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11 Lightweight Summer Tops With Sleeves That Are Affordable

My Try On Haul Of The Latest Spring Tops From Amazon was one of the most popular posts last month. I’ve noticed that I purchase way more tops than anything else. Today I thought I would share my latest purchase of summer tops with you. These are all lightweight summer tops with sleeves, and they are all affordable.

Unless I mention otherwise, everything fits in the size I’ve ordered. Each photo has the links underneath, including the size I’m wearing. I’m 5’6″ tall, weigh between 150-155, and usually wear a size 8 in bottoms and a medium/large in tops.

Lightweight Summer Tops With Sleeves

I prefer lightweight tops in spring and summer since I can layer them under a jacket or sweater. You never know when the weather will turn cold. The trend for tops this spring and summer are all about the sleeves. I love finding cute tops with unique details like this Lace Crochet Short Sleeve Blouse.

I’m wearing a large and this top fits me fine. It is a little loose, but nothing too crazy. A medium would probably fit better, so I think the top runs true to size.

I tried to grab a photo of each top with a half tuck and worn loose. This top is a good length for wearing with jeans or shorts.

I did a Spring Tops from Amazon That I’m Loving post that showed this top. Some of you have mentioned that you prefer to see me wearing the clothing. So, I decided to order a few of the tops to show you how they look on me.

I love the flutter sleeves on the top, and the color is gorgeous. A V-Neck is my preferred neckline. But, the little ruffle at the neckline of this top looks so feminine that I couldn’t resist.

A look from the back to gauge the length. As you can see, the top covers your backside if that is something that you are concerned about.

I’m wearing a large, and I’m happy with this size.

Most of the lightweight summer tops with sleeves that I’m styling are casual, but this one is slightly dressy. The 100% polyester fabric is silky and looks beautiful. I loved it with white jeans, but it would look great with dress pants too.

I recently did a post for A Casual Business Outfit For Work Or Play. Some of you work outside the home and need business casual outfits. This Summer Short Tulip Sleeves V Neck would be perfect for a casual business workplace.

Here is the length of the shirt from the back.

I think I like this top worn loose better than tucked. What do you think?

This white Casual Summer Ruffle Lace Sleeve Shirt is so cute and comfortable. The top is t-shirt material so it is soft and comfy, and the lace sleeve adds a cute feminine detail.

Here is a close-up look at the lace sleeve.

This top is longer than most of these tops. It would be great to wear with leggings or bike shorts, and you would feel completely covered.

I wouldn’t wear this blouse and jeans together since the whites don’t match. The top is more cream or ivory while the jeans are pure white.

I like the style of this top; the sleeves and the tie are details that look great. However, I’m wearing a medium, and it is a tad bit tight. The button pulls at the top, so a large one might work better. I’m going to try Hollywood Fashion Tape first to see if that works before I send it back.

This style top can be dressed up or down. It would look great with jeans, shorts, or dress pants.

This print looks like a leopard, but the description says it is a floral black-and-white print.

The top also has flutter sleeves which seems to be a huge trend this year. I’ve always loved flutter sleeves, and I think they look feminine.

The sleeves aren’t stiff; they are flowy. You can wear this top under a denim jacket easily.

Here is a look at the top worn loose instead of tucking it in.

I didn’t think I would like this top; however, once I looked at the photos, I loved the look.

I started working on this lightweight summer tops with sleeves post for those who live in cooler climates in mind. I knew I wanted to include a few tops with long sleeves, but I wanted them to look summery. This Floral Ruffled Tunic Blouse Tie was exactly what I had in mind.

Here is a look from the back.

I love this t-shirt! It is a beautiful color and the ruffle sleeves elevate it from a plain-jane tee.

I love wearing jeans and a tee. Choosing a cute tee is as easy as picking a blah tee.

Here is a look at the top from the rear.

All the t-shirt style tops seemed to run longer than the others. I’ll wear this top all summer longl

I didn’t think I would like this top. The color didn’t look great when I was in the closet, but I loved it once I put it on.

I like this tie blouse since it has a v-neck and a 3/4 bell sleeve. This blouse would look great for a lunch date, a casual outing, or a casual workplace.

Here is the length of the top from the rear.

Here is another lightweight summer top with sleeves that are unique. It is t-shirt material, so it is soft, comfy, and great for an everyday top.

I don’t usually like puff sleeves, especially if they are oversized. These sleeves have slight pleating and button details.

The large fits me great and is available in several colors.

I think I saved the best for last. This beatuiful sky blue Lace Crochet Tunic Top is gorgeous.

The details in this top are feminine and I love the lace trim.

You can see that the top is lined, and it not see-through.

