Red & Gray

50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray This past weekend I was supposed to go to a street festival in Erwin, Tennessee. However, the weather was not real cooperative. With rain, wind, and temperatures in the 50’s, I did what most fashion bloggers would do….I went shopping. I’m loving this new poncho that I bought over the weekend. I purchased it at T J Maxx, and it is a Joseph A.  Here is a similar one. I happen to like mine better, because I like the sleeve detail.50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray HairI decided to wear red accessories with the gray, this is one of my favorite color pairings. I threw on a really long bead set, (this is doubled), and a bakelite necklace. The red bakelite necklace is one of my favorite necklace’s. It has cubes, disc’s, and balls, not to mention dangles. That is a lot of different shapes in one necklace. I purchased it years ago at the 127 Yard Sale. This is a 690 mile long yard sale that starts in Michigan and goes into Alabama. You can find ANYTHING at this sale. I have seen bomb shelters, an entire stuffed turkey, preserved organs floating in solutions, and my favorite find, a chastity belt.50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray PinkThis shows a better picture of the sleeve. Those are metal snaps. You can also see, although not well, my red and clear rhinestone bracelet. Vintage of course.50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray 1These pants are Harve Benard and they reminded me of riding pants. It’s hard to see the details on them, but they have a seam at the knee going from side to side, then a seam down the middle from the knee to the ankle. 50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray purseWearing a pair of riding boots just seemed like the logical choice. I dragged out my red Dooney purse. I really like the tassels on both sides. I looked on several sites, but it is sold out, and I did not find one that I considered similar. I am not as wild about the opening on this purse. It has a smaller opening with a zipper closure. With this type opening, you can scrape you hand on the zipper. Whine, whine, whine!50 Is Not Old |Red & Gray 2My little cutie pie decided to come and join me for his cameo appearance. It won’t be long till he will be modeling his winter outfits.

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  1. I’m so lovin the poncho, grey is such a flattering shade.

    Not sure you’ll see this comment since I just found your site I’m soaking in all your posts and commenting here and there 🙂

    1. I’m thrilled to see you commenting. I am still very new to this whore “blogging” thing, and I love everyone’s comments. It is very helpful!

  2. This is a gorgeous poncho, and it’s so pretty on you! I just ordered a similar one and can’t wait for it to come in!

    1. I bet it will look great on you too. Send me a picture of you wearing it.

  3. Hi Tania! Just wanted to make sure you are receiving the comments I have been leaving on your blog since they don’t seem to be showing up. xo

    1. I am sorry Diane, I will look into that, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I know comments don’t show up till they are approved, and sometimes that is in the afternoons because of work. But, I really thank you for reading and commenting.????

    1. Thanks Debbie! I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Did you buy the chastity belt?

    1. No, I did not buy the chastity belt. I couldn’t think of anyone who needed it????