DooneySomeone asked me about this purse the last time it was carried. I had forgotten to give details, (hard to imagine) on its make and where it was purchased. It is a Dooney & Bourke, and I bought it at the QVC outlet. These boots are a couple of years old, but they are probably still my favorite pair I own. They are a quality pair of boots. The inside of these boots are completely fur-lined, even on the bottom. Mine says, Made in Italy, but here is a pair from Talbots.50 Is Not Old Fur VestI bought this Xhilaration vest at TJ Maxx last year, however when I searched online, I could only find these at Target. It is very similar, just a little different color. The last time I wore it was here.

You might remember I asked you ladies to send a picture of yourself so I could feature YOU on the blog. It seems most of you are a little camera-shy. I want to give a big thumbs up to these brave ladies who decided to participate. It is not easy to put yourself out there for the whole world to see.
936043_10205450775851786_9119335141658340324_nMeet Ellenscarf blogMeet BettyIMG_0832 (2)Meet Amy75 pounds gone!Meet Barbimage2Meet MelindaPicture 077Meet JulieSharon_Woryn 2015Meet SharonIMG_0718Meet ChristineDSC02109Meet Deborahnew pics phone 045Meet EllenDSP Wright 10-3-15-180Meet Melanie – Finally!  I unfortunately left Melanie off my first draft. Isn’t she adorable!14912_4500999235801_1890823679_nMeet Lisa. This one I will make a comment about. Really lady, you send me a picture with swirly things. Was this your “I am trying to look smart” pose? Lol!!! This is my sister, and she has no idea that I stole her picture. She is a reader, so I had to include her. Hahaha  She is lucky I picked a good picture, instead of some I could have picked. She has to be nice to me, or I can make her pay on the blog. AND, I have to be nice to her, or she will write something mean about me in her new upcoming book. Can you envision the villain being named Tania?

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  1. Tania, I love your blog! I do not think it is self centered to enjoy clothing and to share with others. Many of the bloggers that I follow have very different styles than I do so it is difficult to imitate their ideas. Your pictures have already given me a number of ideas! I also really love your sense of humor. Your articles make me smile, sometimes laugh, and I really appreciate that! I look forward to the emails and think every day, here is someone I wish I could meet. God bless you!

    • Tania Reply

      Thats wonderful Kendra. You gurls make me smile everyday too with your comments????

  2. I am thrilled to be included in your GURLS. They look awesome and any friend of my sister is a friend of mine! -Sister

  3. Self-centered…nah! Doing the public a service…yes! I think we all tune in not just for the outfits but your humor also.

  4. Hey you blog title; Fifty is Not Old is such a true statement. Hey I say that 60+ is not old and my brain is not dead. LOL Love the fact that women are speaking out about age and wearing clothes to flatter their body rather than putting on a sack. LOL again! It is time for us ladies to let the world know that we are still alive and kicking and will be until…….who knows when!!!

    Thank you,

    • Tania Reply

      So, true Linda! My grandmother is 102 and she would still dress stylishly, if they would let her.

  5. Melanie W. Reply

    Hahahaha…I didn’t make the cut for the photos. 🙁 Oh well! I still love your blog and I look forward to it every day!

    • Tania Reply

      Melanie, did you send me a picture? I looked in my inbox and didn’t find one. I even checked the spam box just in case, and still no picture. I am so sorry!!!????

  6. LOVE your blog!! Question…how do you organize/store all your wonderful stuff???? =)

    • Tania Reply

      Organize, Lori, hahaha! No such word in my house. Lol!

  7. Bless your 102 yrs young Grandma!! Love reading what you are up to each day! Puts a smile on my face!

  8. Maybe that nature of blogging is to be a little self-centered, but it’s with a purpose. We have to wear clothes, why shouldn’t they be cute? It’s a public service really. I think you’re great!

    Have you ever noticed that when you’re dressed well, you usually get better service? It doesn’t even matter where….the airport, WalMart, the doctor’s office, etc. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way, if we all worked in Christ’s image, but it seems to be human nature.

    Ha! I didn’t send a pic. I literally hate every pic of me. I’m the least photogenic person ever! Well, me and Chandler Bing. Love that Friends episode.

    • Tania Reply

      That is hilarious Brandye! Try a tripod and a timer on your camera. It really helps, I hate having someone take my picture. I feel so silly trying to smile and feeling fake. The timer is wonderful, plus I have the power (me and HE Man) to move the bad pics to the trash bin.????

