50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Good morning ladies. I said, GOOD MORNING, LADIES!!! Do you remember going to school and the teacher repeating himself so that you would answer him? That is how I sometimes feel when I hop on the blog. I want to say, “hello…are you there?” I am just like all of you who are on FaceBook. You know what I mean; you post a picture, and then you check back regularly to see if anyone “liked” or commented on your post. That is how I am with the blog too.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday I posted an outfit that only got two comments. That, of course, makes me think that you didn’t like the look. Maybe you were raised with the saying, “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Lol! I guess that silence speaks volumes. Hahaha! So, I decided to give you an outfit today that you would feel compelled to comment on. Let’s see how many comments I can get.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40So, let’s start with the colorful pink cardigan. I found three of these on sale for 9.99 at Old Navy about a month ago. The cardigan is long-sleeved, so that is probably why it was on sale. Long sleeves do not bother me since I can quickly push them up to make a 3/4 sleeve look. I took advantage of the sale and bought a blue one and a white one. It is still on sale, not as much as when I bought it, but it is still a great price. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Don’t go looking for this cute silver necklace in Plunder Designs. This was a necklace that I bought from Chloe & Isabel at least two years ago. The confetti earrings were a part of last months Plunder Posse set, but I wanted to show you how to incorporate a printed earring into an outfit with stripes.

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I love how neutral these shoes are when you wear them. They almost look like you are walking around bare-footed. Lol! These are by BP, and I bought them when I went on my 1,000 Nordstrom shopping spree. These were less than 60.00, so they didn’t take up much of my money. Lol! Here is the link to these block heeled sandals, and then there are a few more below that you might like.

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40This striped dress is adorable! I love the stripes, and I love how the neckline is a crossover wrap style. It was a tad bit low for me, so I easily added a lace camisole under the dress for a little more modesty. I like the tie at the waist, even though I am not a fan of drawing attention to the area where I have the most problem. I think that all of the stripes end of creating a camouflage of some sort, and it doesn’t look that bad, especially if you add a cardigan as I did.  The waist might be cinched, but the bottom half flares out to create a nice hourglass look. The best part about the dress is that it is an extra 60% off!!! Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I thought that you might want to see an up-close photo of the tie.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPED TIE WAIST DRESS FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Well, was I right? Is this outfit comment-worthy??? I hope so because it is depressing putting your picture out on the internet for the entire world to see and only getting two comments. Lol!

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    • I read your blog everyday and enjoy your stories and style! I don’t comment often – sorry! I’m on the shy side. Love hearing about your stories about your hubby…. I am glad to hear that every marriage has its moments ?

    • Elaine Norton Reply

      Super pretty outfit! That color pink is definitely your color!

  1. This outfit looks adorable on you. Both the stripes and the tie waist are very flattering, and the pink sweater really brightens your face. I circled back to see yesterday’s outfit. Loved the vest, but I look better in shorter versions, maybe knee length. Have a great week!

  2. I love the pop of bright pink with this summer dress. I always need a jacket or sweater during the summer because some places have their A/C turned down too much! This is adorable.

    • Tania Reply

      I wore the cardigan because I was going to church and I knew it would be cold. Lol!

      • The outfit is adorable! Perfect for church or work. Thank you, Tania!

  3. The outfit is adorable! You’re adorable! I have NO waist at the moment so I’m having a bit of trouble relating to any outfit which cinches in at the waist at all. Right now, I couldn’t wear this, but it sure looks stinkin’ cuit on you!! ?

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, I don’t have much of a waist either. That is the saving grace of a cardigan. It hides half of my body, which fools the eye into thinking that I have a smaller waist.

  4. I thought your outfit yesterday was super cute!! Loved, loved how you highlighted the versatility of the kimono. It is an awesome piece! And those jean’s…awesome!!

    Truth be told, to days outfit doesn’t speak to me near as much but you look lovely in it just the same.

    Blog on my friend?

    • Tania Reply

      Margo, it is your boho style that loved the kimono. Although, I love your elegant style also. You looked amazing in that black dress the other day.

