Winter Sweaters To Add To Your Closet for Women Over 50

During the winter, it can be extremely difficult to want to change out of your pajamas or feel inspired to put together a cute outfit. I personally find it the hardest time of year to dress myself! As a result, I find myself reaching for a cozy winter sweater to start as the base of any outfit.

When I was putting together this post, I decided to shop my own closet. I have had some of these winter sweaters for a long time. In fact, one of the sweaters in this post is over 36 years old, and I wore it on one of my dates with Joe! This goes to show that if you shop for quality, timeless items will truly last you. Can you guess which sweater it is?

I styled all of these sweaters with the same pair of pants. They are the Spanx flare jeans in a midnight shade. Sometimes winter sweaters are bulky and can add a little visual weight to your torso. That’s why I love that these are made without a button and zipper, so they don’t add extra bulk to my midsection. These jeans are so flattering, and I think they are so comfortable!

Here are my favorite winter sweaters for women over 50 — plus, how to get the look at every price point.

Turtleneck or Cowl Neck Sweater

When the temperatures drop and start freezing, I immediately reach for a turtleneck to keep me warm. As we age, I know that many women feel like they can’t wear turtlenecks because they emphasize their wrinkles and loose skin or can look harsh against your face, depending upon the color you’re wearing. But there are ways to do so while still looking chic.

  • Avoid tight turtlenecks. Try a cowl neck sweater for a similar look. They are looser around your neck and can be much more flattering for women over 50.
  • If you have a short neck but still want the warmth of a turtleneck, look for a mock neck version, which is quite popular these days. This will leave at least a little bit of your neck still visible.

Fair Isle Sweater

You’ve seen me wear these nonstop on the blog already this year! But, wearing a fair isle sweater after Christmas can be tricky. I would avoid ones that look like traditional holiday colors. I’m currently loving this one and this one, and I think they can both be worn all winter long.

Cable Knit

I am a sucker for cable knit winter sweaters! The cable knit design is a classic pattern that is beautiful and stylish, and like many of you, I have been sporting them for decades. I love cable knit turtlenecks, but I also like incorporating the cable knit pattern into crewnecks like this one or a v-neck like this! You can also consider a cable knit cardigan that you can slip on and off easily.


There’s nothing like reaching for a soft cashmere sweater on a cold day! Cashmere sweaters are a luxury and often come with a higher price tag. Since these are investment pieces, try to select cashmere sweaters in classic styles (like this crewneck). Avoid choosing trendier sweaters so that you can wear your new sweater year after year without worrying about it going out of style.


Cardigans are staple pieces in my wardrobe that you can find me wearing all year long! Shorter, waist length cardigans like this one are super popular right now, but I gravitate towards buying the longer versions like the one I’m wearing in this image (find a similar one here). They are great for wearing over leggings to hide your bottom, but I also love layering them over tee shirts, button-ups, dresses, and more.

Dark Colored

Dark colored sweaters like black, charcoal, and navy are so versatile in that they go from dressed up to dressed down with just a few accessory changes. I usually reach for a darker-colored sweater when I need to go somewhere fancier, like a nice restaurant, but they can be casual too (like the cashmere zip-up version I’m wearing above).

Camel Colored

This color has a hold on the fashion world, and I see why! It’s neutral, chic, and it somehow makes any outfit look more expensive. I paired a classic v-neck sweater in camel over a button-up in the above photo, but you can find a camel in every style of sweater this winter. I love this camel turtleneck and this oversized cardigan! Since camel is a neutral, sweaters in this color family can go with basically anything.

Cream Colored

If you’re looking for a winter sweater you can wear on repeat and pair with virtually anything, look no further than a cream sweater. Every woman needs one (or two or three, haha) in their rotation! I have been loving this cream hoodie style sweater because it’s so easy to dress it up or down. This one checks three of the boxes… cream-colored, turtleneck, and cable knit!

Do you like wearing winter sweaters? If so, what’s your favorite style?

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  1. I do best in cardigans and a t- shirt underneath. Loved the cashmere hoodie.

  2. I love sweaters but am usually to hot in them. I do best in cardigans and a t- shirt underneath. Loved the cashmere hoodie.

  3. Kim patchett says:

    Love the cream hoodie with spanx jeans, so flattering!

  4. Happy New Year’s Eve, Tania! I liked that you styled some cozy outfits from your closet! But I’ve no idea which one it might be. Have you had the horrible snow storms like back east? I still love your posts & pray your New Year is blessed & healthy!

