RSVP To Spring Sale From Talbots: My Favorite Picks

Quality, style, classics, and trends—those are a few of the things you can count on Talbots bringing to you collection after collection. I’ve worn this retailer for over 30 years, and it is my husband’s favorite brand. When he used to travel for work, he would always bring me back a surprise from Talbots. I still have an ivory suit he bought me, and it is still gorgeous. When I saw they were having a 25% off sale, I quickly placed an order and decided to let you in on a few of my favorite picks.

You’ll be seeing me styling many of these in the near future, and some things I’ve already styled are also on sale. I only went through the New Arrivals, but the 25% off your entire purchase lasts through the 30th.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Outfits I’ve Styled

This dress is gorgeous, and I love the colors and print. The twist tie is a cute detail that adds some visual interest. It is available in Petite, Plus, and Petite Plus. I love that Talbots is size-inclusive! I added the Top Handle Clutch, which was the clutch I carried the most last year, and I don’t see that changing. I tried on several neutral-colored shoes, but nothing looked better than the navy Azra Suede Pumps.

A striped Button Front Shirt is a “must-have” in every woman’s wardrobe. It is a workhorse item since it can be worn all year round and can be layered or worn alone. I love the navy and white stripes with a few turquoise and pink additions. The addition of the bright pink cardigan brightened up the entire outfit and heralds in spring.

While I’m not a huge fan of pleats, I do love pintucks on pants and jeans. I prefer my ironed crease to be sewn in so that I don’t have to do it myself. Lol! These Flare Leg Jeans are fabulous, and you’ll see me wearing them a lot in the coming months.

This striped classic shirtdress is one that you can wear for years, and it will never go out of style. I tied the belt included with the dress and tied it in a bow (they are trending), but you could use another belt, such as white or maybe a pop of red. I added an ivory Leather Shoulder Bag to keep the outfit neutral. The description calls the bag leather, but it is actually vegan leather, not genuine leather. I wasn’t surprised since the price point is low at under $40.

Those are just a few items that are on sale, and here are a few others. I broke them down into categories to help make it easier to navigate it all. There are way more items I love that are on sale, but I tried to limit the amount.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Tees & Shirts

Tees and shirts seem to take up the most space in my closet. I will buy 3 or 4 times the amount of shirts over pants and jeans. I love color, so the MOD FLORAL and the EXPRESSIVE FLORAL tees immediately caught my eye. I already have the CHEERFUL STRIPE and the LINEN STRIPE POPOVER on order, so you’ll be seeing those soon.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Lightweight Sweaters

After tees and shirts, I buy the most sweaters. I love them because they are usually soft, comfy, and keep me warm. The SPRING FLORAL sweater is already on order, and I just ordered the KNOT STITCH OVERSIZED CARDIGAN. I can’t wait to get that sweater since I think it will go with anything.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Jeans

Next on my “what I buy most” list would be jeans. I dress casually most of the time, so I’m always in jeans or shorts in the summer. The PINTUCK FLARE LEG JEANS are the pair I’m wearing about with the striped shirt and pink cardigan. I love the way they look dressy and casual at the same time. I have the SAILOR JEANS on order in the Maia wash, but they are available in several different colors.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Pants

I don’t wear pants as often as I do jeans, but they still have a place in my closet. There are times when jeans are the best choice, so I always keep several nice pairs of pants on hand. I already own the PULL-ON WIDE LEG LINEN PANTS, which are a comfortable pull-on style. I’m ordering the SUNRISE GINGHAM crop pants, which will be so cute with flats, sneakers, or sandals. These pants scream SPRING, and I can’t wait to try them out.

RSVP To Spring Sale – Jackets & Blazers

Last but not least are jackets and blazers. I love wearing these all year round because they elevate any outfit. I have the Navy CLASSIC LINEN BLAZER on order, and I know it is one that I can wear for years. I’m thinking about ordering the CROPPED LINEN JACKET in Taupe. Taupe is a fabulous neutral, and the jacket looks great on the model with white pants.

Since Talbots is one of my biggest sellers on the blog, I know that I’m not the only one who loves them. I love that they are size-inclusive, and my Petites and Plus Size ladies can find lots of items there, too.

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  1. Is judith davis says:

    Love the fact that you enclose scripture!

  2. I’m a bit confused. Your top dress, to my remembrance, is from last year’s collection. Did they do it again?

    1. Maybe, I’m not sure. I bought mine this year,

  3. Talbot’s is my favorite store. Just went shopping by appointment and came home with several tops!

  4. Love the blossom shirtdress.

  5. sue koren says:

    So many pretty options for spring!

  6. Jackie in NC says:

    I started reading your blog a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love your style! I have purchased several clothing and jewelry items that you have posted. I really like the stories you tell about your family and the scriptures you post, as well. You baking homemade pop-tarts with your granddaughter reminds me of myself (as a child) baking biscuits and “hoe cakes” with my grandmother! I’m 61 now but remember it like it was yesterday. Sweet memories! 💕

    1. We love hoe cakes! They are the best!!!

  7. Julie Lozano says:

    Talbots has such classic, beautiful things! You look gorgeous in the dresses. I really like the wide leg jeans… I’m going to need a new wing in my closet!

