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The Best Walmart Try On Haul Of 2023

I’ve done a lot of Walmart try on hauls this year. Walmart has the latest styles and trends at affordable prices, and I can always find lots of great items. All the new arrivals blew me away, so today, I’m doing the best Walmart try on haul of 2023!

The Best Walmart Try On Haul With Corduroy

Let’s start this best Walmart try on haul of 2023 off with a gorgeous tonal outfit. I love a tonal outfit; it looks chic and put together.

The Magenta Textured Hi-Lo Sweater is a beautiful color with hints of black running through the fabric. The sweater is loose-knit, so I added a white Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt underneath it. The shirt adds warmth, keeps you from seeing through the loose weave, and gives the outfit an elevated look.

I untucked the shirt to create some separation between the Magenta Textured Hi-Lo Sweater and High Rise Corduroy Flare Jeans. These flare corduroy jeans are a great color, and I would wear them with navy, ivory, black, green, etc. They have the perfect amount of flare, not too big or too small.

The Best Walmart Try On Haul With Jeans

Jeans are what I wear the most in fall and winter. They are my go-to for most days and can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion.

The Blue Stripe Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt and Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt could be worn with the jeans for a classic, casual look. I’m always cold, so I layered the Cable Knit Cardigan Sweater over the skirt for visual interest and warmth. This sweater is a thicker weave, so you can button it and wear it as a pullover. Layering (adding more clothing to a basic outfit) is the best way to look polished and put together.

Jeans come in many different styles and washes. Here is a post on The Best of the Trending Jeans This Winter. These are Dark Wash Mid Rise Straight Jeans, and I like them since the leg is not skinny but still allows me to tuck them into knee boots. I wore a pair of ballet flats for this look and carried a Crossbody Handbag. Both items are sold out but are available in other colors.

This is not my usual style, but I actually like it. I love each piece, and the colors are gorgeous.

The Plaid Button Down Cropped Shacket is so cute, and I love the casual vibe. My issue with past shackets is that they are usually oversized and sloppy-looking. This one is a gorgeous color (more options are available) and almost has a feminine vibe. What do you think?

This outfit is my style and is something I would wear around the house to keep me warm.

This dark green French Terry and Faux Sherpa Pullover is warm and cozy. I love this casual look, and the green color is deep and rich. The pullover comes in a couple of other colors, and since it is under $20, I think I might get the winter white one, too.

I mentioned earlier that you could tuck these Dark Wash Mid Rise Straight Jeans into knee boots. It is difficult to tuck jeans into boots that don’t zip, but the Cognac Tall Slouch Boots has a half zip that makes it easier. The easiest way to tuck your jeans into boots is by tucking the jeans into socks before slipping on the boots.

The Best Walmart Try On Haul For The Holidays

I wanted to show you a few holiday looks in my best Walmart try on haul of 2023. Holiday looks aren’t something we usually wear every day, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them unless I can wear them later in the season.

This Light Grey Cardigan Sweater with Jewel-Like Buttons is one you can wear now, for the holidays, and later. The buttons sparkle and shine and look festive for the holidays. The light grey color is a great neutral that can be worn with any color. I added the white Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt under the cardigan for a casual look.

Coated Skinny Jeans look more elegant than regular jeans. So, I added a pair of black Slingback Patent Pumps to keep the outfit dressy. The slingbacks have an ankle strap, but I would have liked them better without the strap. I rarely wear straps around my ankle; I don’t find them comfortable.

The Crushed Velvet Top with Short Sleeves looks more festive than the grey cardigan. I love crushed velvet, and this gorgeous “rhubarb” color is so vibrant and pretty.

You gurls in warmer climates have been asking for things you could wear for the holidays, and this top would be perfect. The puffed short sleeves will keep you cool, and the top isn’t heavyweight.

The top looks brighter on me than in person. The color on the website is more accurate. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me perfectly.

The Best Walmart Try On Haul With Dresses

I go in spurts in what I am drawn to. I’ve been drawn to burgundy or Merlot, but lately, I’ve noticed that green is starting to find its way into my cart a lot.

This Tiered Side Tie Dress is a casual look, and the color is called Sea Turtle. I thought it was a green leopard print, but what do I know? I liked the side ties, which lets you tighten or loosen the dress to fit your body exactly. The dress has a snap closure to keep the v-neck from being too revealing. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me perfectly.

This is a classic look that is so CHIC!

