Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blue and white blazer, a white v-neck bodysuit, skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles


The skinny on skinny jeans…are they a thing of the past? Yes, I am looking at you millennials, have pronounced the skinny jean as DEAD and NOT COOL. But, here is a wonderful thing about fashion…YOU DO YOU, BOO! It is part of my job to try different trends, and let everyone know the skinny on them, so let’s talk jeans!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blue and white blazer, a white bodysuit, skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles


I don’t think that skinny jeans are going to go silently into the night. They are putting up a huge fight, and skinny jeans lovers all over the world are rebelling. I can’t wait for fall to roll around and watch all of the millennials trying to stuff their baggy jeans into boots. Good luck with that, Boo!

Skinny jeans don’t look great on everybody, so some people shout for joy that they aren’t the go-to jean of choice. I like how skinny jeans fit around my hips and thighs, but my favorite look is the slim, straight-leg jean.

Skinny jeans have now become a classic, and classics never truly go out of style. Instead, they are accepted in wide circles, but they no longer define you as on the cutting edge of fashion. I am alright with that!


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blazer, a white v-neck bodysuit, skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles


This striped blue and white blazer looks like summer to me. The blazer reminded me of a seersucker blazer that I had when I was younger, and I wore it all of the time. This one is cotton and rayon, not seersucker, and I especially love the ruched sleeves. However, this one is almost completely sold out, and only XS is now available. I found a few that were very similar, so I’ll link those for you.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing skinny jeans and navy espadrilles


So, for all of you skinny jeans lovers, I decided to have a photoshoot styling them and let all of you be the judge. This is a pair of skinny jeans that I’ve owned for a while, and they are still one of my favorite pairs. These jeans are by Mavi, and this brand is very comfortable. They have a lot of give and take with their material, so you don’t feel confined. I wear my usual size 10 in this brand, and the fit is TTS.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing navy espadrilles


If it is summer, then you will find me wearing espadrilles. There is just something about shoes that have roping that I love. These navy wedge shoes are from Vionic, and I’ve owned them for a while. I honestly would have preferred a pointy toe, but I fooled around and forgot to send them back in the return window. Since I am stuck with them, I might as well wear them. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue and white blazer, a white v-neck bodysuit, skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles


I have wanted a bodysuit for a while, and I have ordered several in to try. All of them were sent back as soon as possible. I always order a large since I don’t want something sticking to me like glue. However, every one of them came in looking like they would fit my 7-year-old granddaughter.

Then, I ordered this white short-sleeved v-neck bodysuit, and I am thrilled with it. It fits fantastic, and the material is not see-through. I carry my weight in my belly region, so I don’t do much tucking with my shirts. But, if I want to tuck them in, I want them to tuck neatly into my pants.

I also wanted a black bodysuit, but the large was sold out in this style. Instead, I ordered a black scoopneck tank bodysuit, and it fits just as well. The only criticism that I have, the suits are a little long. I am long-waisted, but they are a tad long on me too.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blue and white blazer, a white v-neck bodysuit, Mavi skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles


For jewelry, I am wearing all of my usual favorites. The AVI large gold hoops, the Davis multi-strand convertible necklace (I’m wearing 2 of the 3 strands), and the Natalie hinged bangle bracelet.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blue and white blazer, a white v-neck bodysuit, skinny jeans, and Vionic navy espadrilles


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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped blue and white jacket, a white v-neck bodysuit, skinny jeans, and navy espadrilles

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  1. Susan wrote:

    I must admit that I’ve never liked skinny jeans on me. Found them to be uncomfortable and unforgiving. Must say that one benefit was that I didn’t need a scale- if I put on a pound or two the skinnies let me know! So, put me down as a happy consumer that so
    many more choices are now available. As far as boots, a nice bootcut jean with a Chelsea boot is comfortable for me- and now that this pair is trending, all the better! Rest assured that skinny jeans will still be available and widely worn. The
    millennial women I know would say if you like skinnies, wear and enjoy them!

