Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart

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Summer is here; and I’ll be spending more time enjoying the sunshine. While I don’t have a vacation planned yet, I’ll be ready to hit the beach in style with these dresses. Here are four gorgeous summer vacation dresses available at Walmart, and you will be sure to shine bright on a budget.

Why Choose Walmart for Your Summer Dresses?

Walmart is a go-to destination for affordable fashion. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and brands, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste and budget. Walmart’s commitment to providing quality products at reasonable prices makes it an excellent choice for fashion-conscious shoppers looking to stay on-trend without overspending.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart8
Bright White Crochet Cami Dress (Medium) | Faux Turquoise Stone Stretch Bracelet | Faux Turquoise Stone Drop Earring | Faux Turquoise Stone Cross Necklace | Oversize Square Women’s Sunglasses | Double Band Sandals (TTS)

This Bright White Crochet Cami Dress is perfect for a vacation to the beach. It is flowy, and would look so pretty with the ocean in the background. I was looking for dresses with a boho/flowy style, and I came across these dresses by Jessica Simpson. I didn’t add a sweater or wrap, but you could add one to cover your upper arms.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart10

The dressy features adjustable straps and an elastic smocked back. The size medium fits me perfectly.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart11

I’ve seen a lot of turquoise jewelry lately, so I added a Faux Turquoise Stone Stretch Bracelet, Drop Earrings, and a Cross Necklace. I also added a pair of Oversize Square Women’s Sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart17
Open Back Maxi Cami Dress (Medium) | Mauve Double Breasted Linen Blend Blazer (Medium) | Twisted Layer Hoop Earring | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set | Double Band Sandals (TTS)

I love this floral Open Back Maxi Cami Dress! The smaller floral print is so feminine, and I love the colors. The neckline is lower than I thought, so I’ll need to wear a lace bandeau top or a pretty camisole with it. Here is a 2 pack that would work fine.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart13

The beach is always breezy with the wind off of the ocean, so I make sure to have a lightweight jacket with me when we go out to eat. The Mauve Double Breasted Linen Blend Blazer perfectly matched the colors of the dress, but you could wear it in lots of other ways. It would look great with a white tee and jeans for a casual summer outfit.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart14

The Twisted Layer Hoop Earrings sure make a statement. I was impressed with the quality of these earrings. They are a great size, but not too heavy. The Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set has 6 strands that can be worn separately, but I like wearing them together.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart18
Dream Chaser Open Back Maxi Cami Dress (Medium) | Medium Wash Jean Cropped Denim Jacket (Medium) | Twisted Layer Hoop Earring | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set | Oversize Square Women’s Sunglasses | Double Band Sandals (TTS)

This is the same Open Back Maxi Cami Dress as above, but in a larger print and more saturated color. It is the same flowy style, and I think all of these dresses (except for the white one) would look great for a summer wedding.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart21

I added a Cropped Denim Jacket in a medium wash to the dress for a casual look. This cropped denim jacket is adorable, and the fabric isn’t stiff like some others. I wasn’t sure about the fit, so I ordered a medium in the medium wash and a large in the white version. Both fit me fine, but I liked the way the medium fit the best.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart3
Tie Shoulder Mini Dress (Medium) | Twisted Layer Hoop Earring | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set | Oversize Square Women’s Sunglasses

I couldn’t leave out my Petite ladies, so I added this gorgeous floral Tie Shoulder Mini Dress. This dress is not a mini dress, but it is above the knees. A lot of my Petite readers ask for shorter dresses since they feel overwhelmed with maxi dresses.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart4

This one is super cute, and isn’t cut as low in the front. The ties at the shoulders is a cute detail, and I like the smocked empire waist. I’m wearing a medium and it fits me great.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart1
White Jean Cropped Denim Jacket (Large) | Tie Shoulder Mini Dress (Medium) | Twisted Layer Hoop Earring | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set | Oversize Square Women’s Sunglasses

Here is the white version of the Cropped Denim Jacket. I like the way the denim jacket looks with the feminine tie dress. It is a cute and casual look that would be perfect for a brunch, baby shower, etc.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart2

Here is a closed look at the jacket, and you can see that it is a tiny bit too big for me.

Summer Vacation Dresses From Walmart16

Whether you have an upcoming beach vacation, a summer wedding, a baby or bridal shower, or just feel like putting n a cute dress, Walmart has something for you at an affordable price.

