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What I’ve Recently Ordered

I know how aggravating it can be when you see someone wearing a gorgeous piece of clothing, and it is something no longer available for purchase. Isn’t that the worst? You’re not the only one who struggles with that issue because I follow other bloggers, and I might love something but can’t buy it for myself. So, every once in a while, when I have a lot of clothing on order, I like to give you a heads-up because it could be a long time before it hits the blog. Other times, it is sold out before I can even take photos, so it might never be on the blog. Here is what I’ve recently ordered for fall, and you at least have a chance to grab items for yourself.


You’ve heard me mention Quince quite a lot lately, but I’ve been purchasing items from them for well over a year. I love their 365 return policy which is almost unheard of nowadays. I have branched out to their handbags and towels, and now I’ve branched out into a few more items. Here’s what is on the way to my house right now.

Quince Featherweight Cashmere Ribbed Tank
Featherweight Cashmere Ribbed Tank – Ordered in Brown, Charcoal, and Black
Quince Polo Cashmere sweater
Mongolian Cashmere Polo Sweater – Ordered in Burgundy and Black
Quince Ultra-Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pant
Ultra-Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pant – Ordered in Olive, Charcoal, and Navy
Quince Super Luxe Baby Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater
Super Luxe Baby Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater – Already owned in brown (Size Large) – ordered burgundy

Here are a few things that I already own from Quince and I still love and wear. Quince does run on the smaller side, so if you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing up. I usually wear a large in their clothing.

J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is a brand that offers quality clothing at a discounted price. They’ve been a retailer that I’ve purchased from for years, and I’ve always been happy with my items. The poncho in the widget below is one I ordered in Olive, and it has already sold out in that color.


Oooh, I do love J.Jill’s clothing. They have great quality clothing and basics that will last for a long time. I also love their Wearever line that is perfect for traveling without looking like you just rolled out of bed. The only thing I’ve wished they had more of was colorful clothing. The new fall arrivals have answered my request. Here are some things I have on order, and I’ve already shown a gorgeous plaid shirt and water-resistant jacket in my Rainy Day Items post.


I probably don’t have to tell you that Talbot’s is my husband’s favorite retailer for me to wear. He would dress me in head-to-toe Talbots if he would. Lol! I love Talbots clothing too, and I mainly choose classic pieces that will last me for years. Here are items from my latest purchase.


Walmart was never a store that I considered a clothing retailer. I would occasionally buy a t-shirt or workout clothing from there, but not much more. However, they have really done a great job of turning Walmart Fashion into a store that I shop from regularly. Here are some things on order, and be sure to watch for Monday’s post, where I’ll have more styles showcased there.


Like Walmart, Amazon was a retailer that I never associated with clothing. Instead, they were the retailer that I went to for hard to find items that I couldn’t get at my local stores. Boy, oh boy, have they turned things around!!! If I don’t get at least one box from Amazon every day, I begin to worry that my delivery person is sick.

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  1. Brenda Forster says:

    love to see what you find at Walmart verses Talbots!!
    love your style!

  2. Thanks for showing us some lower priced items.

  3. thank you Tania for your those useful trendy products, some are timeless, and those are my things. Soli Deo Glori.

  4. You’ve given us so many wonderful items to choose from! Love your posts!
    Thanks so much, Tania, for all your hard work for us. 😊

    1. You are so welcome, Janet!

  5. Lots of pretty items and lots of great ideas for new fall fashions. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I do like fall and winter clothes.

  6. Thank you for these ideas and especially making it easier to find where to buy items!! I’m so ready for cooler weather in MS. Hope you have a great afternoon!!

    1. Landy, it is rainy and cold here again today…I wish I could share.

  7. Ro Santoro says:

    Thank you for sharing your choices for fall. Sometimes it’s overwhelming when shopping online but sharing your choices it’s much simpler and inspiring as well!

  8. I bought a denim maxi skirt….and I’m 5’4″ and petite. it fits me perfectly, but I wondered if I should cut it shorter. then I read “how to rock a maxi skirt if you’re petite ” good ideas! I had some tops like you mentioned that will work already in my wardrobe. thank you Tania!

  9. Roberta S says:

    I love many of these different fashions.

  10. Katherine Enger says:

    I love the classic blazers! Thanks for all the inspiration! Go Vols!

