I go through a ton of clothing. Part of the reason that I buy so much clothing is that I get tired of wearing the same thing over and over again. It doesn’t matter to me if an item is well made, or that it costs a lot of money. So, for that reason, I am always trying to decide when to splurge and when to save. I figure that a lot of you might be the same way, so today’s blog post will help you to decide what is worth spending on and when you should save.

The first thing that I always ask myself is, while I wear this over and over again. Trendy items will come and go, so those are definitely a save item for me. But, anything that is a classic piece that I will be able to wear a lot and just add a trendy piece here and there is worth the extra splurge. One of the first things that comes to mind is a beautiful cashmere sweater. I try to invest in a cashmere sweater every year since this is an item that I will get my wears.

Also, I will splurge for a nice winter coat. I am not in a northern climate were is stays cold for long periods, but I still want something that will keep me warm. With my daughter living in Alaska, I have seen the prices that she pays for coats, and I almost choke since they are so expensive. But, that is an essential item for her, especially one that is waterproof since it rains there a lot. You do NOT want to get wet in a cold climate.

I will also splurge for a nice quality leather handbag. Even though I will change from one to the other frequently, I will shell out the money when I know that the bag will last me for years. I feel the same way about leather boots. The only thing that you have to watch for when you are buying boots is the look of the toe and the size of the heel. Pointy toes might be the rage this year, but I’ve seen square-toed shoes starting to trending.

Joe is a watch and sunglasses guy. Those are two items that he will splurge on, while I am not one to spend as much on those. I have been eyeing a watch, though, but so far, I can’t bring myself to splurge over $1,000.00 on a watch. Am I crazy, is that how much people spend on a nice watch???

Today starting at 9:30 ET is the day when EVERYONE can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There are still a ton of great items, so don’t be bummed if some of your choices are sold out. I have already done a post or two that you might want to revisit if you are going to be shopping today. This post show’s you a lot more of these boards that include jeans, boots, and loungewear. And, this post shows you some of the items that I have already received and how I styled them. ***A huge amount just came in, so I’ll be taking photos of that tomorrow, and I’ll try to get them on Thursday post. Cross your fingers.

Because I know that everyone’s budget is different, I am doing a couple of over and under boards so that you can pick what works best for you. Hopefully, these boards will help you decide when to splurge and when to save.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her jacket and coat choices from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Most of the items come in more than one color, so click to check that out. I try to pick colors that will show the items off to their best advantage. Also, I tried to pick things that had stock and sizes, but they might go quickly this morning.

// Good Vibes Faux-Leather Moto Jacket // Faux Suede Moto Jacket // Sam Edelman Puffer Coat // Fringe Trim Suede Jacket // Quilted Nylon Belted Jacket //

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her jacket and coat choices over $100 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

// BLANKNYC Suede Jacket // North Face Transit II Puffer Coat // Long Wool Blend Moto Coat // Sam Edelman Lambskin Leather Jacket // Ralph Lauren Plus Size Quilted Shearling Coat //

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her handbag choices from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

// Madewell Calf hair animal print //  Fetch Snakeprint Crossbody // Kurt Geiger Croc Crossbody // Emery Faux Leather Backpack // Woven Faux Leather Shoulder Bag // Beige Leather Handbag //

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her handbag choices over $100 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

// Tory Burch Carson Bag in Black // Tory Burch Nylon Tote // Kurt Geiger Leather Tote // Coach Shay Bag // Tory Burch Lambskin Convertible Bag // Rebecca Minkoff leather shoulder bag //

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her choices on accessories from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

// Quay Cateye Sunglasses // Cashmere Scarf // Windowpane double-sided scarf // Tory Burch Sunglasses // Wide Braided Belt // Frye Leather Belt // Facemasks //

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her choices on watches from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

// Tory Burch Robinson // Michael Kors Pyper // Fossil Lyric // Tory Burch Collins // Coach Silver Allie //

I am curious…is today your first day to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, have you already shopped the sale, OR, you don’t plan on shopping the sale at all?\

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  1. KatMar wrote:

