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My Latest Amazon Haul And What I’m Keeping

Everyone seems to love a try-on haul, and I can understand why. You get to see lots products, what it looks like on a real person, and hear about the sizing, fabric, etc. So, today I’ve got a huge Amazon haul, and I’ll be giving up the details on what I’m keeping, what’s going back, and why.

Let’s start out with a keeper! I love this black and white stripped sweater with the button detail. It is a beautiful sweater that looks and feels like an expensive sweater. The medium in perfect for me, so it fits TTS. The sweater comes in several different colors and a few other versions.

I’m wearing the same girlfriend jeans from Banana Republc Factory. These have slight distressing, and fit TTS. I’m wearing a size 8.

Ignore my wonky brows. Lol! I didn’t use my brow gel to keep them from moving, and all the sweaters going on and off have got them looking crazy. I’ll try to show you an up-close photo of the tops so you can see alll the details better.

This sweater will be going back. I like the look of this sweater, but it is too oversized for me. I’m wearing a medium, and it still swallows me. I do like the back of the sweater ties for a cute detail.

I love this heart sweater, but the large is a little big on me. I’m sending this back, and instead ordered the white with a red heart in a medium. I’m crossing my fingers that the medium fits well because this is super cute, a nice weight, and will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

It will also look great with leggings or dressed up with pants or a skirt.

You can see how nice the sweater is in this photo.

Here is another keeper! I love this pink Pointelle Crewneck Sweater, and it is another one that looks and feels expensive. I know some of you worry about the quality of Amazon clothing, but I think you would be happy with this one. It comes in several colors, and the medium is perfect for me.

In this photo you can see the pointelle detail on the shoulders.

This is another sweater that I’m sending back, but placing another order. The medium fits me fine, but I’m not a fan of the hummus color against my skintone. So, I’m ordering the Heather Frost instead. I love the large collar, and it is another sweater that looks and feels expensive. This one is one of the more expensive sweaters I’m styling, but the quality matches the price.

This Fisherman sweater is gorgeous! I love the 100% cotton fabric, it feels so nice against my skin. I’m a fan of the longer length of this sweater, and the large is the correct size for me. I’m trying to decide if I’m keeping the sweater or sending it back for a different color. I have another sweater very similar to this in almost the same color, so I need to decide which sweater I like the best.

Man, oh man, this is such a pretty, nice medium weight sweater!

I’ll probably be sending this color block sweater back. I keep ordering color block sweaters, but I usually end up sending them back. I like the colors of this sweater, and it is a nice weight, but since I don’t “love” it, I think it has to go back. The medium fits great, and it is available in a lot of different color combinations and prints.

This sweater set will be going back. I’m not a fan of the color or the material. If you live in a warmer climate, this might be a set for you since it is a lighter weight. I do like the pockets on the pants, but they feel a little tight. I’m wearing a medium and the top fits fine, but the bottoms feel too tight.

I do like this Cheetah print puffer coat! I think it is warm and stylish, and it looks great with the sweater set. This puffer is warm, but it is not a heavy duty puffer, so don’t expect it to keep you warm in below 0 weather. But, for an everyday coat, this would be great.

I’m wearing a medium which is a perfect fit. But, if I wear it with a heavier sweater, I would want to size up to a large. I don’t think the large would be too loose, so I might send this back for a larger size.

Look at the sheen on this coat.

This lightweight puffer coat was one that I couldn’t wait to come in. I thought it was going to be the product that I loved, but sadly that isn’t the case. I love the hot pink color, but since I hold all my weight in my waist, the cinch waist doesn’t do anything for me.

This lilac hoodie is a keeper! It is so soft and comfy, and I love the color. This hoodie comes in several colors, and I’m thinking that the navy would be a great neutral to wear with jeans.

I’m wearing a pair of navy jogger pants that have large patch pockets in the front. I like this pair, and I’ll be keeping them for lounging around the house. The large is fine, not too tight and not too baggy.

I wish you could feel this fleece hoodie! It is very soft and super cute.

Even though it looks like the same pair of pants, this is a different pair. I’m going to be sending this pair back since I don’t need both of them. This pair is a large also, but it is more oversized than the pair above. Also, this pair doesn’t have pockets, so between the two, I like the one above better.

I hope you enjoyed this Amazon haul, and be sure to comment what is your favorite item.

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  1. Great haul……again! Thanks for all the info. It is a tremendous blessing to have a “personal shopper”!! And a personable shopper!