  5. Love your posts on sweaters for women over 50. I like to see what others are wearing. I’m happy to see you share your faith by posting scripture on each post. Have a great day!

  6. I love this post about sweaters!

  7. Ellen Smith says:

    Love all of the styles you put together. It helps me find things in my wardrobe that I can use now as well as find new sweaters etc. to add that are reasonably priced. My three daughters often comment on how nice I look. Thank you for what you’re doing to help me be more stylish.

  8. I love all your posts but the boots and sweaters from today were so helpful! I need some warm boots living in the midwest!

  9. I grew up in Canada so turtlenecks are my comfort sweater. The fair isle sweaters are very tempting though
    Love all your looks today.

  10. Hello Tana! For some reason I can not get your daily emails anymore. I even received a new IPad Air for Christmas and tried for the 100th time to sign up for them again. Still nothing! Looked in trash, junk mail, not there. This has been going on for about a year now. I have to punch in your email each day to view. 😢What could be the issues you think?

    1. Karen, when I look at your email in the account settings, it is telling me that the email bounced. It has something to do with your server, and I’m unsure how to fix it. I’m going to try and refresh your email to see if that works. Message me again if you don’t get an email in the morning.

  11. Such a fantastic post! I can shop my closet for most of these outfits, and it’s given me some fresh ideas on how to style my more classic pieces. This post definitely went straight to my Pinterest account!

  12. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    All I can say is I would love to shop your closet also! All the outfits you selected are so cute. I need to find a pair of those SPANX jeans. I have more than enough jeans, but none are made by SPANX and they are calling my name.

  13. Love your 36 year old cowl sweater. It’s in fashion again and looks great on you. Thanks for all these suggestions. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  14. I love all the sweaters!! I just purchased the pink one from the loft. I’m trying to add some color to my wardrobe and I always love your suggestions! Happy New Year ❤️

  15. Kathy Lowe says:

    I like the natural tones for oversized sweaters! They look great with the flare jeans.

  16. I also have some nice sweaters that were in, out, now in style. Quality pieces are valuable since they can be around for ages. Thank you for good advice, Tania.

  17. Merri Cory says:

    My favorite is the cable knit. It is classic and love the cream color.

  18. I like the camel color sweater paired with the blue strip shirt. It’s unexpected and so cute!

  19. I love sweaters! But living in the South, I don’t have much need for them. What a shame, especially since you have found so many cute ones!

  20. Kellie johnson says:

    My wardrobe staple in the winter are sweaters – usually long cardigans. I do love a cozy turtleneck occasionally.

  21. I like all of the sweaters, it’s cold here in Colorado so I wear sweaters all the time! Thanks for the post, Happy New Year

  22. my favorite sweater is the cream cable knit. I can wear different jeans or dress slacks and feel great.

    1. I have a sweater older than your old one. Mine is about 50 years and still like almost new!

  23. Jonsi Rimmer says:

    I love all of your sweaters! I love a warm cozy sweater! Especially in sweata weatha! LOL. Loving the Spanx jeans too

  24. Linda Dearman says:

    I need to get the cream cable knit sweater. It’s a classic that will never go out of style.

  25. Very flattering and versatile jeans.

  26. Love a good sweater. Thanks for posting so many great options. Have a blessed week!

  27. Eileen Corcoran says:

    I like all your choices of cream color sweaters!

  28. Eileen Corcoran says:

    I like all your cream color sweater choices!

  29. Your post is very interesting as you said you shopped your closet for the tops. The jeans, and rest of the outfit stayed the same. You really have beautiful sweaters and I wonder when you decide enough is enough before you buy more! I have nice clothes and no need to buy more but I WANT more. haha

  30. Jane Potter says:

    Window shopping is so fun! Your blog offers so many different stores and styles to choose from! I love winter sweaters.

  31. These sweaters are more versatile than the Christmas colored ones that are only worn for 3 weeks in December. You look wonderful in all of them.

  32. Melanie P. says:

    I liked the post about sweaters. it helped me to think further than the stand by vee neck or crew neck sweater. I love wearing sweaters in the winter time here in southern California. It doesn’t get very cold here, so layering a sweater with a tank top is perfect for all day wear.
    thank you for your blog. I enjoy it a lot. Melanie

  33. I like the cream sweater and the light brown with blue pinstripe button down. I think as I get older I like the classics with a little edge. You always look great!

  34. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Love your 36 year old sweater! It actually looks brand new! Thank you for the sweater ideas! Have an amazing Wednesday!

