Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is proving that you are never too old to wear ruffles with this lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor

You hear me preach all of the time about getting outside your comfort zone. However, I don’t seem willing to try a change in a few areas of my life. It isn’t that I am stubborn or even unwilling; I haven’t found anything better. One of those areas is with my hair. I’ve cut it in many different ways, but I always end up styling it in the same way. Ruffles are another “comfort zone” item for me…am I too old to wear ruffles?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor, wide leg jeans, and platform espadrilles

Even though you probably can’t see the difference in my hair, I have moved the part more toward the center. I am not willing to do a middle part just yet, but I am getting closer. It is funny that just moving my part about an inch toward the middle changed my looks. Maybe this isn’t visible to you, but it is a huge difference to me.

So, I am challenging each of you to try one small change today. Something that you would ordinarily not do and see if anyone even notices. Maybe it is to wear lipstick or change the color of your lipstick. You could wear a color that you NEVER wear and see if someone notices. Or, maybe you style your hair just a tiny bit different like me. I can’t wait to hear what you are going to do today that is different.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor

Ruffles are another one of those things that I would never wear before, and it had nothing to do with age. There was something about them that I didn’t like about me, but I loved them on others. Somewhere along the journey, a switch has been flipped, and I am now embracing ruffles. I love the feminine look, and I love looking gurlie. So, to answer my own question, I am NOT too old to wear anything that I want, and that goes for ruffles too.

This pale lilac v-neck shell has ruffles galore, and I love them!!! The ruffles are soft and seem to cascade down the neck and sleeves. I started to put on a blazer, but I couldn’t bring myself to cover up the ruffles on the sleeve. For those who don’t like your arms to show, a blazer would be an option. I am wearing a medium in this top, and it fits me great. Also, this is your lucky day because it is actually IN STOCK, plenty of sizes, and is on sale for 50% off!!! Use the code CYBER.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor and carrying a canvas handbag by Michael Kors

I am still loving my Isla Michael Kors tote. This cotton canvas tote has leather trim and rope handles. I love the casual style of the handbag, and I think it will be a great bag for spring and summer.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of wide leg jeans and platform espadrilles

I never thought that I would say this… but I love the wide-leg jeans trend. This trend is way more flattering than I thought that it would be. This look is especially flattering for those who need to balance their bottom halves, such as those with broad shoulders or thick waists.

This is a pair by NYDJ, and I wore these earlier when I talked about how to style this trend. Did y’all buy all of these jeans because the website is now all sold out except for a few size 0 and a few size 18? I searched all over the web and found several brands that offer these jeans, but each retailer only had a size or two available. I’ll find some alternatives for you instead.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor, wide leg jeans, a brown belt, and platform espadrilles

I added my Michael Kors zip platform espadrilles to my look this time since the last time I wore flats. The flats made the jeans too long, and I think the platform on these wedges makes the jeans too short. Lol! It looks like the perfect shoe will be a wedge or heel, but without a platform.

But, these wedge espadrilles are a favorite of mine, and I love wearing them in the summer. They are a great neutral, and for their height, they are extremely comfortable. I have several shoes by Michael Kors, and they are comfortable, so I keep buying more of them. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a lilac ruffled top by Ann Taylor, wide leg jeans, a Michael Kors canvas tote, and platform espadrilles

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  1. Erinn Johnson wrote:

    Your hair looks so cute! Love the offset part. I had commented a few weeks ago when talked about it, that my hairdresser had suggested trying it, and now I love it! You look stunning!

    Posted 4.20.21 Reply
  2. Diane S. wrote:

    Love the ruffles! I haven’t worn any in years,…I will have to try some,…soon,…

    Posted 4.19.21 Reply
  3. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    Ruffles have always been my favorite!! Love that blouse on you.

    Posted 4.19.21 Reply
  4. Paige wrote:

    What color is your pink lipstick? I have a Clinique Raspberry, but I’m always ready to try a new one!