  5. Guilty, as charged! Ha!!! I NEVER want to hurt anyone’s feelings with a negative comment about something they are wearing, SOoooo…..I just don’t say anything at all AND I don’t post it on Pinterest! But this dress and cardigan on you today is adorable! The pink cardi just ‘makes’ this dress. Love your shoes too! Oh, and your matching pink toenails! Ha! I would not wear the dress personally because I’m almost 78 yrs old but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I do! Love you Tania….you’re a real hoot!

  6. Ok, sorry- I read your blog everyday and hardly ever comment?. But I do enjoy it!, I love today’s outfit!! I would never think of a pink sweater with it but it looks great! Cute dress too! I need to start thinking more out of the box!

    • Tania Reply

      Cathy, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I know everyone is busy, and I am just a guilty of reading a post on Facebook, but hurrying on to the next post. So, thanks again for stopping by to say hello.

      • I look forward to your blog every day!!! I should comment more because you do such a good job helping all of us over 50 every day!!! I loved both days looks, you look great in everything, so stylish!!!
        Thanks for all you do to inform and educate us on all things we gals love!!!

  7. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    I wish I could wear half the outfits you do. This one’s adorable.

  8. Love me some stripes! So pretty with the pink and blue too. This outfit is perfect from head to toe. BTW haircut looks very nice on you.

  9. Love it, Tania! I do think it makes your waist look good, and I especially love how the shoes sort of disappear. You look young!!!

  10. Love it, Tania! I do think the dress looks good on your waist, and I love how the shoes disappear. You look young!!!

    • YOU and outfit are adorable. You’re the best at mixing colors! I’m too old for this post.

  11. Carolyn Steman Reply

    You look adorable!That dress is so cute on you, and I love the bright pink cardigan!I did have to look twice as I thought you were barefoot, lol. I am also absolutely loving your hair…so pretty!!Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Cute outfit for sure…but WHY do I always want that one piece of jewelry that is no longer available?? 🙂 I don’t wear a lot of dresses, but you do inspire me to switch things up.

    • Linda Bunger Reply

      Love everything about your outfit! The dress fits you perfectly and the cardigan looks great with the dress. You inspire me to step out of my comfort zone. I love reading your blog every morning.

  13. Love the color combination and your creativity ,as well as your vision for putting outfits together. The pink cardigan really pops against the blue pin stripe. Adorable jewelry…both earrings and necklace. You look pretty everyday! Your blog is one of the first things I look forward to reading each and every morning. I can’t wait to see the outfit you’ve put together and I always enjoy your daily story. Thanks again for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Love this outfit! Stripes are a favorite of mine. I probably would have overlooked the cardigan in Old Navy but now I am getting a few. Thanks for the great ideas because I wore uniforms in school then became a nurse so I really have no clue how to style outfits.

  15. Yup, today’s outfit is MUCH better. The cut and color are extremely flattering on you and your accessories are working well too.

    I think the belt works because it is in the same fabric, but doesn’t draw attention to itself so you can just enjoy the effect.

    I love this soft, feminine look, but I know it is not practical for everyday. Or maybe you could show us some different ways to style it.

  16. Hi Tania!
    Love your outfit today. The pink cardigan looks so nice with the dress. I love cardigans, but don’t wear them because they don’t look on me…My hips are too big and they just don’t fall right. ? They always look nice on you! Love the style of this dress. Land’s End sells a very similar dress in lots of different patterns and colors…very comfortable to wear too! I really enjoy your blog. It’s the first thing I do in the morning with my coffee. Have a great day!

  17. I love your willingness to experiment to find what works. Some of your experiments work out better than others. I liked the colors in the long beach cover you wore yesterday, but the proportions didn’t work with pants.

  18. I have a similar pink cardigan that I bought at Old Navy a few years ago. I bought one in white, cream, black, and red too. I love those cardigans! I wear cardigans all the time! I didn’t even get a chance to read yesterday’s blog post. After a busy weekend I was catching up on household things. I may not comment every day, but I do enjoy reading your blog daily.

