Are You A Cheerful Giver

If you read last week’s message about what to do when our minds are filled with worry, then you know that I’ve been struggling with fear when it comes to finances. I know this is what the enemy is using to attack me, so I’ve been praying for the Lord to open my heart and prune it of this fear.

I don’t like giving the devil opportunities to attack me, but he is conniving and will find your weakness and use it against you. This week as I was listening to an online sermon, I felt like God was talking to me. There are times when the Lord talks to us through others, whether it be in person or online, and it is up to us to recognize when this happens.

While I was listening to the sermon, the pastor said, “for God loved us so much that He gave…” We all know this Bible verse, and if you are like me, this was the first Bible verse you memorized as a child. But, the pastor threw me for a loop when he started talking about the difference in the Lord’s attitude and the attitude a lot of us have.

Here is where I felt the Lord smacking my hands. The pastor then said a lot of us have the attitude of “for we love ourselves so much that we keep.” Ouch, that hurt! Did I mention that pruning your heart might be a painful process?

I’ve been trying to be faithful and tithe 10% this year. Tithing is mentioned in the Old Testament, and many think it doesn’t apply to us today, but I have chosen to apply it to my life. But, if I’m completely honest, I don’t always like giving away my money. I want to know what it is being used for, whether they are using it correctly, and how can I know that I can trust them. There are times when my 10% feels like it is too much to give away, and this is where the devil starts to attack me.

How much crap do you have in your house that you don’t use or need? Do you have a garage that is packed, a basement that has boxes stored with stuff you’ve not seen in ages, or maybe you PAY for a storage unit to hold all of your overflows? What if instead of wasting 10% of our income on stuff we don’t need or really want, we used it to tithe instead? I’ve heard it said that the Lord can do more with your 10% than you can with your 90%.

The rational part of me understands this, but the emotional, fearful, and poverty mindset encourages me to hold on to my money just in case I need it later. Most of us get a paycheck or have gotten one in the past, and you’ve noticed the amount of money that is being withheld from it each time. It appears that the IRS wants their money BEFORE it ever hits your hands. I don’t think they trust us to give them their share. Lol!

The great thing about the Lord is He gives all of us free will. Each of us has to make the decision on whether we are going to give. Giving isn’t only tithing; it can be giving of your time, your talents, or even your knowledge. I’ve often said that Joe is much more giving than I am. If someone calls him wanting to buy a truck because they need it for a reason, he will often say, “no, I’m not going to sell it to you, but you can use it as long as you like and as keep it as long as you need.” He has also given away things that people admire or need, although I tell him that most of those things just happen to be MINE!

2 Corinthians 9:7-8

 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

This Bible verse has been on my mind this week. The Lord loves a cheerful giver, and I’m afraid that I’ve been a fearful giver. I feel like He is pruning my heart to turn my mindset around, and I don’t think He isn’t through pruning yet.

I love the Lord, and I feel extremely blessed, so I’m going to keep trying to become cheerful in my giving. I know it isn’t going to happen overnight, but I’m hoping my baby steps will eventually transform my heart. Let me know if you found this post helpful.

To God Goes The Glory!

Have A Blessed Day!


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  1. Hi Tania. I love all your post but especially your Sunday post. Thank you for sharing your love for our Great Lord and Savior. Tithing has been something my husband and I have done for a very long time. In September I was diagnosed with a terminally brain Tumor. To explain and tell all of the blessings that God has poured out on us since that time would make this a very long post. Just want to say that with each blessing God puts the verses from Malachi 3 in my heart—— “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it.”
    ‭‭Malachi‬ ‭3‬:‭10‬ ‭NKJV

    Thanks so much!

    1. Anita, you are a blessing to others with your testimony. I know the Lord is with you and your family during this trying time. I’m saying a prayer for healing, comfort, and strength for you right now. God is the Great Physician!

  2. I really enjoyed your post today. There is such a huge difference in just paying your tithes and being a cheerful giver. It’s a heart issue. Thank you so much!

  3. Teri O’Brien says:

    I really enjoyed today’s post! It was like a breath of fresh air in what is about to become a busy season.
    Thank you

  4. I love your devotions and your web page, Tania. I look forward to them every day. You are a blessing!4

  5. This message hit home to me. I always feel like I can’t tithe because I live pay check to pay check. I’ve got bills and rent and after that there is nothing left. This next year I’m going to try very hard to be a cheerful giver. You can’t out give God.

