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New Holiday Wear From Talbots For 2023

Are you ready for the holidays? If not, don’t panic; Talbots and I have your back. From elegant to casual, the new holiday wear from Talbots is GORGEOUS! I’ve styled three looks for you today, and I can’t wait to hear which is your favorite.

Elegant Holiday Wear From Talbots

I love this gorgeous black cashmere sweater with the gold floral stencil print! This will be a sweater I will wear for years. It is elegant, chic, and an item that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?”

Talbots cashmere is so nice and soft; I buy several each year. This gold metallic print is perfect for the holidays, but I will wear it with jeans, too, for a casual date night with my husband. The large fits me perfectly, not too tight and not too loose.

Here is a close-up view of the print. Look at all the details!

I paired the sweater with the black Velveteen Straight Leg Pants. The column of black creates the chic and elegant look I wanted, making me look taller and thinner.

Casual Holiday Wear From Talbots

I know many of you are neutral-loving ladies, so I couldn’t wait to show you this elevated casual outfit.

The star of this outfit is the Oatmeal Heather Shell and Cardigan. This is how you style holiday wear in a subtle, understated way. The shell and cardigan have metallic threads that add a sheen, plus the cardigan has gorgeous crystal buttons.

The shell can be worn with many other cardigans or jackets since it is a beautiful neutral. I always keep all my shells and tanks in my closet year round because of that reason. The High Waist Flare Leg Jeans have lots of stretch to keep you comfortable during the holidays. You can stand comfortably while you cook or sit on the couch with friends without feeling confined.

The minute I saw the Ellery Bit Block Heel Pumps, I knew I had to have them. I love the block heel and the bit detail, but since my brother’s name is Ellery, there was no way I couldn’t get them. Lol!

Vibrant Holiday Wear From Talbots

I am a color-loving girl! I love bright, vibrant colors; they cheer me up even on the dreariest day.

Here is a look at the outfit without the jacket. I love this casual outfit. Adding the jacket takes the look to a whole new level of gorgeousness!

Every time I look at this bright floral sweater, I love it a little bit more. This sweater can be worn all winter long, and it will be perfect when spring comes around. The sweater can be dressed up or down, and I can’t wait to wear it with the Velveteen Straight Leg Pants or black High Waist Flare Leg Jeans.

Normally, I have one star for each outfit. But in this outfit, I have two competing stars, but they look so good together that I couldn’t separate them. This classic Double Breasted Boiled Wool Blend Coat will be one you can wear for years. It would look great with a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. You’ll look chic and elegant in this coat, no matter how you wear it.

I had to add some sparkle since this is a holiday wear post. How cute are these jeans with the rhinestone split hem?!? They are subtle and would look great with a solid black turtleneck. I would probably also add a brooch for a fun accessory.

Talbots is a retailer that has a special spot in my heart. My husband loves this store, and when he used to travel, he always stopped and brought me back a little gift.

Be sure to let me know which outfit(s) is your favorite!

More Holiday Wear From Talbots For 2023

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  1. The red coat is GORGEOUS! Talbots is my favorite store, and the majority of my clothes are from there. I usually buy on sale, though! Thank you for your posts and for the scripture verses, Tania.

    1. I try to buy when on sale too. Talbots has sales every other day, so it is easy to grab them before my size sells out.

  2. I really like all of these outfits, especially the bolder and bright color clothes.
    Great ideas here. Love the shoes, with the block heels, I wish I could wear them
    with back problems, etc. I could not stand in them at all.

  3. I love you in that red jacket!

    1. I love wearing red now, but I never used to wear it at all.

  4. Love the winter lines! Red coat❤️

  5. Love all of them but my very favorite is the first outfit!!!
    I love black on black and the floral on the sweater breaks it up so elegantly!!

    1. I love Talbots! I’ll have to check out these outfits soon!

  6. I am also a big Talbots fan!! You look so pretty in all your choices!!

  7. Oh what gorgeous sweaters!

  8. I was at Talbots yesterday and purchased winter white pants! the stencil floral cashmere is absolutely gorgeous! My store didn’t have that!

  9. Janice Nagle says:

    my favorite one is the chic black velvet pants with the metallic gold embellishment on the sweater. I love red for christmas, and the silver metallic sweater would work equally well for new year’s eve. all 3 are winners.

    1. I love the metallic sweater too. It can be worn all winter long, not just for holiday parties.

  10. Stella Gustafson says:

    Update email address didn’t attach
    I love the jeans and your Halloween outfit

  11. Stella Gustafson says:

    Cute outfits love the jeans

  12. the cashmere sweater with stenciled floral is my very favorite item of all of these! and the flaring jeans would look great with it.

    have fun Happy Halloween! I am going to try to dress up this evening.

