50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40Friday night Joe and I had some friends down to have dinner. We hardly ever have people over; no one seems to want to come to our house. I don’t cook a lot, but I promise that my cooking is not THAT bad. Lol! As far as I know, I don’t think that anyone has ever gotten sick from eating my cooking, so that means that it must be…us! What??? Can you believe that
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40I am in love with this chevron striped dress from Who What Wear. I found this a couple of weeks ago when I was in the Atlanta area visiting my sister. She stayed in the car for me to run in Target for a few minutes, but my few minutes turned into about thirty. Lol! She knows me well enough to know that I can’t go to any store and only stay a few minutes. Haha! I was rushing around, trying to hurry and not keep her waiting, when I look up and see her shopping down another aisle. She laughed and said that she knew she had plenty of time to get her items before I was ever ready to go. The dress is machine washable, and I am wearing a medium. Here is the link to the dress.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40I wanted something simple to wear with this dress. The dress needed to be the star of the show, so the Kris gold necklace was perfect. It has small gold ovals on a gold chain, and it is adjustable up to 19 inches.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40The magnetic hammered bracelets are the Sheridan and Starley. The Starley is the gold one, and the Sheridan is the silver one. They are a matte finish and are 7.5 inches. I didn’t take a closeup of my earrings, but they are a pair that I wear all the time called the Dallin.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40I wanted to show you the snap at the v-neck which keeps the dress from gaping open. Plus, the tie wraps around your waist for a lovely slim silhouette.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40The top of the dress features stripes that run down the sleeves. The stripes coordinate with the belt that wraps behind.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40There is also a button inside to keep the panels attached. I like that the panels stay put, and you don’t have to worry about them flying open on you. Here I am showing you how much they overlap each other.50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40 The shoes that I am wearing is part of my 1000.00 shopping spree to Nordstrom. They were the least expensive thing that I purchased while I was there. I love the cork pattern of the shoe because it is such a great neutral. I will be wearing these shoes a lot this summer! These are the Lula block heel slingback shoes by BP. If you like the cork, but not the style of the shoe that I am wearing, I found several others for you to choose from.

50 IS NOT OLD | ONE OF THE MOST FLATTERING STYLE OF DRESSES | STYLE OVER 40I hope you enjoy your Saturday. I will be doing the final cleaning before my son, and his family arrives on Sunday afternoon. I have cleaned their rooms where they can now walk through them. Lol! I managed to get rid of a lot of items on my Too Much Stuff page on Facebook, but I still have a ton of items that need to go. I will worry about that after they leave.

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  1. Love this style of dress but they are very had to find when you are long waisted.

    • Tania Reply

      Patricia, I know what you mean, since I am long waisted also. This one is perfect.

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, I know that you love wrap dresses. Dresses look fabulous on you.

  2. Like the dress but have to say, those shoes look great on you!! The heel is much to high for me but very flattering on you Tania! BTW love your new logo.

    • Tania Reply

      Kandy, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were. I loved them, but I have a few options that have lower heels.

    • Dana Buckingham Reply

      Tania, I imagine that you and Joe are wonderful hosts at dinner parties! You’re so outgoing and I’m sure that you make your guests feel very welcome! I’m sure they like your cooking too.

      • Tania Reply

        Dana, you have more faith in me than I do. Lol! You are welcome at my house anytime.

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, Jill. You sure know how to make me feel good. Lol! I told you the dress was flattering. Hahaha!

  3. You look lovely. I look forward every morning to see what outfit you have put together and enjoy reading your blog very much. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful time with your visiting family.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Donna. I am being a busy little bee today, trying to get a lot of things accomplished before they arrive.

  4. You look lovely. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward everyday to seeing what outfit and accessories you’ve put together.

  5. Oh my gosh, Tania, you look stunning in this dress! I can’t believe it is from Target! Great find, thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Target really has some amazing finds. They don’t always look the best on websites though.

  6. Lisa Stanford Reply

    Always love your looks, Tania! But this dress is a definite MISS. Matronly and unflattering, sorry. Love the shoes though.

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! Lisa, that is why everyone is not dressing alike. We all have our own interpretations on how something looks.

  7. That color green looks wonderful on you. It’s one of my favorite colors too. Just pretty. The whole look down to those fabulous shoes. I think I need those. Your jewelry is perfect with this dress also. You nailed it today. Happy Saturday ?

  8. This cracks me up because I recently popped in my local Food City for a couple of things and IN THE FREEZER AISLE there was a rack of dresses. I couldn’t help myself…I had to look. I got a cute, super comfy maxi dress. It was (are you ready) $9.99 BUT there was a sign that said clothing was 20% off!!!! Can you even??? I got so many compliments when I wore it and of course my response every time was “You’ll never guess where I got it!!” HAHAHAHA!!!

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