50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40The holiday weekend is over, and it is time to get back to work. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my parents, and I am one of the lucky people who still have a grandparent living. My father’s father is 101, and I went to visit with him while I was in town. He usually has some fascinating stories to tell, but on Sunday, he was tired and didn’t talk a great deal. He has a rescue chihuahua that I took to him and my Aunt, from the dog pound. That dog is hilarious because he can’t stand for anyone to get near grandpa. When we walk over to hug grandpa, Willie (the dog) goes crazy. I had my mother distract Willie when it got time to leave, and I went to hug Pa goodbye. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40I threatened to load the little rat back up in the car and haul his rear back to Virginia, but that didn’t phase him at all. Lol! While Willie is extremely attached to grandpa, he doesn’t only fuss when people hug grandpa. For some reason, Willie hates anybody to hug anybody. If Joe is at grandpa’s and hugs me, then Willie is upset. Lol! I need to tell my Aunt that I have found a new business for her and pa. They need to “rent” Willie out to parents of teenage daughters. Whenever her boyfriend comes to the house, they can bring Willie over to keep an eye on them. Lol! They could make a ton of money with that service. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40It is that time of the year. It is time for graduations, baby showers, and weddings. I am not sure how baby showers got lumped in with the other events, but they seem to happen a lot at this time of the year. I get a lot of questions about what to wear to this type of events. You want to look beautiful, dressy, but not overdressed, and you still want to be comfortable. I think that I have found the perfect dress for the occasion. This floral dress (here) is by Anne Klein, and it is recommended to be Dry Clean only. I am not sure why it is labeled like that since it is 97% cotton and 3% elastane. The wide tie front is very flattering, and it is attached on the back of the dress. But, can we talk about the pockets? Am I the only one who is a sucker for a dress with pockets? Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40I like earrings with movement, and the Webber earrings have plenty of that. These 3.25″ silver dangles have three cascading layers that move independently of each other to create lots of movement and interest.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40I am all set for the Red Shoe gala with this pair of Michael Kors pumps. There is something about a pair of red pumps that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. I think that your confidence level increases as soon as you slip on a pair of shoes like this. I love this elegant style that also has a sexy vibe. These also look great with jeans. Here is a post I did with jeans and a t-shirt while wearing these shoes. Here is the link to the Dorothy Flex pumps.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40I thought that you might like a side view of this gorgeous dress. I loved the side split on the dress. It gives a unique detail, but the split is not too high, which is what I like. I am wearing a size large in this dress, but I do feel like it is too big on me, especially under the arms.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT DRESS FOR GRADUATION, BABY SHOWERS, AND WEDDINGS | FASHION OVER 40Where can you see yourself wearing this dress? Courtney, my photographer, wasn’t sold on the dress when she saw it on the hanger, but she loved it when she saw me wearing it. That is how it is when you go shopping, so be sure to try on lots and lots of clothing.

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  1. Beverly wrote:

    Such a cute dress! I love it! Also love your story about your grandfather! The dog sounds hilarious! I’ve been around dogs like that. Not fun!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  2. pam wrote:

    LOVE the dress, especially the length, and the shoes. Great outfit.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  3. Carol A Daily wrote:

    Thank you for sharing. I love midi dresses! You have given me some ideas for showers, weddings, and graduation! Thank you so much! You look lovely!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  4. Johnna wrote:

    The pockets would have sold me too. Love, love, love dresses with pockets! Very pretty & feminine today. And the red heels are to die for.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  5. Gayle wrote:

    Love your posts, you have talked about photographing people and yourself. I have noticed your head is usually forward from your neck and chin slightly down. I hate having my picture taken and I am going to try this pose to see if it changes the blockiness of my shoulders!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  6. SandyW wrote:

    Love the color of the dress…not a fan of the big bow in front since I don’t want to accentuate my mid section. Awhile back I did sign up for IG but within an hour I was back off as I decided that was just one more thing that I would spend too much time on…LOL

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  7. debbie8947 wrote:

    I love dresses with pockets as well…but those shoes! Oh my goodness I’m in love with the color. I just love reading your blog Tania! You’re real and down to earth.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  8. Janet wrote:

    I love your stories! Very pretty outfit. Yes, I’ve started following you on IG.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  9. Robin Staley wrote:

    So cool that you still have a grand parent left. Your parents must be very young. Are they both still living. Beautiful dress.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
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