50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For SpringI am so glad Spring is finally here. The weather has been beautiful, with temperatures in the high 70’s everyday. You can just see the spring in everyone’s step. People are out every afternoon, walking and riding bikes down in town. The grass is getting green, the leaves are budding out, and flowers are poking through the ground.  I love spring!!!50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For Spring

Pastel colors for spring are baby blue, pale pink, and mint to name a few. I normally am not a pastel wearing girl, but this year I can’t seem to get enough. Mint green is like my new favorite color and I don’t know if I have ever owned anything that color before. That just goes to show you that your taste can change.50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For Spring

The scarf is my favorite part of this outfit. I bought it at Maurice’s when I bought a pair of mint green jeans that I wore here.  I like this one by Target, and this one has a beautiful floral design. Let me tell you about my process for picking out an outfit this morning. I went into my closet, picked out my mint jeans, and then started thinking about a shirt. I am still in a casual mode, so I picked out the navy t-shirt. I turned to leave the closet already thinking about what jewelry to wear, and this scarf was hanging on my door. I grabbed the scarf, but then I didn’t want to wear the jeans any longer. That was just too much green, so I picked out the pink jeans to bring out the pink streak in the scarf. As you can tell, everything is all scientific. Haha50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For Spring

The navy t-shirt is just a basic piece. It can be worn alone, or under vests and blazers. I bought this one at the GAP outlet when we were in Florida. Here is a “nice” one, and here is a more affordable one, and here is a plus one.50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For Spring

The pink ankle pants are Old Navy pixies. I must have bought them last year, because I don’t remember buying them. Here is a plus version in very light pink.

50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For SpringI wear so many high heels, that I thought I would wear a couple flats this week. This is an Isaac Mizrahi ballet slipper that I bought at The Outlet Store in town. Here is a pair of Nine West that look identical.
50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For SpringThe white tote is not leather, but it is really cute. Since I can’t keep a white purse clean, this works for me. I have a Coach purse that I got out of the closet and tried to clean, but it still looks so bad, I refuse to carry it. I’m making a sad face, by the way. Lol! Here is a similar faux leather purse, and here is the real thing. My birthday is in May, so if any of you want to buy me that purse, just contact me and I’ll give you my mailing address. I promise I’ll keep it clean! Hahahahaha
50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For SpringBe sure to watch the video for a complete view of todays outfit.


Sylvia from 40plusstyle did an interview with me a couple weeks ago, and she is featuring me on her blog. She is so sweet to have included a newbie like me. Be sure to check her out.

It time to mow some grass, so have a great Thursday?

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  1. Love this look!!!! I’m a real scarf lady, and have more times then I like to admit to, purchased an outfit to work with a scarf I fell in love with. Lucky for me I often find a scarf I can’t live without .When I get it home I have so many things already that it will work with already in my closet. Love your blog by the way, you’re my style of girl.

  2. I love this! I have a similar body shape and style so I am grateful that you give such great ideas. Love love love the pink jeans. Beautiful scarf, too and I live in t-shirts like this one.

  3. Went to Old Navy today and bought 2 pairs of the pixie pant. Sized up but I hope they don’t stretch too much. By the way, they are on sale for $25! You are such a joy to read every day!

    1. I saw they were on sale today only. I only go up a size if they are the skinny ones with the stretch material.

  4. Inspired by your converse and denim dress outfit, I wore my white converse to work. Being that I work at a high school, the students got a huge kick out of them! Some comments were that I looked “fresh “, “fly”, and one even said I looked like a student! Thanks for the encouragement of having us looking young and FUN!

    1. That is the highest compliments the kids will ever give! Congratulations!!!

  5. I went to the KAY and Star on Etsy but would love to know the colors too. I wish they had the colors labeled better. Thanks

    1. Debra, I messaged Kay & Star for the colors. Mine were white, serenity blue, and blush. I hope that helps.

  6. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    I live in Dallas and the Coach store here will clean their purses for free. You might want to check and see if your local (or maybe not so local) Coach store will do the same. Worth a try!

  7. Terri/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Tania,
    I am so happy I found your blog! I love your outfit ?
    Thanks for all your fabulous tips!!
    Have a great day

  8. Donna Davis says:

    Thank you for adding in where to find plus sizes.

  9. Tania, Do you know what a joy you are to your followers?

  10. I looked at the bracelets as well, but it only gave a couple of color options. What colors did they send you, Tania? I absolutely love these bracelets.
    I adore your outfit today!

    1. I got the set of three. Mine are white, pink, and light blue. They actually show mine on their Etsy page, I saw my children’s names on them. Lol!

  11. Colleen Gilliam says:

    I love the outfit and I am going to get some pink pants. I also have a new Coach purse that exact color of pink! By the way, try using a Tide to Go stick on your white Coach bag…..they clean purses really well.