I love this Knit Turtleneck Sweater Dress!!! This is a great dress that can be dressed up or down, and I think it would look great worn with a belt. I wore the dress with black tights, black slouch boots, and a black trench coat because I love pairing black and brown together. I wore tights, a bodysuit to keep everything smooth-looking under my clothes, and a trench coat. Those items created a lot of static, and the dress was trying to cling to me. Lol!

I love a classic trench coat; it is chic and stylish. The trench is almost completely out of stock, so I’ll link to similar ones below.

This is the last outfit, and it is a cutie! Plaid always trends in fall and winter, and black watch plaid is a holiday tradition.

I love this outfit; it might be my favorite of the entire try on! The Tiered Plaid Shirtdress fits great and is soft to the touch. I love how the dress looks with the black Opaque Tights and slouch boots. I often wear tights as the weather gets cooler and my legs whiter. What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?

The Hobo Shoulder Handbag is a good size bag. I like a larger tote so that it can hold all my stuff. This one has several pockets on the front and back, which can separate your items.

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Whenever you SHARE my posts on PINTERESTINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE, AND FACEBOOK, it helps other ladies who might be style challenged to find my blog. I appreciate every one of you, and I consider you a friend.

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  1. Love the green dress with black boots! Would have ordered, but out of stock! ☹️ Happy Sunday!

  2. I love the corduroy pants!!

  3. Stella Gustafson says:

    Walmart is stepping up their clothes line

  4. You slayed these new seasonal outfits! Loving so many!

  5. sue koren says:

    Love the price point on all of these outfits!

  6. Delighted that you advocate not spending big bucks on holiday wear that gets used only a few times in a year.

  7. That light grey cardigan is very nice; it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Well done Walmart! 😁

  8. The dresses looks so pretty and your are so good at putting outfits together.

  9. I love the dresses! Walmart has really stepped it up! Definitely not the same old Walmart fashion!

  10. I like every single thing that you featured. Wal-Mart has really got it’s fashion game in high gear.

  11. Great Walmart haul and you modeled them so well. yes I would wear the plaid dress and boots.

  12. Laura Garrett says:

    Wow – yippee for these Wal-mart styles! I love the magenta colors on you and the emerald/blue plaid shacket is so striking with your hair color. You look wonderful in all the pictures. I’ll be checking every one of them out. Thanks!!

  13. Love the cardigan with jeweled buttons, but I have about 15 sweaters and cannot justify another! However, I went to Walmart and bought a black/grey/white plaid shirt yesterday, because of your blog!! You showed all those gorgeous plaids, and I am so happy with this lightweight shirt. I can wear it often, as it is the perfect weight for our fall today/spring yesterday crazy weather.

  14. The magenta sweater looked amazing on you. My favorite is the plaid shacket.
    Great ideas.

  15. You certainly did have the volume. You do all the leg work for us! Thanks g

  16. Walmart has really improved the fashion! You look cute in everything.

  17. Sherli Morgan says:

    Cute fashions from Walmart. I especially liked the red velvet shorter sleeved top. How cute!!

    Loved the story about your dog. I have a cat that lives to snuggle under covers – all on her terms!! Lol

    Have a blessed rest of the week!!

  18. Ginger Hiller says:

    Such a cute picture of Lucy Lou! I really like the brightness of the magenta and blue tops. I don’t have a winter white or solid cream top, so I am thinking about ordering the polar fleece top.

  19. Tiered plaid shirtdress is my favorite. I would like to order it,just not sure how it would look on 5’3” woman.

  20. These outfits are amazing!!!! As Fernando would say,”You look MARVELOUS!!”🤗🤗

  21. Phyllis R. says:

    Tania, I would not wear the plaid dress, it is too short. The sweater dress is much more suitable for this age group, looks sophisticated and warm!

    1. Phyllis, fashion is personal, so if you feel it is to short for you, then don’t wear it. For me, I love it and don’t have a problem with it being short.

  22. Roberta Schwandner says:

    You really look good in all of these looks.

  23. Janice Nagle says:

    Cute items from Walmart! I love the plaid shaket on you. That whole outfit is very becoming. I agree on your philosophy about holiday clothes. I don’t want to spend a fortune on them for a one season wearing. I like to buy something that can be styled in more than one way so I can save it for the next year and style it differently.

  24. I like the camel dress. That’s the only color that would look good on me besides green. The vibrant colors look good on you.

  25. Super cute outfits and great price points!

  26. I just didn’t realize Walmart has such cute clothes. And of course, you manage to find all of them and make them look good. I love so many of them. The longer tiered dress in green, the coated jeans, the shacked and the jeans tucked into boots. I just don’t have the imagination that you do, to see something on a hanger and visualize looks with it. You are great at doing this.

