Comfy and Cozy, But Still Stylish

DSC_0031My daughter has been in visiting from Alaska since early December. It has been wonderful having her in the house. I know she is probably bored silly though. All of her friends have jobs or have moved away. Unfortunately she is going to be heading back early Thursday morning. I hate to see her leave, but I know she has friends there that she has been missing.DSC_0030I made the trek back to Knoxville Sunday to go pick my girl up from her friends house. She usually spends New Years Eve with one of her best friends from high school. This year was a little special, because her friend got engaged on New Years Eve. It was a three hour drive down, and of course it was the same three hours coming home. So, I wanted to be comfortable for the drive.DSC_0023This is what I wore to church, so it was easy to just change the skirt for jeans. DSC_0035The long red cardigan is one that I have had for years. I resisted this style to begin with, till I tried one on and saw how sliming they are. This one is from Catos, but I only found the plus size. I might have overlooked it, so if you like it, check out the website yourself.DSC_0034The tank top is so old you won’t believe me when I tell you its age. I bought this top the first year we moved to Grundy, which was 1992. Yep, 23 years old!!! It is from GAP, so it is a quality garment. Any white tank would work for this look. My sister-in-law bought me this retired Stella & Dot necklace for Christmas. I love the necklace and it matches a bracelet that she bought me years ago.DSC_0032These jeans are from Catos and are in the premium line. I looked at their website for premium, but they didn’t specify any certain jeans. So, here is a pair that I like from the website. The ankle boots are from Marc Fisher from QVC. I bought mine at the outlet store, sorry to rub it in.
DSC_0033I hope you like this comfy, cozy, but still stylish outfit. If you notice, it is also a comfy, cozy, makeup day. I don’t have very much makeup on because I was running late for church. I might have taken a few shortcuts in the makeup department. I didn’t think you could even tell, till I looked at these pictures. I think I’ll be setting the alarm clock from now on. Lol!

I want to wish my mother a very happy birthday today. Actually, it is her sisters birthday also. They were born on the same day, just five years apart.

I am really enjoying the pictures that have been sent in already for the Meet The Gurls Blog post. Just in case you were wondering, I will only use your first name with your picture. If you have not sent a picture, and most of you haven’t, then do so now to

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  1. Suzanne Phillips says:

    Finally! Someone in the influencer world I can identify with. Love seeing your ideas for styling old and new.

  2. I LOVE that you that you show being fashionable doesn’t mean breaking the bank. I am a huge bargain shopper and because of that, my closet is overflowing, but it gives me lots of options. 🙂 Trends go out of style too fast, so why spend a fortune on them. I love reading your blog!

  3. PS – wishing your Mom & Aunt a very happy birthday! ….(my youngest sis & I are 3 yrs 1 wk apart)????????????

  4. You’re rockin that red drape sweater & booties, Gurl! Loving the look!

    1. Laura, I am going to have a post that features some of my readers. So if you want to send me a picture, you would be included. ????

  5. Super cute and comfy swap-a-roo outfit, from jeans to skirt!!

  6. Cute outfit! Happy Birthday to your mom and your aunt! It’s hard to be very far away from our gurls.

  7. How gorgeous you are! Love this outfit!

  8. Love this outfit! The purse really pulls it all together.

    It’s hard to let our grown kids leave. I understand. 🙂

  9. Melanie W. says:

    I LOVE this look!!!! I need to do the ankle boot/cuffed jean combo. I have plenty of ankle boots and I have plenty of skinny jeans so I’m not entirely sure what I’m waiting for. I love all my tall boots so much, I’ve had a hard time switching into the ankle boot look. I think it’ll probably help because I’m only 5’3″ and hardly anything I wear makes me look tall but I’m guessing this would!!! Sorry your daughter has to go back. 🙁 Mine is only an hour away but I still miss her like crazy when she leaves!!!!

  10. Sandy Hoffner says:

    Greetings from South Dakota! I really enjoy your blog and your conversational style.

  11. Love the ankle boots! Wish we had a QVC outlet around here, or maybe best we don’t! HA! Once again, cute outfit!

  12. Lisa Tyre says:

    You look great in red. You should wear it more often. Thanks for reminding me to call mom! Yikes. xoxo

  13. “Put together” and not out together! This is what happens when I type before I have coffee!

  14. Cute and stylish outfit! A good post to remind us all that you can be comfortable but still look out together!

  15. Very stylish as always! I really like those jeans, they look great on you. I just found a cardigan similar to that one. My struggle has been finding a tank for underneath that’s not too short, tight, sheer, etc. Your hair cut and color are beautiful by the way!

  16. Really cute outfit!! You look great.