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The Best Chic, Casual, And Cozy Nordstrom Rack Finds

Instead of sweater weather, it is cozy weather. I love wearing soft, cozy items next to my skin, and how an item “feels” is as important to me as how it looks. Luckily, I found three chic, casual, and cozy Nordstrom Rack outfits, and I think they will be perfect for the holidays. I’ve also been working on a gift guide post since Nordstrom Rack has some amazing buys. Watch for that post tomorrow.

Chic, Casual, and Cozy Nordstrom Rack Outfit – Cashmere and Jeans

I love shopping at Nordstrom Rack since you can find luxury and high-end items at a fraction of the cost. You know that I love luxury items, it is the price that I don’t like. Lol! You can find lots of great deals on Nordstrom Rack, but you have to be quick to purchase since the inventory can be limited. I’m hoping everything is in stock that I’m styling today, and I’ll show alternatives if not.

This chic, casual, and cozy Nordstrom Rack outfit is how I would dress every day if I could. I love the casual look, and it works well with my lifestyle. I look for softness in tops and sweaters, so I have lots of cashmere in my wardrobe. I love this neutral color for fall, but it comes in several other colors you might like. The sweater runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

Add a Completer Piece For a Polished Look

The jeans are Kut From The Kloth, which are very comfortable. I have several jeans from this brand, and they have enough stretch to them that you can even wear them after a huge meal…think Thanksgiving. I’m wearing my usual size 8, but if you are between sizes, you’ll want to size down.

Don’t you love this yummy chocolate brown Faux Leather Belted Trench Coat? The color of the trench is a trending color this year, and it looks great with the cashmere sweater. I love the length of the coat, and it would look great with dresses, also.

Chic, Casual, and Cozy Nordstrom Rack Outfit – Colorful Cardigan and Flare Jeans

The trend with wearing cardigans is to wear them as a pullover. This cardigan has beautiful colors, and I love the style and fit. This cardigan isn’t as soft as the cashmere one above, so I would probably wear a T-shirt or a camisole under it.

Here is a better photo of the diamond pattern and colors of the cardigan. This cardigan is a thicker and heavier weight than the cashmere one, so it is better suited for someone who lives in a colder climate. I’m wearing a medium that is slightly oversized and a perfect fit.

These are Joe’s jeans (the brand, not my husband’s) and are very long. I’m not sure if I got the wrong pair because the description says the jeans have a 30″ inseam. I usually wear a 32″ inseam, and I have on a 2-3″ heel, and the jeans are still dragging the ground. 🤷‍♀️ I’m wearing my usual size 29, but I think I needed the next size down since they were a bit baggy.

Chic, Casual, and Cozy Nordstrom Rack Outfit – Boyfriend Jeans and a Colorblock Cardigan

Here is another jeans and cashmere casual outfit. I don’t know about you, but I would wear this outfit for shopping, a ballgame, lunch, or a family holiday get-together. It is a chic, casual, and cozy Nordstrom Rack outfit, but I have another “c” word for it also…comfortable.

I love the lightweight cashmere cardigan, and I could wear this one without a tee or cami under it. However, since it is a low v-neck, a cute cami would look great peeping out, especially if it has a tiny bit of lace.

Did you notice that the front, back, and sleeves are different colors? I’m wearing boyfriend jeans, so they are slightly more relaxed than the ankle jeans in the first outfit. I cuffed them so you could see my loafers better, but you can leave them un-cuffed for an ankle-length look. I’m wearing my usual size 8, and they fit great.

Accessories Can Make An Outfit!

This Marc Jacobs crossbody is a great example of luxury handbags available at Nordstrom Rack. I like the small size and the two-toned strap. This is an excellent size for shopping or if you need your hands free. The black version has already sold out, but other colors are available. I’ve included some in the widget below if you are looking for a black bag.

Loafers are everywhere this year, and I’m learning to embrace them. I love a crocodile print, so I thought I would try these croc-embossed loafers. Even though I can’t tell you why, I never wear socks, so these shoes were a tiny bit big. They would probably fit perfectly if I had on a pair of socks, so they probably run TTS. Maybe if you are between sizes, you should size down.

Which Look Was Your Favorite?

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  1. The loafers! Great color and texture.

  2. Jenniffer Groski says:

    That faux leather trench coat is gorgeous!!

  3. I love the cashmere brown on brown look! Thank you for some ideas before I head out shopping!

  4. Jeannie Pernal says:

    I would really find it helpful if you would please style some
    Shoes with socks, as I live in Northern Canada and going without socks is not an option! I never know what to do about the loafers and socks! Ankle socks, higher socks or what!?
    Jeannie Pernal
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Hello, thank you for continually showing us all some great looks. I love the faux leather belted coat in chocolate on you. It’s so pretty.

  6. I loved the Katy boyfriend jeans but they were all out of my size! The cardigan with the different color sleeves is adorable too.

  7. Love all these styles on you and the pic of mini me and you is sweet

  8. Cyndi Chandler says:

    I loved the content that this blogger displayed. Being a woman over 50 I sometimes find it hard to find stylish age appropriate outfits. Nicely done.

  9. Love the cashmere sweater. Such a pretty color on you!

  10. They are all good looks but I love that trench coat the best.

  11. Love the coat and the flare jeans outfits. As I’ve gotten older I am really into soft fabrics. I wasn’t too much when I was younger as I am now.

  12. sue koren says:

    Wish I could wear cashmere but anything with wool makes me itch!

  13. Natalie Carlson says:

    I enjoy your posts! Today I am missing your verse of the day. I always look forward to that!