  13. The black flare pants are so nice. Love the deer pin on the widget.

  14. Ann Meadows says:

    I like the halloween outfit best you look so pretty.

    1. Awww, you are too sweet…MOM!

  15. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    I love the floral sweaters.
    You look so lovely in all the items posted.
    God Bless YOU and the family!

  16. Diane Holley says:

    Love the outfits. You look great in them. Have a blessed day everyone!!!

  17. Susan ann Koren says:

    I need to throw a fancy party so I have a reason to wear these pretty looks!

  18. My favorite item is the cheery red boiled wool red coat! You styled all three looks in a terrific way.

  19. Love the boiled wool coat. So pretty!

  20. You look fabulous in all of the outfits! Love the black and floral sweaters! Stunning

  21. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I wish I still had a holiday party to dress up for.

    1. Jennifer me too. The ones get invited to are so casual.

  22. I absolutely love the first look. Thanks for sharing

  23. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I like to see some casual holiday items to wear. I really don’t go to fancy parties so I need more casual choices.

  24. Donna Young says:

    I love the gold stenciled sweater! It would make a really nice winter piece in my wardrobe! Thanks Tania

  25. That sweater is gorgeous, but unfortunately a bit too pricey for me. Love it though. Happy Halloween!!

    1. he great thing about Talbots is they have REALLY GREAT SALES!!!

    2. You’ll be able to get it half price on Black Friday! Sign up for Talbots emails.

  26. Susan Sailor says:

    I love the boiled wool coat! It will bring a happy pop of color all winter long!

  27. You look so cute (as always)! I do love Talbots and all these choices. Especially the floral sweater. Too cute!

  28. Lisa Clancy says:

    Is Talbots having problems with their website? I keep getting an error message when I click on an item. Love their cashmere sweaters!

    1. Lisa, they may be getting overloaded with orders. I noticed that are having a sale.

  29. love the cashmere sweater set

  30. Laura Garrett says:

    Love that floral cashmere sweater. So many yummy choices for the holidays!

  31. Karrie Knutson says:

    I bought the black long sleeve sequin top. It goes with jeans, a skirt or nice black pants. It is a great versatile piece for the winter to add a little subtle sparkle.

  32. Thanks for sharing holiday outfits- love the cardigan and shell. It could really be dressed up or down!

  33. My first choice would be the neutral cardigan and tank, then the black. Of course, I love them all because Talbot’s doesn’t disappoint!

  34. Oh, that red blazer with the Audrey sweater is just gorgeous! I love, love, love vibrant colors! So festive for the holidays!

  35. I prefer Chicos over Talbots. Chicos fits me better.

  36. Dana Smithmier says:

    The red coat!!! Gorgeous❤️

  37. You look prettier in the floral sweater than Talbots model!

  38. Gosh Tania, you did it again! All the outfits you picked for today are gorgeous and you looked beautiful in all of them. I really appreciate you putting color into your wardrobes. I am ordering the Black floral cashmere sweater. It will be perfect for Christmas or New Years!

  39. All of the looks are stunning.
    You look lovely!

  40. The floral stencil and Audrey sweaters are my fave and, of course that pop of the red coat is fab! I do like that those tops can be dressed up or down and still look festive. 🎄❤️💚

  41. Love the hat! 🎃Thank you for sharing these beautiful festive looks that can be worn all winter!

  42. Talbots…my favorite store! Love all the holiday looks and you look gorgeous as always!

    1. I have really loved their latest collections!

  43. Beautiful holiday prints on the tops

  44. The floral sweater is stunning!

    1. I know!!! I love that sweater.

    2. love the floral sweater and red jacket. Beautiful combination

  45. Beautiful festive outfits. Talbots does not disappoint…Love your costume, too!

  46. Gina Ryals says:

    I don’t usually shop Talbots because I am retired and live at the beach. Though I have a closet full of nice clothes,, my day to day doesn’t require dressing high end. But you have just featured what I think will be my Christmas party attire this year…the floral sweater with a pair of the velveteen slacks in the ivory color! I have a red sweater and red heels and I think it’ll be a win!

  47. You are even glamorous dressed up for Halloween, I love your costume! Talbots has such quality clothing I have never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered and looks like I need to check out several pieces you styled. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for my $50 gift card for Amazon, you are such a generous blogger and I appreciate it.

    1. Joan, I love dressing up for Halloween! I bought that hat on Amazon last year…you could use your gift card to get you one. Lol!!! JK, I hope you enjoy the card, and get something nice for yourself.

  48. Cashmere stenciled sweater and velveteen pants is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I LOVE that look. It is festive, but not holiday themed. So, you can wear it all winter.