I had planned on working at the lumber company yesterday, but that all changed when I opened my email that morning. If you are like me, then you get a ton of emails from stores giving you a heads up for sales and savings. Most of the time, I simply hit delete because I don’t have the time or the money that it requires to shop all of the sales. But, when you get an up to 40% off from the Mothership (aka Nordstrom), you pay attention. Repeat after me…FREE shipping and FREE returns!

I started shopping the sale and trying to categorize the items so that I could bring you my favorite picks. You have to remember, these are my picks, but you might be looking for something else. There were over 280 pages from the “women’s” category, and it took me ALL day long to get all of the links and pictures for you. I also place quite a large order for myself, especially on things that I will get a lot of wear from, or things that have a considerable discount.

It seems like I linked to a lot of coats and jackets, as well as a lot of boots. Those items are what I am interested in since winter is fast approaching. However, jeans are always on my “must-have” list, so you will see plenty of those. I tried to branch out a little this time, and do a beauty, gifts, and home category. You will have to let me know if those categories were helpful to you.

This is a perfect way to get some early shopping done or to pick out what you want yourself for Christmas. I know that Joe appreciates it when I tell him exactly what I want. Otherwise, he is completely lost, and I end up not getting anything. LOL! He has already gotten his Christmas gift…new radios for the airplane.

Let’s start off with those coats and jackets that I was mentioning.

This might be my biggest category, shoes. Shoes are my biggest struggle when it comes to getting dressed, so I might have gone overboard in this category.

Now for one of the new categories…beauty. I linked to my favorite mascara, They’re real, and I also included a lot of limited time offered eyeshadow pallets. I ordered the Gingerbread one already, and I can’t wait to try out those colors.

I didn’t think that I linked to very many shirts, sweaters, vests, etc., but there seems to be quite a few. Lol!

If you have a top, then you need a bottom. So, here are the jeans that grabbed my attention.

Okay, this might have been MY Christmas wish list. Lol! I want everything on this gift list.

And, finally, here are just a few items for the home. Although, I should have just included them in the gift list.

I am thinking about trying to do a men’s and children’s category. You gurls let me know if that is something that you would like to see.

I didn’t forget about the Active Hydration Body Replenish giveaway. The winner is Barbara Cawley!!! Congratulations, Barbara, you will be getting an email from me, so be sure to watch for that!

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  1. just went to Nordstrom rack for the first time yesterday, got some great bargains and never would have gone there if you hadn’t posted about Nordstrom.. Love it and this post!

  2. Wow, Tania, this was a great post! Thank you for all of this! Can I just give you my Christmas shopping list? ? I look forward to your posts every day!

  3. I loved this so much I’m headed to the website now
    Happy shopping Happy wife
    My husband is the same as yours if I don’t show him exactly what I want he is totally lost
    Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this for us

    1. Have fun! It really was work, but I got a few items for myself also.