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Try On Haul With January’s New Arrivals From Talbots

I know many of you stocked up on a lot of winter styles from The Talbots Red-Hanger Sale. Even though I had already bought a lot of things, I still managed to find a few more things. I saw January’s New Arrivals From Talbots had launched, so I ran by to do a quick Try On haul for you. I did this as a mix-and-match try-on, and I tried to show how to wear each item in multiple ways.

I’m going to give you my measurements so you can have an idea of how things fit. Everything I tried on fit me great, except the last pair of jeans. I recommend sizing down in those.

I’m 5’6″ tall and weigh 155 lbs. In Talbot’s clothing, I usually wear a size 8 in pants and jeans, a 10 or a medium in tops and sweaters, a 10 or a large in jackets, and a 12 in dresses.

I love this crisp button-up shirt with a slightly relaxed look. It is long enough to wear with leggings, but it also looks great tied in the front. The wide-leg jeans are a pair that can be dressed up or down, and they had to come home with me.

I added this striped cable-knit coatigan and liked how it looked with the striped shirt. This is a fairly heavy coatigan, so if you live in a warm climate, this might not be for you. I love the toggle closures, which give it a nautical vibe.

I kept on the wide-leg jeans but changed to a mockneck sweater. I think the white stripes make this sweater stand out. It looks great with the white jeans.

However, the sweater looks equally as good with a pair of jeans. This pair of jeans has a unique stripe down the sides of the jeans.

I kept on the jeans and added a button-up shirt in a blue and orange tile print. Blue and orange are a great combination, and this print is extremely pretty.

Even though I like the button-up shirt by itself, it looks extraordinary with the clementine cardigan.

I switched prints and chose to wear a paisley green print shirt with slim jeans and a pistachio green cardigan. Lime green is a trending color this year, and this is a fantastic way to wear it.

It is a trend to wear a cardigan buttoned, and adding this multi-stripe scarf adds a tiny bit of color to the look. The scarf’s colors are perfect for spring, and I like the soft look.

The scoop neck curved hem tee is a perfect white tee. It isn’t see-through, and it fits great. I bought it in white and navy and sized up to a large in both. I don’t like my tees to fit tight and show all lumps and bumps. The orange, blue, and white ruana is cute and creates a perfect casual look. Plus, it adds a little warmth, but isn’t too hot.

I’d probably wear this pair of stretch joggers for a casual day at home. I’ve noticed that I’m reaching for joggers more and more over leggings these days, and this pair feels great.

This knit jacket took a casual jogger and tee outfit and made it look chic. I love the simple and elegant look, which is hard to do with a pair of joggers.

Look how nice this jacket looks zipped! I love the dark color of these jeans, but since it is a relaxed fit, I should have sized down to a size 6. The jeans still look great, but the waist is way too big on me.

Tania Stephens from 50 Is Not Old is styling new arrivals from Talbots4822
PLACED HEARTS MOCKNECK PULLOVER ( Medium) || EVERYDAY RELAXED JEANS – SUNDOWN WASH (8) – Very Relaxed, I’m going to size down.

My last outfit is with the same pair of jeans and a heart pullover sweater. The navy and Fuschia hearts sweater would be great for Valentine’s Day, but you could wear it anytime.

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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Great haul! I loved everthing ♥!

  2. Love all the outfits on you. I guess I will be going shopping at Talbots. Thank you
    for all your great ideas.
    Cathy A

  3. Mary Carol says:

    Great outfit ideas. I love the black joggers on you.
    Thank you for my Amazon gift card. You are amazing and I am honored.
    (Thinking I should go buy a lottery ticket soon!!)

  4. Love the blue and orange, especially love the orange cardigan!

  5. Norma Salinas says:

    Everything looks great on you, especially when your a size 6/8. It motivates me to try to lose some weight so they can look and fit better.

  6. Constance Wilkinson says:

    I absolutely loved this! You looked fabulous in all outfits. I wish a petite person would do this type of posting. I am 4’11” and age 50 has been in my tail lights for quite a few years! Seeing the Talbots new styles and trends is very helpful at any age!

    1. Zenia Baker says:

      Hi Constance!
      No need in this case, because Talbots has Petite sizes in most of their styles. They also have Woman Petite, which is difficult to find. (I am not affiliated with the brand)

  7. Lori Hadoulis says:

    Love the white jeans! ❤️

  8. I love Talbots! Thanks for introducing some new items. Very cute!

  9. Danette Greenfield says:

    Talbots is one of my favorite places to shop. Thanks for showing all the cute options!

  10. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    OMG love all of these beautiful clothes!! Thank you for sharing these great styles!! Hope that you are having a great Saturday!!

