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Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family To Buy Now

Gurls, I know that Christmas is still several weeks away, but if you plan on being coordinated on Christmas morning, you better act quickly. I love getting PJs for our morning pictures as we open gifts, but I’ve found that these items tend to sell out fast. I’ve scoured the internet to find matching Christmas pajamas for the family to buy now, so don’t delay!

Christmas Photo – 2019

I found similar red and black plaid family pajamas from Kohl’s. I love that you can pick and choose each family member’s size, and most of their pajamas are available in plus, petite, and tall sizes. They have a lot of PJs to choose from, including buffalo plaid, bright plaids, whimsical, etc. You can find them only online and all in one section HERE.

JCPenney also has some cute pajamas. I wish I could talk Joe into wearing a big furry Grinch suit, but I don’t see that happening. 😆 It would be smart to buy the reindeer set if you have kids or grandkids that still go trick-or-treating. Buy it slightly larger than they need, and they can wear it for Halloween next year.

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family To Buy Now – From Old Navy

Old Navy has a ton of great holiday pajamas to choose from. I love this Christmas tree top and bottom set. When you shop Old Navy, know that this link is for the top only. If you wanted to, you could pair it with a solid color pant like green or red. If you want the matching bottoms, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom to the “wear it with” section.

For reference, it’s the same with the kid’s sizes. Once you’ve chosen your favorite print, you’ll need to go to the kids’ section and buy the appropriate sizes. There are not as many kid options as adults, so if you want to include children, I’d start with the link above and get their first.

This is another option at the same Old Navy adult link. I just wanted you to know that you can find several options, and honestly, I really love this green plaid. You can pair it with a solid pair of navy bottoms, too. I know many husbands balk at the matchy-matchy tops and bottoms, so you can always tone it down.

Here are some cute leggings to match if you want the top-to-bottom look. I’ve included it to make it easy for you to find. Like the tops above, these come in all of the same matching prints and solids. They are anywhere from $20 to $25 dollars, depending if you catch them on sale.

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family To Buy Now – From J Crew Factory

I love this plaid set of flannel PJs from J Crew Factory. They have a whole section called Family Pajamas under the Holiday tab. Plaid is such a great look at Christmas. They also have a section called Family Plaid if you want to grab a cute dress or vest for a grandchild. PS, these are so cute; you can buy them for yourself even if you don’t care about matching others!

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family To Buy Now – From Amazon

Thank you, Amazon! Say what you will about their company, they make shopping really easy. This set is available in adult and child sizes. All you have to do is find the one you like, add it to the cart, and then change the size for the next family member. They have several different options if you don’t like this particular print.

Another cute plaid option! Yes, this one even has pet sizes available! If you prefer, they also have grey plaid pants with a red top. Prices will differ depending on size. Reviewers say that the women’s tend to run big, so either size down or try washing and drying on hot if they are too large.

If you have grandchildren to match, you may want something a bit more whimsical. This link will take you to over 25 options. Just be sure to check all of the sizes to see that they have them in stock. The cuter they are, the quicker they’ll sell out!

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family To Buy Now – From Hanna Andersson

Oh my, how cute are these snowflake pajamas from Hanna Andersson?! If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s probably because this is a retailer for kid’s clothing. Lucky for us, they include adult sizes in the holiday wear. Their website is very easy to use and lets you build the set item by item instead of searching for links in different categories.

Here’s another cute version, and yes, it even includes an option for the family pet! There are several stripe variations if you don’t love these, and the reviews are great. This is the type of PJ you can wear all winter long, and will still look great when you pull them out next Christmas.

So, are you the matching Christmas morning PJ kind of gurl, or a get-up and get dressed for photos type? Or maybe a roll out of bed and forget to take pictures gurl? lol. No judgment! Whatever makes your Christmas merry.

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  1. I love, love, love the red/black plaid, the kids and grands, had them last year, as did we. Too cute in pics.

