50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSHappy Monday everyone!!! It was a beautiful weekend here in Virginia, I hope it was in your neck of the woods also. Today is Halloween! What is your trick or treat tradition? Do you dress up to hand out candy, go trick or treating with some of your children/grandchildren, or just stay at home and watch Hocus Pocus?50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSJoe and I attended a Halloween party at a Country Club where he manages the course. It was a fundraiser for the club and everyone was encouraged to come in costumes. Joe and I went last year at a gangster and a flapper. He said he was NOT dressing up this year. I overheard him talking to someone later in the week about the car he was driving (his was getting cleaned) and the man referred to it as the “pimpmobile.” This was an older model Towncar that was his mothers. I remembered I had a “pimp” looking hat from ages ago upstairs, so I brought it home to him and he agreed to dress up. With him as a pimp, I needed to go as a call girl, however, there was no way I was wearing the type clothing I found when I googled those type outfits. Lol! This is not a good picture, but since I am always the one taking the pictures, I never end up with a good picture of Joe and me.50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSMy makeup had rubbed off, but I had on very bright blue eyeshadow, a lot of blush, and the hottest pink lipstick I could find. I tried to get Joe to wear some gold jewelry but he wasn’t having any of that. Haha 50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSI think I am much more at home in this outfit. This is an easy to wear dress from Old Navy. It is loose fitting and made in a swing style fashion. It doesn’t show all the lumps and bumps we would like to keep hidden. The pin-tuck detailing gives it some “style” instead of just a plain front. I really liked several of the patterns in this dress and I may have to go back and get another one.

50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSI have on my Destiny necklace by Plunder with the letter “S.” I like gold tone jewelry best with anything that is a burgundy color. It is warm. I am not one who knows about warm tones and cool tones, but this is what I think works. 50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSThe earrings I have on are called Ashton. I like the length of these earrings, they are long, but not too long. My hairstyle does not always show earrings when I have them on, but this pair shows even when I do not have my hair tucked behind my ear. I’ve changed up my makeup and gone a little darker for fall and winter. Is it too dark, do I need to lighten it a little?50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSThe dress strikes me about 3 or 4 inches above my knee. I like this length but some of you might still find that a little short for you. If this length makes you uncomfortable, then put on some tights or leggings with the dress. As it gets a little colder, that is how I plan on wearing the dress. I have on my (c/0) White Mountain knee boots. I wore them last week in one of my outfits from my small wardrobe style challenge.

50 IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSI was trying to get you a side view of the boots but it is not a great shot. The purse I am carrying is one that I purchased from a vendor here in town. It is a no name purse, but I liked the look and the shape. It is not leather but it is very nice looking, no one would ever be able to tell one way or the other without looking very close. I forgot to tell you about the bracelets I have on. I have on a couple bangle bracelets in gold. The Aisha says, “Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears,” and the Shasta says, ” Pray.” Check out my Plunder Halloween specials:  I am offering treats and no tricks to you. Everyone who places an order over 50.00 from Plunder (excluding tax and shipping) will receive a pair of earrings from me. If you sign up as a consultant under me, then I will send you a Paige bracelet. To place an order, go to: IS NOT OLD | PINTUCKED SWING DRESSI hope you have a spooktacular time tonight with all the little trick or treaters. This is truly one of my favorite times of the year. I love the slightly cooler weather, the autumn colors, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are such great times to be with the families.

20-00For my treat from Rodan and Fields, I will refund $20.00 to anyone who becomes a PC before the end of the month. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to try R & F, now is the time. Sign up as a consultant with the 395.00 kit, then I will gift you with a full-size Multi-Function Eye Cream, a retail value of 62.00. Go for one of the bigger kits, and I will gift you the brand new Lash Boost Holiday Special (a tube of lash boost, a mini eye cream, and a lash bag), a 150.00 retail value. To order go to: or to sign up as a consultant go to


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  1. Caroline wrote:

    Oh Tania, Joe looks great in that hat!! What fun ? I love the colour of your dress, it’s my favourite for Autumn/Winter and the length is just right on you with your shapely legs! We live in a cul de sac and sadly don’t get many trick or treaters now that our children are grown up. We still buy treats though just in case and have to eat them ourselves, it’s awful ?