    I love finding fashion deals, especially on trendy items that I know only have a limited wear-ability factor.And yet those are the items often, seemingly overnight look so worn or tired when you pull them out to get dressed. And I also know that as we get older, those inexpensive items seem to not give us our best look, they highlight the item and not our best features. I tend to spend more on items I know I will be able to get lots of wear out of, that are versatile and wash well retaining shape and fabric quality. I have some pants from Chico’s travel that I have worn at least once or more a week (sometimes 5!) for about 10 years. My Eileen Fisher slacks are probably 15 years old and still going strong. Straight leg and palazzo pants. And my gem of a purchase. Over 25 years ago I bought a Jill St John knit, black, knee length skirt and top with a mock turtle neck, with bugle beading on the collar and and long slightly bell sleeves with some beading on the cuff part. It’s very classy and elegant looking. It was close to $1000 and a big expense and I looked at it for a while before purchasing. But I can wear it as separates or together. It looks great with any type of earrings, Art Deco style, or long and elegant, maybe basic hoops, diamond studs or pretty much whatever you like. It’s perfect for many occasions.If I gain or lose a little weight, I can take it to the cleaners to get blocked to stretch or decrease the size a bit. I kid you not, every time I have worn it, I have gotten compliments. Even with the same people, when events are years apart.

    Posted 8.29.20 Reply
  2. Julia Purtill wrote:

    It seems many readers don’t shop at Nordstrom’s so I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t! I think if it as a store to buy a very special item at but not everyday clothes.

    Posted 8.22.20 Reply
  3. Catherine wrote:

    So today is the first day I got to shop. I did already have my items on my list. All 11 items were sold out! I’m done with Nordstrom. No one NEEDS these exact items from Nordstrom. You can still look nice with similar items from other retailers. Still love your blog.

    Posted 8.20.20 Reply
  4. Donna Wood wrote:

    I already shopped and a few of my items have already been delivered. I use this opportunity every year to kick off my Christmas shopping. I did splurge on one of the Ugg robes for myself. I wanted to get one last year, but they sold out before I could order. It arrived yesterday and I can tell you that it was totally worth the splurge! I’m sure I will be using it for many years to come.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That robe is so heavy and soft. You feel like you are being embraced is a great big hug!

      Posted 8.20.20 Reply
  5. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    Hi, Tania, I have two more decorating websites that appear no one else has yet recommended: https://www.decoratingtipsandtricks.com/ and https://cindyhattersleydesign.com/. They both have great ideas!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  6. Chris wrote:

    I’m not a big Nordstrom shopper but love to see all your ideas, no matter what store they are from! You have a knack even when wearing the Wal Mart fashions! I think the way you accessorize is the key!!!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  7. Eve wrote:

    I h e found that the major difference over the years is the colors offered in lower prices are more harsh to the eye and the things like purses are harder, not buttery soft like expensive purses. I will splurge to get something basic with a beautiful color or softer fabric.
    But some basics like black, white or blue Jean from Levi’s wears just as well as does a more expensive version and they soften as they age. Flannel shirts from lands end always good and reasonable. So, a pretty soft tee in an expensive color i love like the geranium pink this year or the pretty soft, sage green, will be worth a splurge. A new cardigan in soft fabric but expensive is still a good buy. My Winter essential.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  8. Cynthia wrote:

    Given the current state of the world and our environment, I’m not into going through a ton of clothes. I love style and enjoy seeing your daily looks, but am happy shopping my closet.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I know a lot of people who are feeling like that. That is why you are seeing so many huge slashed prices, so I am taking advantage of the deals while I can.

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  9. Jennifer wrote:

    I have never shopped at Nordstrom so I guess my two cents doesn’t matter! lol

    I tend to splurge a little more on purses, shoes and some key clothing pieces, but not opposed to wearing a Walmart outfit at all!

    I believe true beauty comes from within.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Your two cents always matters. I am like you, I want nice items in some things, but I also shop at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Old Navy.

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Caroline Spoth wrote:

      I am a sale shopper but not at Nordstrom. After working in sales and merchandising for a very large high end department store while going to college I know the mark up on these clothes and it’s insane. Even the sale prices aren’t impressive enough to open my wallet. My husband and I are quite comfortable but we didn’t get this way spending $180 on jeans. I don’t begrudge anyone who does buy these items….it’s just not for me.

