50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40Hi everyone! It is a beautiful day, and I am relaxed and comfortable. I know several of you perked up your ears at me, mentioning those two words. Who doesn’t want to be relaxed and comfortable, as long as you can look great at the same time???
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40Let me introduce you to the Stevie Collection of ponchos from LuckyBird clothing company. These beautiful, lightweight, ponchos are perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, or even using as a swimsuit coverup.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40I love the way that the poncho falls around my hips and how it is longer on the sides, and I love a deep v-neck. Those are flattering elements that you need in your life. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40To add a little bling to the outfit, look at the crystal jewel embellishment at the neckline. This girl loves some bling!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40Notice how long that the poncho is in the back. There are no worries here about having my rear covered. Can’t you just see wearing this leopard print poncho even in the fall? Think about a turtleneck and leggings; that sounds wonderful to me, and you can bet that I will be styling it that way soon.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40So, there are four different colors to choose from in the Stevie line. I could not make up my mind between going with the leopard print for a neutral look or picking the Turquoise tie-dye for the bright and colorful look. Jan took care of that problem by sending me both of them. Woohoo! I am tickled pink that she did. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40Hand-sewn from polyester and lycra, these breezy ponchos are one-size-fits-all. You don’t have to worry about which size you need to purchase. The poncho is made of 95% polyester, 5% lycra, so they are machine washable on the delicate cycle in cold water and hang dry.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40I might have done a girlie twirl in this poncho. Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40All of the ponchos will have the LuckyBird patch sewn on the back of each of them. You are just as cute going as you are coming.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40The Stevie Collection ponchos can be purchased by clicking on this link. And, don’t forget to use the code TANIA10 to get 10% off of the price of your purchase.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHOS | FASHION OVER 40And, comment where you are from so that you can be entered in a drawing for a HOME t-shirt. Check out yesterday’s post for a picture of the t-shirt that I will be gifting.

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This post is sponsored by Luckybird Clothing Company, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I plan on ordering the vest from yesterday’s post. Cute clothes! From Peoria,IL.

  2. I am from Lima, Ohio. Think I could make myself some with just a square of material!

  3. I look forward to your blog every day, from central Illinois!

  4. Hi Tanya, the ponchos are really beautiful!! I am from Niles Ohio, which is near Youngstown. Love reading your blog each day. You are adorable!!!

  5. Robin Staley says:

    I am from beautiful North Carolina but have lived in Chicagoland for 20 years. I miss the south but not the heat!!

  6. Paula Jenkins says:

    One more thing, Tania, where did you get the jeans you are wearing? Even if they are older pairs, could you tell me where I can get some like those? I love the way they look on you!! 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Sharon Neff says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this great company here in Mississippi. I live in the tiny town of Arcola, MS.

    1. Hi from Dahlonega, Ga.! I like the poncho concept, but I’d need to try this one to see if I felt large in it. I have one from Chico’s…it’s shorter with less sleeve and feels light & airy. The label looks like it’s stitched so it could be removed & I think I would. Like someone else mentioned I don’t find it very appealing. As usual you look cute!

  8. Bergoo, WV. I thought the Home T’s were really cute!

  9. These are both really pretty. I especially like the leopard print. I wound up ordering the top from their collection that you had on yesterday. Really excited to get it.

  10. Josephine Riddle says:

    Hi Tania, I am in Norman, OK(Boomer Sooner!). I like the ponchos, but as a previous poster commented, I will not be ordering as I don’t like the tag on the back. Honestly, I don’t even think the tag is an attractive one.☹

  11. Kimberly Kleinschmidt says:

    Godfrey, IL I love the leopard print,

  12. Hi, Tania. Terry from NJ. I think I would live in one of those ponchos. I agree with you that the leopard one would look adorable in the fall with leggings and boots. Have a wonderful day!

  13. Joyce Cantrell says:

    Georgia Peach, Gainesville, GA

  14. Cynthia M says:

    I am from Kentucky.

    1. Sandy Smith says:

      Mcon, GA temperature is 100 today and feels waaay hotter

  15. Do you wear a tank underneath?

  16. Marilyn Soto says:

    Hey from my dirt road in little ol’ Carlton Ga . About 90 miles northeast from Atlanta …….. But way way different .

  17. Pat Ferguson says:

    Love the length!
    Pat from Dayton Ohio

    1. The ponchos are cute, but just not for my hour-glass figure. I need fitted tops. Also, I won’t wear anything with logos on them so no external facing labels either. I guess I’m just a bit old-fashioned about some things.

  18. Kelli Monte says:

    Avon, IN…love me some bling too!

  19. Hello Tania, gorgeous ponchos, so light and airy specially for this hot days of summer.
    Thank you for sharinf.
    Be Blessed ??

    1. Karen from Como says:

      I am originally from Kentucky bit now live in Missouri. Love the colorful poncho. Those earring are all it needs to pop.

  20. Extra fluffy girl here ?……Ohio! Never miss a day of your blog!

  21. Ashley Matney says:

    I am from Chapmanville, WV. I love your blog! 🙂