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Rules for Wearing Leggings for Women Over 50

Black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe. They are so comfortable, practical, and they can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going. I know that the topic of wearing leggings out of the house can be a bit controversial, but today I am teaching you the 3 rules of wearing leggings for women over 50 and how to look fabulous doing it! I’m also sharing my favorite places to buy leggings, including faux leather leggings, and how I style them.

Rules for wearing leggings over 40-17
Faux Leather Leggings (med) || Black Sweater Poncho (Similar) || Cashmere Cheetah Scarf (Similar) || Red Suede Pumps (Similar)

I’m a big believer that you can, and should, wear anything that you want as long as you feel great while wearing it; however, there are a few rules for wearing leggings, especially for those of us that are over 50.

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The Rules for Wearing Leggings for Women Over 50

I love wearing leggings around the house all year round, but I’m not a fan of compression leggings. I don’t like feeling like a sausage; I would rather be comfortable. The biggest issue I have with most leggings is that you end up with a muffin top since they squeeze you at the waist. Luckily, my recommendations and tips below will help you avoid that!

1. Tight on the bottom, loose on the top.

I like to balance the look of the fitted leggings on my bottom-half with something that has more volume up top. This means I am usually looking for something like a flowy blouse or a cozy, oversized sweater. In the look above, I balanced out the leggings and knee-high boots with this cream turtleneck sweater.

2. Cover your rear.

While leggings really are pants, they can be too revealing for most of us women over 50. Try to make sure that your top hits below your hips so that your “business” is covered. Tunics are an easy option for making sure your shirt is long enough. I also like adding a cardigan over a tee for a cute, casual, and modest look. Similar to a cardigan, I added a longer puffer vest in the look above.

3. Elongate your legs by adding a shoe in the same color as the legging.

Make your legs look long and lean by pairing your leggings with your favorite boots, flats, loafers, and heels in the same color. I don’t always follow my own advice because I do love wearing white sneakers for a casual, sporty look, but I do think leggings are the most flattering when you follow this rule!

The Best Leggings for Women Over 50

I like looking for a nice thick material so that my leggings are not at all see-through. I also make sure to choose a pair with a thick waistband to help hold everything into place.

1. Lululemon Align Leggings

You all know these are my go-to leggings! I tried them a few years ago, and I am hooked. They are a bit of a splurge. The minute I pulled on the Align Leggings, I was hooked. They are incredibly soft and paper-thin. However, they aren’t see-through at all, and they seem to be durable. I’m not sure how they do that, but they do. My DIL tells me they have an incredible return policy, but I’ve not read it yet. These are the 23 “crops; I wear a size 10 in these, and I love the fit.

2. HeyNuts on Amazon

It’s important to note that you should strongly consider trying this Amazon pair that are very comparable to Lululemon’s Align leggings. They have excellent reviews and are under $28! I have these, and a large fits me best.

3. The Gym People on Amazon

Here is another pair of highly rated and loved leggings from Amazon. This pair of leggings are under $25 and will hold you in for a flattering fit. They also have a pocket, which is very handy for storing your phone or car key while you are out running errands!

4. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

I have been wearing this brand from Nordstrom for a few years and I really love their leggings. They are very flattering and have a no-slip waistband. I think a large is the best fit for me.

5. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

I love the edginess that faux leather leggings for women over 50 bring to an outfit! This pair from Spanx are fabulous, and I’ve been wearing mine for several years. They are very comfortable and flattering. If they are rolling down on you, then you likely need to size up!

