Dream, Hope, Believe…..

DSC_0023I am one happy camper right now! My baby girl (28) is in from Alaska. For the next few weeks, my house is going to be crazy, and I can’t wait. Lol!DSC_0025_2Dream, believe, hope. This long sleeve shirt is from Cato’s, and it’s utterly adorable. I don’t have a lot of t-shirts, mostly because I feel they are too casual for me to wear to work. But, I like this type of shirt, because it takes casual up a notch or two.DSC_0029I wore very little jewelry today. I debated wearing a necklace, just a short one, but decided to let the shirt shine. I did wear a pair of silver feather style earrings from Cato’s. Their earrings are extremely well priced. And, as you can see, I am still wearing my By the Book bracelets. They bring me comfort.DSC_0027My suede purse is byTignanello, and I purchased it at the QVC outlet store. The two colors, which I would have never put together, make this purse stand out. The black leggings are Simply Vera, but any pair of black leggings would work. These Fergie flats just seemed like a good (for my hips) choice.DSC_0032I wanted to show you the shirt, so here I am striking my superwoman pose. In looking at this picture, it would appear I am also striking my constipated look. HahahaDSC_0031Now I am striking my “flasher” pose.  At 50 is not old, you just don’t know what you might see.DSC_0030My ruched sleeve charcoal blazer is a couple years old. However, it is still on QVC, and comes in an array of colors. The sleeves on this blazer set it apart from the pack. I almost always wear a jacket or a cardigan. They help hide any rolls around my waistline, and they create a smaller waist illusion.DSC_0029_2Dream, hope, believe. Words I hope to remember in the upcoming crazy weeks to come. These same words can be applied to my blog. I dreamed of starting a blog, I hoped to have great readers, and I believed you would support me.  Thanks gurls, you have made it all come true.

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  1. Melanie W. says:

    Thanks Tania,
    I’m going to check them out!

  2. Melanie W. says:

    Question on the leggings. I buy the basic Vera wang leggings at Kohl’s but I know she has several different kinds. Are you wearing the regular ones? They look almost more like skinny pants so that’s why I’m asking. I really like how they are fitting! Thanks.

    1. Melanie, I bought these at Kohl’s also. They are Simply Vera by Vera Wang. These feel heavy, and have a seam down the front. They remind me of a paid of ski pants.

  3. Another great look! Have a fabulous time with your daughter!

  4. Sooooo cute! I love this outfit. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  5. Wow, this look is totally awesome!!! Your hair looks great today too:) You crack me up with your poses!!! Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Every stinkin outfit is so cute!!! I however cannot wear a blazer as I am always so hot. So I just try and suck it in. Unfortunately hips don’t suck in too well! Your blog is a joy and I like that you also blog on Saturdays. Keep up the great posts.

  7. I really like the blazer. It looks relaxed yet put together. How about the size? Does it run true to size? I need a size 4 and I have bought things before from QVC that were a disappointment. Enjoy your daughter’s visit. I will be missing my Florida family this year. Post some pics of the two of you girls!

    1. Sharon, I have learned with QVC, I buy a small. Normally at other stores, I would buy a large. When i go to the outlet, I look in the smalls first, then go to medium, but I hardly ever buy a large.

  8. Melanie W. says:

    I love this outfit! Another home run!!!

  9. Sitting here sipping coffee and reading your blog, my new morning ritual. Love it! I’m loving t-shirts lately with cutesy sayings on them. I’m going to have to check out Fergie’s shoes, she has some really cute flats! I’m jealous of the volume in your hair, super cute style!!

    Have fun with your daughter!

  10. That is one of my favorite of your graphic tees, and it looks like it’s soo comfy.! Try to slow down and enjoy the holiday – most importantly your kids! They leave us so fast. Hope you have a blessed day. Can’t wait each day for your post!

  11. I love this look! This is how a classy lady does a t-shirt!!!

    1. Thank you ladies, I mean gurls, for the comments about my daughter. I will try to hog-tie her for a photo op, but she is cantankerous. And, Diane I am heading your way, I love a good video. ????

  12. Guess I need to get myself to Catos again, but it’s waaaaay across town. whine whine.

    I either get the constipated look or the opposite look, the giraffe look… ha ha…

    Check out the video on my blog today…. it’s so funny and so appropriate for so many fashion blogging ladies. My solution was a selfie stick and a tripod since my husband won’t participate in it. The video totally cracked me up.

  13. Well I did it!! I paired my skinny denim jeans with my black and white striped tissue turtleneck and put my rust colored blazer over it. Since my shirt is striped, I am wearing my Stella & Dot tassel necklace. Thanks for another outfit idea!

  14. Love the shirt and the message on it. I will be heading to Cato to see if they still have it. I also own that blazer from the q in both grey and black. Worn and washed many times for work and it still looks good. Enjoy your daughter. Family time is so special. Maybe you could feature her with you on the blog one day while she is here. Have fun today in your parade I believe you mention going on.

  15. I love your look. The long sleeved shirt looks so good with the blazer. I have a similar blazer and may look through my closet for an appropriate top. The purse is just the right pop of color.

    Enjoy your daughter during the Holidays. My daughter is also the same age.