A Kaleidoscope of Colors

DSC_0012Happy Friday Gurls! The last weekend before Christmas is upon us. Have you got your shopping done? I have started the wrapping process, and then I can see what I am missing. As most of you know I traveled to my parents house and spent the night Tuesday. What you don’t know, is that my dad is a brick mason and builds houses for a living. As a child, I remember many times there would be a motorcycle or a boat that showed up overnight. Apparently, clients sometimes couldn’t pay their bill, so they did the barter system. DSC_0010How do you like this cardigan. Isn’t the color wonderful? You are not going to believe this, but I have had this cardigan for over a year. I bought it last year from a small boutique that set up at the craft fair I organize. Today I took the tags off of it for the first time. I loved it, but for some reason I never wore it. The sequined elbow patches is what makes this cardigan special. I do love my bling. Lol!DSC_0003The pale silver tank is from Maurice’s. I really like their tanks for a couple of reasons. I like that this one is trimmed in lace and also that the material has puckering. I don’t like tanks that are too tight and show your rolls. I also like that the straps are adjustable. When I put this on, it was too low in front, but I just adjusted it so that it was a little more modest.DSC_0013This necklace is from Premier Jewelry and is called Kaleidoscope. That link is to an ebay auction, but if you know of a Premier consultant, I am sure they would order it for you. I like that you can wear it in several different configurations. The other necklace is by Monarch Inspirations. I bought this one on my trip to Atlanta, but I saw that Amazon carries several piece by them.DSC_0011I thought you might want to see my Christmas manicure. I had the tips painted in red, then lined with white. The one nail was painted white, then red stripes were added, and a strip of rhinestones glued on. Remember, I like my bling. Haha  My watch is from Fossil, and is rose gold with crystals surrounding a dark brown face. Here is a similar one.DSC_0006The cuff bracelet is one that I picked up on the Atlanta trip also. It is etched, painted, screen printed, heck I don’t know what they did to get the print. I just know it is different and I like it. My Tignanello Suede Color block purse is still my favorite for now. The jeans are from Old Navy. They are a mid-rise skinny jean. I like a skinny jean for boots. I had intended to wear a pair of boots, but these gray Fergalicious flats were in the bedroom. I put them on, with the intentions of wearing them to the laundry room, which is where I keep my shoes. You guessed it, I forgot to change shoes. Haha!  I never thought another thing about it till I was at work, and noticed what I had on. I can’t believe you ladies actually come back to read my blog. DSC_0009Oh yeah, you need to keep coming back to hear the stories about how I had a skunk as a pet, a rabbit that lived in one of our bedrooms (loose), a VW beetle that had the top sawed off, and how a honkey tonk was in my front yard. LOL!!!

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  1. I love this look! I think it makes you look thinner, or maybe you are thinner. Are you losing weight? Anyway always love to see your outfits and read your stories. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Sandy. I love anytime someone says I look thinner:) Hahaha

  2. Great color combination and those colors are flattering on you. The necklace has some great colors. I am not trying to be critical, but where did those icons come from for the gals who are posting on your blog? I like to read the comments but I find those icons distracting and some of them are just plain weird. No offense . . .

    1. Haha Sharon! I hated seeing empty spots for the commentors, so I added an icon. They had some different choices, so I’ll see if there is a better alternative. Lol

      1. Melanie W. says:

        I’d rather post my picture on here but I’m not sure how to do that!!! I figured I was stuck with the funny looking icon! 🙂 Do I have to have my own website in order to do that?

        1. I know that I had to get a gravatar in order to have a picture. Maybe someone else knows another way?

  3. Tania, what’s your height? I’m 5’3″ and i have some jeans similar to the ones your wearing however they are a bit long so they gather some around my ankles.
    Can you tell me the name of your jeans, I’d like to see if the length would fit like yours.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. I am 5’6″ and I like a 32 inseam. These jeans are talls though from old navy.

  4. Enjoy hearing your stories everyday! The outfits are always fabulous too!

  5. OK- front yard Honky Tonk….. I have to stick around to hear that one! Lol
    Super cute cardi- I am a fan of bling as well and those elbow patches are perfect.
    I saw someone mentioned yesterday on you doing a tutorial on how you style your hair, and I have to second that. Your hair always looks GREAT and would love to find out of tips/product secrets! I know I enjoyed your eyebrow tutorial….. very useful info. 🙂

    1. My hair is the thing I take the least amount of time with.????. Sometimes it is just a hold in place, and spray with hairspray. Lol

  6. Love your blog! I’ll subscribe now.

  7. You are a hoot! Love the bit about forgetting to change shoes…keepin’ it real for us gurls… Your manicure is pretty…most of the holiday ones I’ve seen are a bit (a lot) too much.

  8. Melanie W. says:

    I think I counted one time and I had about 8 or 9 different colors of those tanks from Maurices. They are by far my favorite. You are exactly right…they lay perfectly!!! I always wear them under cardigans!
    We have my family Christmas tomorrow and I decided I need to hit up Maurices after work and maybe get a new outfit. 🙂 I’ll ignore the fact that I have several things in my closet right now with tags still on! Anxious to hear about the pets lol. I have had two baby fawns as pets that stayed in our kitchen at night. And also a pet baby raccoon one time.
    Great outfit though, looks fab!!!

    1. Sounds like I am not the only one with strange pets, Melanie! Haha????

  9. I always look forward to reading your blog,first thing in the morning, thank you for getting it out so early. Love the entire outfit,everything always looks great on you!

  10. Good Morning, Tania. Those stories – and of course your fab fashion are EXACTLY why I keep coming back to read your posts!!! You are upbeat and just plain FUN!! Keep up the great blog – I personally love it!

  11. Love your cardigan. Wish I could find one! You are so cute in all your colors. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your stories. Christmas is coming fast and furious this weekend. Just paid extra shipping for my waiting to the last minute to shop on line. It wouldn’t be Christmas eve if I wasn’t wrapping presents then! LOL

    1. Ugh, don’t get me started on extra shipping costs. I ordered one of my grandsons a present from Zulily early in November. They cancelled the transaction Nov. 30th, so I ordered it from someone else on Dec. 5th. And have been waiting on it and getting nervous. I finally looked on my Paypal bill to see who I ordered it from, and saw that they had refunded my money on the 5th. Great, they didn’t email me to tell me that! So, yesterday I had to order it again, AND by the time I found it in stock and paid the extras shipping, it was 50.00 more than the first time I ordered it. Thanks Zulily????

  12. You are such a hoot, just love reading your blog. I’m all about the bling too, I am loving the sequined elbow patches on your cardigan, so unique! You find lots of great pieces at craft fairs, I think I need to frequent more of them! Don’t even get me started on tanks that show rolls, ugh, such a problem. Your Christmas manicure is soooo pretty! Have a great weekend!