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I just returned from a week trip, and I’m still trying to recuperate from the time change. If you’re like me, you try to eat things that might go bad while you are gone, so we usually come home to an empty refrigerator and cupboards. I scrounged together enough things to make us an omelet, and then I placed a Walmart order for groceries and our everyday needs.

Since I joined Walmart+ several months ago, I’ve placed countless delivery orders and saved a lot of money on food, supplies, and gas. I like to save money where I can to have extra cash for special items or trips. According to my account, I’ve saved $216 and 25 hours, and I’ve only been using this for a few months.

My husband might tell you that saving money isn’t high on my priority list, but he would be wrong. Here are a few ways I’ve found to save on our everyday needs.


Every little bit adds up, especially when you fill up. Our Walmart and Sam’s Club have the best gas prices, and it is incredible how fast the savings add up.
  • Save up to 10¢ per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, & Murphy stations
  • Access member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers
  • Over 14,000 convenient locations in 48 states

Walmart groceries


You can stretch your weekly budget even further by making a small change. I choose Walmart Brands like Great Value, Marketside, and Sam’s Choice when I can, and I’m able to prepare delicious meals that we love and save money simultaneously. I also like buying bulk to save money on everyday needs like paper towels, toilet paper, laundry, and cleaning supplies. I find the best prices at Walmart, and I ship my bulk items to my home, and I enjoy free shipping!


Scan and Go


I usually order online and have my items delivered to my home, but on rare occasions, I will shop in-store. Walmart+ allows me to use the scan-and-go features, which means no standing in a checkout line!!! I open my Walmart App, choose Services at the bottom, and then Scan & Go. As I find an item I want, I scan the barcode and place it in my cart. Once I’m finished shopping, I can click the pay button, and I’m out the door in a flash.

Marketplace food

I also save a ton of time by buying Marketside vegetables. These washed and ready-to-cook items are quick and easy, and they keep me eating healthy. If I have to wash, peel, cut up, or cube the vegetables, I will probably reach for chips or a bar instead. I can put some chicken breasts in my 7 Qt. Crock-Pot on Sunday night, and eat chicken and veggies cooked in my Ninja Foodi all week long. It is so easy to start your order; start by clicking HERE!

Walmart delivery bag


I even save money by reusing the delivery bags. Usually, my deliveries are in the gray plastic bags I use for bathroom trash bags, but occasionally I’ll get a few of these coated delivery bags that I love. I’ll reuse these for snacks or trips or packing Joe a lunch. See, I told you that I’m thrifty!


Walmart makes it very convenient for its customers to shop, especially since most people have a store within 10 miles of their homes. Walmart has an extraordinary policy of free 2-day shipping and returns for purchases over $35! You can also sign up for Walmart Plus, where you get Free Shipping with no order minimums and Free Delivery (where available) with orders over $35. I take advantage of home delivery several times a week and love that small convenience.

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  1. So we all have notice your incredible weight loss, and by the way you look AMAZING!!! I know you have post in the past about the weight loss program you follow but I’m just wondering what does your daily meals consist of? Are you still following the plan from the weight loss program or have you created your own meals?

  2. Gina Luebke says:

    This is such good timing, I was just telling my husband we need to start grocery shopping at Walmart. (The one closest to us is about 8 miles) I’ve heard from many people their prices are the best. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. connie klappenbach says:

    great advice

  4. Love precut butternut squash. It has all the “dangerous” cutting already done so it could count as saving on medical bills also. (-;

    1. Lol! I agree, Jo! I love butternut squash, but it is pain to cut. I’m having it today for my lunch!