    1. Katherine, I’m hoping the VOLS have a good year.

  11. Julie Baker says:

    Thank you for putting together such wearable outfits. As a graphic designer and a 50-something, I love color. It’s refreshing to see a stylist putting looks together that are fun and affordable.

    1. Julie, I run in cycles. Sometimes I’ll style a lot of black and classic items, and then other times, I’m all about trends and colorful styles.

  12. Cindi Liverett says:

    thanks for always letting us know where you purchased everything. If I am really interested in an item you are modeling I love to be able to just use the link you provide to go look on the sire where you ordered it. It makes it so easy. Thank you. You always look so put together whether casual or dressy. I enjoy reading your blogs.

    1. I’m glad you find it easy. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  13. Jennifer Skipper says:

    The fall wreath was absolutely gorgeous on your front door! Loved it!

  14. No Fall decorating yet! Thank you for working hard to bring us so many awesome clothing choices. I look forward to reading your posts!

  15. please let us know where you bought the wreath!?

  16. Love all the items, can’t wait to see how they look on you.

  17. Deborah Leggett says:

    Love, love, love all the items you ordered!
    Thank you for showing us a wide variety of fall clothing!

  18. Super cute outfits-love the green!

  19. Thanks for the great choices of fashion that you featured. I’ve been wanting to try ordering Quince from Quince and you convinced me.
    Barb B

  20. I’m loving the green from JJill. So pretty. And I, too, have been surprised at the fashion at Walmart and Amazon! My fav pants right now are from Amazon.

  21. Lorie Dean says:

    Love all the items you’ve ordered! Looking forward to seeing them on you!!

  22. I need wide width in shoes. Thanks for showing the shoes from Walmart that come in wide. Now I can get some cute shoes for fall!

  23. I love J.Jill and J.Crew clothes as well. But you’re really inspiring me to look more on Amazon for basics. You’ve found so many great choices. And I’m glad to know you like Quince. I’ve seen their ads frequently but wondered about the quality since the cashmere is so affordable compared to other companies. BTW, if you keep all these clothes, it’s no wonder your family loves to come shop your closet, LOL!

    1. I don’t keep them ALL but enough to warrant a visit for sure. 🙂 Quince is less expensive so they are a bit thinner, but I think they’re great value for the money.

  24. I really love Amazon Essentials clothing. So far I’m very happy with the quality and price point is great too!

  25. Ginger Hiller says:

    Thanks for sharing so many great items from numerous stores/sites.

  26. Your ‘What I’ve Recently Ordered’ storyboard is gorgeous, so rich in color and texture. I’m getting so giddy for fall 😊 !!

  27. You’ve made me want to try ordering from Quince (already order from the other ones)!

  28. Roberta S says:

    I love that wreath. You’ve shown some very nice options for cooler weather.

  29. Thanks for the tip Quince sizes may run small, may save me ordering the wrong size.

  30. I love your wreath! It really is a fall wreath – looks “harvesty.” I follow a few blogs for women over 40 and I love yours the best – I think you have such great taste and many of the clothing items and retailers are ones that I shop for and shop at. As for today’s post, wowww….the color of the cashmere tank and cardigan are to die for. I love that color for the fall. The other items are also so pretty. Thank you for sharing! I need to update my wardrobe for the fall and you gave me great ideas. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Rosalie. I hope you have a great weekend!

  31. Dear Tania,
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day. There is a topic I have not seen you address that I am curious about. I know that you do not keep every item that you order. How do you go about deciding what to keep and what to purge. I have a problem with keeping my wardrobe to a manageable size. I do go through my clothing a few times a year, try things on, and try to purge. However, I find myself, for instance, trying on a skirt I have not worn in a couple of years and thinking, “That’s a pretty fabric; I have tops to coordinate with it, maybe I should keep it and convince myself to wear it.” I keep it and again do not wear it. I am currently trying a bit of the Marie Kondo approach. I am separating clothes into “love it”, “okay”, and “give away” categories. I am trying hard to only allow things I really love to stay in my wardrobe, but I really struggle with this! Right now I am letting the “okay” clothes linger to see if I am really ready to part with them or not. I have rescued two pieces in the last couple of days from this month’s culling. Maybe I need to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the “okay” clothing. What is your approach??

