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The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50

Are you a fan of stripes? For me, it depends! I’m not going to wear horizontal stripes across my behind any time soon, lol. Stripes are definitely trending. You’ll see a ton of banded items by retailers this year. Don’t worry. Today, I’m showing the best ways to wear stripes for women over 50.

This Oversized Striped Cardigan Sweater is one of my favorite purchases from Amazon. I love how soft and comfy it is, but the oversized look is what I love the most. I think it looks great with the NYDJ white ankle jeans, and yes…you can wear them before Memorial Day without the fashion police coming to arrest you.

Can you tell I love wearing white jeans at this time of the year? These Pintuck Flare Leg Jeans look dressier than most jeans, and I love the gorgeous Cotton Button Front Striped Shirt with them. The pink Cable Knit V-Neck Cardigan is perfect for adding extra warmth at this time of the year.

This tonal neutral outfit is as simple as it gets. It consists of a pair of wide-leg pants and a Striped half-zip sweater. Everyone puts on a top and a bottom (at least, I hope they do), so why not make it something cute???

The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50 – Tops

If you need to look a bit wider or want to flatter a slim build, this top is perfect! I love that the stripes don’t go all the way to the top. I think it elevates the shirt a bit. I went with a classic black and white combo, but there are many options at the link. Under $30 dollars!

You can’t go wrong with a classic striped button-down! This comes in several colors, including green, orange, and yellow. Is it too soon to be thinking about football games again? This is a great shirt and under $30 dollars. Available to XX-L.

The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50 – Scarf

I think this is a classic! What do you expect from Talbots? This would instantly elevate basic jeans and a button-down. The only downside I see is that you’ll look so expensive people will start asking to borrow money!

The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50 – Dresses

Another classic look from Talbots. Sigh. Why don’t they just take all of my money?! This shirt dress will never go out of style. It’s available in sizes 2 – 18 and is 100% cotton. I wore a pair of navy suede pumps, but I would pair it with some white sneakers if I wanted to dress it down a hair.

Here’s another super cute option that is a little less expensive. Okay, it’s a lot less expensive. lol. It’s made from 100% viscose and is lightweight and non-stretch. See what I mean about sneakers? I think it’s adorable and would be great to wear for errands, lunch out with friends, or anywhere you want to go and look easy breezy chic.

The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50 – Pants

Did you see these and think “choo choo”? Okay, same, but they are actually VERY cute. I’d wear these with a navy sweater or a cute white top and navy cardigan. Stripes on pants are a great way to fool the eye and elongate the leg. These are available in Misses, Petite, Plus, and Plus Petite!

The Best Way To Wear Stripes For Women Over 50 – Accessories

Accessories are a great way to incorporate a trend. These actually incorporate two! Stripes AND bows are trending now. The heel is a bit high at 3 1/8 inches, but they are chunky, which should help with stability.

I think the tan and white combo looks chic, but they are available in several others, even gingham!

How cute is this wicker clutch?! It’s bigger than it looks at 11″ L x 1″ W x 6 1/2″ H. It’s such a pretty spring/summer purse. This would be great for vacation. During the day, a crossbody bag is fine, but for dinners out, I like to elevate the look a bit. The color is called Soft Aqua. Just gorgeous!

Looking for a great tote? You can’t go wrong with this striped straw bag. Oversized totes aren’t just for the beach anymore. This one is made of woven nylon straw, and it’s lightweight and durable. It has a polyester cotton lining and is under $25 dollars!

Let me know in the comments if you’re a fan of stripes or if you’re more of a Brandy Clark kind of girl. LOL

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  1. My when to wear white pants/shoes rule is Easter, not Memorial Day. I still hold to that, even with my light pastels.

    1. Goodness, I threw all those rules out the windows years ago. Lol!

  2. I love wearing stripes in the spring. Thanks for sharing these pics!

  3. I love reading your blog. I get a lot of ideas. Thank you.

  4. Cez Edoria says:

    I love your style. I’m only 5′ and can’t wear horizontal stripes. I love the gray/pink outfit. I will see if that will look good on me.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love that song! Never heard it before, but it is hilarious!

    I love stripes, but in moderation.

  6. I bought the oversized striped cardi in gray and white stripes a few weeks ago. I just love it! It looks so cute with lots of different colors of tshirts and a pair of jeans. I may have to get another color combo. 😉

  7. Sharon Buchanan says:

    Love the Bow striped shoe!!! So cute!!
    Also really like that pink cardigan with the grey striped blouse, love pink and grey together!!

  8. Gotta love stripes!!!

  9. Ann Kraft says:

    Hi Tania. I just love receiving your emails. Very inspiring outfit ideas – and I personally love your Scripture quotes! Thank you!! I need your advice. I am short (5′ 3″) and weigh about 128 lbs. Also, I’m rather full-busted. I’m looking for a great fitting, classic, white, button-up shirt (preferably long sleeve – but elbow length or mid-length is good too). Do you have any recommendations? And, I’m also wondering what you would consider to be the best cut for pants/jeans for someone my size? I’m hoping someday my “look” will be as “put together” as yours. Thanks for all you do. Ann

    1. Ann, I’m not sure I can help you as far as the busty part goes. I’m not busty, so I have no experience with that. I would recommend looking at this one by J.Jill, and this one by Athleta. They are both great shirts. For jeans, I think a straight leg or one with a slight flare looks great. A boot cut works also. Those are the most universally flattering cuts for women. A medium fits me in J.Jill, but the medium in Athleta was too big. I sent it back, and I’m ordering a small instead.

