50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDToday is the Ageless Style Linkup and the chosen theme was for a vintage item. I love vintage so this theme was right down my alley. Buying in thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales, and vintage fashion shows are all wonderful ways that you can have a little history in your wardrobe. Everyone today will be showcasing an item on its “second time around.” Mine is really on its second time around because these are the pictures I used in November 2015. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDI bought this jacket in Georgia when I attended a vintage fashion show in October 2015. This vintage lambswool jacket was not in the show, it was hanging on the rack for anyone to purchase. I had looked at it several times but no one had tried it on. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer so I grabbed the jacket up and tried it on. I knew that I would wear it with jeans, I just had a picture in my mind. I walked down the hall to look in the mirror and while I was gone, two different ladies told my mother that if I didn’t take the jacket they wanted it. It is funny how they had all overlooked the jacket not seeing its potential. My daughter-in-law gets things from her sister all the time. The sister is getting rid of the items in a yard sale and my DIL buys them. The next time she wears the items her sister will want it back. “You didn’t want this, you were getting rid of it!” and then her sister will say, “But, now you showed me how to wear it, I want it back.” Isn’t that the way it sometimes is? We don’t see the “how” to wear something until we see it on someone or on a mannequin.  50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDThis was the label on the inside of the jacket. M J could stand for Mary Jane or Margaret Jones, but I have decided it stands for Margie and James, my two parents! This jacket was meant to be mine. Lol! Did you notice the mink pocket flaps? They are not real pockets but these flaps take the elegance level up a notch or two. I would love to know the history of this jacket. Did it go to parties or just to church? Was it owned by someone younger or someone old? How did the jacket come to be in a vintage fashion show? 50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDI promise you the next time I wear this jacket it will be more elegant. I would love to see the jacket all dressed up in finery. I could just see a mink pillbox hat with this. Guess what I am going to in search for when I go the vintage fashion show. Did you read this, Mom? If you have one you better set it back for me. Be sure you check out all the other ladies in the Ageless Style Linkup. I am anxious to see what they are wearing. But a couple things before I go. Did you enter into my giveaway? I celebrated my 18 blogaversary on Monday!!! To celebrate I am having a giveaway for a full size, $150.00 retail value, Lash Boost!!! To be entered in the drawing you will simply need to comment below your occupation. I work full time and was wondering what you ladies do. The winner will be announced on Saturday’s blog post.

The pictures above were from November 2015, 16 months ago. Am I crazy or do I look younger now? Holy crap, I looked bad!!! Why didn’t you gurls tell me I was looking like, I can’t even describe it. I can’t see exactly what has changed but dang, it has changed!50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDThis photo was from the same month. I had to go back and look to make sure it just wasn’t a bad batch of photos. The lashes are very noticeable, the eyes are very noticeable, and the overall complexion is overall noticeable. I am flabbergasted!50 IS NOT OLD | SECOND TIME AROUNDI am not saying that to toot my horn. I am just stating facts. I started using Rodan and Fields in late February or the first of March 2016 and I am thrilled with the results. I do feel like I am aging backwards. ? The Lash Boost bundle deal is only available until March 9th. The deal is for a 20% savings for the Lash Boost and any Regimen when purchased as a bundle. To receive another 10% off simply signup as a Preferred Customer. You will also receive FREE shipping and handling on any order that is over 80.00. There is a 19.95 enrollment fee but I will refund you that amount and also send you a free mini eye cream. If you would like to take the solution tool to see what regimen the suggest for you just click here.

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Now let’s join the other ladies with the Ageless Style Linkup. What do you think they will be wearing?

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Tania@ 50 Is Not Old

Ana@ Mrs. American Made

Nicole@ High Latitude Style

Shelley@ The Queen In Between

Daenel @Living Outside The Stacks

Yvonne@ FunkyForty

Jennie@ A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Debbie@ Fashion Fairy Dust

Alice@ Happiness at Mid-Life

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  1. Michelle Seeberger says:


    Retired Account Representative from the area utility company. It is so fun reading your blog and seeing how you put outfits together!