  2. Donna Leonardos says:

    I truly love your post. They are full of great information about clothing fir those of us over 50. Also, I love reading your stories. I believe God has given you a special gift to share his wonderful grace.
    Thank you, for share your love for God and fashion.

  3. Loved the turtleneck sweater!

  4. Favorite item… Cheetah print coat. Love the length!

  5. A lot of beautiful choices here! I am not a fan of try-on hauls and having to return and figure out the right size, waiting for the time in-between deliveries. You had to re-size and return half of the items you ordered. Just my personal preference in that not being for me.
    If I see a clothing item I like, I typically read the reviews to see if it is true to size which has helped me in the past. I always look forward to your posts – Thank You!

  6. I’m definitely adding a couple of these sweaters to my Amazon list. and I love that hot pink jacket!

  7. I loved the sweater outfit, but beige isn’t a good color on me so I’ll be looking for it and hoping it comes is a dark color.

  8. Appreciate all the Amazon sweater ideas. The prices are right, but I often find the quality of the delivered items to be very hit or miss. Another concern is how they fare after being laundered. My favorite is the blue fisherman knit cable sweater–I love it you and it’s one of my better colors, so going to give it a try. Can you do a follow up post on how the clothing does after a few trips through the laundry?

  9. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Love the colorblock and heart sweaters!! Thank you and happy Tuesday!

  10. that bright blue is so pretty and looks good on you!

    1. Sandra Ussery says:

      I love the sweater set but the pants are always too long for me. The blue sweater looks really pretty on you!

  11. Deb Schwartz says:

    Whoops! These aren’t sneakers! But I’ve always wanted a fisherman’s sweater! Thanks for linking an affordable one. Already ordered it.

    1. Lol! I sent out an updated link, Deb. So, look for that email.

  12. I honestly don’t like any of those sweaters! sorry

  13. Regina McNabb says:

    I really enjoy to your daily posts, and look forward your Sunday post.
    I really like the choices you chose to keep from your Amazon haul.
    Thank you,

  14. Marlene Ferch says:

    Liked the black and white striped shirt best. Would want for EARLY SPRING wear before it gets too hot in Texas. Will have to check out Amazon styles now. Did not realize what they had to offer.

  15. Yay! Love ordering clothes from Amazon and this is a great haul. I’ve been looking at the first color block sweater- great to see it on you and to hear about the fit. The crew neck in hot pink is awesome! Great find and the color is fun. I’m going to take a look at the hot pink puffer. I live in San Diego, but mornings and evenings are cool. I think it sounds right for our climate. I really hope it will look okay on my frame. Thank you!!!

  16. Thank you for referencing the Hoka slides. I sometimes have issues with my feet. Sounds like they are worth a try. 👍🏻

  17. The Fisherman Cable is so pretty😊
    Looks like they have a lot of pretty colors!

  18. Tania, I love all the choices you post for us!! There are so many good ones here. Thank you! Did you post for today (Jan 9)? I missed my email:(. Hoping all is well with you:).

    1. Kathy, this was today’s post. I accidentally sent out the email last night, so I had to make the post live earlier than planned.

  19. Ginger Hiller says:

    I just ordered the Daily Ritual navy joggers. Our weather has been too warm for most of my long sleeve tops, so I want a short sleeve tee for Valentines Day. I love the lilac fleece top and would order it if I needed more cozy sweatshirts. I enjoyed reading about the conversation with the gentleman when you and Joe were eating out over the weekend.

  20. Love the blue on you! I agree with you about the hummus sweater. Interesting slides…not attractive at all but they’re Hoka’s so that makes them okay!😊 I had plantar fasciitis last spring and summer…no fun. Hoka and Vionic were my go-to. Thanks for all the info!

  21. Judy Mueller says:

    Enjoy looking at your blog but I’m almost 83 years old, so many items are not for me. I can’t order clothing from Amazon because I am 5’1” and even petites are too long for me. Every time I buy jeans, I have to have them altered and that’s $10. So…..it’s hit-or-miss on pants. Thanks for listening. Oh yes, don’t let anyone influence you on posting your scripture verses! It’s refreshing to see someone witness her faith and share God’s Word!

  22. Hi Tania ~ Thanks for the try-on. I often steer clear of Amazon for fashion because the selection is overwhelming. You found some super cute stuff!

