Stripes-Nautical Influence

50 Is Not Old |Stripes & Nautical InfluenceI always think of the Navy when I see stripes. I’m not even sure why, the uniforms are not even stripped. Oh well, here is my take on nautical. I did not add any anchors, even though anchor jewelry has been really popular. I have a lot of vintage jewelry in red, white, & blue, but I wanted to go another route. Hence, my blue and gold outfit.50 Is Not Old |StripesGold spruces up any outfit. It takes this blue and white sweater that I bought last year at Old Navy and makes it look elegant. Easy, peasy. All the gold jewelry here is not “real” gold, just costume items. I had a housekeeper relieve me of my real gold a couple of years ago. Any nice jewelry I own is now in a safe deposit box. I love it when you look like a great deal of effort went into an outfit, and all you did was put on a sweater, a pair of jeans, and a blazer. These jeans are hand-me-downs from my daughter. She wears a 36 inseam, and I think these were too short for her. I just roll up the hem and they are perfect for me.50 Is Not Old |Stripes & Nautical Influence PurseMy Stella & Dot purse, in its unzipped state, looked great with this outfit. I love that the name of this purse is “Hello Gorgeous”. I have carried it before and you can read about that here.  It is no longer offered by Stella & Dot, but you can usually find it on Ebay. The shoes I have were Marc Fisher’s and yes, I got them at the OVC overstock outlet for 25.00. They are beautiful AND comfortable. You can barely see the ankle strap peeking out from under my ankle cuff. These are suede and I would call the color buckskin. 50 Is Not Old |Stripes & Nautical Influence 1This is one of MY favorite outfits that I have posted since starting the blog. What do you think?

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  1. There you are! I kept seeing you and your wonderful outfits on Pinterest and on internet searches for over-50 styles. I always love the outfits you put together and bonus — we are built alike, so I know duplicating them will likely be a win for me. Keep up the good work inspiring those of us out here not blessed with a natural sense of style. You are rocking it!

    1. Welcome, Renee! I’m glad you found your way over to the blog.

  2. Love your style and your hair! How do u get volume on top?

  3. LOve your outfit! I’m obsessed with stripes. Where did you get your blazer?

  4. Any idea where the necklace came from? I don’t wear a lot of necklaces but this one looks very multi-purpose for my style.

    1. That top is really old. I think it came from Old Navy.

  5. I just found your blog and so glad I did, you have a great sense of style! … And you do not look 50!

    1. I’m glad you found me too, Leilani.????

  6. I agree. This is simple chic. Great look!

  7. I have always loved navy. My grandma and I went shopping together almost every week and she taught me the love of navy. I have a lot of navy in my wardrobe. Navy has replaced black for me because I am over 60 and black can be very harsh as you get older. It emphasizes lines and can make you look tired. Navy is so classic and it can be casual or very elegant. The outfits you have posted are what I would call Classic Modern. Great style that stands the test of time.

    1. I love that you and your Grandma had that bond. My Grandmother is still going strong, and she is 102! I never knew what my style was called, it changes almost weekly.

  8. Cute outfit which looks like it was just thrown together (in my book, that’s a good thing!). So very chic without looking like you tried too hard.

    I think you made a good choice in staying away from anchor or other water themed jewelry. It would have made the outfit look more like a costume rather than a really cool outfit.

    Would you like this outfit without a necklace? I am not a person who can wear long necklaces. Would this still be a chic if there were no necklace? What do you think?

    1. Thrown together is how most my outfits are. You definitely do not have to wear a necklace. You could do a scarf, or no necklace at all. I would wear larger earrings if no necklace.

  9. I love this look, Tania! It’s classic and casual all at the same time!

    I would LOVE for you to join our group Pinterest board for “Fashion Over 40.” Group boards can increase traffic to your blog if you’re interested. You can pin your own photos like my friends, Shelly {The Queen In Between Blog} and Andrea {Living On Cloud Nine Blog} or any pin, which is more like me! All I need is your email address to add you to the group and then you can begin pinning. I hope you join us!

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I’ll check that out, Laura. I’m still new to Pinterest and blogging.

  10. What a fresh, chic look! I’ve always been a fan of stripes and love your shirt paired with denim and that great navy blazer. You’ve accessorized your look perfectly with you gold jewelry, a fabulous bag and the perfect shoe! Really lovely!

    1. Thanks, Mary. I’m going to go check out your blog! I love all the inspiration you can get from us bloggers.

  11. One of my favorites, also! I love the navy/white striped theme. And I think a well-fitting blazer takes any outfit up a notch. You look great – thanks for being an inspiration!

    1. Your right about the blazer. This one was from J C Penny, so very affordable as well as cute.

  12. Tania, this looks fabulous!! There’s just something about navy & white.

  13. Visiting you from A Lovely Little Wardrobe’s link up. The nautical look caught my eye because it’s my favorite! And I love how you styled it with gold accents! On a side note, I love the name of your blog! I just had a birthday and 50 is drawing every nearer and I agree…50 is NOT old!

    1. I have learned that 50 is just another number. It really is about a mindset! Thanks for visiting, I’ll go check out your blog now.