50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEIf you could see me at this very minute, you would see me doing a happy dance. Maybe I will try to take a video for you, it is one silly dance. Why am I dancing? My baby girl is coming home today!!!! I usually only get to see her a couple times a year, so this is a BIG deal! Big, Huge, Monstrous! She will be going to one of her BFF’s wedding later next week in Charleston, WV, but for the biggest part of the time, she will be just vegging with the family.50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEIf you are a new reader, you may not know that my daughter lives in Alaska. I have only visited there once, the 15 hour trip is just so tiring, but it is a real adventure. Seeing bald eagles everywhere was just crazy! My daughter is somewhat of an adventurer. If you would like to see some beautiful Alaskan sights, check out her Instagram, it is beautiful. She is a Marine Biologist, so there are lots of pictures dealing with the marine life. She also travels back and forth to work on a boat, so seeing Orcas and Humpback Whales is a common occurrence. Can you imagine???50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEI am stepping out of “MY” comfort zone today, and I am styling black. Well, to be accurate, I am styling black and gold. I like black, but it is not my go-to pick. I know the theory is that black makes you look thinner, but I don’t really buy into to that. It really depends on the placement of the black panels, not just the fact that it is black.50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEThis cute Umgee top has a lace hem at the bottom. The problem with black, is that it doesn’t photograph well. Did you know that black dogs and black cats are adopted less than other animals at the shelters. It is because they don’t photograph well for ads. At least black cats have witches to be thankful for, what about those poor black pooches? Anyhow, I bought this top earlier in the summer at a little boutique in Richlands, VA, but this is the first time I have worn it. My DIL, Kayla, liked it so much that she bought one in cream.

Umgee Top: Similar | SimilarPlus50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEThe black and gold bangle bracelets were some I picked up at vintage fashion shows. The black Atlas cuff bracelet is from Chloe & Isabel. And, the gold necklace is one that was in my initial startup kit from Plunder Design. I even carried a black and gold Emma Fox purse that I bought years ago at TJ Maxx. I LOVE Emma Fox purses, but beware, they are great quality which equals = heavy.

Black & Gold Bangles: Similar | Similar | Similar

Emma Foxx Purse: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEToday’s pants are black and white gingham check. I loved these Old Navy Pixie Pants from the very beginning, but they have proven a little difficult to style. Just like yesterday’s post, I have worn these pants three times. Here and here, which way do you like the best?

Gingham Pants: Similar | SimilarPlus50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLESince I was going with the black and gold theme, I grabbed these sandals by Marc Fisher. What would Stacey & Clinton say about all this matchy, matchy? I don’t care, they live in New York, and I doubt seriously if they read my blog. Hahahahaha That is really funny.

Black & Gold Sandals: Similar | Similar | Similar
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEI did’t mention my earrings, and after this post you may not ever see them again. These are a pair from Chloe & Isabel that I have had since last November. I love them, but I dropped one of them on my tile floor in the bathroom. The quartz dangle broke in three parts. I am going to try to super glue them back together, and I hope it turns out better than when I glued my nail back on. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK & GOLD STYLEI hope you liked my stepping outside the zone. Feel free to tell me how much weight it looks like I have lost, because I am wearing black. I have been pretty content these last few months, and you know what that means. Yep, I am gaining weight like crazy. Some people eat when they are stressed, but not me, I eat when I am happy. I think I am wired up wrong! With fall and winter coming soon, this could be a disaster. I think everyone tends to gain in the winter months.

I haven’t posted a youtube song for a day or two, so I thought I would bring you a little Sara Evans.


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  1. Kim Crosbie says:

    You look so cute in this

  2. Gloria Randle says:

    Love the “happy dances”. I think you look great in the black and gold. Hope you and your daughter have a great time together. Also, found the black dog and cat info interesting.

  3. I really like the black outfits. I never wore much until the past two years and I’ve grown to like it. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  4. I eat when I’m happy too! I think your eyes sparkle more when you wear color, but this black top is cute. Your hair is especially fabulous today!!

  5. You look bone thin..that black does the trick. I think you look adorable in everything you post!

  6. I love your fashion inspirations but I also, absolutely, love your sense of humor! Thanks for brightening up our days. After years away at school, I am also enjoying my daughter’s temporary homecoming during her brief internship. Treasure every day!

  7. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love color, but black is a basic that I really feel comfortable in. I think you look lovely! I have two daughters that I rarely see and it’s such a treat when I do. Enjoy your time and I can’t wait to see a pic of her. I’m sure she is beautiful like her mother.

  8. a vanderven says:

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter.

  9. Tania,
    I have a son and his family live in anchorage. I have a grandson there, so I try and see as much as possible. Just got back a few weeks ago and YES the trip is long! Took me a full week to recover. You look fabulous as always!