    With that said, I love to pin your posts to Pinterest for future reference and usually do so daily. I don’t know if you realize it, but recently the photo quality is blurry and grainy, especially today. I’m using a PC and Google Chrome web browser. Don’t know if that’s the issue, but surely wanted you to know, if you didn’t already. You work so hard on your blog, and I certainly hope and pray that 2023 is a successful year for you. ♥♥

    1. Pam, I’m sure it is because I’m using the phone in lower light. I did have two lights on me to try and reduce the graininess. These photos look best on smaller devices like a phone or iPad.

  23. Melissa Waters says:

    Very cute outfits. I’d love to try that sweater outfit, but I’m so short I’m afraid I’d look short and dumpy in it. It’s hard to find petite sized pants sometimes. Happy New Year!

  24. Love the button detail on the lilac hoodie and the leopard puffer coat. Once I started wearing puffer coats I don’t want any other kind. They do not get linty and are usually light weight.

  25. My favorite is the first. The black and white striped sweater. I have one similar that I like a lot. I’m curious about your Hoka slides in the pictures. Do you like them? How is the width? I feel like every slide is too wide! I love my Hoka running shoe and wear them all the time.

  26. Loving the detail of the heart in the valentine sweater! I also love the color block sweater your are sending back. Would be cute with skinny jeans. Thanks for sharing how they look on!

  27. BTW, if you like the Hoka recovery slides, you MUST try OOfOS. SOOO much more squishy yet supportive! My back actually un-tensed when I put them on. I own two different styles now!

  28. Your eyebrows look so different.

  29. I love the grey/camel color block sweater. I like the oversized look.

  30. Thank you for the try-on session! Super cute sweaters! And I love your honesty.

  31. Dena J Burch says:

    Tania, your eyebrows look great! 😃
    I think you’re right about color block sweaters. In practice they look great but not on me! I’m 5’2, OVER full in the bust and carry menopause weight in the middle. Living my best life lol.

  32. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    Thanks so much for all the sweater choices. I never look on Amazon for clothes because the choices are so overwhelming. That is why I appreciate influencers like yourself. I am going to have to have that heart sweater for Valentines Day! All of the outfits look so comfy.

  33. I just want to know why you are wearing the men’s slides in all these pictures. They are cute enough but did I miss something? I just thought it was unusual for you to be wearing slides in all your pictures. 🙂

    1. Joy, I wear these recovery slides as house shoes. I had issues with plantar fasciitis until I started wearing these, now it is gone and I don’t want it back.

      1. I completely understand! If those slides are that comfortable I may just have to order some myself! Have a great day! 🙂

  34. Enjoy visiting your site each day available and your opinion on the items you share.

  35. Thanks again for a great try-on session. I like seeing the items on a real person, not on a very thin person. Always fun to see your keeps and going backs!

  36. Thanks so much for this try on haul. I’d never thought about clothes from Amazon until I saw some of your previous recommendations. I ordered a couple of things and loved them. I really enjoyed this post and the Old Navy post. The items in these posts are more in my budget than many blog posts that I see from other bloggers. I hope you do more in this price range.

  37. Debbie Brown says:

    I loved the pink jacket.
    It looked so nice.

  38. Thanks for sharing all the different sweaters. It’s always hard for me to decide.

  39. I love the heart sweater! I’m crazy about Amazon and order from them almost weekly. Everything from boots to fish oil to spice racks. Thanks for another great post!

  40. Debbie Titus says:

    That was fun seeing all these outfits!

  41. Thank you for taking the time to show us all these sweaters and pants. BUT PLEASE, don’t ever wear those ugly shoes again. They were so distracting, it’s all I could focus on. I know you love how comfortable they are, but God Bless – they are in no way stylish!!! : )

    1. I didn’t wear the shoes because they were stylish shoes. I wore them because they are my house shoes, and wearing them has made my plantar fasciitis go away.

  42. My favorite item is the black and white striped sweater. I’m thinking about ordering it. Thank you for the Amazon try on. I would like to see more.

  43. Thank you Tania for all the time put into this! Ordered the terry pants and debating on the darling sweater with heart. Just too too cute.

    1. I’d love to see more v-neck options. I’ve found that it looks much better on me than crew or turtle necks.

  44. Thanks for this post! Like you said, I’m not always sure about Amazon clothes. You showed a lot of cute things!! I might have to try some!

  45. I love sweaters! The recommendation for the cable turtleneck fisherman sweater is particularly good. I have several colors of this exact sweater, and I love wearing them. Such a nice classic at an affordable price!