    Posted 4.19.21 Reply
  5. Mich wrote:

    I Love the ruffled top. It looks great on you ! And Ive always loved your hairstyle. Its so flattering. I would really like to make some changes Im just not sure where to start. I would like a new shade of lipstick for sure but that is something thats so difficult for me. If I find a color that I like, when I put it on its a totally different color on me. I know theres got to be a good color out there for me somewhere.😅

    Posted 4.18.21 Reply
  6. G. Leanette Flentroy wrote:

    Miss Tania,

    I have felt the same about ruffles that you do, but this blouse looks quite lovely on you. Nice choice, as usual.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  7. Carla P. wrote:

    I LOVE the ruffles and soft pink color! Neither are anything I ever wear, but I may try it as my small change!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  8. Pat Coll wrote:

    Tania – you look amazing! The color of this top is YOUR color and your hair also looks amazing! Youths ruffles are very flattering! Love this!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  9. Cynthia hafer wrote:

    Happy Saturday! I think the ruffles look great on you! Very light and summery. I am not a ruffle woman, but it looks so nice on you, I ordered one for myself, The color is lovely on you..

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  10. Sharolyn wrote:

    Love the ruffles!!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  11. Kim🌸 wrote:

    I love your hair styled this way, it’s actually a softer flowing look, it looks longer also. Very prettying good to try small changes, I do not go out of my comfort zone or step out of the box often, creature of habit! Lol
    The blouse is beautiful! I just don’t have very many opportunities to dress up with COVID. I wear scrubs for my job, and at home I’m comfy in jeans and a tie dye sweatshirt today!
    The outfit is beautiful on you! 🌷

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  12. Gayle wrote:

    I like the new part in your hair. Love the ruffled shirt and the color is so pretty.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  13. You (we) are never too old to wear anything you (we) like. You look beautiful in this outfit.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  14. Nancy M. wrote:

    I love everything about this outfit! And your hair looks great! I just got 2 inches cut off of my hair; does that count? For once my husband noticed!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  15. Mary Hardy wrote:

    I love the pale lilac ruffled shell. It looks beautiful on you. I love the new hair part too!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  16. Melanie wrote:

    Loose ruffles are so feminine! I’m going to part my hair a half inch closer to the middle and see how it goes.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  17. Carol wrote:

    Love the outfit on you. I am extremely chesty so I don’t think it would work for me. I haven’t gotten on the band wagon for the wide jeans…hoping it’s a short lived fad. Just not a fan. LOVE the purse and sandals. Have already bought the purse and thinking I’m getting the sandals now. Your hair always looks amazing and like the slight change. Love following your posts.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  18. Kirst wrote:

    Today’s outfit is definitely on point! I’m also a little leery of ruffles, takes me back to middle school. But, this shirt is perfect, so I marched over to AnnTaylor – I’ll try anything with a 50% off code!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  19. Ann wrote:

    I noticed your hair as soon as I opened the post and I love it. It opens your face up nicely and just suits you.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  20. Lurania wrote:

    I love this outfit on you. I’m wondering how the blouse would look on a larger breasted woman. I’m petite everywhere except that area. Maybe the V neckline won’t make the girls so obvious! Lol
    I prefer a flare or straight leg jean …. but never say never!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  21. Diane wrote:

    I’m not a ruffle wearer, but this shirt looks great on you! Also, I noticed your hair right away…looks amazing!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  22. Cara wrote:

    I’ve never been a ruffles wearer either but this shirt is adorable!! I may need to order it! I also noticed the change in your hair part immediately and it looks great! Very fresh!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  23. Caroline wrote:

    The outfit is cute! I’m not a fan of wide leg jeans on me.I’m a curvy girl and the wide leg makes me look like I’m wearing a sack. How about a flare leg?

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  24. Teresa wrote:

    Ruffles do not work for me. I feel like a granny when I wear them. I am wearing the wide leg today. Being short and curvy, I actually altered the legs so they are a little more bell bottom than wide all the way down. I think they look better on me. Have a great weekend.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  25. Janet wrote:

    where is the link to the blouse?

