Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with a medium gray jogger pencil skirt, sneakers, and silver jewelry Back in December (here), I told all of you about going to the nail salon and having the SNS powder removed from my nails. I have always had thin and brittle nails, hence the reason for getting SNS powder, and before that, gel and acrylic polish applied to my nails. I love long nails that are painted and groomed. To me, that represents someone who takes pride in their appearance.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with a medium gray jogger skirt, sneakers, and silver jewelry I am aware that you can have pride in your appearance even if you don’t paint your nails, but for a nail starved person like me, that was my goal. My mother-in-law had gorgeous, hard as a rock, long nails. She took great pride in those fingernails, and she always kept them painted (by herself) a bright pink color. Even when she developed dementia, we made sure that her nails were kept painted for her.

Who knew that I was ahead of the curve in taking my gel polish off? I know that a lot of ladies have been struggling with their nails since the salons have been forced to shut down. It has been a LONG journey with my nails. Several of you have commented about what you have done and used in the past, so I also used the same products. My nails are improving. They still have a long way to go, but they are getting better. Every morning I apply a thin coat of Nailtiques Formula 2 to my nails, and every Monday, I remove all of the coats and start a new week. I also am taking a Biotin tablet daily and a multivitamin pill daily. I can’t wait to start adding colored polish, but for now, I am just so pleased that I can type without them bending and breaking. Nailtiques Formula 2 | Biotin 5000 MCG  Softgel capsules | Alive Once A Day Women’s 50+ Vitamins |
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with a medium gray jogger pencil skirt, and silver jewelry Yesterday (here), I showed you loungewear to a run-to-the-store-wear outfit. The essential element of the outfit was a lowly t-shirt. I know that most of you own a t-shirt of some sort, so I decided to show you a couple more looks for the next few days. I took the same t-shirt as yesterday’s post for today’s look, but in the next few posts, I will mix it up for you.

My v-neck white t-shirt is by A New Day from Target. I like this shirt a lot, especially for the money. I recommend that you order one of every color that is available in your size since most of the colors are limited. I own one in white, navy, black, and baby blue, and I wanted peach and gray also, but I couldn’t get those in my size. I am wearing a large and I think that it fits me perfectly. Here is the link to the t-shirt.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and silver/gold jewelry The Chezney silver and gold link necklace is 19″ long and has a toggle bar closure. And, the Lindy bracelet also features textured silver and gold links on an elastic cord.

The earrings that I am wearing are from Kendra Scott, and they are the Avi silver hoops that you see me wearing all of the time, and I also own these in the yellow gold color.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white t-shirt with a medium gray jogger pencil skirt, sneakers, and silver jewelry Who says that loungewear has to be pants? This adorable pencil skirt is a soft material that is perfect for wearing around the house all day long. It looks dressy, but it feels like sweats. Lol! It has an elasticized drawstring waist, front slash pockets, and side slits. I like how this hits me well below the knee, and I thought that it looked great with my sneakers.  This is a pull-on style skirt, and it is machine washable. I am wearing a size medium, and it fits me perfectly. I found the skirt in the Plus size (here), but the medium color that I am wearing isn’t online. This same skirt in on the website, but in a darker gray instead. Here is the link to that one.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a medium gray jogger pencil skirt and white Sperry sneakers I am finding all kinds of reasons to wear my white Sperry sneakers. Lol! I am not usually a sneaker-wearing girl, but I love these sneakers for a couple of reasons. I like a white sneaker in the spring and summer, I like how these are NO-TIE sneakers, and I like how modern and sleek these sneakers are. The sneakers were too big for me, so I had to size down in these and order an 8 1/2, instead of my usual size 9. But, once I sized down, they fit me great. Here is the link to the sneakers, and I am linking a couple more sneakers for those who worry about keeping white clean.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with a gray jogger pencil skirt, sneakers, and silver jewelry I am not sure if you remember me telling you that I was having an information ZOOM call 2 times a week. One will be tonight at 8:00 pm ET, and one will be Wednesday at 11:00 am ET. This should give everyone a chance that is interested in learning more about this business an opportunity to hop on and ask questions. Rodan + Fields skincare was actually born during the 2008 recession, and direct sales companies historically do very well during a down economy. I’m not sure where you are right now, but if you have considered another source of income, I would love to help. We can help get your business started with an investment as little as $45.00. Leave a comment, or shoot me an email to taniastephens12@gmail.com for the ZOOM number.

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  1. Denise Hackett wrote:

    You look amazing and look like you have lost some weight. Please tell me your secret. Are you on a particular diet and exercise routine?

    Posted 4.22.20 Reply
  2. Carolyn wrote:

    Glad to hear you were still ordering some Plunder. I thought you had got out of it completely. I’ve been able to find a lot I love in the last couple of catalogs.

    Posted 4.21.20 Reply
  3. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Tania your nails look fantastic! My nails are suffering due to the constant cleaners and hand sanitizer If I go to the store! I will try Nailtiques. I do miss my pedicure!!! I took the old polish off and boy was that not a pretty sight. I let then breathe for several days.
    Then I soaked them in the pool and tried trimming skin like the techs do. Then I used OPI Passion. A light pink. Well they aren’t scary anymore but I’m waiting for my salon to open up!

    Posted 4.21.20 Reply
  4. Eve wrote:

    Well, that headline got my attention. I like skirts a lot but with a round tummy, most don’t look right unless I wear a foundation garment which I’m not inclined to do. Depending on softness of top though, if I can tie it instead of tuck it, it’s fine. Really soft tops, not tees, that I can tie over a skirt works. I really like this skirt.

    Posted 4.21.20 Reply
  5. Bonnie wrote:

    I decided you had quit selling Plunder since you haven’t been talking about it as much. That Nailtiques is good stuff. I should go back to it. My nails used to be so nice and hard, but now that just split and bend easily. Boo!

    Posted 4.21.20 Reply
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