  46. I really liked the hummus colored sweater on you! I also own the striped sweater with shoulder buttons in black stripe and gray stripe. Bought them last Christmas and they still look brand new. This was a great haul and nice seeing how they look “in person”

  47. I ordered the Pointelle Crewneck Sweater (sage green)! Great post!

  48. Laurie Ann says:

    I’m getting the pointelle sweater and some joggers! Thanks for the post you always look great 😊

  49. My favorite is the lilac sweatshirt!

  50. Love the practical prices on these Amazon sweaters. I ordered one sweater. I hope that I like it!
    Keep the ideas coming!

  51. Thank you for the try-on haul posts! It really does help us see different styles on women just like us…not just super skinny models! You have a great sense of style and I love your blog!

  52. Thank you for your suggestions! Would you ever consider doing a thrift/ consignment post. I know we wouldn’t be able to find exactly the same things in our local ones, but it would be fun to see what you would come up with!!

  53. I never think of Amazon for clothes, but those sweaters are really cute! Time to rethink that!

  54. Anna Thompson says:

    why are you wearing those slides?
    They are about two sizes too big.

    1. These are my house shoes. 🤣 I like them big, and I sometimes wear thick socks with them. Since I’ve been wearing them, my plantar fasciitis has gone away.

  55. Thanks for all the finds, I put some in my chart already:)

  56. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Wow what a great haul and selection to choose from!

    Thank you for all the great finds!

    Especially love the heart sweater!

  57. You look great in every item you modeled! 50 is definitely not old it is fabulous! I remember my 50’s very well, that’s when I became a grandmother for the first time! Now I am 74,turning 75 later this year and I enjoy reading your posts every day! Blessings wshed!

  58. I’ve had the black and white sweater for awhile, and completely agree with you. It has worn well, and is soft and comfortable. A winner!

  59. Thanks for trying on for us, Tania!

  60. Thanks for the try-on. I’ve been looking for some new walking pants, might have to order the navy joggers.

  61. Michelle Hood says:

    Oooo! I love that long fisherman’s cableknit sweater! I am planning to purchase. Thank you!

  62. I like the heat sweater and two jackets. Thanks you always give me ideas. I was wondering did you have fillers put in ? Sorry but it looks a little too much.

  63. Patty Nilges says:

    Loved the black striped sweater unfortunately sold out in my size. Thanks for shopping!

  64. Karen Lunde says:

    Love the try one! Thanks!

  65. Lots of cute things. I like the heart sweater. But I’m ready for spring so will probably wait.

  66. Tammy Soave says:

    I always enjoy your try-on hauls. Your posts have led me to Amazon for some of my favorite tops!

  67. Tammy Soave says:

    I love these Amazon hauls! I had not considered shopping for clothing there until you shared! Some of my favorite tops are from Amazon.

  68. Melissa Palmer says:

    That was so fun to see all these try-ons. I’m sure it’s a lot of work but you are right- it really makes a difference seeing a “real” person in the items. And, I’m sure others have told you, but you look fabulous in that baby blue color and the pink. 🙂

  69. Thank you so much for sharing! I have bought a few things on Amazon. They have worked out thankfully. Love hearing your review on them.

  70. Really liked the idea s in this post!

  71. Your try on hauls are a favorite😀 Love them so we can see all your favorites from the different stores. Thanks!

  72. I really like the try on posts. I like the hooded puffer coat.

  73. Connie r. says:

    Great post with a lot of variety! Timely for me also. I just received an amazon gift card. Now for decision on what to buy.

  74. I love the fisherman turtleneck cable sweater best of all.
    The color is gorgeous on you!

  75. I’m not much of a sweater girl, but I love the crew neck color block sweater and the lilac hoodie. It looks so soft and cozy.

  76. Thanks for all your hard work and comments regarding sizing, quality etc. Amazon has some really cute clothes!!!

  77. Joan Henry says:

    I have the black sweater with white stripes only mine is white with black stripes I wear with my black vest. I love it!

  78. Pam Schill says:

    I am ordering the Heart sweater. I love it!

  79. Love the cheetah puffer coat! Have it in my cart!

  80. I recently began receiving your emails again. I have loved reading your blog posts in the past week. It’s so nice to see things from stores I feel comfortable ordering from with easy returns! I would love to see more from Walmart and Kohls.

  81. Love the cheetah puffer coat! Have it in my cart!

  82. Thank you! This was a great haul. I’m ordering the pink one.

  83. Thank you! This was a great haul.

  84. Loved several things but had to have the girlfriend jeans…on sale too!

  85. Sharon Moore says:

    Thanks for the fashion show!