  11. Love your recent Talbot’s haul. I especially like the boyfriend striped shirt, the toggle coatigan, and the mock neck sweater. These would be perfect for the spring weather here in New England. I think a shopping spree is in my future!

  12. Love all of them! You look fabulous!

  13. Love black and white together. You look nice in all these outfits.

  14. I didn’t want the post to end! Thank you Tanya for taking the time to show everything you did 🙂 I sure hope that black and white zippered jacket came home with you!

  15. Wow. Great color combos. Everything you showed is so wearable.
    Thank you.

  16. I love ♥️ your blog!

  17. Everyone of these outfits are go doggone cute and look great on you. How did you leave the store without every single piece? The only thing missing are what shoes to wear?

  18. Sharla Van Beek says:

    Tania, you look great in all those outfits. Love the black and white striped shirt tied in front on you. You do so well picking out pieces that look great together. My 60th birthday is in Feb and my goal weight is 155 lbs. I know why…..you look great!
    Thanks for the Bible verses. God is Great! Jesus is the only way of Salvation!

  19. So many cute clothes! Talbots can’t be beat for quality. That clementine cardigan really popped on you.

  20. I love the boyfriend shirt and toggle coat. I like the vertical stripes shirt as I think they have a tendency to make me not look so blocky. I am considering the toggle after seeing it on you. I love navy and it would be a great addition to my jacket/coat selections. You always choose the exact things I like from Talbots, which is a major reason I like seeing your Talbot purchases.

  21. Teresa Dinette says:

    Love them all, want them all!

  22. Love it all, and you look great in everything, but I have to say: nothing beats black and white. Understated, yet bold. Timeless. Sophisticated. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look stunning in simple black and white.

  23. Janice Jenkins says:

    I love all these looks! my favorite is the cardigans, both colors! The scarf is a plus, love it!!

  24. The striped shirt, tied, with the white jeans looks fabulous. The print shirt with the green sweater, and print with the clementine sweater, wow!

    The best picture is Joe’s redesign of your living room!

  25. Janice Jenkins says:

    I love these looks!! my favorite is the cardigans, I love both colors. The scarf is a plus!!

  26. Hi Tania,
    Would you please share what toenail polish you are wearing? Thank you.

    1. Jan, I have no idea what color it is. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. Peggy Gittings says:

    Love these choices from Talbots!

  28. Oh my goodness! I love all of these! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Ginger Hiller says:

    You really created some elevated casual looks.

  30. I’m impressed with your Abingdon golf course 😉

    I love all your outfits with my favs being the 3-piece white and black outfit, the black with white stripe sweater with both the white pants and the blue jeans, the outfit with the clementine sweater, and the T-shirt/jogging pants outfit. However, all your try-ones are very flattering on you.

    To Joe-happy putting ⛳️

  31. Love the mock-neck top! Gotta love a great Talbots sale!

  32. These outfits are just gorgeous! Love them all. My favorite is the black sweater with the white stripes.

  33. Amy Brinkman says:

    I have a question about half tucking your shirt in the front. When do you wear a belt and when do you not? I see it both ways and wonder how you decide. Looking forward to your explanation.

  34. LORI A DUROCHER says:

    I really liked your try-on post today. You showed several cute pieces and combinations. In your picture the joggers looked like they had a cuff, but in the link, they don’t show a cuff. Are they cuffed?

    1. Lori, I’m not sure. I didn’t bring them with me to TN, so I can’t look.

  35. Debra Mundy says:

    Love the orange/green cardigans with the print shirt. Everything looks so great on you!

  36. Kelly Brooks says:

    Love all of these gonna do some serious shopping online today at home with the crud. Thanks for all your help and advice.

  37. Lois Mahdi says:

    Just love these try-on haul posts. I’m a cardigan gal so the beautiful pistachio and orange sweaters appeal to me. Will have to head to Talbots and try them on!

  38. Gail Clark says:

    I love the black and white cable knit cardigan!

  39. I really like all your Talbots clothes today. I especially like that striped shirt and the white pants on you. Have a wonderful day.

  40. Julie Shutt says:

    WOW , I Love Everything you tried on.
    Especially the striped shirt tied with the white pants and the Orange and Lime tops.!!! You knocked this one out of the Ballpark!!

  41. Gurl…you’re killin me…lol
    I Love Talbots and want EVERYTHING!! You looked great in everything too.

  42. Marie Dee says:

    Tania, You must have the perfect shape for Talbots clothing because you look stunning in everything! Especially the black and white outfits…very classy!

  43. Kimberly 🌸 says:

    Tania, You look ABSOLUTELY GREAT!
    The clothing choices all look FABULOUS on you!🙂

  44. I loved everything you tried on today! I am loving the hair style and color you are doing too. It looks more silvery, which I love.

