50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME FOR A PERSONAL DAY | FASHION OVER 40Ladies, I am going to do something that I never do. I am taking a personal day, so there isn’t a fashion blog post today. Instead of posting last night, I ended up cooking a southern meal for Ashleigh’s boyfriend, who had never eaten that type of food.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME FOR A PERSONAL DAY | FASHION OVER 40Everyone came over, and it was almost 11:00 PM before they all left. And one of these two blondies ended up spending the night with me. It is funny how a cardboard box can entertain children for hours.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME FOR A PERSONAL DAY | FASHION OVER 40This was the southern dinner I fixed, which consisted of pinto beans, salmon patties, fried potatoes and onions, fried cornbread, and sweet and sour pickles. Andy ate the food, but I doubt if he loved any of it. Ashleigh asked him what his favorite part of the meal was, and he said the salmon patties. Imagine that a commercial fisherman that fishes for salmon would like the salmon the best. Lol! Then, he made us dessert, which was English toffee. It was delicious!!!

Sorry for the short post, but there are times when you have to stop and smell the roses. Be sure to stay tuned for Monday’s post, where I will announce the giveaway. Keep giving me suggestions because I might do more than one.

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  1. Looks like a fun time making new memories. Meal very familiar to me. It’s work to cook! Enjoy your time with family. Maybe gift card give away. Hmmm. Nothing more important than family.

  2. Stephanie J Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your time with family. Lash Boost would be a great giveaway.

    • Karen from Como Reply

      That is a meal my Momma would have cooked back home in Kentucky. I can almost taste it. Thanks for invoking those memories.

  3. Even though I will miss your usual post…I also love seeing your family. Everybody deserves a break!!! It is well deserved.

  4. Great idea for you to take a break and enjoy family time. I’m freaking out at your darling grand babies using SHARPIES…..yikes, permanent markers! ?. Looks like you all had a good time.

  5. I should have had supper with you last night……looks way better than ours LOL!

  6. Being a Californian, I’ve never eaten any thing similar. Love salmon patties and pinto beans, but we eat pintos with ham or with Mexican food! How fun that must have been! Wish i had a large family close! What great memories!

  7. Seconds, please! That is a typical meal for us on the MS coast where I live but crab cakes probably or maybe mackrael patties. Love seeing the family in a casual environment like that.
    Not sure about English toffee pudding though. We’ve never made it. We would have peach cobbler or banana pudding.

  8. Nice to see you enjoying your family & taking a break from the fashion blog.:)

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