The Best of 2016

DSC_0010_2Since this is the first outfit I am showing you, it is automatically the BEST of 2016! Did you party last night, or did you stay at home? Joe and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve party, and this what I picked out to wear. This is one of those outfits I just feel pretty in. When that happens, you know it is a keeper.DSC_0007_2_2I was actually kind of dreading going to the party. I knew everybody that was going to be there, but I am not close friends with any of them. You know the kind I am talking about; when you meet them at the Post Office you greet each other and have small talk for about 3 – 4 minutes, then you leave. But, they are not the one that you call up and invite to go shopping. I do not do well in these kind of social situations. I am shy by nature, and I feel like I am intruding if I go up to people talking.DSC_0007If you are going to feel uncomfortable, you need to at least feel like you looked good. The party was not going to be “fancy”, but I did not want to show up being under dressed. So I decided on this lurex chevron sweater from Cato’s that I picked up early this fall. I originally passed on this sweater when I saw it in the store. However, I got to thinking about wearing it with winter white pants, and went back and bought it. DSC_0007_2I tried to show the silver threading that runs all through the top, but the photo just wouldn’t pick it up. This is one of those sweaters you just need to see in person. I have on a bauble bracelet in dark gray and several pearl bracelets.DSC_0010I don’t get a lot of chances to carry this metal and lucite purse, so I take every opportunity I can. I like the shininess of the purse, it mimics  the lurex threads. The pants are old, I bought them years ago at Stein-Mart, another one of my favorite stores. Here is a pair of similar pants, but these look more for summer.
DSC_0002I hope you liked my best outfit of 2016.  BTW, in case you were wondering how the party went, we didn’t go. LOL! We decided to just stay home, sit on the couch and watch football. Sweatshirt and sweatpants ended up being the ball dropping outfit. Did you really want to see that???

Be sure to eat your black-eyed peas and cooked cabbage today!

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  1. Laura Strasser says:

    You have a lot of great ideas. You look very classy. I like that. I want to think I dress classy also. Do you wear petite sizes?

    1. No, Laura, am 5’6″ tall.

  2. If feel the same way about those kinds of parties, “Forced fun” ! Iam not good at small talk. I talk ALOT when I am with my family and close friends, but get very nervous in acquaintance situations. I dread going for days before and try to think of ways to get out of those situations but I am lucky cause my hubby is a homebody and he has no problem staying home. Hmmmmm, could that be why we don’t get as many invites as we used to????????

    1. This all sounds real familiar Debbie. Sounds like we are a lot alike.????

  3. Melanie W. says:

    I actually had to order the sweater because I don’t have a Cato’s around here but I’m sure I’ll love it when it gets here!!! I have a strand of pearls that the hubby got me on our honeymoon and I think they’ll work perfect with this sweater. But I’m definitely on the lookout for pants like this now. 🙂

    1. I hope you like the sweater, Melanie. You’ll have to let me know. ????

  4. I worked last night and I am a nurse so you don’t want to see what I wore. That outfit is really pretty and I can see how it can make you feel good. Thanks for taking us in 2016 in such a classy way!!

    1. Haha Carol. Your right about not wanting to see what you wore. But thank you for doing that job, it is one that is extremely hard.

  5. Bracelet and necklace are perfect with the sweater! Happy 2016! Looking forward to all your posts!

  6. Melanie W. says:

    I just bought this sweater lol. I love it!! Now I need some pants like this!! Super cute!

    1. It is waaaay prettier in person, isn’t it Melanie?

  7. Pretty outfit! I’ve always loved blue & white for New Year’s too (after all the red&green in Dec! Ha!). – Wishing you & yours a happy 2016????????

  8. The necklace and bracelet are a perfect compliment to the sweater! My New Years Eve outfit was not nearly as fashionably, but you can’t beat yummy flannel PJ’s in the comfort deptartment! 😉 Happy New Year to you and all “The Gurls”.

  9. That outfit is GORGEOUS! Perfect for New Year’s Eve. I love the muted color palette. Happy New Year!

  10. Love the outfit! You look fabulous. I’m with you on the party bit. A night in with your sweetie is best.

  11. Your outfit is great!! Now I want some winter white pants. I love your purse. A perfect start for 2016.

  12. Lovvvvve this outfit, Tania!! Very classy and pretty. Thanks for all the great ideas;)

  13. So classy and pretty!! I love your accessories and the sweater is so sharp looking. We strolled through a beautiful botanical garden in our city that has an annual holiday event where they light over 8,000 luminarias. It’s gorgeous. That was our big night out and we were home by 9.

    1. That sounds wonderful, Amy! I like those kind of nights out.✨

  14. This outfit is gorgeous, just the one to make me go out and by white winter pants. Happy New Year!