The large fits me well, and comes in many colors. I hope you enjoyed all the lightweight summer tops with sleeves. Be sure to watch for tomorrow’s post which will include a few tops that are sleeveless.

More Lightweight Summer Tops With Sleeves

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  1. Tania,
    I love this post and have come back to it a few times and now have a few of these tops. Thanks for posting and styling!

    1. Tops are what I own the most of, and I’m always looking for new ones.

  2. These are so pretty. Thanks for this post, I agree I like it when you model the items. I pick things off store shelves hold them up and put them right back. seeing you wear the makes a huge difference on how I can appreciate the clothing.

  3. Hi Tania,
    Happy Easter 🐣, thank you for styling your pretty and stylish Spring hall from Amazon.
    Even though it is Autumn here, I have always been hesitant to purchase from Amazon, due to the scammers who pretend to be Amazon. Have you ever had trouble with your Amazon orders?🌸

    1. I’ve never had any issues. I try to only order from retailers with multiple orders

  4. Love this post! So many cute options! I ordered the ruffle sleeve one with the black floral. Thank you for showing so many wonderful outfits!

  5. Thanks for this post today Tania. I appreciated all of the variety and the fact that the items were affordable. I don’t normally order clothes on Amazon but I took the plunge and ordered 2 tops and a pair of shoes. I hope you get the credit for them as I did order from your link.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. Rosalinda says:

    Thanks for showing us these beautiful tops! Glad to hear that you got there safely! Have a wonderful Good Friday!🙏

  7. “Choosing a cute tee is as easy as picking a blah tee.” I’ll have to remember that one! That thought should be obvious, but I have several blah tees in my closet, that FEEL blah when I’m wearing them. I’m going to effort to be a better tee shopper this season. You’ve shown us so many cute options today – thanks!!

  8. You look so cute in all the tops. I would love to buy them but being only 5’2″ tall, they would be too long on me. I have tried searching for petite tops on Amazon and haven’t found any. Do you know of any petite tops on Amazon, am I just missing them?

    1. Honestly, Beth, I’ve not looked for Petites. I’ll see what I can find.

      1. Thanks Tania, and Happy Easter!

  9. I love these tops! Thank you for doing a post on tops with sleeves. I have a question: how do you choose, out of all the thousands of tops on Amazon, which ones to try and which colors with which tops? Isn’t it overwhelming? You must have a system for making the great choices you do. I hope you share it with us, your readers. Great post!!

  10. Ginger Hiller says:

    Thanks for letting us know that you made it to TN safe! Boy did you share some great tops with us. If I needed to add my tops to my closet, I would definitely give quite a few of these a try. You look so nice in all of them! I honestly can’t pick just one favorite. Beautiful scripture for today.

  11. Just put most of these in my cart!
    Just love this new sleeve style!
    Thanks for all your hard work putting this post together!
    Have a blessed Easter!

  12. Pamela C. says:

    where did you get the colorful headband?

    1. Pamela, the reason I was on that trip is because of my skincare business. I sell Rodan and Fields, and this was a trip they were hosting for some of their consultants. The headband was a gift from them on my arrival. They like to gift items made by the local artists.

  13. So many of your choices are polyester or a poly blend. Do not find these comfortable in the heat of the summer. Would much prefer a cotton blend!

  14. Just love ALL these tops! My favorite thing to wear with jeans. Will have to decide which ones to order. Tytyty

  15. Super cute tops! I just ordered one of them!

  16. Glada St. Clair says:

    I’m glad everyone is ok.

  17. Great post- thank you! I’d love one for shorts, too. 😊

  18. Melissa Palmer says:

    OMG! I was making loud noises and gasps as I scrolled down your post. I absolutely love them all. My favorite is the pink one with the tie waist, 3/4 sleeve that you said you weren’t sure you were going to like. Hope you kept it; you look amazing in it. I’m going to check that one out and see if it comes in any other colors. I can’t seem to pull off pink even though I do love the color. Super fun post; I love tops with flutter/ruffle sleeves since my upper arms are a bit thick. True story: my hubby says I look like a UFC fighter with my thick arms and he truly meant it as a compliment. I have since educated him that most women would not take that as a compliment! Have a great day.

  19. Linda Shearer says:

    Wow what a haul. These all look great on you. I need some casual tops for the weekend and have put several of these in my amazon basket.

  20. Please stay safe in Tennessee.

  21. I think all these tops are great for summer! I have to see them on you before ordering to know how they would fit me and then adjust the size accordingly. I just don’t enjoy ordering and then returning. Thank you so much for doing these post and keeping things affordable

  22. Deborah Ball says:

    Reading this on a rainy Good Friday morning makes me happy! Thank you as I wear scrubs as a nurse and I love how you show my choices for my alternative life!