50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40Hello Sunshine!!! I am so thrilled to see the sun shining, if only for a few minutes, that I could burst out in song. Unfortunately, the only songs that I have been singing lately are by Kid Rock and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I am going to see who can guess what songs I have been singing. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40I don’t think that we have had this wet a summer since we decided to install an inground pool back in 2012. I believe that it started raining the day after we broke ground for the pool, and I don’t think that the rain stopped for three months. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but when you are waiting on getting a pool installed, it seems like the time drags. I have got pictures to prove that the rain caused a HUGE mess, but my shepherd didn’t seem to mind.50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40 I told y’all that it was a big mess!
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40But, today the sun is almost as bright as my attitude, and my outfit. My top that I have on today is one that I refer to as my “watercolor” top. I like the colors, and how they all seem to flow together, just like if you had added water to make them blend. This is a very old top, and I have styled it many different ways over the past few years. See here, and here.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to bring out the boho vibe in the top and pants, so I added the Bennett earrings to my look. The yellow in the yellow twine ball dangle and the feather, tie in with the yellow in the top and pants. Then, because there are so many colors in the top, I pulled in the turquoise color by adding one bracelet out of the Randee set, which has four bracelets. The white two strand bracelet is the Nevada, which has its own boho vibe with the tassel and dangling seashell. Lastly, I added two simple necklaces that can be worn with almost anything. The Kalyn is the shorter one with the center circle pearl accent, and the longer gold necklace is the Vienna.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40My raw hemmed linen pants feature a drawstring waist. These pants are perfect for the beach, or any other summer activity. I chose not to show the rope belt waist in this look, but it would be adorable if you tucked in a t-shirt and let the rope hang freely. Unfortunately, my waistline doesn’t accommodate that style very often, so I instead tuck the drawstring inside the pants to keep it from showing. I do love the carefree style of these pants, and I have on a medium, but I think that I would be more comfortable in a large. Here is the link to the pants.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL | FASHION OVER 40My summer coral colored cardigan is from Old Navy, but it is several years old. I had already brought out the yellow and turquoise on the top, so I decided to bring out one more color. Adding the coral cardigan to the outfit gives the overall effect a multi-dimensional look. Wow! That was a big mouthful to say; I liked the overall style. Lol! In case you were wondering about my white flipflops, here is the link to those.


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  1. Very pretty outfit! My favorite colors! Yesterday I did not see a place to open to see what you got with that $1000! I am very curious! Did I miss something? Tell me how I can have a look! I do know about Grundy, although I have never been there. We have a great nephew- in-law from there. His mother told me they go to Bristol for dentist, etc. I am very familiar with Bristol as we have gone there for over 30 years to NASCAR races. Have decided to give it up this year due to getting older and the mountains getting steeper! LOL Thanks for a great blog!

    • Tania Reply

      Janice, the link for the shopping spree was right after I mentioned it. It was a slide show like I show my normal outfits. You might have thought that it was one of the advertisements.

    • Tania Reply

      That was the first thing that I thought when I saw the outfit…sunshine.

  2. I know what you mean about putting in a pool in bad weather. We put ours in when building our house and by time we got to pool it was Winter! Not fun but it got done. I though “sunshine” when I saw picture. Bright and summery and pretty.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t know if we even swam in the pool the first year since it got finished so late in the year.

    • Tania Reply

      Maybe I will take a photo of the finished product and put it up one day.

  3. Looking for suggestions in Nashville. Follow Ms Cheap on fb. She offers some great deals in the Nashville area.

    • I can count on you for a ray of sunshine! Very fresh and summery! Like you we have had more rain than sun for months. I’m just glad its not snow!

      • Tania Reply

        You are right, Janet. It is NOT snow, and that is something to be grateful for.

  4. I,too had no luck seeing what all you got on your shopping spree. Love to see it. Hope your weather gets better soon

    • Tania Reply

      I went in and updated the Flutter sleeve post so that you can more easily see the items.

  5. A great cheerful combination of colours. Is there nothing that you can’t wear well ? You always look fabulous. I think we have just seen the end of summer here in the UK having enjoyed 2 lovely days we are now returned to grey, dull weather with rain due later. Thank you for brightening our day. Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

  6. Charlcy Green Reply

    Beautiful, cheery outfit! Darnit, I missed the shopping spree too!

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