  9. No Tania he was preaching to me, remember I was right beside you!
    You did look great in this outfit!

  10. I loom forward to reading your blog every morning. Keep those posts coming!

  11. Love the fur vest w/the skirt. Very dressy look! Looks so nice w/pants as previously blogged too. Love the versatility! – Fun “gurl pics”! Thanks for sharing, Tania! – As for narcissism, I think we owe it to ourselves & others to put our best foot forward whenever possible. Cleanliness & neatness shows a self-respect as well as respect to others. ( Far cry from self-worship. Now that’s a whole ‘nuther story! ). Me, I have to work on “coveting”. I don’t really need new stuff, but it’s mood elation! ha! – P.S. All the ladies are very lovely, including your sweet sister you snuck in!

  12. Obviously, you are a Christian and your preacher gave you something to think about. I am a Christian speaker and I teach women how to dress for their body type and what colors are right for them. We should pray and dress each day TO HONOR AND GLORIFY THE LORD! He is a God of beauty, creativity and order—you see it all through the pages of the Bible. We should be women of EXCELLENCE because we represent Him and want to lead others to Him. We should be in contrast to the immodest, sloppy, careless way our culture dresses. So Tania, I think you are using creativity and a gift God has given you to bless others. But I know we have to constantly be examining our motives because we can become self-centered and even make an idol out of our clothing. We should dress beautifully and then forget about ourselves so we can focus on others throughout our day. Everything about us should state that God is soooooo good. Sarah, Rebekah, and Abigail ae just a few of the beauties in the Bible. Who wouldn’t want to be Esther? I know this was a bit long, but we don’t have to feel guilty about making the most of what God has given us.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks so much Sharon???? You are soooo correct about God being good. I am thankful everyday for all the many blessings he has bestowed on me and my family.

  13. There’s that fur vest- love it!
    I love it when sermons give me that feeling! Just enjoy your blog (cause I sure do!), and remember to ‘ run mad as often as you chose, but do not faint’ 😉

  14. Forgot to comment on your grandma. There are 90+ ladies in my church who dress so classy. I told my husband and my sons if they ever see me without makeup, not doing my hair and not caring what I wear, GET ME TO THE DOCTOR FAST! something is wrong with me. 🙂 🙂 Those Grandmas have it goin’on!

    • Tania Reply

      Haha Sharon. Except for weekends that I stay home, I always have on makeup and my hair done????

  15. Kim Whitson Reply

    Tania, I decided to stop snooping around your blog and finally comment. I just turned 50 in November and your blog has lifted up out of the pit I was in…. I can’t disagree with your preacher our world certainly is way too self-centered, self-serving, etc., but your blog is an encouragement to me! Thanks for putting yourself out there. I have subscribed. Maybe I will send a picture!

    • Tania Reply

      Kim I am so happy you decided to comment. It truly warms my heart that you feel that way.????. I would love to see your pic!

  16. Tania
    As a “sister in Christ” my struggle is always bout not just the fashion, but the money I am spending…I am constantly asking myself “is this a good use of God’s resources in my pocket?” “Do I need another _____?” or could I give this money (God’s money in my pocket) to someone in need? or could my time shopping be spent caring for others?
    Matthew 6:19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy…but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…
    Really, I just enjoy seeing that you live another part of God’s world and you are sharing your journey with each of us.
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I hadn’t thought about that Carla. I am glad I am on a “financial” diet.

  17. Love your look and your blog. Look forward to reading it every day. Thanks for including my pic in “The Gurls!” Sweet of you to do that for your readers!!

  18. I love your look today! I never think you are self centered. You have a gift and you are sharing it with others and I for one am so glad you do! Thanks for including my photo today. ????

  19. Beautiful look, very classy! It all works so well together and that vest…, love, love! The wine and gray look gorgeous together. I didn’t realize how ‘close up’ my picture was….good thing I flossed! LOL!!

    • Tania Reply

      That’s funny Amy! You are gorgeous! Thanks for participating????

  20. May I simply say what a relief to uncover someone who
    really knows what they’re talking about on the internet.
    You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More people have to read this and understand this side of your story.
    I can’t believe you are not more popular because you definitely
    have the gift.

  21. Tania, Not that I am complaining…I sent a pic to you on Dec 28th. It took a lot for me to send because I normally hate to have my pic taken. It reminds me of how old I have become. Anyway did you get it or did I miss the post. I looked through the ones since them. What makes me a little nervous is I don’t know to whom I sent it if not to you. Someone out there got a picture of me probably wondering who the heck it is and why they received a picture!!! Anyway let me know if u did not receive and where I should send it once I get my nerve up again.. Debbie H unckler

    • Tania Reply

      An email is coming your way Debbie. I have no idea where the pic went. That makes two, so far, that was lost. ????

  22. You are just so darn cute and have such a fun sense of humor!
    I can hardly wait to open my emails everyday!
    I missed the send a picture. I wasn’t sure what that was?

    • Tania Reply

      Tina, you can still send in a picture. I have a few ladies who have sent there’s in, and I will do an update in a few weeks. I would love to include you.????

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