What to Wear with Leggings: Outfit Inspiration

Rules for wearing leggings over 40-38
Smiley Face Graphic Tee (Similar) || Lululemon Align Leggings || P448 John Sneakers
Rules for wearing leggings over 40-25
Velvet Tank (Size 1) || Velvet Leggings || Long Knit Jacket (size Med) || Leopard Pumps (Similar)
Rules for wearing leggings over 40-32
Colorblock Sweater (Similar) (Similar) || Faux Suede Leggings (Similar) || Camel Sueded Pumps

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  1. Magda Hernandez says:

    Dear Tania
    Happy new year!! This post specially was so helpful for me because i have a black faux leather leeging, it was hiding for a month 🙂 and i´ll follow your tips to use it

    Greetings from Mexico
    Magda Hernandez

  2. I also love wearing leggings, I must try a few of the brands you have mentioned!

  3. I also love leggings! Love your style!

  4. I love
    your style, but how about something to workout in/walk in, I would love to see what you like❤️

  5. Kathy Lowe says:

    I had no idea the fun and different ways to wear leggings. I love the look of the oversized sweater and the high boots!

  6. Carole Luke says:

    love this post! such great advice. I 💗 because I don’t normally like to wear leggings out, I see that it’s OK and it’s cute! thanks ❤️

  7. Renee Harper Richter says:

    Sure was happy to see this info on leggings! Wonderful tips I’ll definitely keep in mind!

  8. Melaine Ott says:

    Wow! Love the black outfit with leopard pumps…elegant and classy!

  9. Debbie Titus says:

    I love every single one of these outfits!

  10. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Leggings are Tricky!

  11. As always, you look great!

  12. Leggings are often my go to pants for comfort and easy to wear. I always like a long top or bulky sweaters too. Thanks for all the information you provide.

  13. Black leggings are definitely my go to. I love how you styled these as more dressy. I usually go with the casual look. Thanks for the different legging prices.

  14. Black leggings are a staple every lady needs in their wardrobe!!! Love the looks!

  15. mary phillips says:

    I’m enjoying the trend of looser legged pants. So comfortable and cooler in warm weather. However, love soft velvet leggings and a long sweater tunic when the temperatures drop. Thanks for the guidelines!

  16. Love this post. I like to wear leggings with a long cardigan. I struggle with wearing a coat with that. My long coat works if it is really cold. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Suzanne, unless you are wearing a coat that you don’t intend to take off when you’re in the house, don’t worry about it.

  17. Budget tight after Christmas so I’ll try the pair from Amazon. Thanks for always offering varied price ranges.

  18. I’ll try the Heynuts from Amazon for after Christmas budget!🤪

  19. Teri O’Brien says:

    Thanks for the tips- I have been hesitant to wear leggings but these ideas are really helpful

  20. This is a great post because leggings can be a conundrum! Love the styling pics with leggings!

    Thank you!

  21. Joanne W. says:

    I really appreciated your information on leggings. Very helpful. Also the pictures of your outfits demonstrated how to wear them appropriately. Thanks!

  22. I have just jumped on the band wagon to wear leggings, but Jyst around the house. Love the oversized turtleneck sweater!

  23. Excellent info as I always wanted to try leggings. At your suggestion, I ordered from Amazon!! Thank you!

  24. Lori Gorenflo says:

    Thanks for the post on leggings. I have always felt a little self conscious when I wear them out in public and your blog helped.

  25. I love this post! Great suggestions.

  26. Thank you for all the info and choices! Will definitely take a look at some of those Amazon brands!

  27. At last, a variety of leggings in different price ranges and quality noted for each brand. I gave all mine away a couple years ago thinking they were out of style. Looking forward to replenish a pair of leggings again. Thanks Tania, love all your legging outfit looks.

  28. Great post! Thank you!

  29. Fantastic and practical advice as always! Love reading your posts!!

  30. My favorites are the casual outfit – leggings and pink sweater and the colorblock sweater outfit. Question – how do short (under 5ft) shorten their leggings?)

    1. I would purchase leggings with the shorter crop. Example, Lululemon comes in 23″, 25″, and 28″

  31. Mari Heverly says:

    Great tips to follow on wearing leggings in public!