    1. Natalie, I always have my verse of the day in my email, so look for it there.

  14. Love the cashmere sweaters!

  15. Alexia Maben says:

    I liked V-neck cashmere sweater. I am petite. I have stopped at Nordstroms and not found many petites. However, they do have shoes.

  16. You look great in all three outfits!

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    While I do order things from Nordstrom Rack, I don’t like having to pay shipping when I am returning items. For my favorite outfit, I’d wear the colorblock sweater with either the Kut or Joe’s jeans.

    1. Ginger, I wish they had the same return shipping policy as the mother ship. Lol!

  18. Barbara Forney says:

    Love your choice of coats. We think the same

  19. Kay Purifoy says:

    Love love everything

  20. Every. Single. Outfit.

  21. That cashmere sweater outfit looks so chic & cozy!

  22. Love the flare jeans and Dolce Vita sneakers! Been thinking about adding both to my fall wardrobe for a few weeks!

  23. Leah Hagedorn says:

    My favorite is the diamond multi color cardigan and paired with the jeans you’re wearing. I love everything about the look!

  24. All are very nice, I really liked the color blocked sweater.

  25. Would you wear the jeans that long or have them hemmed? I am asking because I have a pair like that and I am petite. I am probably going to have them taken up a bit but not too much because they really should be kinda long, right?

    1. Mary, I would probably wear them long. I never bother to have jeans hemmed.

  26. Linda Williams says:

    Love all of your outfits. But the color block cardigan outfit is my go to. Also love the multicolor cardigan. I must be nice to be tall. I’m only 4’11”. I have a Problem with pant and jean lengths. You look great in all of your outfits. Have a Great Day!!

  27. Love the v-neck cashmere sweater, jeans, heels and the faux leather trench coat in brown is such a great outfit!

  28. Thank you for, once again, doing the “hard work” of discovering all of these great fall looks! If I had room in my closet x2, I would be ordering all of them!! Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons and I love all the clothes associated with them. I don’t have a leather trench coat but I do have 4 trench coats 🤦‍♀️ of different colors and lengths, including a vintage Burberry trench cape. You always find and put together the best looks. It’s fun to emulate those looks using what I have (of course I always buy new…….it’s so much fun!). I can’t wait for your next post!

  29. Carolina Gomez says:

    Soft neutral top sounds so cozy as the weather gets a bit chilly. Wearing this top with jeans just takes the guess work out of what to wear.
    Thanks Tania!
    You look marvelous!

  30. I love your choice of cardigans! My favourite outfit today is the diamond cardigan.

  31. Love the flare jeans!!! They look fab on you!

  32. Putting Nordstrom Rack on my list to shop! I always forget about it and they have great brands at reasonable prices.

  33. Janice Nagle says:

    My favorite is cashmere with jeans! Ideas for me to think about…..wearing cardigans buttoned and worn like a pullover, and planning an outfits to go with my coat as the third piece.

  34. Love, love the flared jeans!!!
    I’m 5’9 and can’t ever seem to find jeans long enough!!!
    The flared jeans look fab on you!

    1. These will probably be plenty long for you.

  35. Lisa Tharp says:

    I absolutely love sweater weather! Sweaters and jeans are my go to outfit in cooler weather.

  36. I truly love the diamond sweater and the trench coat!! You look so cute in everything you put on. Thanks for helping all of us – I need it for sure! 🙂

  37. Oh I love that color block cardigan and just ordered it in both colors! So cute!

  38. Love that trench coat on you. The cozy clothes of fall and winter. The sweater looks great too. Your such a pretty lady. I know it takes work for us older women to stay current thanks for your web site. Joanne

  39. Donna Ingalls says:

    Love that 1st look. The V neck casual sweater is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the great post.

  40. Love a cardigan. Can never have too many.

  41. I only wear socks with tennis shoes, boots, and such. I can’t imagine wearing socks with flats like that. So I’m with you on this one!

  42. We just got a new Rack! I love the shoe and jeans there! That taupe sweater is beautiful on you! Happy Wednesday❤

    1. Happy Wednesday, Alison! ❤️❤️❤️

  43. I love the sweaters and jeans. Great prices!

  44. All the clothes look great! Love the taupe outfit, it is classy with a bit of edge. All good choices.

  45. Linda Shearer says:

    The brown trench coat really dresses things up!

  46. Love the colorblock sweater and boyfriend jeans!! You are so thoughtful for the delivery people coming to your house. I bet they love you.

  47. Dana Smithmier says:

    Kut is my favorite jean brand❤️

  48. My favorite daily outfit is ankle jeans, a v-neck sweater and ballet flats. I love the diamond pattern cardigan and notice it also comes in a neutral cream pattern.

  49. My fave look is the last one, but I would totally wear all three! They’re perfect for work and running errands/doing things afterwards. I teach kindy at a small private school, and we can dress as casually or as dressed up as we want – within reason, of course. 😜

  50. The colorblock sweater, jeans and loafers are truly my style. Love it!! Curious, since you don’t wear socks, what do you do about nice dresses and heels in the winter? Do you wear pantyhose, or have really cold, very white legs?

    1. Usually, very cold, very white legs. Lol! I do wear tights, but not hose.

  51. Hits all the “c’s”!

  52. Carole from Canada says:

    I love everything in your post this morning!!

  53. Wow – loved today’s blog. All the outfits were nice (and affordable!)

  54. Donnella Raible says:

    That faux leather coat is fabulous! I don’t know which color to order, they are both gorgeous!

  55. Thanks for your tips and ideas! Love them

  56. I love the diamond pattern cardigan and the brown faux leather trench!
    It’s time for sweaters and coats here in Michigan.

    1. The colors in that cardigan is so unique.

  57. Love the trench coat in dark brown

  58. Love the first sweater.

    1. Me too! It of a great neutral color.