Walmart makes shopping very convenient for its customers, especially since most people have a store within 10 miles of their homes. You can also sign up for Walmart+, where you get free shipping with no order minimums (excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges) and Free Delivery (where available) with orders over $35. I take advantage of home delivery several times weekly and love that small convenience.

Walmart sponsors this post, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Ana Rodriguez says:

    all the dress are lovely, I just bought the tie shoulder mini dress and the jacket in Denin and white are so nice for this summer.

    1. That dress is really cute, and it is also available in a midi version.

  2. Wow! These dresses are great! You’re right, other than the white one, any of them could be wedding guest attire.

  3. sue Koren says:

    Dresses are all so pretty and feminine!

  4. Dawn Milburn says:

    Just purchased the shoulder mini after seeing this post! I live in Phoenix and am always looking for cute lightweight outfits- especially for our May-September weather! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Phoenix weather is so hot, I’m sure you need lightweight clothing.

  5. MaryCarol says:

    Love the fashion choices from Walmart. I am on the lookout for a new white jacket.

  6. So many to choose from nice!

  7. Karen Daniel says:

    I love the Walmart posts! I will definitely wear a maxi dress and white denim jacket this summer!

  8. I always have to mosey through the clothing section of Walmart when I am shopping. You never know what you may find.

  9. Another home run for Walmart! Pretty dresses and great prices!

  10. Diane Holley says:

    Beautiful dresses. I can’t wait to see your new hair cut. Enjoy your family.

  11. Jenniffer Groski says:

    So many options at good prices.

  12. Will be sending for the white cropped denim jacket!

  13. Joan Bullington says:

    Love these cool flowy dresses!!

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    Enjoy the family time in TN! All of the dresses look great on you.

  15. That white dress would make a beautiful beach wedding dress. Most of these show more skin than I like at my age but do look cute with the jackets. Thanks

  16. Love the dresses. I dont show my “old” arms anymore, so love that you show them with the jackets too.

  17. You find the cutest dresses. That white one is a stunner. I wouldn’t have given that tie shoulder dress a second look if I hadn’t see how good it looks on you!

  18. Great options! The colors on their site look very different from your pics. I’m hoping yours are truer to the actual dress. I wouldn’t have looked at a couple of these if I hadn’t seen yours. I’m considering them from YOUR photos.

  19. Sheryl Gossard says:

    I think it would be cute to see your new haircut right after your DIL styles it and a photo after you have styled it.

  20. Gena Everitt says:

    Fabulous haircut!!!!! And color is gorgeous.

  21. I have a lot of clothes from Walmart. I like the crop jackets.

  22. Stella Gustafson says:

    Cute summer dresses thanks for sharing

  23. I love all of these dresses! So many pretty colors…I can’t wayto see your new haircut!!! Enjoy your family…Happy Friday ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Gorgeous dresses. Walmart never fails to surprise me. I like your white sandals, do you have a link for them?

    1. Cecilia, they are from Walmart, but they were sold out.

  25. Great post! Love pairing the dresses with a jean jacket. Have a great visit with your family.

  26. The jean jackets look so cute with the dresses. I think you are going to miss Tom and vice versa!

  27. Marty Anderson says:

    You look great in both dresses. I haven’t worn a dress in ages. I am only 5’3” and feel dumpy in a maxi dress. Maybe I should try it. Oh, I didn’t mention I am 80 ! 😳🥰 I love your site

  28. Bridget H says:

    Gotta love Wal-Mart for a good go to in a pinch to allow you to dress somewhat chic when the time calls. I love it and admit it has helped me to look decent at an affordable cost! 👍

    1. Bridget, that’s the goal! To look fabulous and stylish at an affordable price.

  29. Pretty dresses, especially the pink.

  30. Love your screened in porch. We have a covered (not screened) back porch. We have had so much rain this spring I cannot get it cleaned. The birds seek shelter there from the rain and it is a total mess. Would love to get it screened to keep them out.

    1. I love mine, but I end up leaving the door open so Lucy can come and go, so I get flies and an occasional bird in there.

  31. Great summer fun dresses!

  32. I like pink dresses 😃

  33. I like your porch furniture. Is it teak and where is it from?

    1. Yes, we bought it several years ago from Sams.