  2. Legal assistant for a Minnesota and Wisconsin law firm.

  3. I’m actually on my 2nd career…so does that count as a second time around? I was a stay-home mom for 16 years, and now I’m in my 12th year as a language and reading specialist at an elementary school. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten to do both. Now grandbaby #1 is due in May!

  4. Hi Tania,
    I’m a Transit Manager
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Tania,

    I am a stay at home Mom

  6. Robin Anders says:

    I am a retired Emergency Room & Critical Care nurse. It was definitly a calling. I loved my job!

  7. S. Fennell says:

    I am a Data Analyst.

  8. I am recently retired and looking after two of my grandchildren who are in high school away from home. For many years I worked in office administration and as a teaching assistant. Before that my late husband and I had a ranch. I have followed your blog almost from the beginning but this is the first time I’ve commented. I live in British Columbia, Canada so we are a long distance apart! I enjoy your blog and how REAL you are:)

  9. Retired special education teacher

  10. I love the vintage jacket! You look great, as usual! I am an administrative assistant at a school.

  11. Melanie W. says:

    I work as an administrative assistant for Mayo Clinic.

  12. Retired Certified Dental Assistant with the Texas Depart. Of Criminal Justice for 25 years and now a small business owner. Love the jacket with the jeans! I live vintage things. You do look wonderful!

    1. Have been an Occupational Therapist for 34 years and still working!

  13. I am an executive at a private college.

  14. I am a very boring auditor counting down to retirement. Love to wear bright c clothes to counter a dull job.

  15. I’m an obituary condolence guestbook screener. (Yes, this position does exit!) I make sure no ‘surprise’ relatives show up in entries, or that someone disputes obit facts, or criticizes anyone. I also preview posted photos, and proofread notices for errors…

  16. Customer service representative for a utility.

  17. I manage grants for a hospital system. Love the before and after pictures!

  18. Sales rep for a garage door manufacturer

  19. Michelle Castagne says:

    My occupation is an office manager for a general contractor.

  20. I am a stay at home mother/housewife but first of all I am a child of GOD!
    What a difference in your appearance! You look awesome! You have lost weight. Your body has shrunk and your lashes have gotten longer! And not to forget that beautiful complexion! So tell me, what is your success to loosing weight and looking fabulous ?! LOVE YOUR STYLE

  21. Poker host. Love the jacket!!

  22. Hi
    I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now. You do look wonderful!!! I work for a Pastor of a Lutheran Church.

  23. Beverly Helton says:

    Co owner of a furniture store

  24. I work part-time in my youngest daughter’s law office and babysit my cute grandson a couple of days a week for my older daughter. Both jobs I really enjoy. Your blog gives me lots of ideas on how to style clothes I already have in my closet. Love your color combinations!

  25. HR and accounts payable.

  26. I work at a Medical spa doing permanent cosmetics and all kinds of fun stuff to keep us looking young and beautiful!! You look great BTW!! #agelessmedical

  27. first grade teacher

  28. Kelli Miles says:

    Project Manager at a construction company.

  29. Hey girl, hey! Looking fabulous in fur! And you ARE aging backward! Can’t wait to start my Lash Boost too!
    I work as a customer service representative.

  30. Administrative Assistant for Food and Nutrition Services

  31. Dental hygienist; I hang my head all day and my jowls are starting to show it!!!! I love your cheetah coat, too.

  32. Sandra Bankhead says:

    I do in-home daycare for 6 wonderful kiddos.

  33. Mortgage Loan Processor

  34. I’m the best grandmother ever to my 5 grandchildren. BEST JOB EVER!

  35. Tania, I don’t work anymore. I’m 61 and retired a year and a half ago. Now I babysit my two granddaughters two days a week.

  36. Retired now. But medical transcriptionist for 35 years!

  37. Material Management Supervisor. (I work in the Storeroom in a major hospital in New York. New York Presbyterian Hospital

  38. Total Rewards Specialist – Human Resources

  39. Was a Tax Consultant, now “medically retired”, I had back surgery in July and I am working on rebuilding ME (literally) !! LOL Love the coat, Tania!! The first thought when I saw the picture, “girl is styling Fur, you go girl!!” LOL Sorry I couldn’t resist!!