  35. The Merokeety. sweater shows the price of $28.04. But when I click on it Amazon’s price is $41.99 ????
    Lot’s of great choices!

    1. Julie, check to see if certain colors or sizes are priced differently.

      1. I checked other colors and sizes , they were all the same price except two of them and they were 39.99.

  36. Love a good sweater! A nice change from my sweats and sweatshirts!

  37. I love the cashmere cardigan!

  38. 😊 Yes, I knew exactly which sweater was the one you’ve had so long. I have ones very similar that I’ve had as long too. 😁

  39. connie klappenbach says:

    You would look adorable in anything Tania.
    The Bible verses are so enlighting.
    Thanks for all you do. You must have endless energy.

  40. Fair isle sweaters are my fave! Also love the striped blouse and camel sweater! Looks great!

  41. Really like the cream cable knit sweater!

  42. Jody van Rijn says:

    Thank you for not only your classic fashion recommendations, but for the daily Bible verse!

  43. Oh, m gosh, such gorgeous sweaters and you look wonderful in all of them. I wear a lot of turtlenecks and cowl necks under vests; they look great and keep my neck warm.

  44. Sweaters are great! I only have a couple that are thick and prefer lighter weight and cardigans since sweater weather is a very short season where I live. I am going to invest in a cashmere sweater though!

  45. Patti Lou says:

    I do love a warm cozy sweater in the winter. Another great post. Thanks so much.

  46. Debbie Titus says:

    Love all these sweaters!

  47. Vickie Dudley says:

    I love your sweater options and wish I had more in my wardrobe. I tend to stay away from sweaters because of my breast size. When I do wear a sweater, I try to find a thinner one with a v-neck, but, oh, how I wish I could pull off a beautiful Fair Isle sweater!

  48. Love all the sweaters. Anyone of these styles I would wear. My favorites are the cable knit styles and the longer cardigans.

  49. Jennifer Detweiler says:

    You look lovely as always! I love cable knit sweaters! The flare jeans are very nice!

  50. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Love the cream hoodie! I can’t really wear heavy, bulky sweaters anymore…hot flashes, you know. 🙁 But I still love the cozy of a soft sweater. I usually have a cardigan close by that I can put on/take off as needed.

  51. i love the cashmere turtleneck!! happy holidays !!!

  52. Vickey Vaughan says:

    Happy New Year.
    Old sweaters are the best comfort in cold weather. Love your sweater tips.

  53. Kim Linnstaedter says:

    Love this post because I love sweaters! I hate cold and being cold, so sweaters make me feel warm and cozy. You have some great options here. Thank you!

  54. Susan Hedgecock says:

    Thanks for sharing all the sweater options. I like fair isle, cable, and cowl neck long sweaters for winter.

  55. Love the fresh water pearl necklace and the cable knit sweater. So pretty and cozy looking.

  56. Leslie Bizzell says:

    I love sweaters too! I keep a cardigan or sweater on all winter as well. These are some wonderful options.
    Could you do a post about cleaning out our closets ? How to know what to keep? Happy new year!

  57. Debbie LaFleur says:

    I love all of these comfy sweaters.

  58. Patti McDonald says:

    A great sweater post! I like a loose sweater with “pull on” pants. Thanks for showing such a wide array of options.

  59. Paula Presbrey says:

    Thank you for the inspiration for a sweater day Tania ! Wow – what a great selection! I love the pattern of the color lock but it looks a little too bulky for my petite frame. I still want a Fair Isles – just need to decide on a color. The cream and navy sweaters are timeless. I was not a fan of the cardigan – not sure if it was the length or that I would pair it with a different color blouse – that being said – I loved the camel sweater over the blue blouse ! The black zip up was casual and definitely my style. And for the record I am so a turtleneck girl – my girls tease me about it constantly!

  60. Thanks for the help with choosing, Tania-great options!

  61. Carla Parham says:

    I am pretty sure I had that same cowl neck sweater 36 years ago that I wore with my stirrup pants. I love the cable knit sweaters.

    1. I love that sweater, and I wear it at least once a year!

    2. Me too, Carla…and the stirrup pants which I loved wearing!
      Target had some when I was shopping last week. I almost bought them. I may still. 😆

  62. Love the camel sweater with the blue and white striped shirt!

  63. What a nice selection of sweaters with great price points!

  64. Dana Smithmier says:

    Fair isle sweaters are my favorite❤️

  65. There is nothing like a warm turtleneck (cowl neck for me) to get you through the crazy, cold blast of winter in the Midwest. Thanks for showing us all of those options!