  19. That pink is YOUR color, especially paired with the blue! I too enjoy reading your blog everyday, so please don’t think we aren’t HERE just because we may not post. Blog on, my friend!

  20. Teresa Louise Spivey Reply

    I love the dress Tania. Super cute on you. Hope you get lots of comments, lol.

  21. It is comment-worthy! Very cute and so was yesterday’s. I never think of using a swimsuit coverup as part of an outfit. Great idea.

  22. Very cute as always Tania. I loved yesterday’s look also. Not very often do I not like what you are styling, I just don’t comment often, but I do enjoy your blog. Your sense of humor is always uplifting. Have a great day!

  23. Very flattering outfit. The hot pink cardigan looks especially nice against the stripes of the dress. Very good look on you.

  24. Jana ? Taylor Reply

    That’s a great summery look that’s perfect for church! Love the cardi… they are a favorite lightweight cover-up that’s not bulky or too warm. I read your blog first thing in the am. Have a wonderful day, Tania!

  25. Jane B Crews Reply

    I look forward to seeing your post each day, and I love all of them. I would not have known it was a beach cover up from yesterday if you hadn’t told us. I especially enjoy your Sunday post Keep blogging, you are an inspiration to us all. Love you and your precious family.

  26. I think this is a lovely outfit & very flattering on you. The pink cardigan makes it pop. The shoes, what can I say about the shoes except I love them. It does almost look like your barefoot. Thumbs today. And by the way, I liked your outfit yesterday. Was surprised there weren’t more comments too. It was cool how you took a bathing suit coverup and used in regular wardrobe. Who would have thought?!

  27. Ginger JACKSON Reply

    Love the dress as I love stripes as well. Fav is with the sweater, it just finishes the look!

  28. Connie johnson Reply

    Tania, I love this outfit. I typically try to avoid anything that draws attention to my problem area (tummy) but I think I may have to look for this dress.
    I loved yesterday’s post too. In fact yesterday I wore black slacks, a navy blue tank top and a very cute and colorful silk robe that I picked up at Goodwill for $4. I wore it like you did your cover up and I got so many compliments.

  29. Love your blog and how you keep it real. You have a sweet family and I love hearing about you all. Love the pink sweater – it looks so soft and comfortable.

  30. Veronica Guerriero Reply

    Love the fresh summer look of this dress—and it looks great on you!

  31. Very comment worthy! I probably wouldn’t have thought about putting the pink cardigan with the dress but it was super cute….love this look. I work in an office an I reach for a light sweater nearly everyday. I think I’ll order a couple of these.

  32. Are there different Posses each month? You sometimes show a different one than the one I received?? I didn’t receive the earrings you are showing today??
    Love the outfit! The pink against your face is definitely a good color for you!

  33. Paula Bearchell Reply

    Such a cute dress on you! And please know, I read and enjoy (and even chuckle most days) your blog postings, although I don’t write replies that often. Thank you for faithfully posting your musings, outfits, and encouragement! I, for one, love your blog!

  34. I love your blog and have learned so much about mixing colors and patterns. I’ve also stepped up my jewelry game.

  35. Love blue stripes & I love this dress but the link isn’t working! Natural or nude shoes are my new all purpose shoe. They elongate your leg so nicely! Love your fun looks & your blog!

  36. I love the dress and the sweater. I also really love your hair. Looks like it was cut shorter and with a little curl. Very pretty.

  37. Morning Tania, like the dress and pink cardigan……BUT I loved yesterday’s outfit!! Didn’t see it until this morning, my 15 year old Yorkie was sick yesterday and I spent my time caring for him. Yesterday’s outfit is sooo me!!

  38. Cute, cute outfit. I love anything that is blue and white striped. Have a great day!

  39. Tania, you are pretty as a picture in this outfit!
    I always look forward to reading your blog each morning.
    Have a great day!

  40. love the dress on you, I know it’s not what you would normally pick, but it is very slimming and cute. the necklace is great as well.