  32. Such great advice. Thank you!

  33. Thank you for this post. I notice that you are not wearing leggings in bright colors or with a print. I would like your advice on if you think older women can pull that off. I have a pair in teal and in purple and I’m much more comfortable wearing black.

    1. Janet, I have some in bright colors and prints, but I mostly use those as workout clothing, not going out clothing.

  34. I always buy leggings 2 sizes larger than my regular size. I also do not want compression and muffin top.

  35. I love leggings and wear them a lot. Most days I live in leggings since I work out in the morning, and then I am home most days (retired life haha!) I also wear them out of the house, but I have been trying to wear jeans when leaving the house, just for a change.
    Love, love, love your outfit of the oversized white sweater with the black boots. That is my kind of outfit.

  36. Tania, you gave us some great guidelines for wearing leggings. You help the gurls stay classy and looking stylish! I love your posts and look forward to seeing what you’re wearing! Thanks!

  37. Joanne Goldberg says:

    I live all these ideas. I’m a “young” grandmother of 3 toddlers, and leggings are a staple in my wardrobe! Thank you & have a Blessed New Year

  38. Julie Crighton says:

    I love all the outfit ideas! Can’t wait to try some of them!

  39. Tania, Thanks for this article. I love wearing leggings or skinny pants, but was told not too. I think you’ve styled them beautifully. Now, at 73, I can feel confident wearing them properly.

    Is the long knit jacket from Talbots? When I click on it, the Velvet leggings come up.

  40. Such great ideas! I have something similar to almost everything you modeled, but haven’t put them together as you did. I’m going to do this!

  41. Cheryl Wencel says:

    My favorite leggings are by Shapermint. They have a high rise style that goes up to your ribs. They have silicone along the top to keep them from slipping, and they stay put! No muffin top! They run true to size, but seeing how I don’t like things too tight I ordered a XL. I should have ordered the large as suggested. 😲 they have just the right amount of compression and are very comfortable. Give them a try, I love them!

  42. Ginger Hiller says:

    I like the various ways you styled your leggings. I have a pair of the Zella leggings that are warm and comfortable. I don’t have a lot of appropriate tops to pair with them, so I won’t wear them a lot. I definitely don’t need to add more tops to my closet.

  43. Angie Leonard says:

    Thanks for all the great tip reminders. Leggings are great if you stay classy. As always you look fabulous! Happy Holidays:)

  44. Love the colorblock sweater look. Thanks for reminding me of how I can be braver!

  45. Patti Lou says:

    I just love this post. Great tips and you look fabulous in leggings.

  46. Crystal G says:

    I love wearing leggings at age 62! Thank you for the style tips and brand suggestions!

  47. I liked all the legging looks, it gave me some good ideas. Thank you!

  48. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Love this. Since I retired I virtually live in leggings. Several brands on here I haven’t tried. Thanks!

  49. Great leggings are hard to find- thanks!

  50. I’ve been wanting to try faux leather leggings for awhile now. This inspires me to go ahead and give them a try.

  51. I love all of your outfit choices for leggings!

  52. Linda Shearer says:

    This is a great post very helpful. Love the black tank and black velvet jacket.

  53. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Thank you!!!! I am always wondering what to wear with leggings besides a tunic.

  54. I love leggings. Thanks for sharing your favorites and also the longer tops.

  55. Love the block sweater the best! You look great!

  56. Janet Rector Bryant says:

    I bought my first pair of leggings for Christmas. I agree, my butt must be covered. It’s a comfort thing for me. I feel exposed otherwise. I see girls they look very cute and others …. I don’t want to be in the other group. Just saying.

  57. Louise Cole says:

    Love today’s looks! Now that we are traveling again leggings are my “go to” for comfort, but I still want to look stylish.