    Posted 6.10.21 Reply
  2. Willow wrote:

    Hi…I love a nicely fitted jean, but skinny jeans don’t fit my athletic calfs well at all. I must try at least 5 to 8 pairs on before finding a pair that fits and flatters.

    Posted 6.9.21 Reply
  3. Janet wrote:

    Love skinny jeans especially with boots in winter. Not getting rid of them. Also love the blazer. Need to dig mine out and wear with jeans. I used to wear it dressed up for the office but haven’t worn it in our WFH environment. Definitely need to repurpose my blazers.

    Posted 6.9.21 Reply
  4. CarolS wrote:

    It was NOT the Millennials that said skinny jeans and side parts are out. It was Gen Z, directing that comment TOWARDS Millenials in a TikTok. They weren’t even directing that at the older generations like Boomers. That said, it’s nice to be able to stay on trend, as long as those looks are flattering on someone’s body and work with their personal style aesthetic. I still see A LOT of skinny’s being worn, and sold, and many younger “influencers” are still promoting them. But trying new trends and having options is always a good thing.

    Posted 6.9.21 Reply
  5. Nancy wrote:

    This is among one of my favorite outfits on you! Love it!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  6. francine L wrote:

    I absolutely love your posts….They’re the first thing I look for every day…..Love what you’re wearing now!!!! I love skinny jeans but they don’t really suit me because I have a pouch From 3 c-sections!!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  7. Patti wrote:

    Love those jeans.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  8. Kathy wrote:

    A classic and stylish look. One of my favorites on you in the past several weeks. Love my skinny jeans! Look best with sandals in warm weather and work
    well with boots. Win, Win!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  9. Marji wrote:

    Love, love ,love my skinny jeans!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  10. Holly wrote:

    Love this outfit on you Tania. You look skinny GURL 🥰

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  11. edebock wrote:

    You look great in your skinny jean outfit! I won’t be completely giving up on mine either.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  12. Carolyn wrote:

    This is for Linda,,,,
    I put an ad blogger on my laptop and now I don’t get any ads.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  13. Pam wrote:

    I love skinny jeans and don’t plan to give them up. I’ve lost 23 pounds over the last year because we didn’t eat out at all, so why would I want to cover that up with extra bulky denim? Besides, I’m short and the wider the pant leg the shorter and more dumpy I look!

    I, too, had a blue seersucker blazer years ago in the 60’s and wore it all the time.. I loved it.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  14. Melanie wrote:

    This outfit is classy, pretty casualand walk around great look!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  15. Karen wrote:

    I think you look great in the skinny jeans . Very slimming. I will continue to wear mine regardless of what is current today. I have so many of the boyfriend, girlfriend and straight legs but always go back to the skinny jeans. I don’t need all that extra fabric on my body. Tania, I also agree with linda. the pop ups have become such a nuisance that I just scroll down most of the text content. thank you for your great blog.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  16. Connie wrote:

    Today’s outfit looks wonderful on you! So summery and chic looking. I bought a black bodysuit but haven’t worn it yet. I carry my weight in my tummy area too. You have inspired me to wear it this weekend.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  17. Maria wrote:

    Great outfit

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  18. Janet H wrote:

    You look great in todays (and every day’s) outfit. I need to know how you’ve slimmed down!! I’m a skinny jean fan-now and forever. Luckily my bottom half is the slim part of me and I can wear them. Lately I have been having problems receiving your emails. All of the sudden they started going to my junk mail – so I would have to retrieve them and mark “not junk”. Then all of the sudden I didn’t receive any – anywhere. I have signed up for them again, though once again they are going into “junk”. At least I am getting them again. Hopefully that will get straightened out. I love reading them first thing in the morning.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  19. Cherie wrote:

    Long live skinny jeans!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  20. Nancy M. wrote:

    Skinny jeans are great! Your outfit looks terrific. I will never give up my skinny jeans, so I’m glad to hear you say, they’re a classic now! I think the whole outfit works and you have the perfect color navy shoes.
    That’s hard to find! Thanks for all the different links to check out.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  21. Linda wrote:

