Shearling Vest

DSC_0347_2Happy Monday to all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. My anniversary was this weekend, and I spent it just like I wanted. Doing pretty much nothing. Haha  We (I) built a fire, had a glass of wine, and called in for a pizza. When you’ve been married for 29 years, that is pretty much heaven.DSC_0354This weekend, other than going out to decorate a gazebo for Christmas (a woman’s club activity), I did nothing. This is an outfit I wore a couple days ago. You can tell it was before I took out the pink highlights in my hair.  The shearling vest is soft as can be. I have tried on several of this style vest before, but they always seem to fit weird. This one is actually a size smaller that I would normally wear, so maybe that is why it fits like I wanted. The regular size I would wear just hangs, and looks over whelming. DSC_0349This shirt is an oldie but goodie. I like the shade of blue, and I wear it with summer, as well as winter, outfits. This shirt has french cuffs, which I just noticed that one of them is not folded correctly. Here is a similar shirt on Amazon is lots of different colors. DSC_0347That cuff is really getting on my nerves. I just want to reach out and fix the stupid thing. UGH! Oh well, I have on a leather cuff bracelet that was made from a belt. This one on etsy looks just like mine. I also have on a gold bangle bracelet with two hanging tassels. This one was given to me, but here is a similar one, and it is Michael Kors. My watch is also a Michael Kors, and it was a gift as well.DSC_0351I carried my (only) Louis Vuitton purse. It is a style called “noe”, and can be found on ebay. Of course, any time you buy on ebay, make sure you buy from a reputable seller. Be sure and check out their feedback. These boots are a couple years old, but they are probably still my favorite pair I own. They are a quality pair of boots. The inside of these boots are completely fur lined, even on the bottom. Mine say, Made in Italy, but here is a pair from Talbots. DSC_0349_2These jeans are high-rise distressed Rockstar from Old Navy. The skinny jeans work great for these boots. The boots are tight on my calves, so the tighter the jeans are, the better the boots will zip.DSC_0346I hope you liked this look. It reminds me of Montana, don’t ask my why. I’ve never even been to Montana, so go figure.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Just stumbled upon you on Pinterest….. You’re a doll, and I just LOVE all the outfits you have put together! You look fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration! I needed it!
    Things in my closet are looking bland and stale! I’m gona go through it all and re-work it a bit for a little more sass and vibrancy! Maybe add a few new accessories!

    1. I am happy you found me, Stephanie! I hope you visit with me often?

  2. Janna Vaughan says:

    So cute!!! Can you tell me what size you are?

    1. Janna, I wear a size 10, or a Large in most things.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Just had my 26th and was laughing at how you celebrated……one of my favorite ways to spend a “date night”. I was just in Target yesterday and tried on a vest similar to yours. Great look! I may just run back and grab it.

    1. It is funny how we view a “date night” the older we get. ????

  4. I just received a sherpa vest yesterday and was wondering what to put underneath. Love this look…super cute!

  5. It’s a beautiful vest. I tried one on at Charming Charlie’s and it was too much. I am finding it takes a lot of trying on when it comes to ponchos and these fur vests or leather type vests. Not sure I would purchase one because I want more versatility from a vest. They are very trendy right now though. I love it with the boots and the proportions are right for you.

  6. The shearling vest looks great on you, a beautiful rich color… yup, agree with you about Montana…

  7. Your Montana and cuff comments are cracking me up! I’ve been pinning a few of your styles to our Fashion Over 40 Board; hope you don’t mind. Also, I just added a shearling vest to my Christmas wish list. Love how you styled yours!

    1. Thanks Donna and Laura! One of my favorite lines from a movie is, “I would have liked to have seen Montanta”. My husband and I say that all the time???? And Laura, I don’t mind at all, send me the link for pinterest and I will pin there also. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Diane and Patti. We had a wonderful anniversary, and I am looking forward to many more????

  8. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like how we have celebrated our anniversary a few times as well. Glad to hear that we are not the only stay at home folks . I agree with the shearlings fitting oddly. I haven’t found one yet that suits me, although I do keep searching. Yours looks perfect on you. xo