  10. Love your outfit! Ha! I eat when I am happy too! Currently pleasantly plump, but really happy! 🙂

  11. Glenda Braun says:

    Love the look. I love black on top or bottom. Always pair with silver too. Now will have try gold. Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Enjoy your daughter so much.
    Like you I always think it makes me look thinner lol
    But you do!!!!

  12. I love this outfit and love the Black and White past post outfit equally. Both outfits looks really nice on you.
    I am happy that you get to see your daughter. Daughters are so special…enjoy your time together!

    1. Thanks Pauline! She is one-of-a-kind that is for sure.

  13. Of all three outfits I would say today is my favorite! You look fabulous! Have so much fun with your daughter!

    1. It is my favorite too. I guess I am still learning:)

  14. There is nothing like seeing your precious daughter. I know because mine lives a very long way too, and I miss her so much. Have a wonderful visit, and you look lovely!

    1. It really is hard when they live so far away. And, the difference in time zones plays havoc too. At least she is still in the US, if only just barely. Haha

  15. It may not be your favorite color, but the outfit looks really smashing on you !

    1. Thanks Susan, that is very sweet of you.

  16. I will be rockin’ the black and gold tonight…Steeler home game and we girls embrace the colors! No t-shirts but lots of bling instead! I am thrilled you get to see your daughter…what a blessing and take lots of pictures. I would love to see what SHE is wearing to the wedding…but no pressure. :)!

    1. She is a bridesmaid, so the typical long dress. I am not going to the wedding, but I hope to see lots of pictures:)

  17. Pat Cloey says:

    I love the black and white look….it’s so clean and crisp. I subscribe to the idea that black makes you look thinner, but really have no idea if it’s true or not. Enjoy every moment with your daughter. I can’t begin to imagine having my daughter live so far away. But what a cool place to live!

    1. It really is very pretty. I missed seeing you at Conference. I may end up helping Betsy with getting vendors, so you may be hearing from me. Convention is going to be in Roanoke in 2017.

  18. Love that top! Enjoy your time with your daughter, and that is one of my favorite songs ever. 🙂

  19. Diana Ceccardi says:

    Glad you get to see your baby girl. Enjoy your precious time together. 🙂

  20. Yes love the outfit I have a pair of shorts and a black top I wear very classy

  21. What a great outfit! I kid my husband no matter who wins the Presidential race I am going to wear black for awhile afterward since no one seems to float my boat. This look would be perfect.

    Enjoy your special time when your daughter is home. What a blessing!

    I’ve been indulging a bit too much this summer, too, and have to zip my mouth. Until then, an outfit like this will help hid the extra ice cream and snacks nicely.

    Have a great day!

    1. I agree Audrey. I may go from being a colorful blog to only wearing black. This election is crazy. I am not a political person, and I try to steer as far away from politics as I can, but this year is nuts!!!

      1. Tania, Trump is going to be great, I shall wear red/white/blue for a month.

  22. I like this look better than being paired with the white and black top and white cardigan. I hope you have a fabulous time with your daughter. My oldest is in college and I can’t imagine only getting to see my child twice a year 🙁 so I would be beyond thrilled with anticipation of today. Her pics are beautiful and sounds like she has an adventurous career. Share some pics with your readers of you all while she is visiting. ~Lisa~

    1. I hope to get some pics with her. She is always going, going, going, when she comes in. Getting her still long enough for pictures is not easy. PLUS, she is on a time zone that is 4 hours different from mine, so she has a hard time adjusting. She is up well into the night, and sleeps well into the day. Haha

      1. I can’t imagine the time zone….ugh. My husband and I went to Las Vegas last fall on a business trip which included a couple days for just us and the time change caused havoc on my body so I understand considering I’m clear across in N.C. ~Lisa~

    1. Thank you Yvonne for sharing your post about wearing black. I will keep these tips in mind :). ~Lisa~

  23. Stunning scenery, stunning daughter, enjoy your precious time together ?

  24. Lol, I eat when I am happy too! I know how you feel about getting to spend time with your daughter, enjoy your time with her! I have really been trying to step up the color in my wardrobe, thanks to you, but I love black. I usually pair black with silver accessories but this is so rich looking together. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

    1. I’m with you Shelia, as I almost always pair silver with black. I was surprised at how many accessories I had that paired gold with black. I agree with you though, it does look really rich.

  25. So now I know I am a witch! Haha! I looked at your daughter IG and you havn t said to much! Wow! What a beautiful pictures! Your outfit is fabulous! I loooove black and I always wear gold or goldcolored accesories. Enjoy the time with your daughter!