  86. Maria Kozan says:

    Love the variety of items you shared today.

  87. This was a great post! I Iive in a warm climate and don’t get much wear out of sweaters but I do love that lightweight sweater set! Around here that works well for a casual dinner. It’s in my cart!

  88. I love your try on hauls with their detailed descriptions! It’s a great way to see what’s “out there”.

  89. Thanks for the Amazon preview! Many cute items! I enjoy your posts so very much!

  90. Michelle Davis says:

    Love seeing the Amazon try on I liked the red sweater with white heart.

  91. Joanne W. says:

    I love the puffer jackets and the lilac hoodie!

  92. Lynn Ballantyne says:

    I love the striped sweater. I actually own that one in a rust color. I also like the pink pointelle sweater and the navy joggers with pockets. I’m going to check those out. This was a great haul!

  93. Mary Kinard says:

    Love the try-on hauls! I think the lilac hoodie is my favorite item!

  94. Janus Emory says:

    You are really rocking those outfits, Tania. I’m considering ordering some of the sweaters you are sending back, lol. I like the pink hoodie, the color block crew neck and the Hummus Half Zip sweater.
    It is funny that your presence on social media is so great, but you are not recognized. Unbelievable!

  95. Ruth Post says:

    The blue on that sweater matches your eyes! I think it looks great! I also liked the color block sweater.

  96. Susan Pryzeki says:

    I’ve been following and enjoying your posts. Currently, we are chasing the sun, so not in any weather that requires sweaters. Could you do a post for those of us that are farther south but still looking for bargains? (especially down here in Naples,lol)
    Thanks, Susan

  97. yes, this is a great way to show outfits, because the reasons for keeping/returning really help explain the clothes. Thank you.

  98. Vennillia Wyatt says:

    I need those jeans!

  99. Great post, Tanya. Appreciate the comments on keep/return. Thanks for zipping up those jackets 👍

  100. Janice Wooldridge says:

    ❤️cable knit sweater!

  101. Danette Greenfield says:

    You found some cute things! My favorite is the hot pink puffer jacket!

  102. Becky Kerwin says:

    I’m the same way about colorblock sweaters. I love the look but their just not quite right on me! Thanks again!

  103. Thanks for sharing ! Love the blue turtleneck! Appreciate all the time you put in!

  104. Dawn Carrigan says:

    I love a lot of the tops. I am going to check them out. Thanks for sharing and explaining!

  105. Amazon is so easy to shop and has some surprisingly cute items. Some are great quality too! Others are misses. That Cheetah coat is really cute.

  106. Paulette Weed says:

    I don’t need it, but really love that leopard puffer jacket, so I may order it anyway! I trust your opinion as well. I love try on hauls and this one was especially good! Thanks!

    We have some friends we go out with every week. They have running joke that every time we go out we see someone I know-even when we’ve gone out of state!

  107. Jerry Ann says:

    This was a fun post! I love seeing cute clothes on ladies that are the same age and weight range as me. I love the bright pink sweater on you and since I have similar coloring to you, I’ve started wearing more bright colors. Thank you!

  108. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Love the heart sweater and the color block one as well! Thanks for these great ideas!!

  109. I am really enjoying your page. I love how you put verses and share your testimony. A light in the darkness.

  110. Lori Gorenflo says:

    What a great variety you reviewed. Always good to see several options.

  111. Gale Bowen says:

    I love your Joe stories! I know what you mean about no one knowing you. My husband is the lead elder at our church (runs 300-350). When I talk to people, I introduce myself, they don’t ever remember seeing me. When they find out I’m the wife to Jeff, their response is, “Ohhhh. I know him.” Haha. Thanks for the good variety of items to check out on Amazon!

  112. Love the lilac Henley hoodie. It’s a great color that is so flattering on you! Love these try-on hauls. So many options!

  113. Valery Reach says:

    I love Amazon!! Thanks for all the great choices!

  114. Carolyn Zamora says:

    Thanks Tania for trying on those clothes for us. There are some keepers. You look great in blue!

  115. Love the looks of the cheetah print puffer coat. But I don’t like to wear puffer coats cuz I think they “puff” me out too much.

  116. You got some really nice stuff. I am loving the sweaters. I have had trouble with Amazon sizing lately. I just don’t know what size to order anymore. I had to send something back again today.