  45. I didn’t see a size reference for the white jacket. I looked it and we are similar in size. In fact, I love just about everything you modeled here!

  46. I love Talbot’s! The black and white combinations look fabulous on you and so do the vibrant colors.

  47. Rhonda Matzke says:

    Love all of these today! Thank you for sharing

  48. I love Talbots, anyway, but now I know where my next paycheck is going! 🤣 The sweaters with the printed button down and the sweater with the scarf: so pretty! You look great in all the outfits!

  49. Ditto Cindy’s comment below–you looked great in each of the Talbot’s outfits! I especially liked you in the clementine sweater with the blue and orange button up shirt. Talbot’s is my go to place to shop, and I am familiar with their latest, but you brought to my attention some pieces that I may have not have considered before.
    Thank you for all of the hard work that you do to present a blog every day. I love seeing what you’ve found and hearing about your life. Peace and blessings.

  50. Roberta S says:

    I love the black and white combinations. It’s a very classy look.

  51. Awesome outfits. Love the colors. So ready for Spring…

  52. Love this post Tania. Talbots is one of my favorite stores. I own the joggers in 2 colors and wear them a lot. Love the try on hauls you do. Fun to see the new merchandise coming in. I’ll have to stop in soon.

  53. Great post. The striped shirt, the sweater with the stripe on sleeves were my favorites.

  54. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I love both of the shirt/cardigan combinations. The colors just scream “spring” and I am ready!

  55. Dana Smithmier says:

    I am buying too much-but its all so cute❤️❤️

  56. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I love all of it! Even though I can’t afford all of it it gives me trends to look for within my budget.

  57. Nicki Frair says:

    All such beautiful outfits! I love your try ons. I always get inspiration from your beautiful style.

  58. Mary Kinard says:

    This post inspires me to mix and match some items I have with a few new pieces!

  59. Bethany Blanchard says:

    I love the black and white combinations. The white jeans look fabulous too!

  60. You look great in all these outfits. I especially love the whimsical shirt with clementine sweater. Thanks for featuring Talbots again. Love their style and quality.

  61. Very pretty choices! Talbots always has classic pieces and sprinkles in trendy colors and styles for the season.

  62. Leslie Bizzell says:

    All of these looks are so great I had forgotten how much I loved Talbots!

  63. Love the items you tried on. Makes me want to update my wardrobe.

  64. Cynthia Powers says:

    100% I am very picky and could find no bad choices here.

  65. You look so cute in every outfit you tried on! You actually look better than the models for Talbots, you have a more realistic figure. Talbots is my favorite place to shop and your pairings have inspired me to visit soon! Thank you doing this try on!

  66. Love everything you tried on…Super Cute and it all looks great on you! I really want the button shirts….and the Ruana.

  67. Linda Shearer says:

    Thank You for showing multiple ways to wear each piece. I really enjoyed this post.

  68. Great outfits! Love Talbots! They always have a great selection.

  69. Such a cute collection – bring on the warmer weather!

  70. Pat Welker says:

    Love all these Talbot’s Finds!

  71. Love your Joe stories! You may want to invest/find a sturdy umbrella stand for him to keep his putters in, for the cold months. Loving the Talbot’s outfits, thanks for the outfit inspirations. Have a blessed week!

  72. I love every item you showed, and you looked fabulous in each piece! The colors were especially attractive and blended well together. All were homeruns! BTW, my husband has the same putting green but hasn’t gotten it out yet!

  73. I liked everything about this post!!

  74. Tania I really like all the outfits, I bet the heart sweater would look great with the wide leg white jeans! Thanks for the inspiration and hard work!

  75. Sue McKamely says:

    Love all your try-ons and you look amazing in all of the outfits. I particularly like the print shirt with the lime green cardigan. Green is my favorite color so I will be adding this item to my cart! Thanks for taking the time to style all of the outfits!

  76. Janice Wooldridge says:

    I like those white pants !!

  77. Tania – I love the clothes you picked out for this try-on haul from Talbots! That lime green is beautiful – it was really featured in the last Talbots catalog. I am definitely excited for spring! And thanks for bringing back stories about you & Joe in the emails! The stories are what drew me into your blog.

  78. Cute white pants. What shoes would you wear? Casual?

  79. I like everything you picked out.

  80. Vicki L Werley says:

    I am a Talbots fan. I can always find something to buy. I am petite, and I have some of your pieces that you had shown above.

  81. LOVE these clothes!!!!! I have never shopped at Talbots – not sure why!! Spring colors are just refreshing!

  82. Those are all super cute! Thanks for the try on!

  83. Joan Henry says:

    Love the try on hauls! You lock good in everything. I want the joggers and tshirts!