    1. Colleen, mine seems more like the leather has worn off. I thought about trying to put a leather stain on it. It is a strange color, kind of like a milky grayish white.

  12. Yes me too. Also cyndi.

  13. Looking at your bracelets from their site it looks like white, blush and serenity blue. I hope that’s correct, since I just ordered those colors. 🙂

  14. LOVE your out fit today! You are looking very slim. Could you also tell us how you lost your weight. I need to lose a few. We are the same age and my birthday is May 13.

  15. You look so cute today! I do have a question about the bracelets you’re wearing. I went to the Etsy site for Kay and Star. I love the bracelet colors they sent you. Can you tell me what colors are used in each bracelet you’re wearing?

  16. You are looking so skinny!! Love the navy and pink!

    1. Laura, your my new favorite friend!!! haha

  17. Cathy Shortt says:

    Finally a place “we” can go to for fashion!! Thanks so much Tania…..will you please go shopping with me??!! LOL

    1. Of course! You must be in Grundy though. haha

      1. Cathy Shortt says:

        That’s where I’m from Tania! I live in Tazewell County now!!

  18. Melanie W. says:

    Super cute!!! I just bought some of Maurice’s white jeggings (LOVE them) and so then I ordered their apricot haze color and misty morning. (I’m loving those name!!). I think I’ll pair them with a t-shirt and a light scarf. Thanks for the idea!!!

  19. I love your outfit today. I will be headed out to Old Navy for some pink pants. Thanks for the Spring inspiration.

  20. Carol. Collins says:

    Tania, I am enjoying your blog also. I found it a couple of weeks ago. Although I’m 60+ I am getting great ideas on clothing for myself. 60+ doesn’t have to be old either.

  21. Hi Tania, congratulations, great guest interview. I must have missed the outfit with the fall colors and printed skirt, could you tell me the post date for your outfit details, love the skirt and color combinations! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  22. Thank you Tania for today’s post. I love your style and you inspire me. And I love e bracelets. I would love to see your closet or give us tips on how you organize your closet, purses and accessories. I keep all my clothes in my closet, meaning I don’t swap out clothes seasonally. Here in Missouri the temperature can change drastically from day to day. So help!! I need some closet inspiration.

  23. Thank you, Tania! I look forward to reading you everyday. Your zest for life is contagious AND I love your style.

  24. Love the outfit, we finally got a discount store with QVC and HSN and a lot of other stores heavy discounted clothes, it’s fun to dress, when you know you didn’t spend a fortune.

  25. Cute as always! I wish it was warmer here in Connecticut! It’s 35 degrees right now and I can’t take it!

  26. Loving your blog! What brand are your bead bracelets with the gold charms? Thank you! XoXo

  27. Your a master at incorporating color. And you’re so relatable. We see ourselves in you (which is impossible in a 5′ 10″ – 100 pound model! Lol) Great job as usual!

  28. Carri Thier says:

    I am going to have to check out Old Navy! I have always thought their clothes were for kids and teenagers. Thank you for the great advice and ideas!

    1. Susan Stancliff says:

      I am also glad to hear about Old Navy more. I too thought it was for younger. Thank you for your wonderful blog Tania

  29. Great interview! Your wonderful humor and style came though even in that short space!
    Love your outfit today, as I do everyday! As soon as I win the lottery your purse will be in the mail! Wait, when I win I will come pick you up and we will shop til we drop, then we will sit down and try on shoes!!

    1. Hurry, Grace and go buy some tickets!

  30. I am enjoying your blog. So glad Jo-Lynne recommended it.

    1. Jo-Lynne is a sweetie! I just love her blog, hers is one of the reasons I started my own. ?

  31. Your outfit is so cute. I love the pastel colors!

  32. Lovely outfit today. You’ve inspired me to pull out one of my pastel scarves and pair it with some pink. Since our weather is finally turning nicer, I wore a pair of aqua pants yesterday and found myself in an extra happy mood. Amazing what color can do for us!

    Great blog and you’re my morning ‘go-to’ with coffee. While I am not a fan of mowing and give that job to my husband, it sure beats shoveling snow. Have a great day!

  33. I am hooked on the Old Navy Pier pants. I’m 5’3″ and if I get the regular size pixie in a Capri the fit right at my ankles . No hemming! Plus they have lots of fun colors. I wore the black and white checks to work yesterday with a red top and a long black sweater. With silver accessories. Love your blog. Keep posting more great outfits and stories.

    1. I’ll have to mention those to my BFF, Bertha. She buys capris, but they will be like a regular length pant on her.

  34. Tania, I just found you and want to tell you that I love your style! You’re giving me lots of inspiration ? Keep it coming.

    1. Thanks Lori! I am so glad you found my little blog, and I hope you stick around:)