    1. Welcome to my world! I told Joe we need to enclose the screened in porch and make it into a closet. lol!

  8. Talbot’s always have classic clothes.

  9. Robyn Staton says:

    This pink cardigan is calling my name!

    Isn’t it so much fun baking and making memories with your grands?

    1. I hope these are memories she will remember!

  10. Talbots has such great spring styles!

  11. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Aaah…. Such sweet memories for both you— And, who doesn’t love a good Poptart??!!!! And, you always look so pretty in any shade of pink!!

  12. Phyllis Martin says:

    You look great I. The pink sweater and the shirt waist dress makes me want one too!

  13. Love baking with my grandkids too!! Such great memories❤️

  14. Kate Frillmann says:

    I love the classic styles at Talbot’s! I’ve been on the hunt to replace my navy cardigan that is on the shorter side, thinner (not chunky yarn) and buttons to a v- neck style vs. the traditional crew shaped cardigans. If you happen to see one, please share!!!

  15. Lots of pretty things! Here’s to mal my memories!!! Happy Holy Thursday❤🙏❤

  16. Love love love Talbots and especially when there’s a sale. The taupe cropped jacket is on my list along with the pintuck white jeans.

  17. I like to bake with my granddaughters, too. It’s such a great way to make fun memories. Your pop tarts look delicious. Did you make your own crust?
    Talbots always has quality clothes.

    1. No, we just used a canned pie crust.

  18. My favorite dress is from Talbot’s. I like the crop trench style jacket and wide leg pants. They have a short sleeve denim jacket I’m keeping my eye on. I noticed their discounts increase as we get further into the season.

  19. Karen Johnson says:

    The spring collection from Talbots is very cute. Thanks for sharing

  20. KarriebKnutson says:

    I am going to order the above the knee shirt dress from Talbots. It looks so fresh and cute on you. What a great way to transition to spring.

  21. I love the moments with your grandkids that you share. Thank you for the smiles they bring!

  22. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I like the stripped shirt. I really like all of these clothes.

  23. Lovely pieces! Happy Easter!

  24. I love stripes and Talbots does them so well. The pin tucked pants are dressy, yet casual, depending on what you wear on top.

  25. I bake with my granddaughters, too. It’s such a fun memory to make. The pop tart’s look delicious. Did you make the crust?
    Talbots always has lots to offer.

    1. No, we bought the crusts.

  26. I’ve had my eye on the pink sweater and striped shirt, I love it.

  27. The memories we build with our grands in the kitchen are the greatest, food, conversations and recipes are the best. My grandma and I made No-bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies too. Such wonderful memories and so yummy! Sometimes they’d turnout to be spoon cookies😄 we didn’t care they were just as delicious.

  28. I was just saying yesterday I wish you would do a Talbots post lol

  29. Tania you are reading my mind! Love this post!

  30. Linda Shearer says:

    The pop over tops are really cute and look very comfy.

    I have fond memories of cooking with my grandmother. Her carrot cookies and blackberry cobbler were the best! Good for you for making memories with your granddaughter!

  31. I love your style. It’s a lot like my taste. Love that 1st dress. You are so right about it’s about the memories. Nothing like spending quality time with a grandchild.

  32. Love seeing and buying “timeless” pieces as I get older.

  33. There is something fun about spring clothes. So refreshing

  34. I’ve been working this week on switching over my closets. I “found” several pieces from Talbots that I bought at the end of last season, during their big clearance sales. It is so much fun, finding things that I had forgotten about. Still have tags on them. Yay! I love Talbots.

  35. What beautiful clothes Talbots has this season!

  36. Carol Ann Jablonski says:

    I tried the Blossom Above Knee Shirtdress in XL (too small) and X (too big). Looks better on you! You’ve piqued my interest in the Poplin Fit and Flare Shirtdress – love pockets! Do you think it will pack well? Wrinkle free or wrinkle a lot?

    1. Carol Ann, I’m not sure about it packing well. My best guess is that it would need to be steamed since it is poplin.

  37. The first shirt dress is stunning!

  38. Donna Ingalls says:

    Great outfits!
    Love their jeans
    Those pop tarts look delicious

  39. Classic and cute styles, indeed. I absolutely love the first dress, and I’d like to try the cropped flares. 😊

  40. Cute stuff! How is Talbot’s return policy? We don’t have one nearby anymore, so would have to order online

    1. Jenn, their return policy is 60 days, and is easy to do online.

  41. I wake up each morning and look forward to reading your blog. Your shopping trips to Chico’s and Talbot’s were very productive. I like the lilac pants and sweater at Chico’s on you. I really like the Talbot’s pin tucked white jeans on you. Over the years of following you, I can see you like color. I’m a tall gal at 5’ 10” and carry most of my height in my legs. I need extra length in regular pants and jeans, but have come to love the look of a slim ankle pant on me. The pant or jean must be tapered or I look like I’m wearing pants that are too short. As soon as Talbot’s and Ann Taylor announce new arrivals, I filter immediately pants and tall. Love both vendors.

    1. Pat, using filters are the easiest and best ways to see only what you need.