  41. Lesli Obenschain Reply

    How funny. i bought that dress yesterday! Love the outfit and the beach waves in your hair!

  42. also, loved the way you repurposed the beach cover up yesterday, I often make my wardrobe more versatile by doing the same. very cute

  43. I look forward to reading your post every morning and they are all very enjoyable. I apologize for not commenting more as I am sure you wonder if “we” are out here! I always love your outfits and you are quite an inspiration for us older ladies. I love this look today and the pink cardigan really pulls the entire look together! I love dresses, but I can’t find anything that really looks good on me. Keep up the good work. You are very talented!

  44. julie Turner Reply

    Your outfits are the best!! I have lots of fashion choices because of you. Tania, you make my day! And my wardrobe! I starting to get excited about fall and what you will have for us.

  45. You always look so pretty and your outfits inspire me. I usually also look you up for a smile for the day – love to read your thoughts. Am guilty of not commenting – this is my first. So thank you for taking the time to entertain and inspire all of us!

  46. Sandy Fought Reply

    I love the outfit from the bright pink sweater to the nude shoes! So pretty!! You’ll get lots of comments on this one I’m sure!

  47. I could comment on your blog every day but I thought you would be too busy to read them!! Silly me!! Since pink is my favorite color, I love the cardigan. I am a jacket girl because it gives a finished look. Even when it is hot in Florida, I always add a fashion piece, whether it is a vest or scarf or even a pop of color in my shoes. It makes all the difference and of course, cute jewelry!! Hope you got your new silver cross necklace!! I will be watching for it in one of your posts!!

  48. Karen Miller Reply

    Cute dress! Love the pop of pink with the cardigan! And your hair looks very pretty today!

  49. I am from the school of not having anything nice to say… but I have a reputation for telling the truth if you ask. So people quickly learn if they don’t want my honest opinion don’t ask. You asked! Aren’t you boiling with cami under the dress? I just don’t know how you southern girls do it, I would melt. It looks good but hot! The dress is beautiful and the cardigan stellar! You are gorgeous and those colours do great things for you.

  50. Regina Kothny Reply

    Cute outfit. How much ironing is needed? LOL … I don’t like to iron!

  51. Rosalind headley Reply

    This outfit really is a good look. I like it and I like how it looks on you.

  52. Don’t worry about only a few comments. We are on vacation in New Hampshire and availability of WiFi is limited. Love your posts! This is the first time I’ve commented!

  53. Janet L Witthuhn Reply

    Sorry you’re feeling “lonely” out there. We all appreciate the hard work it takes to post a fashion blog every day. I want you to know I appreciate your humor and, more than anything else, your practical approach to fashion.

  54. liked it all, but your hair rates an extra comment, It looks super!

  55. You look great in this dress!! The stripes are so flattering and the pink cardigan adds such a pretty pop to the ensemble!

  56. I have a dress very similar to this and I just love it! You look really good in blue!

  57. Read every day, rarely comment – but you guilted me into it today! Love the outfit!

  58. really like the dress, feel it would look good on a lot of people, even people like me with no waist! I really like the pink sweater with it, however If have to wait til Spring or Fall to wear it..Too Darn Hot!

  59. Eileen Cassidy Reply

    Hi Tania, I just love your blog ,and love you and your warm and friendly personality . All your outfits are stunning , I have never seen one I don’t like, you put them together so well. I am writing this from Ireland ,a long way from you.!!You are definitely an inspiration to me.!xx

  60. Adorable outfit, Tania ?? I love the pink sweater with the dress. I checked the website for the dress and found that it is lined in polyester ? I don’t know why they do that to summer dresses, it is way too hot to wear in Scottsdale, AZ this time of year ? It has to be %100 cotton for me. I look forward to your blog every day! Thanks for all you do ??

  61. Carol Sabet Reply

    I’m new to your blog and love your style and often pin your inspiration on my Fight the Frump board. I especially like that you feature affordable clothing. Keep it coming and I’ll do better with responding with a thumbs up to your eye catching looks.

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