Leaving the Dark Side

DSC_0009After a week of black, gray, and white, I thought you might seeing a little bright color. I decided to do a remake of one of most pinned photos from Pinterest. DSC_0004_2To be honest, I’m not sure I am feeling this outfit. I love the check shirt, and the bright cobalt blue sweater, but it almost hurts my eyes. Lol!  I think I still have on my dark color eyes. It may take me a day or to to adjust.DSC_0004The shirt is a Jones New York and I have had it for years. I liked this one from J. Crew, it is just a different color. I bought the blue sweater from TJ Maxx, but since I was on J. Crew, I found this one that is similar. I love J. Crew, I just never get to shop there. The next item that stands out about this outfit, is the necklace. It is called A Girls Best Friend necklace from Premier. Here is a video that shows all the different ways this necklace can be worn. Holy moly, I need a instruction manuel.DSC_0005My jeans are from Old Navy. Since I received flack for wearing distressed jeans in the earlier rendition, I went with regular jeans. A red Dooney & Bourke purse adds another dimension to the color scheme.
DSC_0002These blue pumps are from Old Navy, but they are a couple years old. I don’t wear them too often because they are not the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.12391319_10204180381109354_7923743647938814111_nI thought you might like to see what I did over the weekend. There is actually a movie being filmed in Grundy over the next couple of months named Believe. They were in town  to film the Christmas parade that was held this weekend. This is the float that the Grundy Woman’s Club entered in the parade, along with our local Sheriff. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70’s, so the film crew had to ask the spectators to wear coats and gloves to make it look like Christmas time.DSC_0001Are you having nice weather? It is a little strange to be wearing short sleeves this close to Christmas. My daughter, that is in from Alaska, is about to melt. Haha!  She doesn’t do “warm” very well.

I have a surprise for one lucky reader. Nothing huge, but I wanted to say thank you to my very first email subscriber. She signed up for email notifications two months ago! So, I am going to send a special little thank to her. Kim, you will be getting an email from me soon. You could be next, I have a new number in my mind. The person who signs up, and is the number I have in mind, will also be receiving a prize. I’m in the giving mood:)

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  1. I love following your posts. Question. How big is your closet? You must share pictures.

  2. What a nice outfit! May I ask you what products you use in your hair? I have this same haircut and mine never looks as good as yours!

    1. Connie, thanks for the compliment. I am sure your hair looks great. However, I don’t use any products other than shampoo and conditioner. I have tried root boosts, but they never seemed to do much for my hair. My stylist does tin my hair, it is so thick, and I think that make shorter pieces in with the longer pieces. So, that makes it stand up, or look even thicker. I am so glad you are following along with me.??

  3. Just discovered your blog and was scrolling through your posts when i ran across this one. You look great! The colors and style are striking!

  4. Christine says:

    I think the blue looks beautiful on you. And you should wear the distressed jeans!!! We have no snow and its above zero so it’s been quite a warm fall her in BC Canada.

  5. This is a great outfit! The bright blue looks so pretty on you.

    My husband has been to Grundy lots of times. He’s in the explosives/mining business. 🙂

    1. Stacey, how cool is that! That whole, “small world” thing. You will have to ask him if he knows my husband’s best friend, Virlo Stiltner from Austin Sales. It is an explosives company.

  6. The blue looks fab on you and we had temps near 80 today here in Georgia! I am a shopping fool and my daughter doesn’t like shopping either, thank goodness for friends that do.

  7. I am enjoying your posts! I love checks but usually reserve them for spring and summer but you’ve inspired me to try this look over the winter. Here in New York we’re all about the black and gray but that cobalt blue is stunning. Going to pay Old Navy a visit just to check out pants!

  8. This outfit is beautiful on you. Your eyes really pop. It’s one of my favorite colors luckily because I have to wear to to work everyday. I love the colored outfits. Looks like you had a great time this weekend too!

  9. Julia Houston says:

    You look beautiful in the blue!

  10. Love the brights on you! This looks fabulous. I have to be honest and say I am one who didn’t care for all the black on you. I think you look wonderful in this blue! Just my two cents…. 🙂

    1. Evie, I love the input. Otherwise, how do you know what looks good????

  11. I LOVE the blue and am wearing a similar color today as well. Bright colors on a dreary day is the way to go… and you look so nice in blue!!

  12. I do this look often because I love the gingham checks. I wear my shirt with navy, red, yellow, cobalt blue and just about everything because it is a navy check. I love to wear this look with my leopard shoes. It gives this look a little edge. The parade looks like fun and it was 68 degrees here yesterday but that meant we could get our outdoor Christmas decorations and lights up! I am looking forward to colder temps to get those sweaters working hard.

  13. The color is fabulous on you! A parade is always fun, even if you have to pretend it’s winter. Is shopping on the agenda while your daughter is with you?

  14. I have been searching Pintrest for months looking for a peppy, up-to-date look for “women of a certain age” and had almost given up. Oh the unclassy stuff I have rummaged through. And then one day, you popped up on the screen and there it was! The look! I had to know more and was so pleasantly surprised by reading your blog. You not only have the look but more importantly, you have the attitude! I’m aspiring to appreciate my new decade and with blogs like yours, maybe I can do it with a little class and a whole lot of pizazz! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Donna, my daughter does not like shopping????. If she wasn’t so much like her father, I would think they mixed her up in the hospital. Haha.

    2. Susan, thank you so much for the kind comments☺️

  15. Love the outfit and that color looks great on you!!

  16. It is hard to go bright when you wear dark everyday! The blue looks fabulous on you and the parade looks like fun. Not sure where Grundy is located in Ga. but I will keep an eye out for Believe movie. Have a great Monday. Do you ever have a bad clothes day? Enjoy your daughter’s visit. I am not from Alaska and I am struggling to feel like Christmas with this hot weather!

    1. Connie, Grundy is in Virginia.

  17. Good morning! Love this look and the necklace is the perfect addition. I have more weight to lose before I can pull off this layered look, it tends to look to bulky on me. We are having a cold front, while you are warming up. Been in the 50’s here in AZ and I’m loving it, feels like Christmas! Cute jeans…..Old Navy is on my list next time I go jeans shopping, never purchased them there before.