50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday, everyone! I am so excited that you decided to take a few minutes to stop by and say hello. Today is my Friday with Friends blog post, and I think that you are going to be glad that you dropped by. Andrea is a midwest girl and the only lady in her house since a husband and three boys surround her. I can’t imagine how she finds time to blog, at my home, I would have been busy picking up dirty socks and doing laundry if there were that many boys running around. Lol! But, not only does she find time to blog, she loves to cook and has dreams of writing a cookbook.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40When asked what she loves, there was a looooong response: “sunsets, Summer “date days” with my husband, Starbucks, laying in the sun, Pool floating, family traditions, country music, Chick-fil-A Market Salads, M22, Barry Manilow (don’t judge), hoop earrings, berries, scrapbooking, shopping til I drop, Notre Dame Football, FALL, being cozy, wind turbines, Chicago (the city), singing to the radio, laughing with our boys til my side hurts, fonts, our doggie named Daisy, snowshoeing, working out including long walks with my sweet mom, Dana Carvey, black beans, Fannie Mae buttercreams, Lake Michigan, decorating our newly built home, and binge-watching popular T.V. shows with my husband.” You should feel like you know her pretty well after reading all that. Hop on over and check out Andrea’s blog; Living on Cloud Nine.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I am styling a simple summer look today for you. You can’t get much simpler than a cute tee and an adorable pair of shorts. The dark navy (sorry if it looks black) flutter sleeve tee is very soft and comfortable. I love the deep round neckline because it makes my neck look longer. The tee is 100% cotton, so it is machine washable, which is a big plus in my book. This top comes in a couple of other colors, and if you were wondering, I am wearing a large. However, after trying on several tops from this store, I will be ordering mediums in the future. Here is the link to the top, which is on sale by the way.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing the Shannon necklace and the matching Rosaleen earrings. I thought the pattern in the shorts matched the teardrop shape of the pendant. I like how the earrings and the necklace both have silver and gold. Having both silver and gold in the items takes away any stress that you might have about which color to wear. The Maueve bracelet set is now discontinued, so they are no longer available for purchase.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40The patterned tile shorts are toooooo cute. I bought 5 or 6 pair of shorts the other day when I caught them on sale at Belk. These are another of the Caroline Classic shorts by Crown & Ivy, in a 5″ inseam. (here is another pair that I wore the other day) These are machine washable, and they run true to size; I am wearing my usual size 10. These are still on sale, so click here to get the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40If you read yesterday’s post (here), then you know that I went on a 1000.00 shopping spree at Nordstrom, and I walked out with three bags.50 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | A FLUTTER SLEEVE TEE AND SHORTS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40 Wonder what is in the three bags? Here you go, this is what I bought.

Be sure to go and visit with Andrea today (here) and tell her that I said hello!

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  1. You are a true doll! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Feature. I have been following along with your sweetness since the beginning as I began in March of 2015. You are a joy and I have always loved your style. Love the shorts and I wish I could’ve met you for lunch after your shopping spree, what fun!

    • Tania Reply

      Andrea, I wish we could have met for lunch also. I have a feeling that we could be good friends!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Chrissy. I had a blast while I was off spending a ton of money! Lol!

  2. Love this look! Congrats on some good purchases at Nordstrom. Good sunglasses are totally worth the investment! 🙂 (as are any shoes!)

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Joanne. Joe had a pair like these once before, but I think that they might have found their way home with my son. He has whined about that for years, so I decided to do something about it when I went shopping. Lol!

  3. Susanne Booth Reply

    Love your picks from Nordstrom! Especially the Tory Burch choices 🙂 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I had been looking for a nice purse to carry when I go to a dressier event. My LV is just too big to carry to an event like that.

  4. Cute look today. Love the shorts. Just visited Living on Cloud Nine and really liked it. Thanks for sharing. Also, nice purchases on your Spree. Its fun to spend free money especially when youve worked hard. Congrats on earning that gift. TGIF! Have great weekend ?

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Johnna! Next time I go on a shopping spree, I want you to be going with me!!!

  5. Sunglasses, a purse, a polo shirt, and 2 pairs of shoes for $1000? I recognize the brands so I know they are pricey, but I would have come home with 4 times that from other stores ;). Having been raised on a tight budget I just can’t bring myself to pay those prices for things. Hey, I get it though, might as well splurge when you have free money, right? The Crown & Ivy shorts from Belk are my absolute favorite, I have many pairs and they are always the first ones I reach for!

    • Tania Reply

      That was all I came home with, Beth. I knew that I probably wouldn’t buy those items for myself otherwise, so I took advantage of the free money to reward myself.

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