  58. Love the looks especially the all black. I think I’m finally going to try the faux leather leggings. LOL

  59. Lulu and Zella are my favorites. I may have to give Amazon ones a try, however for the price difference.

  60. I did not know the rule about the same color shoes but will remember it going forward!

  61. Patti McDonald says:

    Merry Christmas! I read your blog everyday but don’t always leave a comment. I agree with this info on leggings. The key for me is loose, tunic length tops. My favorite look is the long houndstooth cardigan with faux leather leggings. Thanks again for the great blog.

  62. Hello

    I am happy you had a peace filled Christmas. I always appreciate you giving glory to our Creator for all of the beauty in our world, thank you.

    I am going to look into these leggings, I am petite and want to find just the correct length.

    Have a blessed day!

  63. Trish Smith says:

    I used the ideas you gave on shopping Amazon look alike for legging and sweater and was very pleased. Here’s to a great 2023!

  64. Just got a pair for an early Christmas present!! Comfy! Wore with a long sweatshirt and cute boots

  65. Glad you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas. Thanks for always helping us.

  66. Great rules! You love so lovely in everything! Have a great rest of the holiday season!

  67. Leslie Bizzell says:

    This post is super helpful and encouraging to remind us as you said as long as we feel great in it and know how to style it we should wear it -that makes me happy😊 age is a number and there is no rule that says when you hit 50 you have to stop wearing certain things so thank you for the inspiration!

  68. Alexandra says:

    Loved the looks featured today! Very stylish.

  69. I love these looks. I’m one who wears leggings at home only. However, I think that may change with your tips. Thanks!

  70. Love the beauty and elegance of the all black outfit! You look stunning!

  71. I love the look of leggings just never thought I could pull them off but it helps seeing how you put the outfits together.

  72. I really enjoyed these details about leggings. Thank you for sharing!

  73. Every one of the leggings outfits are gorgeous on you and I would feel comfortable wearing. I liked the ballet flats especially since I don’t wear heels very often anymore. They didn’t have my size. Can you recommend another cute soft flat?

  74. Janice wooldridge says:

    I live faux leather leggings, but they scare me lol.

  75. Tania,
    I so enjoy your posts and your’s are the first I open in the morning. This post is outstanding! I’m not familiar with all the types and brands of leggings. Thanks to you, now I’m aware, and can shop for the type I want instead of wandering through the store confused.
    I’ll be back tomorrow to see your next lesson awaiting your followers! Enjoy your day.

  76. I love the LuLu as well

  77. Vickie Dudley says:

    Another wonderful post to help me navigate fashion in my 50s. I love leggings but am a little scared to violate age-appropriatess. Thanks for helping a gurl out!

  78. Great information – needed a pair to wear around the house!

  79. where did you get that black thing in your smile tshit?

  80. I love black leggings!🥰. I bought black Lulu Lemon leggings for my 13 year old for Christmas. I would definitely wear them as well. She also wanted the Define jacket, shorts, and a shirt. All are great quality, so worth the price. I may try the Amazon dupes first, for myself.😂

    Happy New Year to you and your family.🎊

  81. Tracy Christa says:

    Love to wear leggings, my problem is finding leggings and tops long enough (I’m 6’ tall). Any suggestions?

    1. Tracy, my daughter is 5″11, so I understand your issue. Her biggest problem is the sleeves are never long enough. The bright pink tunic would probably be long enough for you, but I can’t say that for sure.

  82. Great post. Rules that make it work. Thanks.

  83. I recently bought a pair of black faux leather leggings from Loft. Great price on sale and good fit. They don’t look cheap at all. Wore them with a red sweater tunic for a holiday look. I am 70 years old, 5’8” and 160lbs. Bought a large.

  84. I pretty much live in leggings too. Of course I use your rule of making sure your rear is covered.

  85. Cyndy Sellari says:

    Great post on leather leggings. I have been wanting to try them but my daughter says I’m too old. But….I’m not! Going out this week and try some on.n thanks for giving me the courage.
    Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

    1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are never too old to wear any clothing. If you look tasteful (don’t show your rear or breasts), then there is no reason women our age can’t wear whatever we want. I’m sure you’ll look fantastic!