  66. Your blog /newsletter hit at the perfect time. I am drinking coffee wearing a grey hoodie, and black joggers, thinking, please let the sun shine today and get to 50 like it’s predicted. We had a cold spell with single digit temperatures and wind chills that were minus 20ish. So I need color today, still need to dress warm, and waterproof boots, because now the snow will melt and be wet and muddy, but your post inspired me to pull out the sweaters with color and wear them today. Also a couple have gone into my shopping cart, because cashmere hoodie -ohh. Have a blessed week, and enjoy the sunshine if you get any.

  67. Love your style and it helps me that we are about the same height and size (and have the same coloring) – it is easier for me to visualize what it will look like on me. Thanks for all your hard work!

  68. Ginger Hiller says:

    I do like all of the sweaters you shared with us. I find myself reaching for my sweatshirts during the cold months instead of my sweaters. Fortunately, I have nicer looking sweatshirts along with super casual ones. Have a great day!

  69. Love every one of theses sweaters! The Spanx jeans look like perfection on you! We are the same size, so I was wondering if you could tell me what size Spanx jeans you are wearing? I did not see the size on the post, also what size the cream color sweater is on you. Thank you, love your blog💜

    1. I’m wearing a large in both items.

  70. I just ordered grey sweater pants. I’m trying to find comfortable alternatives to jeans for being at home. I think the hooded sweater in black would be a nice addition.

  71. Lisha Rawlins says:

    I look forward to your emails every morning! Thank you for the scripture each day as well!

  72. The emerald green sweater is my favorite

  73. Diane Wilson says:

    Great options today- always love a turtleneck!

  74. I only wear pull on jeans now! I’m hooked on Kim Gravel from qvc. Her primabell is the best. The best part is there is a size for everyone. The worst is that they sell out so fast. Cardigans are my best friend for winter!

  75. Diane Wilson says:

    Great advice and sweater options today!

  76. I love to wear sweaters in the winter. I think the first sweater is the one that you wore on your first date with Joe!

  77. Melissa Palmer says:

    OMG where have those spanx jeans been my whole life??? I, too, love warm comfy sweaters in the winter. I really like the cashmere hoodie, though you look great in them all.

  78. Such pretty sweaters! I love a cowl neck and a cardigan.

  79. The link worked! Most times as I scroll down in the posts, it jumps back to the beginning. Today was perfect:). I had a sweater like your 36 year old one. So warm and soft. I LOVE my SPANX flare jeans. No tummy bulk. Thank you for the great variety of sweaters to choose.

  80. Such pretty sweaters! I look forward to your posts. Happy New Year!

  81. Kelly Brooks says:

    Love all of these gonna do some end of year shopping.

  82. Lori Lorenzini says:

    My favorite item to wear in the winter is sweaters, I don’t do long cardigans much because I’m so short the don’t look the best on me.

  83. I love all the variety of styles you’ve shown. You look great in all of them.

  84. I think I know which sweater you’ve had for over 30 years. Is it the first one. It really looks great! If it were me it would have pulls washing it or from my dry skin. Have a nice day.

    1. It is the first sweater. It has been washed many times, but it still looks great.

  85. I love the black cashmere hoodie.

    1. Susan Hedgecock says:

      Thanks for sharing all the sweater options. I like fair isle sweaters, cable and cowl neck long sweaters for winter.

  86. Bridget Haugen says:

    Love the array of colors, patterns and styles of sweaters you posted.

  87. Loved all your sweater suggestions and why you choose those specific ones. I always appreciate the links too!

  88. Just wanted to say……when one of your email links says ‘page not found’ I just click on your name and it takes me straight to your blog. Viola! There I can read the ‘missing’ page! That little gremlin won’t stop ME lol! 😉

  89. Cathy Arnold says:

    Size up or down for jeans? I know they are pull-on!

  90. Elizabeth Laird says:

    Love all of these sweaters! And the jeans are perfect. Thanks for the continued ideas!

  91. Patti Mooney says:

    I love a cowl neck sweater! I just have trouble finding them. I will also need to add a pair of the Spanx jeans to my wardrobe now that I’ve seen the various ways you styled them. Thank you sharing!

  92. Carol Ahuja says:

    Really informative and helpful post! The Spanx jeans are very flattering on you! A fashion question: Is it appropriate for older women to wear knee length skirts and dresses? Thank you!

  93. Dena J Burch says:

    Hi Tania! I’m going to say that you wore the green cashmere on a date with Joe! That is a timeless gorgeous piece!