10 Signs You Might Be Getting Old And The Cures

DSC_0024Are you old? My mantra is “Age is an Attitude”, but is that really accurate? I have been searching about what is considered old? Did you know that if you ask a 30-year old and a 65-year old that question, you will get two different answers. According to an article I read on Huffington Post, the generally accepted age to be considered old is now 80. So what does attitude have to do with age? EVERYTHING!!!DSC_0022We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”, well there is also one that applies to age or aging. “You are as old as you feel”.  Our mothers have been guilty of telling us, “act your age”, but why should you? I am 55, but I feel (and usually act) much younger. Feeling young might not change the fact that I am getting wrinkles, but it can change the way I deal with aging. If you watched the movie, Field of Dreams, you heard the saying, “Build It And They Will Come”.  I say “think it and it will happen”, that includes how you feel about aging.DSC_0020_2_2I admit that I am as guilty as the next person for complaining about symptoms  of old age. Here are ten signs you might be getting old and the cures. (I am not a doctor, nor did I spend the night at Holiday Inn. If you take my advice, then you do so at your own risk) Do you have any of the following?

1. Need readers? Then get them, duh! Just make sure they are really cute. Of course you could have lasik surgery.

2. Gray hairs? Color those suckers!

3. Loss of hearing? Clean your ears often, not with q-tips, but with the liquid kits. If it is more serious, then go to the doctor and check out your options. People hate hearing aids, but saying huh all the time is really not becoming.

4. Joints that ache? Depending on the root cause of the pain, there are several home remedies you might consider. Warm baths and massages are nice, and there are several spices that are good for you. Turmeric is especially good for this. Also, eating bananas is good for this. One of the treatments that sounds yucky but isn’t, is 2 TBS  Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother) and 2 TBS Raw Honey in and 8oz  glass of water.

5. Lack of sex drive? Talk to your doctor, he might want to prescribe estrogen. Also, some medications can play havoc with your system. As far as home remedies, get lots of sleep, eat a good diet, exercise, and try yoga or meditation for stress.

6. Prefer sleep to partying? Then go to bed, nobody cares. If your partner is a party animal, then you might have to compromise.

7. Children get on your nerves? Really, you think you have to be old for this? Unless the chid is mine (or my close relative) they almost all get on my nerves.

8. Technology is hard to catch on to? Yep, it is a little hard sometimes. Make youtube.com and google your friend. If that doesn’t work, then call one of your children (they’ll be snide about it) or a friend (they’ll be snide too but not as apparent).

9. Choose comfortable over fashionable? NO, NO, NO!!! Unless you have a medical reason, just don’t start. This is a bad habit that will lead to wearing pj’s and uggs.

10. Bowel movements are a topic of conversation? Okay, we will have to stop being friends if you go there. Hahaha  Just kidding, my friends and I have had this conversation. But they are really close  friends. Lol

DSC_0020_2I admit that I have more than one of symptoms on that list, but I am not going to tell you which ones. Haha  But I will tell you this, number 9 is not one of them. Now, on to the fashion part of this post. My daughter bought me this cute infinity scarf for Christmas. Well, technically she used MY credit card, but she picked it out. Lol! I loved the gold flakes and how they shimmered, so I decided to wear all gold jewelry with this outfit. My rebel necklace and renegade bracelet from Stella & Dot are perfect for everyday wear. (I bet you are getting tired of seeing me wear them) My watch is Michael Kors, and the one that my friends bought me two years ago for my birthday. WOW, my eyes really look blue.
DSC_0020_3These sandy colored skinny corduroy jeans are from Maurices, and they are a couple years old. The Tommy Hilfiger OTK boots are new, and my husband bought them for me for Christmas. (he just didn’t know he did) LOL!!!DSC_0019The long navy  cardigan is several years old also, and is from Old Navy. Items like this can be worn for several years. Here is a similar cardigan. Overall a nice, nothing over the top, outfit. Outfits like this are not hard, a top and a pair of pants with a cardigan. Add a pair of boots and some jewelry and you are ready to go out the door.DSC_0018So, are you getting old, or are dressing old?

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    1. I’m 64, until June! I’ll never give up on being stylish, I’m not rolling in dough, so I have to be selective about purchases. I see women in the grocery store in their pj’s and I wonder what are you thinking?! Told my kids if they get word of me doing that they better just put me away, because I will have lost my mind! I was raised in the South, things were different, but changing fast. Mama was strict… wasn’t unusual for her to check us girls before we went on our dates and make sure we had our girdles in place(long latex under garment to hold up your nylons and to keep you from jiggling). When you weren’t expecting it she would snap the waist band and say, “Good girl, have fun.”

  1. Marnik en Rosita says:

    Even in Belgium your blog is read… Bravo..

  2. Just found your site. Love it. You seem to have such colorful charisma and “speak your mind” in just a few words….Your photos speak volumes.
    I’m 44 and turning the corner of older kids and beginning to have more time for myself. Thank you for showing us younger ones how to age with grace and style, AND to have fun along the way. Look forward to new posts. : )

  3. I just turned 50 and am in complete denial. Age is an Attitude and I appreciate your list! I do NOT intend to visit any of these places 1-10 until I’m so old I cannot get up and dress up!
    You Rock lady!

    1. I agree with you Kim. I will have to be on my last leg, and someone else dressing me.????

  4. OK, I love this outfit and the ideas in your post!! I’m 52 and can relate to each and every point. 🙂

    1. I completely understand Stacey. Getting older is depressing and wonderful and the same time. ????

  5. I’m new to your blog. I’m going to be 54 in a few months and I work with younger women in thier 30’s and early 40’s. I want to keep up with the fashions but I do not want to look like I’m trying to be young again. I want to look classy, sheik and a tad funky. I was on Pintrest and came up on your site. I love your brown boots. I always wear black, but I think Im running out for brown this weekend. I really like the look.

  6. I’m 54 (will be 55 in July) and I’ve noticed also how horribly dry my skin gets now in the winter. Then there’s those lovely “age spots”. But one little home remedy I found this winter after getting a random spider bite that made me break ALL out was the miracle of lavender oil. The bite cleared up but the oil is now a keeper. My 24 year old daughter told me yesterday I was “glowing” – but I quit smoking two years ago so that’s a great skin helper as well. Also I grew up next to the Hanford nuclear plant so I glow naturally 😉 Thanks again for your wonderful blog!!

    1. I may have to try the lavender oil. I have some from Doterra. Thanks for the tip????

  7. You didn’t mention the blouse under the cardigan. Where is that from?

    1. I’ll have to check when I get home, Marsha. It is a spaghetti strap top that I have had for years.

  8. Cute outfit! You have a good attitude which keeps you young. Emphatically saying NO to #9! No velcro shoes and elastic waist pants…ugh…

  9. #9 should always be #1! Having on a great outfit makes the day! Love yours today! Comfy, yet adorable!

  10. At my age I say that life begins at 80.

  11. I love how you can take random pieces and turn them into a cohesive outfit.

    1. Thanks Carol and Sandy. Just always remember to say no to number 9. hahaha

  12. I absolutely love your outfit – you have such a way of putting the right things together. You look adorable!!

  13. I think 9 is not just relegated to those of a “certain age” I see young girls guilty of this. It’s a NO

  14. Great post, love #9! LOL