  86. Joan Henry says:

    Love the cream sweater and black leggings!

  87. The link to the long knit sweater is not working. Where did you get it from? Thanks.

    1. Linda, which sweater are you talking about? I clicked the white one and the pink one, and they both worked for me.

  88. Dawn Severson says:

    I love leggings! Thank you for this post

  89. I knew I could count on you!! Just picked up my first pair of faux leather leggings. I wasn’t sure how to wear them but I knew you’d be my girl to help me out!! Love the pictures of the various ways to wear them. I’m OBSESSED with that darling needlepoint handbag!

  90. You look great! I love the look. I’m not sure I can do the leggings but I’d LOVE to! I think I need to try the jeans tho! I’m new to your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  91. Deedee Velasquez says:

    My name is Deedee and I am addicted to Pinterest. Lol
    I’ve never followed blogs and not much on social media. But, I kept pinning your styles and thought I just needed to go to source. I love this look! Faux leather Leggings is something I have wanted to try but wasn’t sure. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

    1. Welcome, Deedee! I am so glad that you decided to check out my blog.

  92. Have tried on faux leather leggings several times
    just couldn’t do it – not my vibe!

  93. Personally, I would never wear faux leather leggings, even if I had the Sandy from Grease body for it. Just not a vibe I want to express. But, if you’re comfortable and your husband likes it – more power to ya!

  94. stacey perroncino says:

    I love the Spanx faux leather leggings. I got a pair for Christmas and I wear them twice a week. If I could wear them everyday I would.

  95. The outfit consists of two parts. The leather leggings always look sexy and provocative. If we have “devil” at the bottom, we should have “angel” at the top: something light, maybe fluffy and feminine to be looked at and admired. I think this part of the outfit should be “longer” than the other side as “angels” must always win 😊 Guess it’s “the devil” that wins in this outfit. Sorry that I’m not in the main stream of other comments here.

  96. You look great in everything! Not sure if I can pull them off.

  97. Cara MacNinch says:

    I absolutely love the vintage purse! You look amazing in the outfit today. I think the heels really make the outfit. Loved the Bible verse today. Thank you for making my days brighter.

  98. That vintage person is fantastic! I am with Joe on the jeans, not a fan. I think I would have preferred them not distressed.

    1. I would like you to address matching socks to clothes or shoes. I struggle with this for some reason. I wear slacks to work and always question whether I should match my socks to my pants or my shoes.

  99. Susan Robertson says:

    I like the black bag! The Paris bag is fun and screams Spring to me!!!! I would like the Paris bag with jeans, a springy top and wedges. Thank you for all of the fashion tips!

  100. Sue Koren says:

    Where is your necklace from?

  101. G. Leanette Flentroy says:

    Well, Missy,

    Great look, as usual. And where did you get the vintage “Paris” handbag? It would be great to have one featuring various countries. Thanks for your hard work in entertaining and informing us.

    G. Leanette Flentroy

  102. Donna Ingalls says:

    I prefer the black handbag with that outfit. Love the “Rules for Wearing Faux Leather Leggings.” Very helpful. Thanks.

  103. Barbara A Juranek says:

    I love the leather leggings. The black and grey together are beautiful. I do like the black purse the best with this outfit. Keep the ideas and pictures coming!

  104. Nicole Kilgore says:

    I love the leggings… and the bag… and the sweater! I have a pair of faux leather leggings and they are so comfortable. I have usually worn them with boots or booties but I love the shoes you are wearing much better.

  105. Melesa Garrison says:

    In my opinion, I prefer the black bag with this specific outfit. The vintage purse is cool, but not edgy at all. Black is the winner!

  106. I love the look of those leggings on you and that sweater is great.I would say either handbag is ok with that outfit.I wish I had the courage to wear those leggings.You go girl.

