What To Wear From Old Navy When You’re Over 50

I have been shocked by the number of women who were surprised that I shopped at Old Navy. I’ve shopped there for years, and I love the price point on their clothing. The ladies who were shocked also shopped there, but only for their teenage children or grandchildren. I decided to drop by my local Old Navy store and do a quick try-on haul, and I found a lot of items I think you’re going to love.

Old Navy stores carry everything from basic t-shirts and jeans to more formal attire and outerwear. There is a wide selection of sizes available, including plus sizes, so shoppers of all shapes and sizes can find something that fits them well. Even though Old Navy focuses on trendy and stylish pieces at affordable prices, there is no reason you can’t shop there when you’re over 50.

The Flutter Sleeve Leopard Printer Blouse has a feminine look, and I could see wearing this blouse a lot this spring and summer. You can pair a flutter sleeve top with a pair of jeans or chinos and some sneakers or sandals for a casual, laid-back look. Or, you can dress up a flutter sleeve top with a skirt or a pair of dress pants and some heels for a romantic dinner or a night out.

I love the look and fit of these Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jeans. They fit snugly from hip to thigh and boot-cut from knee on down. Mid-rise jeans are probably my favorite since some high-rise jeans are too high. These sit right below your belly button but are still high enough to avoid most muffin tops.

I’m starting to look forward to spring, so I was thrilled to see this Navy Floral Slub Tee in the store. This tee is sold out, but here are several other tees for you to look at.

This pair of High-Waisted OG Straight Ankle Jeans are classic style jeans that you can wear for years. They are a versatile and stylish choice that can be worn in a variety of ways. You can pair ankle-length jeans with a t-shirt, sweater, or blouse for a casual, laid-back look. Or, add some sneakers or sandals for a comfortable, relaxed vibe. The great thing about this style of jeans is that you can also dress them up with a blouse, a pair of heels, and some statement jewelry for a night out.

This Dark Heather Gray Cozy Collared Sweater is sooo soft! I love the way it looks and fits, but it is the softness factor that would have me wearing this sweater on repeat.

Since I showed you a classic pair of jeans above, I thought I’d show you a trendy pair of jeans also. These Extra High-Waisted Ripped Wide-Leg Jeans are a light wash, wide-leg, slightly distressed pair of jeans. You can wear them casually or dressy like the ankle length jeans above. And, depending on your workplace dress code, you may be able to wear wide leg jeans with a blouse or a sweater, and a pair of pumps or ballet flats.

This adorable Cropped Cozy-Knit Cardigan Heart Sweater will have you thinking about Valentine’s Day! I hesitated to try the cardigan on because I thought it would be too cropped. But, I’m always preaching to get out of your comfort zone, so I decided to give it a try. I think it looks cute as a button, and I love the small red heart on the chest.

Here is a view where you can see the length of the sweater. These jeans look great, but the only thing that I’m not a fan of is the button-up waist. They buttoned easily, but I’m still on the fence about them. I am a fan of the material since they have some stretch and feel very comfortable.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a leopard print top and jeans from Old Navy22
My Camel Cashmere Cardigan (L) and Sweater Tank (sold out) || High-Waisted Wow Flare Jeans for Women (8)

I’m loving my cashmere cardigans, I have one in black, red, and this camel one. I paired it with an old sweater tank I bought from J.Jill last summer which is of course sold out.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a leopard print top and jeans from Old Navy21
My Camel Cashmere Cardigan (L) and Sweater Tank (sold out) || High-Waisted Wow Flare Jeans for Women (8)

I think this pair of High-Waisted Wow Flare Jeans for Women are my favorite of all the ones I tried on. They have quite a bit of stretch, so I don’t know if they will stretch out as the day goes on. A slight flare and a bootcut are my favorite style of jeans followed closely by a straight ankle length pair.

You can never go wrong with a button-up shirt since they are so versatile. Tucking the button-up shirt into a skirt would give you a polished, professional look. Leaving a button-up shirt untucked and with a pair of jeans is a casual, laid-back look.You can choose a pair of straight-leg jeans for a more streamlined silhouette, or go for a wider leg for a more relaxed vibe.