    I am doing catch up on all your blogs, sorry if I am behind in comments. : )

  2. My girls and I already have our matching PJs! Can’t get the son-in-law to participate so we call him the Grinch!!

  3. Ginger Hiller says:

    Larry and I have started wearing matching Christmas pj’s and will stay in them all day. Now that our grown son is with us for Christmas, we get him to wear them too. Fortunately, he’s game! I think I will order the three of us new ones for this year. Thanks for some great options!

    1. Ginger, I think that is fantastic!!! I want us to get some new ones this year too.

  4. sue koren says:

    I always wanted to have matching pjs for a photo but my husband and two boys would never go for it!

    1. You just buy them solid black or red shirts, and then get you the cute matching bottoms.

  5. What a cute family picture! I think I’m inspired to start a new Christmas morning tradition. 😉

  6. I love the buffalo check! But, the striped ones are cute too! Talking Grumpy into wearing these will be the problem! The grand kiddos will look adorable!!!

    1. Joe wasn’t that happy with the idea either, but when everyone else went along with it, he couldn’t say no. Lol!

  7. I love the matching PJs. My husband and I use to enjoy the different ones when our kids were young.

    1. I enjoy it even if it is only me and Joe.

  8. I love the family matching! We are all too old and scattered for this to work for us but I think it is so cute!

    1. I enjoy it, even if the kiddos aren’t here. It is fine if it is just me and Joe.

  9. Cute pj’s. I’m a pj gurl. I always spend the night at my daughter’s house. None of them are pj people except maybe pj bottoms.

    1. Bottoms would work. Just add a solid tee, and you are all set.

  10. All of these are so cute! Now if I can just talk my kids and grandkids into wearing them!!

  11. I love family Christmas pj’s! Thanks for all the cute ideas!!

  12. Cute PJ ideas! This is something we’ve never tried before!

  13. Such cute pj’s!! It’s just my husband and me and I doubt that he would wear any of these, but I sure am tempted to. My kids with their own families would like these. Especially the ones that have matching dog outfits. I am going to forward this email to them. Thanks for all the ideas.

  14. I love matching pjs for a Christmas picture but we rarely ever even wear them 1 night to sleep in, I always think they are too hot!

  15. My daughter, who is now 23 and moved away, still wants to carry on the tradition I started years ago of wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve with her brothers (now 17). The elves always brought them Thanksgiving night when they first came from the North Pole. They’re all tall and skinny and hard to buy for. Old Navy helped us out a lot with tall options. I’m guessing she’ll be crushed if I don’t buy some for them this year. lol. Oh well, she’ll still come home for Christmas.
    I’ll do it until she’s married and matches with her hubby (I bet she’ll make him do that!).

  16. Dana Smithmier says:

    I do this with my 6 grands❤️. I make them put them on Thanksgiving and take pictures for my Christmas card-the cousins love matching🥰

  17. Love your family photo of Xmas matching pj’s! But where is Lucy Lu’s? I can just make her out at the bottom of the photo. She’s looking right at you!!😁

  18. These are so fun! 🎄❤️💚

  19. So festive, I love all of them!

  20. Cute family PJs. Great idea about matching shirts in case someone wants to be a Grinch and not participate LOL LOL

    1. There is always a happy medium. Compromise keeps everyone happy.

  21. You have such a beautiful family and so fun dressed up in matching pj’s. It would be hard for me our sons are tall, one is 6’8” the other is 6’3”. Love the idea. Thank you so much for my Amazon $50 gift card, you are a very generous blogger and I so appreciate it!

    1. Joan, wow, you have a basketball team. Lol! I would buy everyone matching shirts. Then it wouldn’t matter how tall they were.

  22. Karen Daniel says:

    Cute pjs. Some of us have family members who will never wear this type of pajamas but still a fun post.

    1. Karen, that is when you buy them a solid color shirt or bottoms in a matching color. Black top, red top, etc.