Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flutter tee and white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


Does anything beat a t-shirt and jeans for a great casual look? I love wearing that combination, but I still want to have something unique and different about the outfit. Being unique or different doesn’t mean that you have to wear something crazy that people will remember. It can be a certain color combination, a print or a pattern, or maybe even a style detail.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flutter tee and white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote


One of my favorite t-shirt and jeans combo is not particularly unique, but I think it is very classy. I love wearing a black t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I love something about that particular combination, and sometimes I will play with that combo to make it a little different. Maybe the black tee will have a graphic print, or maybe the jeans will have a large cuff, and I’ll wear sneakers. Play with your favorite looks and see if you can tweak them to make them unique.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flutter tee and white jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


Today’s tee and jeans are a stylish combo that is different from your regular jeans and tee look. The look is still casual but also polished and chic looking. There was no special effort made for this look; it is all about making good choices when you make a purchase. Pick items that have unique details or that can be worn in several different ways.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flutter t-shirt


This charcoal gray tee is different than your classic black tee shirt. Plus, for an added unique detail, it has flutter sleeves that are flirty and feminine. The material of this tee is very soft, so the sleeves are flowy and have a lot of movement. This tee looks great with white jeans, but it would also look great with regular blue jeans or black jeans. You could also dress the tee up with a pair of dress pants, but I wouldn’t recommend a cardigan because of the sleeves.

The top also comes in a beautiful bright pink color, but I chose the gray one so that I could wear it this fall. I am wearing a size medium, and I think that it fits me great. Here are a few other choices that would look great now or later.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


White jeans are a must-have summer essential. However, I wear white jeans all year long, so I guess they are an essential year-long item for me. I think that white jeans look crisp and classy, and they pair well with any color or print. White on white is one of my favorite looks, so try that if you haven’t already.

I honestly can’t remember which pair of white jeans that I am wearing. Lol! I have several, and I really like all of them. I’ll link to them below so that you can choose which one you like the best.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


I think this snakeskin leather tote is something different from the normal black or brown tote. Because it is a neutral color, it can still be carried with any item that you would usually carry the black or brown tote with. Wouldn’t this be gorgeous with my faux leather leggings by Spanx and Vince cable-knit merino wool and cashmere-blend sweater that I wore in the photo below?



Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray tee with a cross necklace


Did you see the beautiful filigree silver cross that I have on? I love that cross, and it is classy and elegant looking. The cross that I am wearing today is more casual, but I love it just as much. This Byzantine cross is comprised of hand-cut Robles wood from the Philippines and was inspired by the story of Empress Helena, Emperor Constantine’s mother, who, it is written, discovered pieces of Jesus’ cross.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray tee and white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


I am also wearing my large silver AVI hoops and Maggie filigree silver bangle bracelet.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray tee and white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag


The neutral flats that I am wearing are a pair that I love and wear all of the time. The pointy toe helps to elongate your legs, and I think these look great with almost anything! I am wearing my usual size 9, so these run true to size.

Here are a few LookBook Outfit boards for all of you. Let me know which one you liked the best.



Dress – Jacket – HeadwrapShoes – Bracelet – 


Jacket – Earrings – ShoesCanvas tote – Jumpsuit – 




Top – Sunglasses – NecklaceJeans – Scrunchies




Dress – Cardigan – Shoes – Bracelets – Earrings – 


LeggingsTop – Cardigan – Socksglasses – 
Also, did you watch my YouTube video from yesterday??? Be sure to watch, comment, and follow me to be entered into a giveaway for this gorgeous handbag.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray flutter tee, sunglasses, white ankle jeans while carrying a snakeskin tote bag

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  1. Watched the video on the Talbots spree. 😉
    I really think the white outfit is elegant.🌹

  2. Debra Ann Brown says:

    Lived the outfit and I look forward to the Bible verses.

  3. On the LookBook boards….. I really like One, Two and Three.
    I recently purchased the Tote from Chico’s you featured last week or so. I’m petite and I LOVE it! Not too bulky, nice storage. I’ve been looking at that tote for two years and finally took the leap!

    HAIR question…now that you have had this style for a while, do you still like it?? Inquiring minds…

    Thank you… Have a blessed day!🌸

  4. You come up with the most wonderful ideas! I love the simplicity of today’s outfit plus the jewelry! Outstanding!

  5. Kathy Johnston says:

    I so enjoyed your Talbots haul. The sea foam green jacket with the white outfit and scarf is super gorgeous. The Chico’s bag is so unique. Would love to own it!
    So happy that I signed up for your email. I look forward to it every day. It goes so well with my morning tea! lol!

  6. Linda M Holmes says:

    Why the delay in your post here on the west coast? By the time I receive your emails usually the product is so limited it sizes or sold out! And…do you ever suggest foundation wear? Do enjoy your blog, just asking.

  7. Coburn Kuhl Jablonski says:

    Love this look. It is summer in the South. It is hot. Thank you for so many great looks for this season!

  8. Ginger Hiller says:

    Your top is so pretty and I love the flutter sleeves! As much as I like white jeans I do not own a pair because every one I’ve ever owned or tried on did nothing but accent my thick derrière. That is not something I want to draw attention to. The snakeskin tote is beautiful! I am still teaching myself that snakeskin is a neutral. Look book #4 is my favorite. I needed that scripture today! Have a blessed day!

  9. Laura S Carlson says:

    Cute top!! But completely sold out.

  10. Cute outfit! The sleeves make it.

  11. Love this look! Thank you for the lookbooks too!

  12. ELIZABETH says:

    Love that whole outfit. Very flattering on you!

  13. Kelly Lane says:

    Great weekend outfit!

  14. Just subscribed to your emails. Love your choice of clothes. This spring I also bought the beautiful Talbots blue blazer and the white V-neck top with the front and back Rick rack edging. They look lovely together. Wish I had the scarf too!

  15. Love this top and have always been a fan of gray. Keep up the great work on the Lookbooks, they are a wonderful guide for putting together several outfits. I really enjoyed the video yesterday and always look forward to your next YouTube video.

  16. Just ordered the tee. 50% off with code OMG!!! Not sold out yet.

  17. I love how comfortable yet classy this outfit looks! I don’t think the link to the t-shirt is correct though? I like the one you are wearing a lot more because it has a substantial sleeve and more of a crew neck than the one in the link to Loft. I really like the gray with white! I don’t have a good fitting pair of white jeans at the moment but I’m still looking! Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Lookbooks… but they are growing on me. Have a blessed day!

    1. Sharon, yikes, you are right. It is from Loft, and when I searched for a gray flutter sleeve, that one came up. However, I went in and found my receipt, I was able to get the item number and found out that it was this one instead. So sorry for the confusion. https://shopstyle.it/l/bwzwZ

  18. The shirt is calling my name! Keep up the fantastic LookBooks. Love it,

  19. I have worn my white pants to death this year, I have lots of white jeans but it’s hot here right now so I prefer the thinner pant. I do like charcoal but I don’t think I have a charcoal top. This looks so neat. I especially like your accessories here.

  20. I like the combination. I have a charcoal grey top too that I wear with white pants. I can’t find anything else I like with it. Any suggestions?