  40. Administrative Assistant for state of California.
    Love your jacket, grest find!

  41. Physical Therapist Assistant

  42. Cynthia Kendrick says:

    Mechanical and Industrial Buyer. I love that jacket. Reminds me of a suit my grandmother had when I was a little girl.

  43. That’s a great jacket! And you are so right, often we don’t see the full potential of items in our closet… You have styled it perfectly, and I’m sure the other ladies kicked themselves for not picking it up sooner…

    I’m a college instructor.

  44. I am a caretaker for an 83 year old lady. I love it!! I was in the commercial real estate field for over 30 years. This is definitely more fun and rewarding!!

  45. Escrow Officer for a title company. I agree with you about your pictures, you look younger and happier than you did in 2015. I love following your blog, I’m one of those people who need to see an outfit on a person or mannequin!

  46. Looking good Tania! That jacket over a lace dress or silk blouse and trousers with heels would be your dress up look! I’m a life reinsurance underwriter, been at it for 35 years and still enjoying it. Fashion is my passion though, a lighthearted change to serious business.

  47. Vada Gipson says:

    Construction Administrator

  48. Susan Stancliff says:

    Office manager for an opthalmologist office

  49. Retired preschool director/teacher. Living the good life.
    Cute vintage coat.

  50. Gorgeous jacket, Tania! I enjoyed seeing how you have styled it here and will be looking forward to seeing it dressed up. A pillbox hat sounds perfect. 🙂

  51. Kimberly Noonan says:

    I must say you do look younger. I love your blog and your style. I work as a Quality Control Auditor for a Title Insurance Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

  52. I am a home-maker and a homeschool teacher to 2 of my 4 kids

  53. I am a buyer! Love your style! I have been following you almost the entire 18 months! I pin your outfits all the time!! ❤️❤️

  54. Linda Lenard says:

    Small business owner, semi-retired and lovin’ it

  55. Maxine Bower says:

    I’ve been retired six years from a credit union where I was a loan officer and anything else that was needed. Love your vintage!

  56. I work at home, I bake! ?

  57. Charlcy Green says:

    Hey pretty lady! I absolutely love that very unique jacket! GOOD FIND! I thought it surely wasn’t real until you described it. I’ve never seen a real one like that but it’s outstanding! And yes, you do look younger now! As you know, I’m an Administrative Assistant at New Mexico Military Institute! But only for two more months!!

  58. I am a retired teacher and I work hard at retirement? I have a vintage mouton coat (50’s version) that I inherited from my mom. She always looked beautiful in it. I have maybe worn it once but couldn’t part with it because of the fond memories it brought me. You have inspired me to get it out and give it a try. Love the look with jeans. I too am a vintage lover?

  59. Long time reader. First time to post. I read your blog every morning. I am retired now after working 30 years in the business part of an orthodontist office. Love how you wear such bright colors.

  60. Hi I am retired for about 3 years now. See I said you had lost weight.

  61. I’m a happily retired Boeing Human Resources Generalist.

    I love your vintage jacket. It looks great on you! I love your style…..classy, sassy and fun!

  62. Semi-retired small business owner.

  63. Mary McCoy says:

    A court reporter in Las Vegas.

  64. Carmen Jones says:

    Credit union branch manager

  65. Service dispatcher for a maintenance company, primarily working in restaurants in Michigan. Love your blog! You’ve helped me be more daring in my style.

  66. gingercat3 says:

    Love your blog! I am happily retired and busy doing volunteer work that I love. Also, I really like your vintage jacket with jeans, I don’t think it needs to be dressed up.

  67. Debbie Barr says:

    I’m an interior designer. My business is called White Lotus Interiors

  68. I am a retired school nurse if 27 years

  69. Renee.Richard says:

    Early Childhood Director

  70. I’m an environmental project manager and do environmental remediation. Love your blog!

  71. Housewife and a small business owner in Arizona. I have a cabin/reservation business located in the beautiful White Mountains.

