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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers 6

I went to Livingston, Tennessee (my hometown) over the weekend. I got my hair done, you’ll see it in a few days when I run out of photos that I’ve already taken, I watched my granddaughter play a golf match, my grandson play a baseball game, and celebrated an early Mother’s Day with my mom. It was a fabulous weekend, but now it is back to the grindstone. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers7

It was all very casual, and we didn’t dress up to go out except to visit my aunt on Saturday. This coming weekend is going to be a dressier occasion, and we are going to The Virginian Golf Club for a Mother’s Day Brunch. Some friends of ours from Grundy will be coming over to spend the weekend, and I am thrilled to see them. Since we’ve moved, we don’t see each other often, and I can’t wait to catch up with them.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers8

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you have a fancy dinner, is it a family get-together, or is it just another day? Honestly, it has been all of those things in the past, and I never know from year to year how we will celebrate the day. Almost always, no matter what we do, I am dressed casually. Mother’s Day has never been a fancy event at our house, it is usually celebrated with a cookout or dinner. The outfit that I’m wearing today is a great outfit to wear since it is casual, comfortable, and still looks put together.

This Tie-Detail Knit Shift Dress fits great, and I love the way the stripes flatter your body. The stripes draw your eyes to the tie detail, and that helps to create curves for those of us who don’t have them naturally. I like the length of the dress, it hits me right at my knees. The dress is 100% cotton, so it breathes and moves with you, plus you don’t overheat in this dress. I am wearing a large, and it fits me great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers10

I got the Hadley Butterfly Drop Earrings in Gold for Mother’s Day in honor of my grandmother. She loved butterfly jewelry, so these earrings have a personal meaning to me. I think jewelry is very personal, and I love giving it as a gift since it lasts forever. For Mother’s Day, I gave my mother the Cross Charm Pendant Necklace in 18k Gold Vermeil that I wear daily. She really loved it and put it on immediately. I’m also wearing the Adeline Link Necklace and Elaina Beaded Stretch Bracelet.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers5

Yesterday, some of you mentioned the trend of wearing sneakers with casual dresses. This is a fashion trend that is modern-looking and shows people you are aware of the latest trends. I’ve worn these white Sperry Crest Vibe Canvas Sneakers for a couple of years. They wash up well, and I love the no-tie laces. They run a little big, so I sized down to an 8 1/2 instead of my usual size 9.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers3

I know that some of you might not like stripes, so I’m linking to several dresses below that would also look great with sneakers. You can wear other colors of sneakers, I have a pair of gray, red, and navy that I wear.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a casual dress from Talbots with sneakers1

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  1. Loved all the great gift suggestions . I also use to have hair issues. I use Biotin shampoo and take 2500mg of Biotin. Both can be purchased at Walmart. And I no longer dye my hair , which really helped stop the thinning hair. Good luck ladies and have a great day.

  2. I have a couple of stripped dresses and will try wearing them with sneakers. It looks very nice on you.

  3. I just can’t like the sneakers with dresses look, maybe I’m just too old, lol. The dress is cute though.

    1. Carol, it is a fun look. But, I understand if it is out of your comfort zone.

  4. Dress and tennies super cute! We usually have a themed Mothers Day at my daughter’s and with her in-laws, but due to scheduling conflicts and extra busyness, she and her family and my husband and I are going out to eat after church. Then my husband and I will take my 94 yo MIL out for dinner. Fun day and blessed day!

    1. Melanie, that sounds like a great Mother’s Day plan.

  5. Love the white sneakers and stripes for a fresh, casual look. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you liked them.

  6. Yvonne Tanner says:

    I have a couple mid-waist tie dresses, not stripes, & love how they fit. I have a pair of white Sketcher sneakers that are so comfy. I am eyeing that Puma leather pair you styled as they would be easy to clean.

    My daughter is in another state & usually sends flowers. No family anywhere near me so Mother’s Day will be whatever I come up with. Think chocolate covered strawberries!

    1. Yvonne, chocolate-covered strawberries are always a good choice!!!

  7. Tania, you look great! Mothers Day will be a brunch at my daughter’s home on the patio. I’m thinking of getting the Speery sneakers for a trip that involves a lot of walking. Do you think they are comfortable enough for that? Happy Mothers Day to all!

    1. Marcia, they are comfortable. I wear them a lot, and I don’t have any problem with them.

  8. Christine says:

    I was delighted to see you in this dress today. I bought it in sage yesterday and love it! The mid-waist tie is very flattering. I had to size up, as my normal size was a little tight.

    1. I think it is very flattering too!

  9. Very cute outfit! I need to shop my closet because I have some cute tee shirt dresses that would give me a similar look. On Mothers Day my husband takes me out for lunch after church then he plants flowers outside and buys me ferns for our front porch. Here in Kentucky we usually have to wait for Mothers Day weekend to put out flowers because we get frost in April.

    1. Miriam, I need to have my husband read your comment. I would love to have him plant flowers for me. Lol!

  10. I bought that dress in both the blue and sage. Love it! It’s versatile enough to go from church to casual dinner. It’s already hitting the 90’s here in SoCal so I usually pick up a few of Talbots dresses every year where I can get lots of wear from them. I also own the Sperry sneakers but they’re too clunky with a dress for my taste.

    1. Linda, I agree that the dress is very versatile. Talbots has great dresses, and I just ordered several to style.

  11. Love. Love, your blog. I live in Cookeville! If you ever wanna try bbq, try Blue Pig old downtown on Broad St! Also where is your daughter in laws hair shop? I love your hair!

    1. I’ll try that Esther. I used to love eating at Bobby Q’s, and I make a version of the bread for our family. My DIL works from her home.

  12. I just purchased the Sperry sneakers recently. I love them! Do you just throw them in the washer when they get dirty? I was worried about the laces…

    1. Janis, I do throw them in the washer. I was worried the first time too, but they’ve been washed several times now and all is good.

  13. I bought this dress and love it. I love that it has some shape, unlike a lot of horizontal striped dress and how flattering it is on. Super comfy.

    1. I think the dress is flattering also.