50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Did everyone have fun on Halloween? Here in Grundy, we postponed Halloween for weather issues. There was a tornado watch, torrential downpours, and a 40-degree temperature drop. Wimps, back in my day, we would have walked 4 miles in the snow to go trick or treating. LOL!!! Just kidding, I was thrilled that they postponed everything until Saturday night. It is supposed to be sunny and cold, but that is better than rain and tornados.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I don’t get many trick or treaters, but I am thinking about dressing up just in case we get a few. There are some new kids in the neighborhood, so I am going to go and buy treat bags for all of them and see if they come to the house. I remember when I was a child, we used to get caramel apples, popcorn balls, and all kinds of homemade cookies for Halloween. Now, unless you know the person, there is no way that you would let your child eat anything like that. It is such a shame because that is some of my favorite memories from Halloween. Does anyone still hand out homemade treats?
50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I hate that I didn’t get any great shots of this tweed jacket for you gurls. It is beautiful and sophisticated looking, and I love that all of the colors are neutral, you can wear this jacket with a lot of different colors. It has a zip-up front and pockets that zip also. I do like that it is machine washable, but I haven’t tried that, yet, so I don’t know how well it would work. I purchased this from Chico’s, and here is the link. BTW, I ordered a size 1 for reference, and the jacket is also on sale.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I know that the vintage fashion show is over, but I thought that you might like to see at least one more necklace and bracelet. I don’t have any idea what material the carved ovals are made from, but I am guessing wood. They are strung on the thinnest chain, so overall, this is a very lightweight necklace. The bracelet is brass and mother of pearl. I bet a lot of you have seen this type of bracelet before; they are relatively plentiful in the vintage fashion world.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40The Talbot sailor jeans that I am wearing have a bootcut hem. I call them my dress jeans because they are a dark color and look nicer than my normal jeans. This pair is one that I bought in the summer, but the sailor style is not available any longer. They still have jeans that look very similar, just no buttons up the sides. I am impressed with Talbot’s clothing, they hold up great, so you get lots of wear for your money.

50 IS NOT OLD | TWEED JACKET WITH BOOTCUT JEANS FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time. So, I was thinking that it is time, but I can’t think of something and I need your help. Comment something below like gift certificate, or jewelry, or R+F, etc. This could be fun, so let’s hear what you all want.

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    • Tania Reply

      That is a super easy giveaway. Maybe some Kendra Scott earrings???

    • Hi Tania, we did the same here in WV due to the weather and will be Trick or Treating Saturday evening. Much nicer weather. Enjoy.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Nancy. It will be weird to be Trick or Treating tomorrow.

    • Tania Reply

      EvaMarie, a gift certificate is an easy gift also. But, then to pick the store…hmmm.

  1. For your giveaway maybe a “starter kit” or your skin care best seller.
    We had tornado watches and downpours here in Piedmont, NC too. Today, cold. Loving it.

    • Tania Reply

      Oooooh! Nancy, that sounds like fun! I have a lot of different products that could make a nice “starter kit.”

  2. I love everything; the dark wash jeans, jewelry, and tweed jacket. I think red suede ankle boot might give it an extra pop of color, but that is because I love red ankle boots! This is really a great outfit.

    • Tania Reply

      Amy, that would have been great. I have red ankle boots, but I hardly ever wear them. That needs to change.

  3. Love as always seeing the vintage jewelry. Any idea what year those bracelets came out? Your outfit is so wearable for all of us. I love Jewelry.

    • Tania Reply

      Connie, I have no idea when those bracelets were the rage. I have several of them in different styles.

  4. I live in a small town in Southern Wisconsin, we have trick or treat the Sunday before Halloween. It was sunny and warm this year for our trick or treaters. Halloween was the best day. We received over 5 inches of snow.

  5. We had a perfect Halloween night, crisp and no rain. A scarf of fall or winter colors would make a nice gift.

  6. Robin Staley Reply

    Love the outfit. We had snow and did not cancel. I have 5 bags of candy left. I’m going to donate it to the troops.

  7. Strange weather in NC Last night … very eerie. I agree with another mention would love a starter kit in R + F will be a great treat. Haha no trick there Lol!

    • Karen from Como Reply

      Gift certificate so I can buy the lovely jacket you are wearing today or the beautiful sweater from yesterday.

  8. I have been at the hospital with my daughter who just gave birth to our newest grandson. This cold blustery weather has been perfect for cuddling with a new baby. I love jewelry, so that would be my choice.

  9. Hi Tania! I had a really sweet neighbor growing up in Cape Cod that would make special goodies for her favorite kids of the neighborhood. We loved her so much! We would go to her house and do special arts and crafts with her. It is sad, I hardly know any of my neighbors, and last night we had only 7 trick or treaters-in two groups! It was so uneventful, but I was a witch and made a homemade container where the seven kids had to reach up the witch’s nose to pull out their candy. Ha ha, I’ve got the sense of humor of a 6 year old! Have fun celebrating Halloween on Saturday night!!!

  10. A year’s supply of all the R & F products I use!! (Asking too much? 😉 )

  11. Colleen Freedman Reply

    I would love a tube of Lash Boost too or a starter kit. I have used the Lash Boost and LOVE it but haven’t used any of the face stuff yet. Love reading your blogs and I think I might order that jacket!

  12. Nancy Onorato Reply

    Hi, Tania, I love that you’ve been featuring more Chico’s lately. Chico’s & Talbots have been my go-to happy places for a long time, and it’s always fun to see how you style different pieces. I would love a Rodan & Fields gift certificate. Thank you for being so sweet & thinking of us!

  13. Hi, Tania! I love your outfit. I wear that type of jacket when I attend writing conferences for a polished, yet comfortable look. Think I need to check out Chico’s! 🙂 As for a giveaway, I’m partial to jewelry, but anything you offer is wonderful!

  14. Love that jacket, it’s in the basket right now! Heaven help me! (Still haven’t won the lottery!) You look absolutely darling! Jewelry or a gift certificate would always be welcome! Love your blog after all these years, it just gets better and better!

  15. Love this jacket, just ordered it ?? Thanks Tania! Happy November ???

  16. Love always We still make popcorn balls flavored with jello, and since I taught school I have many former students and their parents who still come for them. We get more requests from co-workers though.

  17. Love the diagonal lines on the jacket. Matching nails? Perfect.
    Gift from your line sounds like a great gift. I just love creams that have lovely scents. Also been looking for a good peel for the face that doesn’t irritate.

  18. Carol Granger Reply

    As always you have put together a classy outfit, one that isn’t “trendy” and will be out of style next week! I have looked up the jacket but can’t tell if there is any black in it. Help me decide whether to order it…………contains just blue or back and blue??? Thanks, Tania!

  19. Donna Ingalls Reply

    Great jacket!
    I love clothes from Talbots. They are always very well made.
    As far as a giveaway, I would like to suggest bracelets. That’s something I love to wear, but don’t always buy for myself.

  20. I love this outfit. That jacket is cute and your necklace is beautiful!! I say jewelry!

  21. I only had 6 trick or treaters and they were all family. I was thankful for them. But I was a little sad as it was the first time in 23 years that I spent Halloween alone. My husband was working the in the barn, my 23 year old daughter went to dinner with a friend, my 18 year old went to a college Halloween party and my 15 year old was on a school trip. Anyway, Rodan and Fields would be an awesome giveaway anytime but I also know you love Plunder. How about a Plunder basket of goodies. 😉

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