  107. I love the leggings! While I appreciate the vintage bag I think the black leather is edgier and more “youthful.” Thanks for sharing!

    1. Faux leather skirt, yes…. leggings not so sure I have enough confidence to pull it off! Lol!

  108. I bought a pair of faux leather leggings but haven’t worn them yet (waiting on warmer weather). Love the vintage purse but not sure it would be big enough for me to carry every day

  109. Very nice….but I have to agree with Joe! Not a fan of ripped, high waisted, wide legged jeans! Loved your necklace and I didn’t see where you got it. Perhaps a second post on it, please!

  110. Great look, how about same look geared towards spring and summer, especially if you don’t like wearing shorts.

  111. Christine Simpson says:

    I love the look of the jeans just not sure how they’d look on a larger frame 😉
    The leggings look great on you!!

  112. Gina Ryals says:

    Definitely like the black bag better and as always, you look great.

  113. A very edgy outfit and looks great on you! I think the Paris bag makes it soft so anyone else like me could pull it off.

  114. Love the black and gray! I would definitely wear the leggings!

  115. Is it possible to take pictures of you anywhere but your porch. Kind of mix it up once in awhile? Like your outfits. Thanks.

  116. The black handbag is more my style. I don’t care for the Paris handbag. I’m not a fan on any print on my handbags for that matter. LOVE the outfit. I think you pull off leggings great.

  117. LISA CASTRO says:

    I would love to try them on just to make sure my cellulite doesn’t show. You r’s look great on you.

  118. Love this outfit! Black and grey is my favorite combination and is also a very French look. Paris is beautiful and I hope to be able to go back some day. If you ever go, you are going to want a chic little cross body bag to carry. The tourist attractions are really crowded and it makes it much easier to keep your belongings secure. But I’d definitely take that cute little vintage bag to take some photos with. So cute!

  119. Hey, I love those leggings! I like leggings of any sort, mostly I look for patterns or stripes on the side,….works for my skinny legs,….

  120. You look great. I love how the vintage handbag pops against your outfit. I enjoy wearing leggings, but my sweater needs to be mid thigh to feel comfortable. Of course I wear them all the time to workout. 🙂

  121. You look great in leggings with the oversized sweater! Just not for me leggings are a tough one for me to feel good in. There is always an issue whether it be the shoes, or the top, sweater, or cardigan… and finally the winter coat.

  122. I love leggings, but not faux/leather. It’s just a look I wouldn’t wear, but never say never! Looks great on you! I’m ready for spring looks and lighter colors. Maybe because it’s going to be in the upper 60’s today. Yay!
    Do love your blog and tips are always welcome!

  123. The PARIS bag is the best! Wear it! So cute!

  124. I love the jeans! Where can I find them? I have faux leather leggings that I wear with boots or heels and a bright long top. I share a March birthday with Joe!

  125. I don’t have anything against leggings but just never wear them myself. I love the vintage purse but would probably carry the large one.Hope someday we all get to travel again and you get your trip to Paris.

  126. I like your look in the faux leather leggings. I looked back at the old post you mentioned and I think I prefer them with the nice bright pink sweater poncho . I do like you giving us all the dressing hints. Keep up the good work!

  127. The Paris vintage handbag is beautiful. I really like when you add a vintage piece here and there. I look forward to your blog and enjoy seeing whatever you want to share.

  128. No for me on leather leggings. I just think they look great on young, tall slim girls, but look silly on me. But, to each their own.

  129. The vintage purse – yes!! So awesome with the not so vintage leggings outfit. Great visual interest.

  130. I LOVE the vintage handbag!! All your post are so helpful. Thanks for the Bible verse at the end. That’s the best.

  131. Susan Radtke says:

    Love the vintage purse. You must take it to Paris when you go.

  132. I bought a pair of super cute faux leather leggings on clearance last year and the tags are still on! Oops! My issue is always what shoes to wear with what?? And my coats never seem to fit over my longer cardigans and balloon sleeve sweaters. It’s a dilemma here in Michigan! I like both purses but prefer the larger one as I am 5’7. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas.