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  10. Linda L wrote:

    I don’t shop the N sale. When it’s almost 115 outside thinking about Fall seems absurd. Since retiring, moving from the east coast to the west and Covid, I’ve evaluated my shopping habits and my wardrobe needs. I’ve followed you for a long time and what I like best is that you have your own flair using affordable items. Bloggers who are pushing certain stores and manufacturers usually just get a once over from me. Love your family stories and your faith!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Linda, I can imagine that Fall is not in your mind right now. Lol! I love shopping ALL stores, and with Nordstrom, I’ve found many affordable brands that are comparable with Old Navy. You just have to know which brands to shop.

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  11. Marcie wrote:

    I did create a wish list of a few tops on the Nordstrom site. Since I am not a big spender and today was my day to purchase…..only 1 item was available. Very disappointing.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I get it, Marcie. I have noticed though that some things are restocking, so maybe once the rush is over, there will be more to choose from.

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  12. Nancy wrote:

    I did shop the Nordstrom sale early and am waiting for things to come in. My size keeps fluctuating so I’m crossing my fingers that things will fit. If it weren’t for your blog, I probably wouldn’t have shopped the sale. Nordstrom is a mixed bag for me. I think they have some nice things, but most are not necessarily styles I would wear. I can’t get my “color” fix at Nordstroms, so I shop there when I want something more classic and conservative as far as color and style. I too, like some of the other commenters, feel that they are too expensive for my budget in most areas.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  13. Beth wrote:

    Won’t be shopping the sale, not a fan of Nordstrom in general. I’ve browsed it in the past, but never saw anything out of the ordinary. I did order a top from there once that I saw you wear on the blog, but the fit was so terrible I sent it back. Bloggers that talk about this sale are a dime a dozen, would prefer to see you do something different!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  14. Donna wrote:

    I spend my money on quality accessories (jewel)& handbags. Also on Winter coats.
    Every day clothes I try to buy on sale. I get tired of them quickly.
    I shopped the NSale early & have already received some items.
    Love their Anniversary sale

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  15. Sandy wrote:

    I may go to store, but I too, am very disappointed that N does this tier method. Although I have been watching several youtubers try on hauls, at the same time, it irks me that their ‘massive hauls’ have resulted in depleted inventory for the rest of us. But at the end of the day, I know that there will be more sales before Christmas so I will be fine if I buy nothing this go around.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  16. Deb wrote:

    I did shop the N-sale but was disappointed in the way that they “allowed” certain shoppers to shop first. It just seems that they are only concerned about the shoppers that spend the most money. It comes off as elitist. I love to mix classic and trendy in my style.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  17. Mary wrote:

    trendy goes for color too. even a classic style in a fleeting color is not worth extra money to me. I am NOT shopping the sale, I am trying to pare down

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  18. Cheryl Meyer wrote:

    I would have never known about the sale before your blog. But the sale prices are still too high for me. Plus disappointing in how Nordstrom runs their sale with the dwindling sizes left by today.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  19. Susan wrote:

    Nordstrom confuses me … their “department” names dont make sense so I never know where to sop. I’ve purchased a few items several years ago when I was thinner but now I fear I’d never find anything. The prices are also daunting. I cannot spend $50 for a t-shirt or $100+ for jeans! My sisters-in-law are mad Nordstrom fans though. I wouldn’t have known about the sale without your blog.

    I have found great shoes at Nordstrom Rack (won a $500 shopping spree from a mall)!

    I enjoy your blog and your style!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  20. Jean wrote:

    I won’t be shopping. I like your posts but can’t afford to shop where you do. Need more affordable options.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  21. Tracy Abraham wrote:

    I have already shopped! Just waiting on it to get here!

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
  22. Kathy wrote:

    I mentally weigh how much wear I’ll get from an item. Is it classic, is it trendy? I love high quality garments as it shows in the cut, drape, fabric, stitching and finishing details. My closet is a mix and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll browse the N sale to see if something strikes me but it irks me that they “allow” their customers to shop in a graded manner. I think it’s disrespectful. The hype is ridiculous. I do shop there but I shop many, many other places. The N sale makes me think less of them as a business.

    Posted 8.19.20 Reply
    • Louise wrote:

      I agree with Kathy’s comment about the N customer grading system. I’m been following your for a few months and enjoying your blog. I would like to see posts about taking items in your closets and updating them with a new accessory – scarf or piece of jewelry. While it’s exciting to purchase lots of new clothes, often it’s not practical for a variety of reasons. Also look forward to your scripture….THANKS

      Posted 8.19.20 Reply
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