  27. Lorrie Hojnacki says:

    What type of body suit did you wear under the dress?

    1. Lorrie, I buy shapewear, but I size up so that it isn’t confining. I don’t like the squishing that shapewear does, I only want the coverage so that clothing will hang and not cling to me,

  28. Nice Walmart haul! I really like the first outfit, beautiful color. Might have to go check that out at my Walmart. Also, that green dress was really pretty on you. But really they all looked good on you!

  29. On my way to Walmart!!!
    Loved all the clothes! Also love that everything you put on the blog is affordable!
    Thank you Tania!

  30. This was a really good Wal-Mart Haul…I liked it all.

  31. I’ve always liked navy and green together, and like you, I have a hard time with some shackets. I’m adding this one to my wishlist for Christmas! Great price so I feel good requesting it. 🙂

  32. Love the turtleneck dress! Walmart is now on my list of places to shop for cute clothes!

  33. Tania, again you have great taste in the clothing items you model. I love getting idea options to have different price ranges to choose from. Great job on todays blog. You look great in everything! I am going to Walmart today!

  34. Brenda Summersgill says:

    The green and black midi dress looks adorable on you

  35. Jenniffer Groski says:

    The corduroy pants and shacket are in stock at my local Walmart store! I’m going to pick up the pants for Thanksgiving and the shacket because it’s cropped and I got patch pocket jeans from last week’s post that will go perfectly with it for the weekend!!
    Thank you for this post today!!

  36. In the small town I live close to our Walmart is quickly becoming competition for our Belk! They have really upped their game.

  37. All of the outfits are spot on today. Love! Headed to Walmart today. Hope they look as great in person. Thank you!

    1. I hope you had fun shopping! 😊

  38. Walmart has come a LONG way with fashion! I love a lot of these ideas and sending a couple of them to my daughter.

  39. Help Tania! I thought I would go back and get your egg and sausage casserole recipe and now I can’t find it! I know its crescent rolls on the bottom and sausage mixed with a little cream cheese covered by eggs but i don’t have quantities! Can you help a girl out ? Thank you!

    1. I’ll send it to you, Cathy.

  40. Holy Moly!!! SO many cute options!!! I will say, I love the affordability of Wal-Mart! Because of you, I have actually purchased quite a few things from there… including my favorite pair of jeans! Keep it up!!! Happy Wednesday❤

  41. Linda Shearer says:

    Wow these are great looks. Love the sherpa pull over I hope my walmart has it.

  42. So much to choose from. Love many items and have a couple in my cart. Thank you.

  43. Mary Kinard says:

    I have a dachshund and he thinks every blanket in the house is his! Lol

  44. Love your post, and the outfits are wonderful! I had sworn off buying more clothes this week, but the burgandy sweater and cords are so perfect. Also loved the short shacket, so all 3 are in my Walmart cart. Have a blessed week!

  45. Awesome blue plaid jacket! Love, love, love it especially with the boots!

  46. Marilyn Norman says:

    Unfortunately some of these won’t load. E g the first picture! I do love the color!

  47. All wonderful and affordable Walmart options! You make everything look classy and beautiful! Thanks for the ideas!

  48. I’m loving all the dresses, and the velvet top/coated jeans combo is THE look! 😍

  49. Donna Robinson says:

    You always find the best looks and you look great! I wish I could find in store and not gave to order. The velvet top looks amazing!

  50. Dana Smithmier says:

    Love these choices!!

  51. Thanks for this! I tend to forget about Walmart but you’ve reminded me to go look at their fashions!

  52. Thank you for all the cute affordable fashions! Love all the colors! Wearing color seems to make my mood better in winter!

  53. Peek a boo, Lucy Lu!! The last plaid dress is so cute and I would definitely wear it. The sweater dress looks so cute on you. Not sure I have the body for it. I think I need to pay more attention to Walmart clothing.

  54. Love the light grey cardigan but the small is sold out. Great post.

  55. I like the color and length of the shorter shacket. Really pretty colors!

    1. Don’t you love those colors?

  56. Love the shacket! Definitely going to become a part of my wardrobe!

  57. Nancy Steinke says:

    I bought the faux french terry pullover in that color. It washes and dries well, holds it shape, and the color hasn’t faded. I think I will get another one in another color too. Love all the items you shared.

    1. I really like that one too. It is so comfy.

  58. I don’t usually like plaids, but now I will be looking for these at Walmart! The shacket and the dress look adorable.

  59. Love the magenta and blue outfits!