  72. Lisa Neighbors says:

    Former teacher, now looking for a new career. On the 20th of this month, I will try my hand at being (pause while I try to remember the official job title -insert jeopardy music here- extended version, please…) an Application Processing Specialist. Truthfully, I had to look it up. Gurl, I hope I win because we know I need that Lash Boost!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. Pat Cloey says:

    I work for the electric company in my area of the state. The pictures don’t lie…there is a noticeable difference, your complexion is more vibrant – and the lashes – wow! You look fabulous dahling!

  74. Cindy Caraway Knoke says:

    Infection Preventionist

  75. Realtor! Love the look. That jacket is sassy with those jeans!

  76. Ellen Poston says:

    I’m an office manager. I love this website, I read your blog everyday!

  77. Administrative Assistant for a CPA firm, full time

  78. Administrative Assistant. The jacket looks so cute with jeans!

  79. Unbelievable the difference in how you looked then, compared to now, Tania!!!!! Those lashes!!!! Love that jacket – it was meant to be your’s with your parents’ initials on the inside!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  80. Lobby Manager at a bank.

  81. I work full time with the state of South Carolina. I am a trainer and basically teach our new staff members how to do their jobs, provide updates and refresher courses to existing staff. Lots of travel within the state is involved.

  82. I am a bookkeeper at a construction company and I am also a clerk for an auction house.

  83. Sandy Stevens says:

    Stay at home mom!

  84. I love second hand too, Tania. I always figure after I wear it the first time, it’s already used!! In fact, I just bought a thrift box service—-it was much less expensive than Stitch Fix. I talked about it on my blog this weekend!!

  85. Customer Service Representative. I love the jacket!

  86. Cherie Nottingham says:

    Court reporter.

  87. Educational Diagnostician (I test children for learning disabilities) in Texas.
    Very noticeable differences in your photos…yeah for you!!

  88. I daycare my 4 grandsons, ages 3,4,5 &6!!

  89. Lynette Myers says:

    I’m an administrative assistant at our church- part time.

  90. Small town GA, small business owner!

    1. My mother had a jacket like that..not the mink pockets though 🙂

  91. Michle Machala says:

    I work at being retired….Michle from Texas

  92. Good morning Tania,

    Love your blog. I am also a big fan of vintage, especially gowns! I am the SNAP And Policy, Procedures and Training Director for the Department of Social Services in my county, Whew that’s a title! Have a great day?

  93. Margaret Martin says:

    First Grade Reading Interventionist but retired now

  94. Lorie Patterson says:

    I enjoy readying your blog each morning and seeing your outfit of the day! I am a medical office specialist and work in a doctors office so I wear scrubs every day! I’m not able to be very fashionable with scrubs, but look forward to the weekend to do my own fashion thing! Thanks for all the fashion ideas! Have a great week!

  95. That is a gorgeous jacket! Looks great on you too 🙂

  96. I am currently unemployed. ?

  97. I am also from a small town, Moncks Corner, and I work for the local Telephone Company. I have worked there for 26 years!! I am Mgr over customer service. Oh yea we also provide internet, cable, security and home automation, landline phones are on the way out. I am also a outfitter for Initial Outfitters. ???
    Have a great day!

    1. Frances, this Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots. As I was scrolling down I couldn’t help but notice you are from Moncks Corner – I live in Spartanburg – so the name jumped out at me. I am assuming there is only one, anyway! 🙂

  98. I am a University Professor and enjoy your blog. I often find a new twist on how to wear something I already own!

  99. High school Marketing teacher

  100. Laura Cutting says:

    Registered Nurse

  101. Paula Nelson says:

    I am a first grade teacher. I have been with you almost your whole 18 months. You inspire me and make me laugh. I love your blog and look forward to reading it before going to work.
    –Paula from Texas —

  102. Ann Claire says:

    I just retired from a 35 year career as a Transportation Officer. I guess now I am a housewife. Whatever You call it …. I LOVE it. Im new to your blog but I have really enjoyed it. Since Im retired I wanted to have a resource to call on to make sure I was on point with the things I wear. I love your style!!! Thank for sharing it with me.

  103. Payroll tax specialist

    1. Dawn Faber says:

      Software Trainer by day, professional artist by night!