  10. Love the song. Made me giggle! Loved the Amazon dress as well.

  11. Love anything with a vertical stripe. I am short and they really flatter.
    Love both pairs of the Talbots trousers!

  12. Love stripes! I especially like the button down! I also immediately thought about football when I saw the red stripe. We cheer for the GA Bulldawgs♥️🖤

    Easter\Spring is my favorite holiday to decorate, so refreshing and beautiful pastel colors.

  13. Phyllis Martin says:

    The dresses are very nice.

  14. I don’t wear stripes too often. I do like the striped top with the pink cardigan on you.

  15. Nice to see stripes great selection

  16. sue ann koren says:

    I love navy and white stripes for spring!

  17. Nancy Steinbacher says:

    I love stripes. I especially love the scarf. All your style ideas are great. I like to copy them. Glad your brother is doing much better.

  18. Love the striped half zip sweater!

    1. Please offer ideas on problem necks in those of us in our 70s. Most of the time trying to camouflage with scarves, I end of looking frumpy. Thank you!

  19. Love those shoes! Stripes and bows are the perfect combination!

  20. Susan Mckenzie says:

    STRIPES!!!!! Always look so refreshing!! And, I agree, the striped button down would be perfect for a football game!!

    1. Dorrie Merluzzi says:

      You look amazing! I love Stripes! It lends itself to a nautical style and coastal grandma vibe. Did you realize your beautiful Brahmen Tabitha bag has a gremlin named, Stripe/Mohawk in the ostrich pattern? I kid you not. That’s crazy. Because it’s an article about stripes 🤣

      1. Lol! No, I hadn’t noticed. That’s funny.

  21. My first thought on the striped pants was railroad pants!!

  22. I already commented but I forgot to say that I am happy your brother is doing well and out of the hospital. Thank you Jesus. 🙏

  23. I’m a fan of stripes. I like horizontal on tops like the sweaters you showed. So cute. I like vertical too. I don’t like stripes to be very wide since I’m petite. I have the wide leg pants you’re wearing with the navy stripe sweater. I’m wearing them on Easter with my navy stripe lady jacket. What I like about stripes is they’re classic and even if not trending it’s not an outdated print. From what I have read French women wear them all the time.

  24. I do like stripes. I really like that 3/4 zipper striped sweater.

  25. Ginger Hiller says:

    What wonderful news about your brother! I will keep praying for him. Like you, most of my female friends are ones I’ve never met, but I value them so much. I have a few tops with stripes, so I should be all set.

    1. Ginger, you are one I definitely consider as a friend.

  26. Brrring on the stripes! A favorite for me are the stripe shirts with a jean jacket, and throw in a white pair of pants!

  27. Love the button down and the “choo choo” pants! 🙂

  28. Love every one of these outfits.

  29. Jacque Abell says:

    I love all those sweaters. I’m going to have to choose one. probably the cardigan. love those ankle pants also.

  30. I LOVE stripes! My girls look in my closet and say “Mom, do you really need more striped clothes?” Lol! I’m ordering that card and button down- slowly build my spring capsule wardrobe! Thank you for your posts- as a newly 50 year old, your blog was a blessing to find! So glad to hear about your brother – God is good all the time!

    1. Lol! That’s funny that the girls notice your style obsession.

  31. I love stripes! All of the cute choices you have featured are totally appropriate! The dresses are especially adorable, and the pink shirt is perfect. I’m so happy Joe and your brother are continuing to do well! Happy Wednesday❤❤❤

  32. I love stripes and wear them often. I realize that the horizontal stripes can make your body look wider but I don’t stress about it.
    Those stripe/bow shoes are really cute.

  33. My favorite is the first outfit with the oversized sweater

  34. Becky Kerwin says:

    Omg! I just love the striped jeans, I had striped overall shorts years ago and I loved them! Sadly I won’t pay that much for a trendy pair of jeans! Thanks!

  35. Love the pink sweater and tan striped sweater and how you styled them with light pants. I am going to try this I will dig out my light colored pants and white jeans.

  36. Stripes are always fun, but my body pretty much demands vertical! 😜😂 I do love that first sweater, though, and the dresses are fab! 💛
    (Glad you’re brother is okay, and that Joe is doing well, too!)

  37. Stripes are always fun, but my body pretty much demands vertical! 😜😂 I do love that first sweater, though, and the dresses are fab! 💛
    (Glad your brother is okay!)

  38. I am sending continued prayers for both Joe and your brother in their healing.

  39. I love stripes! Especially vertical. The button down shirt is now on my shopping list!