I love layering a button-up shirt under a sweater, but the ruffles on this one might cause lumps and bumps that you wouldn’t want to show. I also love adding a blazer over button-up shirts for a chic, sophisticated look. If you choose a blazer in a coordinating color or pattern, it will create a cohesive looking outfit.

These trouser flare jeans seem to run a little large. I’m wearing a size 8, but I needed a smaller size. I love the look of these jeans, and I ended up ordering a size 6 online when I got home. I couldn’t quit thinking about them, so I went ahead and got them on order.

This Satin Boyfriend Shirt is another item that I left the store without, and then ordered it when I got home. I had an appointment to go to, so I didn’t have time to stand in line at the checkout counter. Ordring online is what I prefer anyway, so I grabbed this pinkish color and the baby blue one also. I decided to size down to a small though since the shirt is a tad oversized.

The Higher High-Waisted Flare Jeans are a pair that I really liked the look and fit. If I didn’t already have 15+ flare jeans, these would have come home with me. I like the medium wash, and the jeans have just the right amount of flare. Most flare jeans are super long, and you have to wear platform boots or high heels with them. These weren’t that long, I think the inseam was 32″ which is pretty much a standard length for a full length jean.

Old Navy does a good job of carrying clothing for most sizes including tall, petite, and plus size. Plus, they do have affordable fashions, don’t think any of the jeans were over $50, and they might even be on sale.

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  1. Being 60-plus 😱, I only think of Old Navy in terms of my grandchildren. Thanks to you, I now have a new place to shop! Thanks for, once again, doing the hard work! Love the jeans, the sweaters, and the button up shirt!

  2. Just got back from shopping at Old Navy with my daughter. We both bought several pair of jeans! I had not shopped old navy in several years but was so excited about these new styles. Only problem was choosing which styles to buy. They were all fabulous. Would love to see a post about what shoes work best with the different styles of jeans.

  3. Tania, Thank you for the Old Navy post. I forget about them. What did you think of the loafers? They are cute and a great price. Thanks for all your work to keep us updated on fashion.

  4. I have clothes from Old Navy that never wear out. Those are the types of items that I have trouble getting rid of the way all the bloggers have been talking about the past few weeks. haha

  5. Love Old Navy and shop there quite a bit. I have to order online, too because our stores never seem to have petites. Love your looks Tania!

  6. Old Navy is great to shop and doesn’t break the bank. My daughter, 38, just bought the higher waisted flare and they look great on her. I might have to follow suit!

  7. Thank you for showing us what cute outfits we can get at Old Navy! These look fabulous and I will be checking my store out soon!
    I love your tips and advice!

  8. I love that bootcut and flare style pants are making a comeback. I’m really tired of skinny jeans and jeggings. I love the style of a higher waisted jean also. I think it makes women look slimmer. I really enjoy following you and your blog.

  9. I look forward to your posts everyday! My family loves Old Navy. It’s awesome to see you do try-ons. Helps so much!

  10. I love the cashmere cardigans! Oh my!!! But I need to get a grip on my clothing, I need to start the organization process. I’ve decided working in sections at a time will be easiest and lest stressful. I find things I don’t even remember I have or that I bought, and have a tremendous amount of purses and boots to organize also.

  11. I always forget about Old Navy til you post some clothes from there. I really like the navy floral slub tee and am disappointed that it is no longer available.

  12. You told us years ago about the Pixie pants from Old Navy. I have 2-3 pairs and I love them. They fit just right and look great. Kathy
    P.S. I’m 79 and think I still look pretty good in them.

  13. Lots of new ideas from Old Navy. I have several summer dresses from them. As you said, very reasonably priced.

  14. I never shop at Old Navy. I actually thought it was a store for the young with very trendy clothes. Thanks for proving me wrong. I will certainly visit soon!

  15. Finally, clothes I can afford. Thank you! I’m 73, and have never tried ON jeans. I have purchased some tops there over the years. I’m going to remedy that next time I go to the mall! I was a teenager last time bell bottoms were popular, so it will be fun to try them again. TY!

  16. I’ve always shopped at Old Navy for my daughter and loved their tees but that was it. During covid I started buying for myself with their curbside pickup, which is the so organized and quick. Easy to return too. I tried several styles of their jeans and love them. They haven’t stretch out with washing. They also have a nice large print on the inside of the waist that says “boot cut” “flare” etc. which is easy to see on the hanger without taking them off and holding them up to see (if that makes sense). I still use their curbside pickup as it’s so great and it’s next to my pharmacy, grocery store and other stores I frequent.

