50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL OUTFIT SATURDAY | FASHION OVER 40How many of you do Instagram? It is a relatively new platform for me, and the Instastories are even newer. Instagram was bought by Facebook a couple of years ago, and it is starting to be “the” place to post and find things. The younger generation is leaving Facebook in droves because us “older” folks have invaded their territory. Lol! I guess they think that we can’t figure out Instagram, but they are wrong. Your “feed” on Instagram is like the “perfect” world, and the Instastories is the “crap” show.
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL OUTFIT SATURDAY | FASHION OVER 40I am still trying to learn Instastories, I can’t remember to take photos to post, and I figure that people get tired of seeing my ugly mug. For those of you who don’t do Instagram or the stories, here is how the story portion works. You add snippets, photos, or videos, and they stay on the story for 24 hours, and then they disappear. So, yesterday, I decided to try and do better and post. I posted the ugly picture of me when I woke up after being sick, and I posted the horrible gray roots that had been driving me crazy. Then I decided to do a live video to talk about getting my nails done at the nail salon. Emersyn came by to get her’s done when she got out of school, so I went live again as we were leaving to show what we chose. Remember that show Art Linkletter where he said: “kids say the darndest things?” It would have been smart of me to have remembered that before I went live with my little darling. I was getting off the live video when she decided she wanted the phone. She was being silly and talking in her deep voice. She was saying over and over, “give me the phone.” I said that I would give it to her in a second and then she said, “give me the freakin phone!” At least that is what she told me that she said, but that is not what I thought I heard her say. My face said it all!!! Either way, the stinker was in trouble and now knows that she is not allowed to say things like that. Whew!!! Remind me to NEVER go live with a child again!
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL OUTFIT SATURDAY | FASHION OVER 40Today, I am “mooovin” kinda slow. I am going to start the packing process, getting ready to head to Los Cabo next week. A day like today calls for jeans and a t-shirt. Honestly, I am not a t-shirt kind of gurl. It has to be something adorable, or have a cute saying before I wear one. As soon as I saw this adorable cow shirt, I had to have it. This shirt is from Luckybird Clothing Company, and you can choose from a vast amount of designs here,
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL OUTFIT SATURDAY | FASHION OVER 40Yay!! I finally got my hair colored. I love gray hair, but mine is not the pretty gray, it is like the dishwater blonde, except it is the dishwater gray. Lol! Today my hairstylist fixed me up!
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL OUTFIT SATURDAY | FASHION OVER 40The step-hem raw hem jeans are from Old Navy. I love the relaxed fit and the rawness of the hem. I know that some of you might not like the raw hem, but I love the relaxed feel of this look. It is casual and comfortable, nothing fancy going on here.


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  1. Tania, Have you tried the sunless tanner from Rodan and Fields? And if so what did you think of it?

    1. I have, Pat. I have been using it for the last two weeks. It is a great tanner, especially if you are not a seasoned pro when it comes to applying sunless tanners. It is very forgiving and very natural looking.

  2. mary jo tesch says:

    please address the sizing of the shirt…. I love it! Went to their site but could not find info on the sizing. Thank You!!! (love your posts by the way, we seem to have the same style….love your ideas!)

    1. Hi, Mary Jo. I am wearing a size medium in the shirt.

  3. I love Instagram. Facebook has too any opinions and posting that annoy me. Instagram is more what I want to see. It seems to be all photos and the stories do not have all of the ranting and raving. You are right when you say FB is for the old folks.

  4. michelle Johnson says:

    love the shirt, I had to go find your instagram story. OMG I’m with you on what you think she said. LOL, They are little stinkers aren’t they.

  5. Love the cow t-shirt. That’s a funny story about your granddaughter although it may not have been funny at the time. ?.

  6. How does the sizing run on these shirts? I couldn’t find a size chart on their website.

    1. I am wearing a medium and it fits great!

  7. Thank you for the info on Instastories. I love learning new things, I went to Instagram, then googled how to see the Instastories! Boom! Something new! You are wonderful to share your knowledge and keep us “old folk” in the know! “Kids say the Darndest Things” LOL Look forward to your travel photos! Have a blast! Rhonda

    1. Yes, Google and YouTube are wonderful for learning new tips and tricks!

  8. ?I saw your Facebook live in the car…your face was priceless!!?

  9. Love your shirt. So many cute options. What size are you wearing?

    1. I have those jeans and love them! Didn’t know at first if id like the raw hem, but i really do.

    2. It is a medium, Cathy!

  10. i love this style of shirt ! i watched that instagram story. I made the same face you did?. i thought oh no that cute little girl is in trouble! you are doing great w the instagram stories, it makes your more relatable then you already are. I havent done a live stort yet.

    1. Yep! She was in trouble!!! She had never said anything like that before, so that is why I was so surprised.

  11. I like IG MUCH better than FB! In fact, a couple of months ago I totally deleted that account! I hardly ever post much on IG but love to follow you ‘gurls’ and a handful of other people. I don’t know how to do an ‘Instant Story’. Is there separate ap for doing that? Love what you’ve posted there! Haha….especially yesterdays!! Lol

    1. No, there isn’t a separate app for the stories. You simply tap on the circle with your picture and click the plus button to add a picture. You can also add text, hashtags, or stickers. Do a quick Google or YouTube how to, and you will see how easy it is to master this.

  12. I don’t fully “do” IG. I follow some of my favs and scroll through but haven’t figured out how to find things in profiles. I don’t post things myself. It’s fine if people have time, but many of us work long hours and have limited time for all this. I look at IG, FB, Gmail and a little Pinterest early am and later in the evening (writing this at 5:52 am). I want quick and easy.

    1. Oh my gosh! Your granddaughter stories are hilarious! My granddaughter shocked me by using Hell in a sentence a few weeks ago. Cute cow tee shirt!

  13. ? it!!! I t looks so comfy. I’m counting the days to when I can officially wear my sandals!!

  14. Perfect get’ er done outfit. I feel the same about tee’s. Instagram is “where it’s at”, but remembering to utilize it takes time and memory…something I lack. LOL

    1. Lisa, I have the same memory issues. I can’t remember to post, comment, and answer all the stuff that I have going now. Adding another “job” to my already packed agenda is difficult. Lol!