  6. Our Lord is faithful! I agree with all of these ladies. I always try to write my tithe check first, before paying any other expenses. I have never come up short in 40 years of marriage.

  7. LOVE, this message!!!! this applies to me too.

  8. Kelly Brooks says:

    I try to thank God for every paycheck and when I tithe knowing that you can never out give God.

  9. Jane Davis says:

    Tithing is one of the best things a Christian can do, since this $ supports the financial needs of the church, its staff, and its ministries. A tithe (10%) is probably less than you tip a server or hair stylist. So God isn’t asking for much. Can you be cheerful about giving just a tenth? Also, extra offerings set apart for specific needs that show Jesus to others is another way to give. Both make me cheerful!

  10. I did find this post helpful and trust me, you’re not alone. I also struggle with being a cheerful giver for many of the reasons you cited. I’m trying hard to change & think I am improving .. one day at a time.

  11. Tania, I loved today post subject.
    My husband and I have always paid a tithe since we were married. God has always been faithful to us. Even when times were lean we tithed and we never missed any kind of monthly payment and were never hungry. We did have to pass up a few things but we learned that we really didn’t need them anyway. I encourage everyone to tithe and see what God can do.

  12. Diana Dobson says:

    Oh I’m with you girl….I have always been fearful even as a pastors wife. Knowing I should trust and obey, but having a poverty mind set….I might not have enough to last…that is because most of the time I spend on self….I began something in my life that might help. After my husband having to step down as pastor bc of now 11 back surgeries and us moving back to Texas, our income has drastically fallen. I want to make sure (funny how that happens, when your put on the spot) we have money to make it bc I am now the sole breadwinner. I go to the bank each payday and draw out the cash for our tithe and put in an envelope for Sunday. This way I don’t convince myself, “oh i’ll pay that next pay period.” I’m here to say next pay period never comes.. Don’t know if this helps anyone but it has helped me to be a cheerful giver. I will say though that first time I did it it was very tempting to keep it for fear I would run out before next pay period. JUST DO IT and DON’T FEAR FOR GOD’S GOT YA!

  13. Your thoughts on giving are great! Don’t forget the second sentence in that scripture reference regarding God’s abundant blessings!
    A few years ago, God spoke to me on this very topic. I bought a home with 17 mature blueberry bushes. In harvest, those plants filled an entire freezer with berries. I was happy to give berries away because of the abundance! But I also knew with full certainty that whatever I was “loosing” would be replaced in the next harvest season. I had no fear.
    God takes care of His children -period. We can trust Him in this. Know that He will increase your capacity…not so that your bank account is big, but so that you can smile cheerfully while you give even more! 💕

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    A great reminder!

  15. Rosalinda says:

    To God goes the Glory! 🙏 Amen Thank you Tania, have a peaceful Sunday

  16. Thank you, Tania for today’s post. I can always apply them to my own personal situation.

  17. love ur post was very useful for myself! thank u!

  18. Thank you Tania for your message today. I truly love your Sunday posts.♥️

  19. Brenda Summersgill says:

    My parents taught me to tithe from childhood. As an married couple we’ve never had a bill we couldn’t pay and during rough financial times GOD laid on many peoples heart to just give us things we need. And we never made our needs known or asked for any of it. He made a promise that if you tithe he will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings we couldn’t contain.

  20. Love your Sunday messages. This one really spoke to me as I’ve been lax with my tithing & time.

  21. A very inspirational post. Thank you! one that I needed.

  22. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Thank you for sharing these past two weeks. Very convicting and I too struggle with giving sometimes. I need to stop loving myself so much in that I give with an open heart because God has given me everything!

  23. Beth Rahn says:

    Your words resonated with me. I too can be a fearful giver, even more so recently as I see my money stretched further. Love your posts!

  24. Enjoy your verses with your posts Gid Bless you

  25. connie klappenbach says:

    great post Tania. put in simple words.

  26. I love your Sunday reminders to us. I think I’m often one of those fearful givers! Thanks!

  27. contentment with what we have helps us give cheerfully, look at all our blessings and desire to bless others, pray for contentment and counting our blessings makes giving joyful

  28. Susan Nothwehr says:

    Your message worked to prune ME. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

  29. Very helpful and instructional. I nodded my head when you mentioned concern over whether my offering would be used appropriately!

  30. Wow! Thank you for spelling this out. I have struggled with this also, but have never put my finger on the root of it being a “fearful” giver. Thanks again for sharing!