    1. Deb, my local store isn’t great either which is another reason I like to shop online. I was surprised I found as much as I did since my store carries more 1X-3X sizes, but I’m not sure why.

  17. Thanks for the great post and the reminder on the mammograms. Absolutely love that cardigan heart sweater on you. So adorable. Very tempted to buy it!

    Is the cashmere cardigan from Old Navy or is it Macy’s? The link goes to Macy’s. Very cute as well.

    I feel bad pointing this out but your Southern roots are coming through your post. I think you meant to write a Cozy Collared Sweater not a Collard sweater?

    Happy New Year!

  18. I really like buying ON jeans and pants. I think they fit really well no matter your age. I have a button up shirt from ON that I have used as a swimsuit coverup for years and it is still looks nice. I love the satin boyfriend button up shirt. The pink looks beautiful!!

  19. Thank you so much!

    I love Old Navy as you mentioned because they have such a wonderful selection and price point .

    I am getting online today!

    Question- can someone 5’2” wear the trouser fit jeans?

  20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for doing a post focusing on Old Navy! I am 66 and love buying clothes for myself and my husband from them. As much as I dread the summer heat & bugs that we have to deal with in south central Georgia, seeing the few spring pieces you tried on has me excited for spring. I really like several of the tops you tried on and will be shopping online at ON real soon.

  21. Thank you for sharing shops like Old Navy. On a low income, I value getting some “basics” at a store like this so that I can then splurge on other higher-quality items…building slowly!

  22. Some of my favorite jeans are from Old Navy. But I don’t live near one anymore so I tend to forget about them. Those jeans are very slimming on you. I love the dressing room posts. It’s great to see the variety.

  23. Thanks for this post. I have stayed away from ON for years, due to the quality of some of their clothes. Now that I am older, I think I need a higher quality fabric to avoid the little bumps and bulges… 😊. I also wonder how these items will hold up after repeated wearings and washings. You said you weren’t sure if the jeans would stretch too much after wearing. That is an issue I have, since I am pretty straight ( no curves) and not much of rear end either, so pants/ jeans start to slide a bit as the day goes on. I will definitely give ON another try. I really liked the trouser jeans and had a pair from Banana Republic for years. I’m glad these are coming back! I’ll go check these out soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. I just love your try-on haul posts. We get to see so many options in one post. Any you can’t go wrong with the price point of Old Navy. Thanks!

  25. Great post! I’m older then you and I enjoy Old Navy as well….I bought the trouser flares and love them…I believe I am same size as you because I usually wear 8 pants and I sized down to a 6… I did have them hemmed a bit, but they are fun to wear with a belt and a shirt or sweater tucked in. Old Navy is a fun place to shop, they on trend and a I can try out a trend without spending a lot of $! I love your hair in this post!

  26. Thank you, Tania, for taking the time to try on clothes to show us how they look and fit. I like that you describe the feel and fit. I really like the High-Waisted OG Straight Ankle Jeans, Un fortunately, they do not come in petite sizes.

  27. Looking good Girl!! I have reached a point where I don’t enjoy trying on clothes in a dressing anymore. It’s like a full body workout for me and I don’t know how you do it. Cute jeans.
    I found the cutest jacket at Old Navy a while back for $19…great buys if you really look.

  28. I am headed to Old Navy today.
    It is near a Bed Bath and Beyond. Heard yesterday that they may be closing all of the stores nation wide.

    Have a blessed Epiphany!

  29. Well this was an eye opener, maybe I need to take a closer look at Old Navy. I don’t usually shop there, but I’m impressed with some of your selections. I love the collard gray sweater and the satin shirt! I also love the sweater hoodie from Macy’s it’s fabulous (of course the price reflects that).

  30. I do love flared jeans, but I like them skinnier through my hips (no butt) and thighs. I liked the high waisted ones you showed. I’m an Old Navy fan. Looks like I need a quick shopping trip!

  31. Thank you for sharing Old Navy. I forget about shopping there. Since I’m a new size 😂 I need to revisit Old Navy as I see a lot of clothes I would like to try.