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  2. Lori wrote:

    Our tradition for Halloween is making popcorn balls. The recipe is from my mother-in-law and uses jello, so not only does it flavor them, but also makes them colored. We actually give away more to adults than Our co-workers start asking for them about couple weeks beforehand, so we always need to make sure to make extra to take to our work places. =)

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      i always loved getting popcorn balls for Halloween

      Posted 10.31.16 Reply
    • Barb wrote:

      Would you post the recipe?

      Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  3. Lynn wrote:

    Love the outfit!! Could you please tell me the color of lipstick you have on with this dress?

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  4. Amy Evans wrote:

    Love! I have a couple of dresses in that style, and cannot wait to wear them more. How would you style it with a jacket or sweater?

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      You could do either. I would try them both on and it would depend on the length of the jacket or sweater. I think a long sweater would look great.

      Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  5. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I love this color combination Tania!!
    And I think this length of dress is perfect for you. My mom & stepmom wouldn’t be as comfortable with it, but I would!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  6. Love that dress!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  7. I love those grey boots. Oh my, they might jump into my shopping cart. Adorable dress as well.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  8. Rena wrote:

    I love a boots and dress combo and yours is fabulous. The prints at Old Navy are pretty but the solid color you’re wearing is more sophisticated. Great look over all.


    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  9. FunkyForty wrote:

    Loving your Halloween outfit Tania – you and Joe looked brilliant and like you were having a lot of fun – which after all is important too right!!!

    Today I’ve posted about Wardrobe shopping for Non-Black – you might like to check it out even though you do a great job with plenty of non-black outfits – smile

    xo Yvonne

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  10. Susan wrote:

    Tania, I love my new destiny necklace. I tried to shorten it up and wear more around my neck. What do you do with the chain hanging in the back? Is there a way that I am not figuring how to double it up? Thanks!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  11. LindaBB wrote:

    Halloween outfit was glamorous! I love it!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  12. Phyllis wrote:

    i like the entire outfit. May just have to check out the dresses at Old Navy.
    I think your makeup looks great.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  13. Brandye wrote:

    You two are so adorable!!!

    I have that dress in the yellow/gold print from last fall. I chose the color to wear to Baylor games. Sic ’em! Anyway, in regards to the length….Old Navy has tall options available online only! At 5’7″, I’m not really “tall,” but my legs are long so dresses and skirts look shorter on me, Does that make sense? O.N. dresses are on the short-ish side anyway which makes the talls hit me at a more comfortable length.

    Just wanted to share that little hint. I also order their tops in tall sizes sometime, making them more appropriate for jeggings.

    Happy Halloween! Don’t let any little ghouls or goblins get you! XOXO

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
    • Brandye wrote:

      To clarify, the tall dress hits me about 2 inches above the knee. I recommend trying on one at the store. If it feels too short without leggings, try ordering a tall online. You can always return online orders to the store to save time and shipping.

      Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  14. Rebecca wrote:

    Love the outfit!!! I’m ordering the dress and maybe the boots! Love, Love, Love.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  15. Glenda Braun wrote:

    You both cute.
    Went to party at our sons on Saturday. Hubby was Batman and I was Robin. We do a theme here at work each year. This year was DC Comics so Robin for me.
    Love that dress too. I want one of the necklaces.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  16. You look stunning in that color! Love the swing style dress and the boots compliment it beautifully!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Debbie! I love this color ?

      Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  17. Stacia wrote:

    I love this dress but I’m not sure it would be very flattering on me. Does it run true to size? Did you get a regular or tall? It can’t be too short. I’m tempted to order it anyway! I’m 5’4 & wear a 14 or 16 in dresses depending on how it’s made. I’m an apple shape for sure. I wouldn’t have looked twice at this style in the store, but it’s fresh & modern. Love the boots!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      This runs true to size, and I have on a regular. I am 5’6″, so not that much different from you.

      Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  18. Terrie wrote:

    I love love love this outfit!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  19. Lee Ann Moss wrote:

    Bought this dress in the grey after I saw it on you! I will be wearing it with black leggings because it is shorter and my legs don’t look as good…lol!! Love reading your blog every day!!!

    Posted 11.14.16 Reply
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