    1. Kathy, when I decide what to keep, I look at fit first, and then at if I already have something similar to it in my closet. If I do, then I decide which I like the most and will wear the most. When you have an okay pile, put everything in a section of your closet. You can keep it there for a year (so all the seasons roll around). If you wear something, hang it back in your regular closet. At the end of the time, anything that is still hanging there needs to go.

  32. June Scioneaux says:

    Love the wreath!

  33. Gina Luebke says:

    You have some cute stuff on order, I get excited when I know (clothing) packages are on the way!! I bought my first couple of items from J. Jill this summer and love the quality, but they are pretty expensive and I don’t see sales there much. Do you have a secret to get things on sale at J. Jill or am I looking at the wrong times?
    Thanks Tania!!

    1. Gina, they don’t have a ton of sales, at least not while the clothing is new arrivals. There is a sale section on the website that usually has items there. Sizes might be limited though.

  34. I have purchased some really cute things from Wal-Mart and I’m so happy with the quality!!! Happy Saturday❤

  35. Nice options! Will be checking out Quince for sure.

  36. I haven’t decorated for fall yet but may start next week if we get that cold front they’re predicting. Highs of 88 yay. I am thinking of ordering cashmere from Quince. I love J crew factory for blazers. I have the brown tweed in your widget. I bought it last year. They normally keep the same style of blazers but will add another color each season. I also love their sweater blazers. In total I own 4 J Crew factory blazers. Thanks for all your fashion research.

    1. You’re welcome, Terri. I love doing it. 🙂

  37. I am seeing a lot of Quince ads come across Facebook. Seeing that you have ordered from Quince, I may spring for a cashmere v neck sweater! thanks Tania

  38. Cheryll Sampson says:

    So many choices. I love Talbot’s and have bought a few things on Amazon. I also love Chico’s for fall.

  39. Jean Kern says:

    The cashmere sweaters from Quince are beautiful and a great price!
    J Jill and Talbots are my all time favorites
    I’m inspired!!

  40. Janice Nagle says:

    you and I are on the same wavelength! I love quince! before I found your blog, I bought the brown cardigan. it’s beautiful and good quality. now I’ll look for links to quince in your blog!

    1. I’m so glad to feature them. I love their sweaters. 🙂

  41. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Tania, I ordered the black two- piece sweater dress set from Walmart, it’s really cute and it will be be perfect for Church or teaching Sunday school once the hot weather breaks.
    Thanks for posting it.

    1. Yay! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  42. Very few of the clothes loaded so I can’t really comment on any of them!

    1. Because there are a lot of items in the widgets, they take a while to load, especially if you don’t have strong wi-fi.

  43. Mary Kinard says:

    Thanks for sharing this now so that we can browse and order before things sell out (hopefully)!
    I agree that Amazon and Walmart have definitely stepped up their fashion game!

  44. I so appreciate and enjoy the Bible verse that you post daily.

  45. Tami Hines says:

    Love the wreath! I too have put out a few fall looking items, my favorite season! 🍂🍁First time to ever comment on your blog- but I have enjoyed them for a years. Thanks for the inspiration both in fashion and spiritual! 👏🏻💕

  46. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Some great finds!

  47. Just ordered some of the items from Amazon, they looked so good on you. Never thought of ordering clothes from them. Also, prices are good!!

  48. Susan Sailor says:

    I am waiting on the Quince ponte pants to arrive! The slip skirt from Amazon is such a beautiful color. I ordered a blazer similar to the J Crew one from Talbots on clearance!

  49. Donna Ingalls says:

    Talbots is my favorite store too. Love the fit and quality of their clothing. They last a long time so I don’t mind paying more initially.

  50. I love the Quince linen duvet covers. I have two which I rotate. Excellent quality!

  51. Ann Terfehr says:

    I like the wreath on your door! Hope to find one like it.

  52. Curious to hear your opinions on Quince. Have considered a few things from there but not sure of the fit and quality.

    1. The fit runs a tad small, I usually wear a large in their clothing. I have found everything to be a really good quality. The $50 cashmere is thin, but I expect that. The higher end cashmere is still at a good price, but it is much thicker.

  53. Ann Terfehr says:

    I like the wreath on your door!

  54. I ordered the cream cable sweater from J Crew Factory but ended up returning it because it was so heavy weight. I know I would get overheated while wearing it indoors. I was considering the cream cardigan. Have you received your J Crew Factory order yet? Curious to know if you thought the cardigan was as heavy as the sweater?

