50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsIt is beautiful today! Highs is the upper 70’s and sunshine – I love Spring!!! I know that we will have dogwood winter and blackberry winter, but for now it is nice. I am starting to see all the little signs that say Spring is fast approaching. I have been noticing several different birds in the area that I don’t see in the winter time. I noticed my forsythia now has yellow blooms, and I have even seen some daffodils. 50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsOne of the not so pleasant items for spring, was a large spider on my wall when I went outside to take a picture. I hate spiders! But for a short period of time, we called my youngest son, Spider Stephens.

My mother and father bought a large older house about 20 years ago. We went to visit while they were in the midst of remodeling the house to make a Bed & Breakfast. My son was in one of the other rooms playing, when he suddenly came crying to me, holding his finger. It had a blister on the finger, and was red and swollen. We asked him what happened. He told us that he was playing with a paint brush, and he noticed a little spider on a ladder. He said he started poking the spider with the brush, and the spider got on the brush. He said the spider then bit him.50 Is Not Old | Spring In The Mountains

We were freaking out, he was crying, and his finger was really looking nasty. So, we decided that we needed to take him to the emergency room. He started crying harder, saying he didn’t want to go to the doctor. We picked him up and started toward the car. He hugged my neck, and whispered, “Mommy, I might have touched a light bulb.” Lol!!!50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsIsn’t this the cutest purse ever? I know it is in a little rough shape, some of the color on the leather has flaked off, but it is old. This is  vintage Enid Collins purse, called Jamboree, and is probably at least 50 or more years old. Enid Collins purses were popular in the 1960’s, and there are a wide variety of these purses. She named each purse, and signed her name on each one on the outside, and on the inside as well. Each one of these purses have “jewels” glued to the design. I have several of her purses, I think they are cute, unique, and over 50. Just like me! HAHAHAHA! I had to use caps for that laughter, it was big. 50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsI am wearing a pair of navy stretchy crop pants. I like a little spandex in my pants, it seems to keep them from sagging as the day wears on. This pair is by Van Heusen, but here is a similar pair, here is a pair on sale from sizes 6-16, and here is a plus size. The wedge sandals have a cork base. I like that look, plus the straps are a perfect color for spring and summer. The texture looks like linen, and is really soft. This is a pair I picked up at DSW when I was in Atlanta for around $10.00. I love a bargain, especially when I know I will get a lot of use from them. Here is a similar pair by TOMS, and here is a even better priced pair.50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsThis blouse is wonderfully light weight, and it is by Van Heusen also. I really like the color of the shirt, even though I am not sure what that color is. Is it turquoise, teal, or sea foam? I have no idea, but it looks like spring. Haha  I did the half tuck in the front with the shirt. Tucking the shirt in is coming back in style. I like leaving my shirt out, because I don’t like bringing attention to my waist. But, by leaving half of the shirt out, it still brings your eye down and away from your waist. Here and here are two similar (misses), and here is a plus size.

I have on the Kaleidoscope necklace by Premier Designs. I have worn this necklace SEVERAL times since I bought it in November. I love the colors, it goes with almost everything. Here it is on Ebay, previously worn for $35.00. That is a great price.50 Is Not Old | Spring In The MountainsHere is a photo from the back. I can see that my necklace is playing havoc with the collar. At least my hair looks better. I am trying to do a little better about looking at the back of my hair before I leave out the door.50 IS Not old | Spring In The MountainsMy bracelets are by Stella & Dot and Chloe & Isabel. The Renegade is from Stella & Dot, and the Aventine Fringe bracelet is from Chloe & Isabel. I am a merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel, so if you don’t already know someone who sells Chloe & Isabel, please pick me as your merchandiser. Just type in Tania Stephens in the Find a Merchandiser spot.

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  1. My mom has a Collins purse. I’m going to have to steal it 😁. I remember when she got it, it was pricey. Thanks for sharing! I do a bit of leather work so I may be able to fix hers if it’s damaged.

  2. I love this gorgeous sky blue top with a different blue hue in the pants. I have started to add more blue hues to my wardrobe for spring. Quite a story about the spider! Cute. The purse is lovely as it would remind me of a spring day. Looks great!
    jess xx

  3. Love this outfit on you! The different blues are gorgeous together and on you. The purse is perfect. 🙂

  4. You look like you are still losing weight! Love the outfit.

  5. Great outfit and I loved the maxi dress you wore yesterday, blue is definitely your color

  6. Love your outfit!! And your purse…OMGOODNESS!!! TOO CUTE!

  7. Great outfit! The color of your outfit is very close to Pantone’s color Limpet Shell. Looks beautiful on you and I love the necklace! Love the look and I loved the story about your son and the spider! So cute! Thanks for sharing. Amy

  8. Blue really is your color Tania- and the shade of the blouse is perfect. That particular shade reminds me of blue eggs (natural blue-araucana chicken, not easter dyed)- I always say those taste better than brown or white eggs (he he).
    That purse is adorable~ I bet Cherie would love to have that in her vintage purse collection!

  9. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! You look amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  10. In one of your posts you shared your weight and your desire to lose some. It looks like you’ve been successful! Have I missed a follow up post or two tracking your journey? I’d love to hear how it’s going cuz you look great!!

  11. I love the color combination! Can you tell me where you find Van Heusen clothes? They are some of my favorite and the outlet store near closed.

    1. Talia, I only find them at outlet stores. There is one on my way to Atlanta is stop at, and then I found one at the outlets in Orlando.

  12. Wow! I recognized that purse immediately! My mom had one! That is throwing back really far, Tania. Your pants look super comfy and your shirt is my favorite color.

  13. I love the outfit – especially the shirt. We are still a few weeks away from spring, but at least the snow has melted. 🙂

  14. Love the purse! it reminds me of one my mom had when I was a kid. I’m going to show her the one in the picture & see if she still has it somewhere.

  15. Christine says:

    Love the outfit and glad spring is coming!!!! My son did the same thing once but he put a fork in a wall socket!!!! Scared the beegeesus out of all of us. And his finger was fine, he never did it again! Loved the video from Beth Moore yesterday, she is such a good story teller!