    Love following your blog since the very beginning but, and I really hesitated to mention this, it’s almost impossible to read now. I get the need for pop ups & the money it takes to write/publish but since you “improved “ the blog I find myself scrolling real fast & skipping much of the text due to the flashing ads, the top pink header coming down to far, the far right ad being too big and the small print. The bottom for weeks now has been a McDonald’s ad in English flashing to Spanish . I love reading your fun words and your Christian messages but can you clean your site up a little!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Linda, I am not sure what you are talking about “since I updated my blog.” I haven’t changed a thing on my blog in over a year, and I have not added any ads or pop-ups. The only thing that I’ve changed is the email provider. All that does is send an email, it does not have anything at all to do with the blog itself. I read the blog myself, and I am not having any issues. What type of device do you use to read the blog? Computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone???

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
      • Linda wrote:

        On my iPad. I meant your new design. The top pink part drops down leaving a 4 inch space before the bottom ads pop up. The right ad covers 1/3 of the page. Will take another reader’s suggestion & do an ad blocker.

        Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  22. This outfit looked amazing on you. Love skinny jeans and blazers. I like the look of a bodysuit just not sure if it would look good on me.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  23. Gayle wrote:

    Very nice outfit!! I love blazers with jeans. I don’t follow trends when it comes to jeans. I simply wear whatever I want that makes me feel comfortable and happy.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Yes, what makes you happy is the best way!

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  24. Janice C wrote:

    Those jeans look great on you and the blazer is very summery and beautiful. I love my skinny jeans and won’t be giving them up anytime soon!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Lol! Janice, you are one of the “lovers” of skinny jeans!

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  25. Kim L wrote:

    I think skinny jeans will always have their place in fashion. I do like that straight legs jeans are in. They also have their place in fashion, especially if you want to wear socks with a loafer or sneaker (I live in the northeast). I thought capris would have died after a few years and they have been around for a long time and I am happy about that!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Kim, I am glad that they are lingering around, and I’ll especially wear them in the fall with booties and knee boots.

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  26. Holly P wrote:

    Be still my heart😜I am the skinny pants lover!! I hope they never go away, which gives us options. Baggy pants for some, skinny pants for others, or a mix! You look darling in today’s outfit!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Holly, a mix is what I plan on doing. My preferred look is a straight-leg jean.

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  27. Christi Domingue wrote:

    I know the blazer was only available in XS, but I would love the info please.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  28. Tammy Mason wrote:

    Wow! You look amazing in this outfit! I love the blazer and the shoes are adorable. The Mavi jeans are amazing too! I recently purchased a pair. They are comfortable and slimming (for a little confidence booster lol). I haven’t jumped on the bodysuit wagon yet but you are tempting me to try. Love your posts. They usually start my morning. Have a great day!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Tammy, Mavi is a great brand for comfort. If you are ready to try a bodysuit, this one is inexpensive and fits so nice!

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
      • Lorie wrote:

        The skinny jean debate. Are these anti skinny jean people the same ones that say the side part is your hair is out? Lol. I have straight jeans and I will wear them because I spent good money on them and I like how they look with certain things. I also have bootcut western jeans that I wear with cowboy boots. I think wear what fits you well and what makes you feel good about yourself. And I think you look awesome in your outfit today!

        Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  29. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    This outfit looks perfect on you. Love the blue I have been wearing a lot of blue lately.
    I love my skinny jeans will not giving them up. Thanks for this post today.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Monica, so many people feel this way about their skinny jeans!

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  30. Gail wrote:

    I confess. I’m 64 and ready to get away from the skinny jeans. I’ve tried in Boyfriend jeans but the seem too baggy around from knees down. I’m 5 ft and would like any recommendations. I like the slim look but some skinny jeans just look too tight.Thank you for your response in advance.

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Gail, skinny jeans are too tight around the calves for me right now, so I love the straight-leg look best. Try that and see how that works for you.

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
  31. Barbara W wrote:

    I love, love skinny Jeans, and please don’t let them go out of style. You look fabulous in them, Tania!

    Posted 6.8.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I know that a lot of people really love skinny jeans!

      Posted 6.8.21 Reply
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