50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40What a fun day I had yesterday. It is Homecoming week for our local high school football team, and Emersyn is a cheerleader for the younger boys. They held a homecoming parade, and Emersyn and the other cheerleaders got to ride on a firetruck and throw out candy. My DIL is the cheerleading coach for her age group, so she was going to be on the truck also. My daughter and I decided to go and watch the parade, so we took Emersyn’s little brother with us, and headed downtown.
50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I am not sure if you have ever been to a small town homecoming parade, but there area lot of firetrucks, 4-wheelers, and political candidates in the parade. There is also a LOT of candy that everyone throws to the bystanders. We came prepared to gather a lot of candy, Ashleigh brought Beckham’s lunch box and backpack. Lol! But, what she hadn’t counted on was having to bend down and pick up all of the candy that was being thrown at us. I was holding Beckham in my arms, so I could make sure that he didn’t run out in the road in front of any of the vehicles. That left Ashleigh to be the one to pick up the candy. The problem was that Ashleigh had decided the day before the parade to do some lunges, and her legs and butt were so sore that she could barely bend down and stand back up. It was hilarious, at least to me. Lol! She didn’t find it near as funny, though. Hahahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Emersyn is the one waving to us, and Kayla is the dark-headed woman in the back standing up. She was getting ready to throw us a hand full of candy. Beckham loved seeing his Sissy and Mom on the truck…until the truck started to drive past us. Then, little man had a small meltdown on me until I showed him that someone was dressed as a Dalmation on the firetruck behind us. It is a good thing that he is easily distracted.
50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40You can see that the backpack is over half full, and the lunch box has bunches more. I bet those kids won’t get any sleep tonight. Lol! Also, I doubt if they missed that sugar daddy…it is my favorite candy!
50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Nothing says fall to me like a turtleneck sweater. I am not a huge fan of turtlenecks because I have more chins than I need. I feel like the turtleneck brings attention to a problem area, so I usually go for a cowl neck instead. But, I came across this wool-blend sweater the other day when I was shopping on Amazon, and I had to order it. I knew that it was going to be a keeper as soon as I opened the bag. This is an extremely nice sweater, and it is perfect for fall. It is thick, but it is not scratchy at all. It didn’t photograph as nice as it looked in person. This was by Goodthreads, and I loved their statement: “Goodthreads is on a mission to create incredible clothes at affordable prices. Our womenswear delivers the perfect balance of feminine and tomboy style, rooted in denim and everything you wear with it – washed shirting, cozy sweaters, and perfectly broken-in t-shirts.” Here is the link to the sweater.
50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I took these photos last weekend before I started wearing my vintage jewelry. So, today, I am wearing the Bennett earrings. These have a boho vibe, and they feature a mustard twine ball with tassel & feather and a 4″ drop. The Cooper necklace has purple beads on brown cord with a tassel and a mustard feather that matches the earrings.
50 IS NOT OLD | TURTLENECK, JEANS, AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Look who came to visit this weekend, and he just happened to be my twin. Lol! This is my nephew, Pryce. Pryce is Joe’s sister’s son, and he is the one that I talked about a year ago who was signed with a modeling agency in New York. He is now going to college, and they came in to visit before my daughter heads back to Alaska. I made him come out and take a few pictures with me since we both had on the same outfit. I had to take a few photos because he is so much taller than me; I kept cutting off part of his head. Lol! BTW, I am wearing a pair of flare jeans and a pair of yellowish ankle boots.


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    • Tania Reply

      Hey, Amy. Those jeans are by Leith and I bought them from Nordstrom this past summer. I can’t find them on the internet now, so I linked to similar ones. I do have a pair by Kut From The Kloth that I like, but they don’t have as much flair

  1. Wow, your nephew could pass as your son. The two of you are adorable! Love the simple black turtleneck with jeans.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, bunches, Mary Lou! I think he is so handsome, just a little on the skinny side. Lol!

  2. Love the turtleneck!
    Can you tell me where you purchased the jeans?
    Louisiana Liz ???

    • Tania Reply

      Liz, those are Leith jeans that I bought back in the summer. I linked to similar ones because I can’t find them on the website any longer.

  3. Great pics. You and your nephew have such beautiful coloring. Anything looks good on you.
    I’m not thrilled about my neck as I get older. I think I could wear a turtleneck if it came right up under my chin. I love this one though so I think I’ll click through and see if they have my size.

    • Tania Reply

      I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this sweater too. The neck is not tight, and that is a huge deal to me.

  4. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Cute pics of you and your nephew. My mom was going to name me Pryce if I had been a boy. That’s a name you don’t see much. That was her doctor’s name and she loved him like a Dad…soooo
    I know you say you don’t wear much black, but you look great in it. Just about my favorite fall and winter color.

    • Tania Reply

      Melesa, I don’t think that I have ever met anyone else named Pryce before. I am glad that you liked the outfit, but the sweater is actually navy. Lol!

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