  31. Wow! Thank you again for helping us remember what is really important in this life…… focusing on Gods ways.

  32. Blessed message and a good reminder.,I too feel like I fall short sometimes, but always try my best.

  33. Elizabeth S says:

    Love, love, love your Sunday posts! A great reminder today to be generous with our blessings!

  34. Great message Tania! I too struggle in this area. My husband has the gift of giving. Definitely a cheerful giver. I so want to be!

  35. I love your honesty! you’re keeping it real. great message!

  36. Very good lessons here!!! Thank you for being honest in your struggles. I need to be more generous too.

  37. Cheryll Sampson says:

    It works! Love your devotionals.

  38. Thank you for a message I needed to hear today!

  39. Patti Lou says:

    That’s a really good message. I’ve always thought that if everyone would just give a little, the world would be a better place. And you’re right, it doesn’t have to be money, just do what you can. I’m thrilled I won the Amazon gift card! Woo hoo! I look forward to your posts each day. Thanks so much Tania.

  40. Laura Gray says:

    Such a good message! Thank you!

  41. Maribeth Conklin says:

    Good morning,
    This has been the topic at my church for the past 6 weeks. Our new campaign Unstoppable good as we launch into our 200 year celebration. The holy spirit also convicts me. My pastor says give till it hurts or write a number down and just wait and see how your world will change.
    This is a tough topic . For me it gets easier as I become more of a serious believer.

  42. I’m not so much the cheerful giver, either. And I so am there with you about worrying about our finances today. It all started when I retired. I don’t know why I worry about it. I tell my husband that God will provide for us abundantly until He takes us home, just like He’s done all these years. I know it. I just have to practice it He’s working on me!!!

  43. I’m the secretary at church and I have the same problem, so I do understand. I’m trying too and I’m sure we will both succeed with God’s help. Have a blessed day!

  44. Nancy Near says:

    A very inspirational read this early morning!

  45. Thank you ~ I struggle too “ giving” and it’s because of fear. My husband past away and it’s just me now. Being on my own and having to make decisions by myself can be nerve wrecking. God is pruning me too. He’s so patient. God spoke through you today. Thank you.

  46. Lana Clements says:

    The verse I go back to is ….. Malachi 3:10. God says to test him. No where else does God say to test him. If we are faithful to Him just think what his faithfulness and blessings to us will be. I too worry struggle with giving my 10%.

  47. You give to each of us everyday with your time and suggestions but especially with the verse you share. You are a blessing

  48. We all have been blessed. We all have more than we would ever need. I’ve been filling bags almost weekly for those less fortunate. These “things” are not what we should be focused. However, it does give us an opportunity to bless others that are not as fortunate. This is a little thing, but it’s something we all can do.

  49. Melony Cross says:

    Love your Sunday posts.

  50. Kemper Pinckney says:

    This one was very real and thought provoking!!! Thanks for sharing !!
    Always good to reevaluate my life and how I give and the way I live !!
    Thanks again!!:)

  51. A good instruction for us all. My husband and I served in ministry for years, with many years in the mission field of South America. We have been given much. It’s very humbling through the years to be on the receiving end…..yet a tremendous blessing. We know when the Lord has touched peoples hearts. The blessings come by a phone call or in the mail. Always a huge surprise. Hugs from Heaven!

    In the past few years I’ve made a concentrated effort to give tithing of the little side money I make to different ministries and charity. I have been so blessed! The Lord gives back more than I ever give. That’s not why I give…..I’ve just noticed how much it happens. You cannot out give God. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

    Thx for sharing! ❤️

  52. I do not think you are a fearful giver but a wise giver. You want this money to be used in a wise and helpful way. Know I fall short in this way also. So many blessings given my way–why am I so blessed?
    Had a friend, Linda Kay, who passed several years ago who was a cheerful giver. Even had in her car at all times what I like to call her “bag mission”. If she saw someone in need she gave her bags away with healthy snacks, health items (like toothbrush and paste), and a five dollar bill. Her husband said he had to monitor her on this mission because she wanted to put in $100.00.
    When she was near passing she told me not to be sad as her soul was in a good place. And indeed it was!

  53. Eileen Corcoran says:

    Thank you for this blog. I have many unneeded things in my home that have accumulated over time. The blog is a reminder that I have the opportunity to donate these items to organizations that will pass them on to people who really need them.