  133. I’m not a leggings person, but then I’m not a skinny jean person either. I’ll stick to things that look better on my shape.
    Love the Paris handbag, but I don’t think it would fit all my junk!

  134. My husband would agree with Joe. I keep trying on the wide leg jeans, and I just get thumbs down from him. He prefers skinny jeans or leggings on me. Sigh🙄

  135. I loooove the leggings. You go gurl!!! I have a couple of pairs of the faux leather leggings but I am not seeing alot of women wearing them where I live. I discovered the coated jeans which have the look of leather. I can still wear with a tunic sweater and get the same look. Could you do something on flats for the spring. I loved the blue flats you had on in a previous post. I also noticed no socks or hose-are those things gone from our wardrobes????

  136. Elizabeth Tyminski says:

    That is too funny! I have bought a pair of faux leggings and love them.

  137. Debbie Cooper says:

    I always think if I could loose ten pounds I’d try the leather leggings

    1. Pat Perry says:

      Love the vintage purse. Would love to see more of your vintage things. Appreciate your daily Bible verse and Sunday devotion. Always giving praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for it is in Him we live, move, and have our very being.Acts 17:28

  138. Being a pear, I don’t like the way I look in leggings but love them on others. I would love for you to do a post on styling the same basic look for different body shapes. Also love the daily Bible verses!

  139. I’m not a leggings type person however I think you should wear what makes you feel good. I don’t think fashion trends should rely on age but more attitude. This outfit looks great on you. The Paris handbag is cute but not as functional or practical as the larger black one. I guess it would depend on where you are going as to which one to choose. I am loving the instructional posts and think that pretty much any subject you pick would be a hit.

  140. Doreen A. Bednarski says:

    I think you look fabulous in your leggings and love the sweater. I need to get the courage to try them.
    I’d like you to address the back pockets of jeans. Where exactly should they be on your backside? Jeans have become a real chore for me, especially since skinnies are out.

    1. Now that you mentioned it, I would like to hear more about it too. I’ve been noticing where the pockets are on other women with a critical eye, all the while that my pockets are down by my thigh.

  141. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the gray sweater and how the leggings look on you. The vintage purse is beautiful as well, but I would admire it rather than carry it if it were in my wardrobe.In fact, I had a similar brown one back in the ‘60s. Keep up the good work.

  142. I wouldn’t wear the leggings – don’t think I have the figure for them. I am also not keen on tight fitting clothes.
    Love the sweater and the cross stitch bag.

  143. Marie Hill says:

    Wow! Leather leggings. I cannot imagine wearing them. I have never had the confidence to wear something like that, Even when I was 20! However, I am getting inspired by your posts, and I feel like there’s hope even for me! Love the Paris handbag with it as it something very interesting and breaks up the gray color.

  144. Your leggings are cute. Can’t imagine me wearing them though. I also can’t imagine spending money on ripped jeans. I’ll wait for that fad to pass.

    Anxious to see posts on what to wear in hot, humid summer.


    1. I am with you on the ripped jeans as well.

      1. Leggings not for me..too conscious about my heavy legs. This outfit looks great on you. I loved the necklace you chose for this; can you share where you got that??

  145. Sheryl Podey says:

    Love your hair today! I feel the shine of leggings attracts the eye to that area and not everyone looks good in leggings.

  146. Pat Mader Ortegren says:

    Love to the little purse

  147. Hello, wonder post and I have been pinning your articles forever. Thanks for all the ideas!

  148. I love the vintage handbag!

  149. Tracy Abraham says:

    I love the leggings and that vintage purse is darling! I hope you get to Paris for that photo.

  150. No…I would not wear faux leggings as I don’t wear regular leggings. I have never liked them on my pear shaped body, even putting a longer tunic over them, I just don’t like them on me. Others can pull it off but not me.