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  26. Lisa W wrote:

    You look great Tania! Small changes to our appearances are fun and keep things looking fresh. I think today I will actually wear some lipstick and see who notices. lol! I haven’t found the right wide leg jeans for me yet but you look really great in yours so I will keep trying 🙂

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  27. Ooh…I looove ruffles and flutter sleeves and all things feminine at all ages! I’m 5’7, so I could probably pull off the wide leg jeans, but I’m not totally into them on me just yet. You look great in them!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  28. Terri Davis wrote:

    Love the ruffles Tania! And lavender is a universal color in my opinion. So feminine!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  29. Maribeth Conklin wrote:

    I noticed your hair right away. I am a detail person. Super cute. The blouse looks great on you!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  30. Lorie wrote:

    I think I would like to invest in a pair of those wide leg jeans after your description of suitable body types.

    I think the top is very feminine, definitely a staple piece that you could dress up or down. Thanks for the post!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  31. Janice C wrote:

    We women of a certain age are definitely not too old to wear ruffles. Your lilac top is gorgeous and very feminine, especially with the ruffled sleeves!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  32. Cheryll wrote:

    The top and jeans look lovely on you. I have never been comfortable in ruffles/.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  33. Karen Miller wrote:

    That top is darling! I love ruffles! And I’m like you, I love looking girly. I like the wide leg jeans too.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  34. Julia Gilbert wrote:

    Love the ruffles! Trying to embrace the wide leg jeans trend again. Have a great weekend.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  35. Ellen wrote:

    Love the top! It is such a pretty shade of lilac. Your hair looks fantastic! I am still hesitant on the wide leg jeans but they look great on you!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  36. Karyn wrote:

    Love this look on you! The ruffles look so pretty and you styled it so well with the jeans and belt. I going to venture into wearing a belt – usually I’m a hide the stomach area girl – so I’ll give it a whirl and actually try tucking a shirt in today!!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  37. Patti wrote:

    Your hair looks pretty. Love the ruffled top. I’m not ready for those wide leg jeans on myself.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  38. Patti Wagner wrote:

    This top looks adorable on you and looks great with those jeans. I ordered the top. Fingers crossed! I’ve been experimenting with my hair part as well. I can see the difference in yours and it looks great! Have a good weekend.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  39. Chris wrote:

    Love the ruffles and the wide leg jeans! I’ll try to move my part today, we’ll see how it goes!!!! Yours looks great, it does change how you look but you are lucky you look great either way!!!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  40. Tonia, I was never a big ruffle fan either, but since I started blogging I have figured out that ruffles are like color, everyone can wear them, you just have to figure out which ruffles work for you. This top is gorgeous on you. The ruffles are so feminine and definitely not too frilly. I haven’t embraced the wide leg jean trend yet, mainly because I haven’t found the right pair yet. I am larger on the bottom, so not as fond of the wide leg trend, but I am going to keep searching. Have a great weekend! – Amy

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  41. April Nix wrote:

    Always love your posts and especially appreciate the scriptures you include. Would love to know the brand and color of lipstick you are wearing with the lilac ruffle top.
    Thanks 😊

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  42. Love this top! The color is gorgeous. I too am not much for ruffles, but I’ll be ordering this top. Thanks for featuring this one.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  43. Nancy Johnson wrote:

    This is a great look on you. Love your ruffles and the jeans together. Also the hair part looks lovely.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  44. Coolie wrote:

    Love the ruffles but can’t wear them. They make my chest look bigger than it is. I love the jeans, I don’t think they look too short

    I am going to try eyeliner today. I normally don’t wear much makeup. We will see if anyone notices

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  45. Sandy wrote:

    I’m one also who has a hard time with change. I don’t mind ruffles but this may be a few too many for me but… never say never… this would be something different to try.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  46. Fiona wrote:

    i am not a ruffles fan, however the top suits you. The jeans look great.
    Have a good weekend.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
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