What Not To Wear

DSC_0036_2Just because I started a blog about fashion, doesn’t mean I don’t have fashion mishap’s. Take this outfit for example. I absolutely LOVE this top. I wear it all the time, it is thread bare. This was purchased in Alaska, probably 4 years ago, on a trip to visit my daughter. I wear it in the summer without an undershirt, and of course in the winter with a shirt under it. I wear it with capri’s and usually jeans. It is, in fact, my go to shirt for traveling. It is soft and flowy and hide’s all kinds of middle area problems. BUT, something about this look just doesn’t look right. Maybe it is the pants are too dressy, maybe the top looks too long, (my legs are not really that short) or maybe I just let my love for the top blind me to it’s look.DSC_0038_2 You can tell by the look on my face what I think about this outfit. It’s bright and cheery, but a hot mess. The jacket is way too short for the outfit, or the top is too long, either way it is just WRONG! This was taken the 2nd day of me starting a blog. You would have thought I would have called it quits after seeing this picture, but I’m not that bright. Lol!  This outfit is however, very bright. I love the top, it is a great color and flows away from my middle. I love the scarf, it has such cute colors AND tassels. I wear these capri’s all summer long, and the blue jean espadrilles are really cute. I bought the white jean jacket from Cato’s one night when I was freezing, and I have worn it several times. However, all the combined looks are just a fail….DSC_0016I think I was going for the whole boho look here. And once again, I like all the individual pieces, but they just lose something when put together. The vest is reversible, and has great summer colors. The top is a really pretty violet color, maybe sleeves would have helped. The jeans are rolled up, but maybe I should have left them longer. Wearing heels would have probably have helped, but I thought since I was going for the boho look, flats were more appropriate. DSC_0040Stacey and Clinton may not be planning a trip to Virginia yet, but many more of these outfit’s, and they will be buying a ticket. Let’s just crop the picture and no one will ever know I made a mistake????

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  1. I love your page…I like to see the fails as well as the wins! I’m always having this kind of trouble…what works/ what is too much and what is missing. I’m late to this party but I really liked this post and helped me see clearly my own mistakes. So I’m going to add what I saw when I studied the pictures ( and I did really think about them- thanks!)

    #1 pic…vibe isn’t tied together. Top and shoes are to conservative / business-like for the top- jeans and wedges would have worked Party on the top, business on the bottom. When I do this I call it “sporting the clothing mullet”.

    #2. Too many colors… more than 3 bold in different pieces is distracting- the cobalt blue pants are strong and need a less vibrant pairing and something to tie into- the little blue in the scarf isn’t same color family. Pants with this vibrant kind of color need to be the outfit high light all else compliments and these other pieces fades/blends/compliments their background. Jacket is fine…and would have worked great with a light wash jean or white pant. Shoes are too preppy and don’t match the trend/vibe of the outfit.They would be great with a plain white/red/navy T and kaki/navy/jean crop

    #3 Bag/bracelet /shoes- wrong vibes and color. Ballet flats don’t mesh with boho vibe and green tone/velvet-like texture didn’t work. I think the necklace with that bracelet / bag are wrong color/season pairing. Necklace is light looking –which is great for the top/vest/jeans and the other two are heavy- look winter-like. Switch out the bracelet for a metal or color match bracelet and the shoes for wedges or sandals and carry a less constructed bag.

  2. The first picture. I think you need to lose the ankle pants. The short pant chop your look. Longer pants and a shoe the same color as the pants will extend the legs. Second picture, I would get rid of the tunic and add a shorter more fitted blouse or t-shirt, I love the pink, its just over powering. The third,. I would tie the drapey ends of the vest , Still loose and flowy, but not dragging your eye down.. Just my 2 cents, take it over leave it, I do have a degree in fashion – but worked in agriculture for the last 14!

    1. Now I am nervous. A person with a degree in Fashion reading my blog scares me. Hahaha!

  3. oops, me again, my email wasn’t correct on the first attempt …… grrrrr

  4. sooooo, i just found your blog, and omg…i LOVE every single post!!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome sense of style that is fun and affordable. You are definitely my kind of gal! (hub only wears custom made shirts, or off the rack from a few select stores….ha….i LOVE finding bargains….thrifting, garage sale – ing….etc!) wish you lived near me! Can’t wait for more ~

    1. So glad you stopped by to visit with me, Mary. I like nice things, I just don’t like paying high prices:)

  5. We are always our own worst critic but I personally don’t see anything wrong with these outfits. That’s the beauty of fashion, if you don’t like it we can change it and make it feel better for next time. I am loving that reversible vest – the colors are so pretty!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  6. Whew! I am so glad to know that I did not cause offense. I enjoy your blog so much. You’re a real person who wears real clothing that can be obtained at real prices. I would never want to do or say anything wrong.

    1. I’m just sorry that I might have made you feel that way.????

    1. Thanks Katie! That is awesome!!!

  7. Since mine was the only comment that did not receive a response, I must conclude that it offended you. My sincere apologies.

    Please delete it as I can see no place for me to delete it myself.

    1. Lol! Riley, I’m sorry I never responded. Sometimes I look at the comments when I am at work, and don’t have time to respond. I appreciate all of your comments, believe me, I don’t offend to easy. haha

  8. I think the boho outfit is adorable!

    Seriously, I look at your blog and a few others everyday for fashion. I buy clothes too. I still wear the same faded jeans all the time because I’m at home. You make me want to step it up!

    By the way, the generous gift card arrived yesterday and I already used it! I ordered a Sarah Richardson decorating book. Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Yay!!! I’m so glad you got something you wanted. I haven’t forgot to email you with pics, etc., I am just planning a Superhero party and am a little crazy.

  9. I don’t want to be an argumentative person, but I have to disagree with your assessment of the second outfit (the one with the white jacket). I actually like the jacket being a bit on the shorter side. A longer jacket (or shorter shirt) would have just been predictable. It’s the shorter length of the jacket that makes this a chic outfit.

    To my eye, the “problem” (if there is, in fact, a problem) with the outfit lies with the shoes. Try picturing this outfit with a cute pair of cognac wedges or sandals. I might also consider a dark charcoal gray sandal.

    The only other suggestion might be to shorten the capris about an inch. Capris are such an iconic clothing item, but length is everything. The cutest ones hit at the narrowest part of the leg (generally just below the knee, or, if longer, at the ankle, in which case they might more correctly be called cigarette pants).

    All in all I really like this middle outfit, and think you might be a scoash hard on yourself. 🙂

    Love your blog and your outfits. It’s so fun to see what others are wearing. I like tweaking my own outfits, and you’re quite right that often it’s the smallest change that makes all the difference.

  10. Tania, if I took a picture of every outfit that I put together and, actually, wore, I’d never leave the house. Scary, huh! You do such a great job. Love your blog, your honesty and your delightful sense of humor. I look forward to it every day. Keep up the great work!

  11. HAHAHA We all make those mistakes. You just feel it more since you blog about fashion. However, you are correct in that your pieces are strong! I’m a little jealous of your Alaska top. I’m working on a few things that I can have as “go to” for work when I just feel “meh,” but still need to look professional.

    Have a blessed day!!

    1. Brandye, you would be amazed at the difference it makes by just taking your picture. I highly recommend it for everybody. I have taken a picture before, and thought I looked decent, but the picture told a different story. A change usually happens. The problem comes when I don’t look at the pictures befor I leave for work.