  151. I love faux leather leggings. The outfit you styled is very classy. Keep up the great work.

    Joe’s reaction was what my hubby’s would have been, lol.

  152. I bought a pair last year and have yet to get my nerve up to wear them. You look great in them!!

  153. The leggings & sweater look great on you Tania! As much as I like faux leather leggings on other women, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them. That Paris bag, however, is stunning and definitely my first choice!

  154. Tania you look fantastic in this outfit ! I would like to see some spring style advice on the shirt length both sleeve and length, and different necklines.
    Thanks and God bless

  155. Cheryl Chovich says:

    I love he look of the faux leather leggings. I have never considered wearing them. I like the black leather bag with the outfit as it has a bit more “edge”. The Paris bag would look nice with a dress or a more feminine outfit.

  156. Love the Paris bag, truthfully I am not a leather legging fan.

  157. Love that vintage Paris handbag! Beyond precious and perfect! I’m salivating while typing this!

  158. Jennifer B says:

    I love the faux leather leggings and cowl neck sweater! You look great! I’d love to see an instructional post on eyebrows. Mine need help…lol

  159. Can’t get into appreciating leather or torn jeans, but that purse! Love it!! Pretty sweater, too.

  160. Teresa Bowen says:

    Hi Tania. I’ve been following you for years and this comment relates to posts a couple days ago (or weeks?) I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Appleseed. After viewing your post I ordered some items from Appleseed and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. It may become my fav shopping spot. I recently lost 25 pounds and nothing fits right – even my previously skinny clothes. Appleseed’s petite tops fit perfectly. Thanks again! Keep the reviews coming. PS — I think today’s leggings look great on you.

  161. 3/10/21 Just ADORE your posts and inspirational faith messages ! You are a truly beautiful lady inside & out! Keep up these fashion over 50 posts…I’m 54, will be with you as we go Fashion over 60!!! Love these faux leather leggings have a pair I wear so far as workout look but will def. be styling them UP now !! Blessings, Lori P.

  162. I have faux leather leggings and wear them with a longer sweater or top. I think we (women over 50) can wear whatever we are comfortable in. As far as leggings go, I think all women need to cover “their credentials” no matter their age or body type. I like the vintage Paris purse the best, but both look good. I have 3 family members with March birthdays, so happy birthday to your significant other!🎂

  163. Love the sweater- unfortunately they are sold out of my size in almost all of the colors— boo hiss!! Being a plus size finding leggings that feel comfortable to hold everything in is tricky. You look great in your outfit!! You are rocking it! Happy Birthday, Joe!!!!

  164. I love the look of faux leather leggings with the sweater! I wish it’s a look I could pull off, but with long skinny legs, I just haven’t found a way to make it look right on my body 😕
    Love reading your posts 😊

    1. Denise Thibaudeau says:

      You rock those leggings girl! I would wear them with a tunic type top/sweater. Love the Parisian purse!

  165. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    Your purse is verry cute.
    The black leggings really dress up the outfit.
    Happy Birthday month to Joe!

  166. Julie Peters says:

    I love the leggings but have been hesitant of trying them. I love how you styled them and the paris vjntage purse has quickly grown on me. Sometimes it helps to see others wear something to give you the courage to step out of the box.

  167. You look great in the faux leather leggings! Happy Birthday Joe!

  168. Christine says:

    I did buy a pair of faux leather leggings and I love them. You are right about the loose sweater on top. I prefer the black handbag with this particular outfit. The Paris purse might look better with a more dressy outfit. I thought that the black bag was your Vince Camuto purse. They look very similar

  169. I love the Paris purse best. I like how it adds a touch of famine charm and cuteness to the outfit. I have always enjoyed your colors. I am not an all neutral color palette person. I appreciate posts that talk about how to add pops of color. I also like a week worth of posts that talk about multiple ways to wear one thing.