  32. I love Old Navy! Their quality has increased in recent years and you can’t beat the value. They also give cash rewards for future purchases and have great sales quite often. Their jeans are so reasonably priced and well made, not to mention they fit great.

  33. That’s how I first started following you! You had posted several times about Old Navy and I had never shopped there. I tried it and thought look at what i have been missing. I really enjoy your posts. You give great ideas and suggestions! Thank you! Pam

  34. Hi Tania,
    I got introduced to Old Navy when I found a pair of jeans at a consignment shop for $6. I actually have them on today. They are one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I do like their tops also. I just bought the mid rise boot cut from this blog. Thanks so much for bringing us clothes of all price ranges.

  35. I shop for jeans at Old Navy because they offer a Long length which is between a regular length and a a tall length. Their jeans are decent quality and hold up well.

  36. I always see several of your items I like, but are already sold out. When do you start shopping to assure you get what you want?

  37. I’m 58 and have shopped at OLD Navy for years. Being 5’3″ their joggers and short jeans fit me perfectly. My absolute favorite is the summer dresses. Their are my go to for all the hot humid days in Ohio.

  38. Thank you for sharing this blog. I’m constantly questioning weoor not I should be shopping for myself at Old Navy. Shop there often for my 18 year old daughter. This 54 year old will now be looking for herself! 🤗

  39. Love Old Navy! Their jeans are great for the price point, and many of them are available in a short length. One of the few places I can reliably find that will have stock for my 28 inch inseam. My only caveat as someone over 50 – sizing in tops can vary widely, as well as depth of necklines, etc. I do not shop them online and I try everything on before I buy.

  40. Great post. You’ve put Old Navy back on my radar. I bought a pretty sweater last year that you featured and it did not disappoint. I’m still enjoying it this year!

  41. I am 58 and love to shop at Old Navy. I’d say that 90% of my jeans are from there. I love their tops and dresses too. You can’t beat their prices on stuff.

  42. I stopped in Old Navy the other day to look for jeans and they didn’t have my size in the style I wanted so I am also ordering on line. I love their t-shirts and I have their 5 inch shorts in every color as they fit me perfectly. The only downside to old navy clothes is the steaming/ironing!

  43. I admit, I have never shopped at Old Navy. I always associated it with young people’s clothing. I might have to take a peek in one of the stores now. Everything you picked out works well for us over 50.

  44. Really cute. Sometimes looking at Old Navy overwhelms me that’s why I like that you do it. Thank you 😊

  45. I love some of these but they look wrinkly. Do you have tips for what to look for when shopping to help one know the wrinkles will smooth out? Or what to look for to know that when you wash something it will not come out totally wrinkled? Maybe a post about that sometime? Thanks

  46. Old Navy has something every season that is perfect ìn price and style. Love that you did this try on haul!

  47. I love the wide selection of outfits I chose from Old Navy. It’s one of my favorite stores. It’s so nice to have these pictures when I go in Shopping and I don’t have to look around so much.

  48. Love Old Navy. When I do order online, I always read the reviews because they do tend to have oversized items that I want to size down. I have a couple of stores in my city so returns to the store are super easy.

  49. I love that leopard print flutter sleeve ṭop but it was sold out already. Darn! Oh well, I too love Old Navy but it they really are all over the map for sizes. Thanks for the try on!

  50. I love Old Navy. That is one of my favorite places to buy clothes. Thanks for the outfit ideas, love that pink top. Have a wonderful day. God Bless

  51. I use to shop Old Navy when I was on my twenties. I have not been in the store in years. I am going to go online see what they have.

  52. I love that Old Navy offers tall sizes. More stores have longer inseams these days, but it is difficult to find blouses with longer sleeve lengths.

  53. Love the satin pink shirt and flair Jean’s! Will have to make a run to old navy! Nooo…I’m supposed to not shop this month. 🤣

  54. Thank you for going through all these jeans! I might actually go into Old Navy and try some on! Thanks so much you are so helpful!
    Happy New Year!

  55. Happy to heat everything went well with your mammogram!! Thank God! Changing the subject, the loose fitting jeans are great!! Thanks for the fashion show! Have a peaceful Friday!!