    1. Sandy, J.Crew Factory has really good quality clothing, and some of that can be heavier weight. I’ve not gotten my items yet, but they are supposed to be here early this week.

  55. Dana Smithmier says:

    im about to order from quince for the first time!

  56. Lisa Tharp says:

    I’m like you, I never considered WalMart for fashions with the exception of PJs, sweatpants and sweatshirts, but I recently ordered one of the tops that you modeled and I am so impressed with the quality. Not to mention it is so cute. Same with Amazon. I’ve ordered 2 different items that you modeled and again I love the quality and the style. Both of which I would not have considered purchasing, but really glad that I did get them. Thank You for widening my views of what I should be wearing at my age – LOL!!

    1. Lisa, I’m so glad that you decided to give them both a try, and had a good experience.

  57. I love fall decorating also! I’m gonna start this week. I LOVE your wreath! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Tania, the wreath on your door is beautiful! Did you make it?

  59. krista rogers says:

    hello!!! You seem like a cool tone color. can you do a post about how to wear spice and autumn colors with a cool tone?

    1. Krista, I have no idea what tone I am, it has never really mattered to me. I just pick stuff I like.

  60. Good post! I like the “heads up” on items. It is frustrating when it is sold out. Thanks

  61. I loved this post! Always interesting to see what you are ordering. Quince has nice sweaters.

  62. Becky Kerwin says:

    Oh I really don’t want to think about colder weather yet! Lol! Thanks for the looks!

  63. Love the wreath. I can’t get out of summer mode until I get back from my beach trip. This is our last big one of the year. I have a style question. I was in Kohls yesterday, and I saw a lot of blazers in bold prints. Is this something big this season? Thanks!

    1. Wendy, I honestly haven’t noticed. Hmmmm.

  64. Love all the great choices Tania! I too love JCrew Factory and Talbots. I’m 5’3” and Talbots always has the best pants for the petite. Have a great weekend!

    1. I love that Talbot’s is size inclusive.

  65. Kim Shannon says:

    Just ordered the sheets on Amazon you had on here.

  66. I love all of your posts! Also, where did you purchase the fall wreath

  67. Thanks for all the inspiration Tania.

  68. Kim Sesslar says:

    Tania, I really enjoy your posts! You always look so stylish and I love the bible verses.

  69. Looking forward to the emails with the outfits. I put couple things in my cart already. Almost put the black JJill dress in a cart, but already have 6 black dresses in the closet, so will just hover on that one for a while. Have a blessed weekend.

  70. Please let us know how the hot pink v-neck cardigan from Amazon works for you. That shape is so different from the long heavy cardigans of the last few falls. I love that color, even though it isn’t the best for my coloring.

    1. I love that color too.

  71. Walmart has come a long way on their clothing! I, also like Amazon and the fact that sometimes you get it the next day!! Have a Great weekend!

    1. It’s true, Walmart has gotten much better. And I’m like you – the next day delivery is awesome. 🙂

  72. Patricia Konze says:

    I am so looking forward to wearing fall clothing!

  73. Love your blog! We are going to Europe this winter -ordered that Amazon puffy jacket. There is a diamond pattern skirt in your photo montage at the beginning – where is that from?

  74. I love J Crew factory!! I’ve never shopped at J Jill but I’ll have to give them a try!

  75. I have decorated for fall, inside and out. The day I did outside, it reached 96 that afternoon (upstate SC). However, I am one of those crazies that decorates for Christmas, the day after Halloween, so if I am going to enjoy fall, now is the time. I love the fall items, especially Talbots, they are my favorite. I actually found a few pieces on their end of summer clearance during Labor Day weekend that were left from last year and got GREAT prices on sweaters, 70% off marked down prices. Have a great FALL weekend. Watching Hurricane Lee closely, family on the SC coast.

    1. It’s never too soon to decorate for Christmas, lol. I hope you have a safe weekend!

  76. Mari Heverly says:

    What I love about your blog is you showcase a wide range of prices. Shhh, I’ve never bought a pair of jeans over $40. I am a bargain shopper, majority of my clothes are from thrift stores. I like to see options from your blog that are affordable to me.

    1. Hi, Mari! I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog! Thank you for commenting!

  77. Thanks for all the fashion ideas from different retailers for fall.